Cowboys versus Indians in Murrieta; why and how we need to make ourselves physically and in our movement more like primitive men

Immigration battle on Independence Day: Activists clash as protesters try to blockade buses from bringing more illegal immigrants into their California town
Protestors again storm town of Murieta, California
Comes just days after 140 migrants were turned back by angry protestors in
President attempts to turn the immigration debate at White House citizenship ceremony
‘We’re going to have fix our immigration system, which is broken,’ Obama said
More than 52,000 children have been detained crossing the border since October

I wanted to make some commentary about this picture:

Does the Indian dancer look more vital than the old cowboy guy? We cannot forever be the old rickety guy (nothing against him, he’s doing the Lord’s work, so to speak) protesting the vital, half naked young buck who looks like he is having a good time drumming.

Edit — as one of the commenters pointed out, the cowboy does have very beefy forearms, and he’d probably kick the Aztec’s butt in a fight. But my overall point stands.

I have an exercise system where I put these things around a lollycolumn in my basement, securing one resistance tube by tying another around it and securing it, and then I hold the handles of the resistance tubes and let myself fall backward and catch myself with my arms out to my sides, and do the same thing on the front and the sides.

It’s very good for the joints. Unlike weight lifting, it actually feels good. I feel lighter, and more flexible. It’s the kind of strength and body of a gymnast rather than a weight lifter. Like this:

I made a video of myself doing these, but thought the better of putting it up. Too bad, but I will teach people my resistance band system one on one.

The big point I made in my video is that you want to do an exercise system that feels good, doesn’t make you sore after, and promotes more fluid mobility and overall body flexibility and strength. For example, you should work towards being able to do the limbo — some Hipsters appropriating Afro-Caribbean culture, LOL;

It’s better to be able to limbo low under a stick, than have big biceps. It’s better to be cheerful and half naked and half savage, than to be stiff and uptight and angry.

It’s about manifesting vitality and exuding confidence. The Aztec comes off as more vital than the cowboy in the picture above, even though in history we know the cowboys beat the Indians.

We start by not being People of Walmart — if you aren’t obese, you’re already ahead of the game. The next step is to manifest vitality, to exercise with the goal of being more like a caveman and/or a gymnast. Esther Gokhale is your best place to start — she even calls it primal posture.

here’s one of my old favorites for vitality. I have linked it here before.


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40 Responses to Cowboys versus Indians in Murrieta; why and how we need to make ourselves physically and in our movement more like primitive men

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. tteclod says:

    Zoom in on the old man’s forearm. Compare to mestizo.

    • mindweapon says:

      Good. He’s got that going for him.

      I’m not bashing him. He’s our kinsman and our hero and our champion.

      But for the new generation of pro-whites, we need to manifest vitality, energy, spontaneity, and a touch of swagger.

  3. banned56 says:

    “It’s better to be cheerful and half naked and half savage, than to be stiff and uptight and angry.”

    But it’s better to be old and stiff and uptight — and armed with a pistol and a bit of time in at the shooting range — than to be cheerful and half naked and half savage (and stupidly cocky).

    • mindweapon says:

      That old man is awesome! I watched that video several times.

      One criticism — he’s got a short barreled semi-automatic — probably a 9 millimeter. How many shots did he fire and those guys are still alive and running? If he had a .357 Magnum Colt Trooper with a 4 inch barrel he’d have hit them no problem with each shot, and they’d be dead on the floor of that cafe.

      It was funny to see them running though, falling over themselves to escape that awesome old guy.

    • mindweapon says:


      Do you see my point though?

      Young White boys are winners in the long run, but in middle school and high school, the NAM Diversity hits puberty before them and outpaces them in chasing the girls, including the White girls. The White boys need gymnastics and martial arts and caveman swagger to neutralize the early puberty advantage of the NAM Diversity.

      So what if you end up a millionaire — if some black boy got the girl who was meant for you back in 8th grade, you lost the Game of Life. No millions, or billions, can make up for that loss. White boys need to swagger and strut and kick ass and get the best White girls for themselves and themselves alone from elementary school onwward in the Dysgenic Diversity Dystopia.

      • WG says:

        That’s where ‘Game’ and ‘PUA’ come in handy for young White men.

      • mindweapon says:

        Absolutely. Game and irrational self confidence and swagger.

        We don’t need to catch up 100% to the blacks in this regard, only 50% or 60% is plenty enough.

        We don’t need to be 100% like the Asians with math. Just partly will be enough.

        We don’t need to be `100% merchants like Hindus and Muslim convenience store. Just enough to neutralize their advantage.

        It’s all about reducing our disease load, and neutralizing the advantages that other races and groups have over us.

      • banned56 says:

        Absolutely, I see your point, MW. Martial arts for boys gives confidence, and confidence is attractive to White girls. For that reason alone martial arts is valuable. The health and self-defense and ability to defend the girl advantages are gravy — because if America had the sense it used to, boys used to carry shotguns, which kept them safe from bullying. Guns over flying kicks any day.
        But my point here, for all the strutting of the costume-clown mestizos parading around, they only dare do what they do so long as the US government, not fearing its White populace, humors them. The clown-Indian in the pic is full of swagger sure, but he’s in reality stupid and weak. Hardly a worthy heir to even the rudimentary skills of the Sioux, whose ass the cowboys kicked.
        When US gov’t gets nervous about white folks, the mestizos lose. As Murrietta shows, even old fart Whites protesting is enough to scare the US gov’t into turning the buses away. Because White people, when aroused to defending their homes, are the only unstoppable force in the world. And the nonWhites know this. In truth, that old White guy with the arms crossed and determined expression, compared to the whooping “brave” jumping around and making faces, is the one to be feared.

      • mindweapon says:

        You and I know that cowboy with his arms crossed is the real bad ass. But a lot of the impressionable masses see the Aztec as having more vitality.

        Like I said, in the long run, and when we are not hobbled by teh government, we win. But the Jews and liberals found places where we are weak — when we are in school, when we are slower to reach puberty than blakcs and Hispanics, when we are impressionalbe and don’t see the big picture.

        We have to make sure our White boys can do back flips and chain punches. Not flying kicks though, those aren’t practical.

        The Resistance Tube exercises I developed give you the gymnastic and grappling type strength and flexibility very quickly.

  4. Roy says:

    “…….If he had a .357 Magnum Colt Trooper with a 4 inch barrel …..”

    I believe this state is a “concealed carry”…..not open carry.

    Hard to “conceal” a 357 with a 4 inch barrel. Probably good he didn’t kill these savages…..he’d be in prison most likely.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Not with that mass volume of video evidence, he wouldn’t.  He wouldn’t even be charged, because the prosecutors know that an open-and-shut case of misconduct on their part can get them Nifonged.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    I use limbo to fly under ooj radar.

  6. White-Musa says:

    MW your choice opf revolver is a good one.
    The third worlders, Asian, African, Brown, etc all think Whites are WEAK.
    Well for the SWPL types I would agree, for the evangelical Christians and the Episcopalian types I would agree, for the New Age crowd and Neo-pagans, on average, I would agree. But there are a LOT of Whites who do not fit those categories who are not drugged by the televitz and the consumerism.
    Those Whites are the ones that trouble .gov and its owner: YKW.
    That is why they work so hard to pass gun control and compared to 1967 the gun laws of today are draconian.
    This is why they’ve poisoned the food and import radioactive and other contaminated “products” from China. Their goal is Whites EXTINCT. That is the End Game of the YKW for Whites.
    So they created a school system that feminized the white boys and encouraged white girls to become mannish.
    As old Charlie said: So that comes back to that one of these days all that are men are going to have to stand up and be men, or they’re going to have to lay down and go with whatever that other dream is, I don’t know.

  7. MW.Anon says:

    Personally, I have engaged in a great deal of Buddhist (Theravāda) meditation.

    I don’t endorse any specific solution, but I know meditation has helped me immensely in terms of happiness and awareness.

    There’s immense depth and insight in the Theravāda texts, especially in our modern world, IMO.

    • MW.Anon says:

      Also, to clarify and focus on the post topic, Buddhism comprises a great deal of emphasis on mindfulness and awareness of one’s movement and physical actions.

  8. PureEvil cont. says:

    If you guys want swagger and irrational over-confidence, look no further than 80s metal. Especially pop-metal. I know some of you are embarrassed to listen to it, and I know most of you (pretend like you) don’t like it, but it is full irrational confidence, achievement-free swagger and it’s just plain fun. Listen to it to unwind or workout and you’ll end up swaggering involuntarily. Put on “17” by Winger on your car stereo and see if you don’t notice your driving take a bold direction. Tips from a guy that used to swagger a lot.

    • PA says:

      This is a tangent, but interesting synchronicity re. Winger. Two or three weeks age, following some utterly random impulse, I started checking out their songs on Youtube, hearing them for the first time in 20 years. They’re a bit of a tough-luck showbiz story. Kip Winger (their charismatic lead singer) was a student of classical music before getting into rock. For inexplicable reasons, Mike Judge destroyed their career by making a dorky character on “Beavis and Butthead” wear a Winger t-shirt. Overnight, they went from filling stadiums to zero ticket sales. In my curiosity, I did some research into the source of their beef that Judge had for them, but there doesn’t seem to be a reason. In later gigs, Mike Judge still crowed about destroying the band’s reputation.

      Kip Winger is a good sport about it; he says “that’s showbiz” and leaves it a that. He’s back in classical music now.

      And it’s a shame. The early-90s hard rock scene was pretty good, even if eclipsed by the (truly great) Guns N Roses meltdown and the ascendance of Grunge. Winger’s “Mikes Away” is one of the better ballads in the genre.

      More about music: this is a Green Day cover of a John Lennon classic. Forget about Green Day’s or John Lennon’s politics: listen to the words and the anger. Not a bad WN song today:

      • PureEvil cont. says:


        Thanks for that very interesting response. I don’t want to veer to far off the topic of this post, but since MW mentioned swagger and confidence it made me think of that genre. I’ve seen Winger perform a few times, I tell you they kicked ass, and this is only 7-10 years ago. They should’ve come out about ’85 or so in order to have a good 7-year run. Their tunes have an upbeat tone with lots of ego-boosting fluff, and they are fun. I didn’t know that about Mike Judge, shame on him. As far as Beavis and Butthead, I’ve seen no more than 2 episodes. I was of that generation of kids that was supposed to watch “Beavis and Butthead,” “The State,” “Oddities,” etc., but I mostly resisted.

        Thanks for posting that song, it is a good tune regardless of Green Day or Lennon. Especially Lennon. I don’t think people really think about what that guy wrought unto a whole generation or two. I don’t listen to “Imagine” much, but everything he ‘imagined’ therein is exactly what we have- and people still say “imagine if that song could come true, if only!” Nevertheless, as music these songs do sound good regardless of any ideological silliness. By the way, the song “Madeleine” by Winger is one I can’t believe never became a hit.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        “Madeleine” (or is it Madalaine?) has everything that hits were made of.  But the system picks its winners.  (How ever did Rush, with its libertarian lyrics, ever get big airplay?)

    • Winger are fags, are you kidding me? There’s way better 80s metal.

      But at the end of the day, there is only one metal band that should be the Official Metal for white people. No guesses as to what, if you don’t know I doubt your whiteness.

      • mindweapon says:

        The “strut” they do is just bravado, it’s not from having a caveman body. This video soured everyone on capoeira:

        But I don’t think we should do capoeira for it’s fighting effectiveness, but for it’s caveman conditioning. We need that kind of movement, just as we need to study math like Asians; just as we need to do better economic systems, the way, for example, Vietnamese and Hmong will all live together in a house that they bought for cash until they saved up money for a second house, and half of them move to that house. Never paying interest.

        I have gathered up all the ways we can live with more power, more vigor, more vitality — and less of our vitality bleeding out to You Know Whom. We just have to implement on a group level.

      • PureEvil cont. says:


        Ease up chief, it was just a suggestion, I am aware of literally all the 80s metal bands don’t worry. Fags? How? You can say that about all those guys, even AC/DC. I was simply suggesting it because MW mentioned wanting us to be overconfident and ridiculously brazen, as that whole genre is, I’m not pushing Winger on anyone. Thanks for the AC?DC tune, but let’s not see anymore tattooed women huh?

      • mindweapon says:

        PureEvil cont.,

        The hair bands of the 80’s are not what I had in mind. Nothing personal, bro, you’re a great commenter, but on this I was making a very specific point.

        My point is that there is a kind of functional strength and flexibility that gymnasts and grace in movement and certain kinds of dancers have, and that blacks have naturally until they eat too much corn syrup, and I found that it’s not so impossible even for adults to develop a degree of this functional strength and grace in movement. It’s the strength that would allow you to do the limbo:

        When you have that kind of strength and flexibility and grace in movement, you present yourself to people more confidently and attractively.

        We have to strengthen our weaknesses. Not to 100% parity with other groups, but to 50% or 60% better than now is all we need. We don’t need to be absolute math geniuses to catch up to the Asians, but our kids need to be at least get degrees in Biochemistry and Mechanical Engineering and Physics.

        I saw the graduating seniors who got B.S. Degrees in Chemistry at UConn. Out of 20,000 undergrads, there were about 36 chemistry grads. Most were foreigners. Pathetic. We can do better.

        We need to raise our sons to do martial arts and to do these kinds of back bending sports like All Star Cheerleading that will make them graceful and functional strength. The All Star Cheerleading schools give those negro boys “scholarships” to go for free, while the parents of the white girls pay through the nose, for their own kids, and for the negro boys.

        I know it’s called “cheerleading” and that makes it sound gay, but it’s actually gymnastics floor exercises. White boys need to be in there doing those flips and round offs and displaying alpha male physicality in front of the white girls, in addition to their MMA training and math tutoring.

      • PureEvil cont. says:


        No problem dude, I didn’t intend to expound it much, that wasn’t what I had in mind but you know how comment sections go; one comment can take on a life of its own. Nevertheless, it is a soundtrack for arrogance and swagger and I’ll leave it at that. As far as all that stuff goes, I don’t know that you’ll get too many kids doing hardcore exercise in addition to a rigorous science regimen. It will be usually one or the other. When I meet smart kids I always push working out on them and they are extremely reluctant. Plus they associate it with dumbass kids in school though they deny it. Likewise the dumb kids are told to be academic by me and they openly talk of nerdiness and blah, blah, blah. Plus, these things are very demanding and time consuming, so people will naturally gravitate to the activities they are naturally better at and will thence forth develop a comfort zone. Yes, it should be this way, but they are still fighting MTV even under the best of abilities. It’s hard, really hard.

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s why they got to be your own kids, starting both from a young age. Most parents do a crap job of raising thier kids, and by the time you suggest that they study harder or train harder, they are already lost.

      • PureEvil cont. says:


        You said it dude. The recoil I notice when I suggest hard exercise to smart kids and books to the stupid ones is amazing. This would eventually have to be imposed. This type of mind-body thing will have to become the future school system. The mind-body split will have to go by the wayside.

  9. political animal says:

    Check out the flow of my man Conor Mcgregor Setting a whole new bar for movement in mma, especially for white guys;) I started about 3 years ago combining MMA, dance, and gymnastics. I constantly try to break out of my neurotic holding patterns by experimenting with new movement and flow. It’s not just about moving technically, but it’s also about moving aesthetically. You truly have to not give a shit what other people think about you, no fear in other words. Too many white guys are stuck in a script. I like to rip the script up and do my own thing. I draw inspiration from everything so I can hit on all cylinders. However, I have always been a mover and a taboo breaker all my life. I was break dancing by age 10. It’s a skill not everybody has, but the girls do love it.

    Vitality – that’s exactly the word I wanted to be defined by. I’ve been telling myself that I want to exude vitality for the last few years in order to enhance myself psychologically.

  10. Landsknecht says:

    Notice how intrinsically White Esther Gokhale’s audience is! Good!

  11. White-Musa says:

    The more I know about Murrieta the more I think this is a significant signpost for the future. We may look back one day and say: THERE IT STARTED!

    This studied neglect of economically useless young males will continue because the economic establishment considers any investment in them a drain on their precious corporate profits, and they import H-1B non-immigrant foreigners rather than invest in young Americans. Ironic as it may seem, the establishment is actively assembling the very army that will cut their throats. But it won’t be merely for worldly gain or revenge that these young men will fight to their deaths in Civil War II. It will be for something noble, for something basic to higher human nature, no matter how perversely manifested. They will be self-motivated by a sense of purpose, a sense of purpose that is now entirely absent from their dismal and aimless lives.

    These young males of all races have grievances, real grievances, and lots of them. They also have guns, real guns, and lots of them. As the ancient Chinese curse goes, “May you live in interesting times!” Well, I fully expect that the sole virtue of the multiethnic American Empire will be a decided absence of boredom.

    CIVIL WAR II (1997) Thomas W. Chittum

  12. White-Musa says:

    It ISN’T a novel, it is a work of serious analysis of where America was headed and it was published in 1997. He was on C-SPAN at the time.
    You can download it as a PDF and I recommend it highly. Tom saw what diversity does, up close and personal, he was a mercenary in Croatia during the troubles there. He is a fine mind but after going through what he did in both Nam and Croatia he hit the bottle TOO HARD. Tried to tell him but they never listen.
    Here is another quote:

    The overall tendency is for establishment types to predict a crime and poverty-stricken multiracial banana republic, something like Brazil. Brazil is wracked by violence, but has so far avoided massive bloodshed like Bosnia. In such a society, the establishment reckons it can endure quite nicely behind its razor wire, walls and security guards. This optimistic view is based on their utter contempt for working-class whites. I’m confident they will be proven wrong, but time will tell.

  13. Anon says:

    that image cries out for a caption of “Soon.”

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