Fans Rage Over Opie Minus Anthony

16,000 racists . . . I mean, conservative white people, signed the petition to get Anthony Cumia back his job even though Cumia violated politically correct sensitivities.

Such a thing was unheard of 10 years ago. Remember when Imus wept bitter apologetic anti-racist tears for calling woman basketball players some kind of racially derogatory epithet?

Imus is certainly no Cumia. Cumia did not apologize, and his fans support him! The Berlin Wall of Multicultural Political Correctness is breaking down fast!


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9 Responses to Fans Rage Over Opie Minus Anthony

  1. PureEvil cont. says:

    In a normal society apologies would be just fine. If you do something wrong or have insulted someone you should be able to apologize without the world being brought down upon you. For any of the offenderati who may be reading this, apologies work in this way: The ‘offender’ offers an “I’m sorry,” the ‘offendee’ says, “well hey, it’s alright.” And then they move on from there. In an amurkan society one should never apologize, wrong or not.

  2. So I read this story and then trolled, and they fell for it:

    House IvyPhoenix Tso
    Friday 12:54pm

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    Trying not to feed trolls here so I’m starting my own thread.

    Nobody deserves to be assaulted – no one is saying that white men deserve assault or that it’s not a big deal when a white man is assaulted.

    But to believe that this dickhole was a victim of a hate crime assault and that speaking out about it is what got him fired? That is beyond delusional. He made that clear himself.

    He digitally patted himself on the back about not murdering a woman who he was antagonizing, and taking creepy photographs of (when women are already routinely victimized, assaulted, and robbed of their dignity on a regular basis, WOC even more so than white women). He tweeted vicious, violent, disgusting hate speech. What he said was chilling in its awfulness.

    To say that he has been victimized by this firing is hateful. It erases people and their experiences. It puts this man’s hateful language above the safety and dignity of an entire group of people. He took this beyond the incident with the woman on the street. Fucking A. Pay attention. Read what he was saying. How can people defend this shit?

    I am so tired of people trying to act like people like Anthony Cumia are fucking oppressed. I am so tired of people jumping in on shit like this, and the Hobby Lobby ruling, and countless other things, and acting like it’s all about the oppression of white men. Are you kidding me?! Sit the fuck down. I am so done with this shit this week.

    Get it? “Chilling” was a reference to the famous Supreme Court standard about “chilling” free speech. Pretty clever huh?

  3. Adit says:

    People are very strange. They protest over ‘censorship’ but not about their own planned genocide. Baby steps I suppose. I always wonder what TDO will finally set things moving. I’m sure it won’t be something big. It’ll probably be something like some mino didn’t put pickles on someone’s hamburger at a fast food joint and you’ll wake up in the morning to a full blown war.

    • mindweapon says:

      Haha, funny point!

      Do you think it’s going to be like riots and stuff? I think White people can, in a sophisticated but not complex way, “go on strike.”

      Basically we have to build up the underground economy and parasite off the above ground economy. Take more from the above ground economy than you give back, while using the investment capital from the above ground economy to fund underground economy ventures.

      I would say a borrowing strike — don’t borrow money for anything any more, and grow your own food, brew your own beer, trade locally.

      Take mortgages and auto loans and student loans. Or stop taking them. You stop taking them, the System crashes, because when loans are paid back or default on, that money disappears. Above ground economy contracts.

      Hmongs will live in a crowded house they bought with cash, until some of them save enough to buy another house and disperse a bit and get a bit more space for themselves. They dont’ pay interest to YKW!

      Stop driving. Share taxis/livery/buses. Use zipcar when you really need a personal car. Don’t own a car.

      Raise kids without mass media or public schooling.

      Grow your own food. And so on. These things will all weaken the banksters, so when the mass riots come, they will topple over like a house of cards, and we’ll be like Giants, stomping them underfoot.

      • Adit says:

        Well, you are correct in the notion that many Whites will either pull out of the system or be kicked out (to make room for minos) and they will create a shadow/underground economy. There will also be some sort of replication of Gov’t type services, but obviously only for White people. If done correctly it would work similar to organized crime, but with an emphasis on helping the White community. An example might be a day spa fronting for White only medical services like a speak easy hidden in a hardware store during prohibition. Another example would be a barber shop where you get a trim while they set you up with ‘vetted’ Whites who could provide services in whatever field you need. No more wondering if an incompetent mino will show up when you call a plumber, and the contractors would get to deal exclusively with fellow Whites. If done properly, you could freeze out mino workers, traitor business owners and the US Gov all at the same time. Eventually there could also be an enforcement arm that would *talk* to businesses to hire more Whites, persuade mino businesses to move, etc. This is what WN should have been doing 50 years ago.

        In any case, to answer your question, yes I do think there will occasional ‘hot spots’ but not riots like minos do. A Black Pastor once warned his fellow Blacks: ‘Stop annoying the Whites since they’ve had just about enough. Whites don’t riot.. they go to war.’ I think that his assessment is spot on. As I said, one day there will a minor TDO and a bunch of Whites will freak out and try to do a little ethnic cleansing. More than likely they’ll go down in a hail of gunfire in a matter of days, but not before scaring the hell out of the US Gov and the mino community. As usual, the whole liberal establishment will go berserk and their hysterics could actually led to a situation where they push Whites so hard that suddenly the regional flare-up goes national.

      • Whites not only strike, they strike back and twice as hard. As General Mills is finding out to its own chagrin. Everyone remember that “cute” little interracial Cheerios family commercial?

        Remember how Whites protested it? Remember how GM et all decided to do a follow-up “Fuck you, Racists” commercial and air it just in time for the Super Bowl? Since the Mudshark was clearly pregnant in this one, it was evident that there would be a follow-up commercial with baby brudder out of utero.

        So where is the sequel, hmmmm? Why is Cheerios only airing THIS commercial?

        Yeah, she’s a kid. A smart, WHITE kid. Whazzup?

        Well, since they pulled that stunt, GM’s overall cereal profits have lost three percent in revenues, but their CHEERIOS division has fallen by NINE PERCENT or more. It seems that the snaggle-toothed, red-necked racists have purchasing power and actually wielded it to boycott Cheerios. Who’d a thunk it?

  4. Stary Wylk says:

    Every time we borrow from our enemies, we prop them up. When we buy insurance, we prop them up.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    That “Berlin Wall” was designed by the federal reserve brick company.

  6. FN says:

    “Adit says July 10, 2014 at 5:24 am”
    That is Mind Weapon on STEROIDS! Actually this is quite remarkably similar to what MW has preached and an observation he made the other day which I will quote here:
    “Whites will find themselves battling with colored people for scraps, and this will have the “prison gang” effect on Whites. They will be forcibly reminded by the coloreds, who elbow them aside in the scramble for survival, that their White skin is their uniform in the war for survival.”
    Now you put that together with what you said and man oh man do you have something there or what. The future is looking brighter and brighter.
    Good stuff, real good stuff.
    The best of our people will come to understand that it is infinitely better for their children and their grandchildren to have a hard future, a future which requires them to rebuild everything, than no future at all.

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