Slavoj Zizek scandalizes Amy Goodman by bashing liberals who attack working class people for their “racism”

See at 10 minutes:

The whole thing is very good. He says, Behind every fascism is a failed (leftist) revolution.

Why is the failed leftist revolution, failed? Because it’s anti-racist and therefore anti-working-class. Modern PC Jewish leftists are all about picking on lower class white people. At the same time, they want to organize the (non-white?) proletariat to some bright, multicult future? Without white people? They are out of their minds, and Zizek tells them so.


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19 Responses to Slavoj Zizek scandalizes Amy Goodman by bashing liberals who attack working class people for their “racism”

  1. Nick Dean says:

    From the blog-title I was hoping for a revealing meltdown but Goodman doesn’t even respond to that comment. I wasted seven minutes waiting for it listening to a moron sniff.

  2. KO says:

    He wants a renewal of the radical left to challenge patriots and nationalists. For him it’s a great tragedy that the left has abdicated political and cultural leadership. He would like a more effective left cultural dictatorship. He is a leftist aware of the left’s failures. He is an eloquent enemy.

  3. jrackell says:

    two out of three German children under the age of five have an immigrant background ~ Angela Merkel


    That means the Germans are already well on their way to be genocided out of existence.

    • Wally says:

      That’s because so many German women refuse to have children with German men. The birth rate of the native German people is below replacement level, thanks to the German women who have adopted jewish feminist ideology.

      The immigrant women, which include lots of muslims, have respect for their men. Those muslim women don’t constantly shit on their own men, they don’t denounce motherhood and family, and don’t have sex lives like porn stars.

      • FN says:

        You hit the nail on the head. However the reason Muslim women respect their men and obey them is that, like Hizballah guys, THEY ARE MEN, not beta jammy wearing eunuchs. When White males get their balls back THEN things will turn around.

        . . seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind,
        The King of Mankind, The God of Mankind,
        From the mischief of the Whisperer of Evil, who withdraws after his whisper,
        The same who whispers into the hearts of Mankind,
        Among Jinns and among men.

  4. Frank says:

    I believe in looking at things from all sides, and I had heard of Zizek before seeing him here on your blog. His book on Lacan was interesting, but I have to agree with the above posters – he either doesn’t get or refuses to acknowledge the biological and tribal reality which is part and parcel of a normal human life. Nationalism is but one expression of that reality. Zizek still seems to think of humans as Homo economicus, and seems to object to denigrating working people only because they are working; I think their whiteness for him is incidental. This essentially 20th century paradigm received its mortal wound with the death of the Soviet Union. The final coup de grace will come with the death of capitalism. People will realize, as many today do not, that there are other ways of organizing society, even in the wake of the Industrial Revolution. He also doesn’t seem to realize that the radical left’s whole panoply of causes in the last 40 years have served the interests of the moneyed classes, not the people whose interests they claimed to advance. As a wise thinker has phrased it, we have been living through the marriage of the ‘Dark suits and Red Guards.’ Zizek’s leftist filters don’t let him see that.

  5. eradican says:

    Steve Sailer’s “high low alliance” between rich whites and coloreds is what Marx observed in his own era when finance capital circumvented the proletarian and bourgeoisie for an alliance with the lumpenprole. The lumpenproletariat represents criminals, transients, druggies, and degenerates. They’re enemies of the working class along with the bourgeois and capitalist.

    This is a pretty good video about the renewal of interest in Marx’s ideas. It has a bourgeois bias and denigrates the Soviet Union despite it’s incredible achievements. It also never mentions that Red China is an economic superpower while the capitalist west is in shambles but overall it’s solid.

    • mindweapon says:

      Tell me examples of how the capitalists allied with the lumpenproletariat. I hadn’t heard of that. Does Marx talk about it?

      • eradican says:

        He refers to the finance aristocracy of the Second French Republic who lacked a traditional political base. Marx suggested that because they didn’t engage in useful production (which is debatable) they had contempt for those who did. Definitely some parallels between that and our own era.

  6. insurrectionist says:

    Thanks KO and Dean.

  7. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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  8. Modern PC Jewish leftists are all about picking on lower class white people. At the same time, they want to organize the (non-white?) proletariat to some bright, multicult future?

    Of course, they want to play the ends against the middle. Eliminate whites and they can rule the colored masses. Even if they were to win, they greatly underestimate the Chinese and Japanese thinking they will be willing goyims for Zionism/Communism.

    Didn’t Trotsky spell this out? The idea was to unite the world against Europe.

    BTW, about Amy Goodman:

    When Susan Lindaur was in military prison being indicted under the Patriot Act – a white blonde lady – her boyfriend started a blog and a media campaign to have her released. He went to Amy Goodman, supposed “progressive” and “anti-war” media personality from Pacifica radio.

    Nope. Amy Goodman wouldn’t say a word about Susan Lindaur’s case. She said her audience “wouldn’t be interested” in the story and that “maybe it was for the best.”

  9. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Good point. Communism needs workers, yet today’s communists alienate the hardest group of workers anywhere, Whites!

  10. Johan Hoeff says:

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  11. meh says:

    Fascism is the Revolution done Right.

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