Taliban Sets 400 ‘NATO-Supplying’ Oil Tankers Ablaze In Afghanistan

First Iraq, now Afghanistan is blowing back It was a war of choice the first time; now Obama is either forced to send troops, or give up these territories to the Taliban and Isis and/or Iran. If the USA gets involved in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they will be a bit overstretched to fight Russia, to say the least. And it might be just the moment for North Korea to attack South Korea, and China to take back Taiwan. The dominoes are set up quite nicely, if you look at it.


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5 Responses to Taliban Sets 400 ‘NATO-Supplying’ Oil Tankers Ablaze In Afghanistan

  1. Sam says:

    400 oil tanker trucks! The money we’re pissing away just befuddles my mind. It’s hard to comprehend how fast we’re falling. I may have said this before but it’s appropriate here. I was talking to a friend maybe 10 years ago. We were already down the road to stupid. I remarked that if so-and-so was done we could come back. He, his ancestors being from Italy, remarked,”Rome never did”. This had an immediate impact of reordering the way I thought. A true epiphany. There’s only so much you can screw up before your opportunities have passed. I think we’re probably beyond the point of “coming back”. We’re done. All that’s left is to do the best for yourself and your family.

    • Adit says:

      Rome didn’t come back because the ‘true Romans’ (the ones who actually established and built up Rome) were breed out. The same in Egypt. A country that was great can come back if the founding stock remains. Western Civilization can be rebuilt (or maybe even improved on) as long as there are sufficient Whites around. As long as we are dragging along 3rd world crap we’ll never be able to recover, so they’ll have to go one way or the other. Its always easier to destroy than to create, so it’ll be a long hard slog back to the top. The survivors will be scarier and more dangerous than any previous generation of Whites. When those Whites show up, everyone will run for their lives. Viking raiders will seem like Disneyland tourists in comparison.

    • mindweapon says:

      Rome might not have come back, but Euro civilization sure did.

    • mindweapon says:

      Rome might not have come back, but Euro civilization sure did.

  2. KO says:

    Yes, the Germanic invaders created a dynamic new civilization on the ruins of the West Roman Empire. 1500 years later they are giving it away to all comers.

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