Feminist Software Foundation — Tumblr insult generator

Feminist Software Foundation

A couple of examples:

check your smallfat privilege, you ignorant thin-privileged misogynist!!!! people like you should die!!!!!! you cisgender-privileged anti-feminist! stop tone policing me you judgemental scum! you male-overprivileged subhuman! you’re literally a bigender hypersexualizing asshole!! YOU THIN-PRIVILEGED BIGOT! why the fuck do you feel the need to hypersexualize polyqueer people you worthless piece of shit? YOU IGNORANT HITLER, STOP DENYING ANDROPHILIA PERSONALITIES!!! leave differently abled people the fuck alone you entitled fascist! YOU’RE THE WORST PERSON ALIVE! what do you have against gender abolition!!!!!



drop dead, you worthless genderqueer-denying, thin-privileged bigot!! you make me sick!! WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST GENDER ABOLITION!!!!!! YOU’RE PERPETUATING RAPE CULTURE YOU WORTHLESS SCUM! YOU SHOULD STOP FUCKING SHAMING DEMI PERSONALITIES!!!!! you cisgender-overprivileged transmisogynist! you worthless fascist, stop discriminating black aligned persons!!! hitler!!!!!! PEOPLE LIKE YOU SHOULD DIE! YOU’RE A TRANSGENDER SHAMING IGNORANT OPPRESSOR! YOU SHOULD STOP FUCKING HYPERSEXUALIZING DANDYFLUID PEOPLE! YOU APPEARANCE-NORMATIVE FASCIST!! YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!


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8 Responses to Feminist Software Foundation — Tumblr insult generator

  1. I get replies that read just like those whenever I include a popular hashtag in my tweets.

    • MW.Anon says:

      Mindweapon, please don’t post this unless you feel necessary. It’s just a note to you, really.

      I see you have a new commenter who emphasizes AH quite a lot, which of course will turn off many mainstream Americans.

      Anytime anyone shows up on a potentially mainstream right-populist blog, which this blog certainly is, and starts dropping AH bombs everywhere, I get a bit suspicious about whether the person is trying to undermine an otherwise growing blog.

      Again, my take is that a certain poster could be trying to undermine the blog’s mainstream growth by dropping AH and NS bombs everywhere. I am not making any specific judgment about AH and NS.

      Just my thoughts.

  2. The content of the above sample reminds me of that joke where Umberto Eco collaborates literarily with Mario Puzo, thereby having the Godfather make someone an offer no one can understand.

    However, it is also stimulus for one who does understand, yo ROFLOL.

  3. Attila says:

    Hilarious- if it didn’t show a deeeeeeeeeeep disorder. There must be a good reason why nature doesn’t allow them to reproduce.

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  5. pluto the dog says:

    Wow and double wow

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