Ukraine’s New Interior Minister Promises To Retake Crimea From Russia

Putin is holding back on Ukraine — letting them attack first. Just like Georgia . Georgia attacked some Russian peacekeepers, and Russia had a 24 hour war with Georgia.
Attacking Russian Crimea will be Putin’s reason to go in and destroy the Neocon regime in Kiev. Putin is very sensitive about public perception — he doesn’t want to be an invader, he wants to be a defender who is forced to invade to end the source of the threat.
I just finished Oleg Kalugin’s book THe First Directorate, and I could see the possibility that Russian agents in the Ukrainian government purposely do a Crimea invasion just to give Russia a reason to fight back and destroy the Kievs-Neocon regime. Ukraine is home territory for the Russians. The neocons are a visiting and very unwelcome team on thsi turf.


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8 Responses to Ukraine’s New Interior Minister Promises To Retake Crimea From Russia

  1. PureEvil cont. says:

    I dare him to try and take it back. He should be held to that so that he can get his ass handed to him as quickly as possible.

  2. wobbly says:

    “Putin is very sensitive about public perception — he doesn’t want to be an invader, he wants to be a defender”

    By holding back he’s letting the neocons show how crazy they are, thus detaching France and Germany from their US alliance and also allowing time for the anti-dollar economic war to take effect. The problem would be if being passive is causing political problems inside Russia or not?

  3. Chaapy says:

    Mindweapon. Here’s a a thing about Russia. Just because they oppose USA, they are not saviors or angels of some sort. Their government aren’t much different than US, except being anti-gay and generally more traditionalist thanks to lobby by Christian ortodox church.

    Here’s whats happening while russian peoples minds are busy with situation in Ukraine. I’ll just keep it as short and simple as possible.

    1. May 23rd – Vladimir Putin meets Li Yuanchao(chinese Deputy Prime Minister guy) in Saint-Petersburg economic forum.

    2. May 24th – Next day Li Yuanchao gives a speech where he basically says “Russia has big territory, but chinese are the the most industrious people in the world. If we can merge theese factors we’ll have a substantial development. Russia has big territory and low population, as opposed to situation in China.”

    3. June 13th – Head of Russian Federal Migration Department Konstantin Romodanovskiy said, that he doesn’t see influx of immigrants from China(and Vietnam) as a problem.

    4. July 2nd – Head of government Dmitriy Medvedev hosts a conference about development and future of Russian Far East, where minister for the Far East Alexandr Galushka offers:
    “Eighth – the possibility of attracting foreign nationals to work without quotas”

    And they even think about tax stimulation(or whatever you call it in english) to attract chinese investors.

    Here you go. Something to think about. Sorry for some grammar issues since english is not my native language. 🙂

    p.s. I personally think that if Russia takes more land from Ukraine, then remaining part is bound to allign with EUSSR much faster since there will be less counterweight to it inside the country.
    At least half of “Russians” in eastern Ukraine are russified ukrainians.

    I have a friend in Mariupol, Donbass by the way, he’s ukrainian to russians and russian to ukrainians. He says that people in region drive crappy cars since rebels just take the good ones. 🙂

    • mindweapon says:

      That’s too bad, but there’s not much I can do about it. Russia is kind of a dysfunctional society, it doesn’t surprise me that the leaders are handing over Siberia to Asians.

      Say goodbye to the white tiger. Tiger penises are aphrodisiacs for the Chinaman.

    • eradican says:

      You have to compare what Russia was before Putin to where it is now. When capitalism was restored it wrecked the country. Everything about the Tsarist era returned; government incompetence, concentrated wealth, battlefield defeat, astronomical crime, and pro-western groveling. The term “oligarch” was coined by Russian chauvinists to describe what was simply a capitalist.

      Putin was a communist KGB cold warrior who returned the security/military apparatus to it’s rightful place. He crushed Chechnya, eliminated the oligarchs, stabilized the economy, restored the iron hand of the state, and oversaw the restoration of Russian power/prestige. If you like the USSR Putin is as close to it’s restoration as one can get.

      You overestimate the role of the Orthodox Church in Putin’s Russia. He simply understands the urban bourgeoisie are his political enemies and the working class are his allies. The latter have traditional values while the former is embodied by Pussy Riot.

      Russia is ultimately a Eurasian country that must find it’s own way. It’s worth noting that Russia itself is 80% Russian Slavic and will remain so for the foreseeable future. That’s FAR better than western countries which will be unlivable within a few decades.

    • wobbly says:

      “Here’s a a thing about Russia. Just because they oppose USA, they are not saviors or angels of some sort.”

      If the conflict with Russia weakens FedGov that’s good.

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