SkyNet Rising

Be sure to click both links in this. Skynet becomies self aware, then becomes too self aware. Crisis averted.
Wall Street and Intelligence Agencies are uniting as one. What could possibly go wrong?

It sounds scary, but it might turn out to be scarier for the Jews who control Wall Street. The CIA men can play the back stabbing double game too. The CIA men are totally Machiavellian, and less attached to material things than Wall Street men . I know I’m lionizing CIA men ,but I suspect there’s a core of people like that in the CIA still Jewish Wall Street thinks they are going to get stronger by marrying Intelligence; they might get overthrown instead.

I have read a lot of true spy memoirs, and intelligence agencies have a lot of corrupt, Wall Street types of course, but it also has very strong minded men who will seize power as a single man, like Stalin did. There may be an ordinary case officer or director who is actually a Stalin waiting in the wings.

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16 Responses to SkyNet Rising

  1. ConantheContrarian says:

    May I respectfully submit that we do not want a Stalin; we want a Pinochet or a Franco.

  2. Sam says:

    “… The CIA men can play the back stabbing double game too. The CIA men are totally Machiavellian, and less attached to material things than Wall Street men…”
    BINGO! You have it exactly. Exactly. They follow orders for right now. It’s difficult to the one to rock the boat but the anti-whites can’t count on their loyalty. Hence DHS and fusion centers. But DHS is hired from the “not so ready” for prime time.

    • mindweapon says:

      SO that’s what the domestic force is for, eh? Interesting.

      If teh CIA pulled off a coup against Wall Street, they’d probably use Middle Americans to do the dirty work. Regime change here, just like any other country. The Langley people know how to do it.

      • PureEvil cont. says:

        I don’t trust those guys at all. They have been a net negative lo these many decades. They are not the bedrock of a proper future and should be rejected. Pulling off a coup against Wall St is something they owe to America to make up for their un-service.

    • PureEvil cont. says:

      By the way, I realize that I come off somewhat prickish in my last comment. I did not intend to appear to be scolding you or anyone else, apologies.

  3. KO says:

    Speaking of CIA, MW, did you read Blood’s A Rover yet? Quite amazing. For lighter reading, try The Outlaw Josey Wales.

  4. wobbly says:

    I think there are three factions
    1) banking mafia + MSM
    2) neocons
    3) MIC

    Because the banking mafia sold the US economy the ability of the US to maintain the MIC is now under threat. There are two ways out of the problem.

    1) All three factions throw in together and effectively terrorize the rest of the world into continuing to use the dollar. This will almost certainly involve nuclear weapons and quite possibly the extinction of the species.

    2) The MIC throw the banking mafia, media and neocons into the sea and institute a Buchanan like economic policy designed to rebuild the US economy to the level where it can support the MIC again.

    (This is particularly feasible now if the energy from fracking isn’t sold abroad but used to balance higher labor costs.)

    This story sounds like option (1) may be forming.

    • Joshua says:

      What’s the acronym “MIC” mean?…

      • Mr. Rational says:

        See DDE’s farewell speech to the nation (I posted the YouTube link but the filters ate it).

      • MW.Anon says:

        Joshua, it’s the Military Industrial Complex, which comprises defense companies and other entities that profit from war.

        “DDE” is President Dwight David Eisenhower who warned about the MIC in one of his last speeches as president.

    • MW.Anon says:


      Nice analysis. Always like your posts.

      The stresses between the MIC and the NWO/bankers are many. If the U.S. MIC feel they are going under the bus in a globalized world, they can and will fight back. OTOH, if the MIC has a role in the emerging global corporatocracy (global enforcers?) they will be on board.

      I do feel at the highest levels, the elite don’t trust each other, including the putatively all-powerful Rockefeller and Rothschild factions.

  5. meh says:

    If there is a potential Stalin in the intelligence community he better have read his Kevin MacDonald, or else he’ll get Doctors’ Plotted again. A coup would have a chance today because with constant monitoring of social media, the spooks have a good idea of who believes what; thus they could recruit an army of loyalists quickly while blacklisting potential enemies from jobs and positions of authority, just by analyzing their internet activity. And given the fact that money is now just electronic ones and zeroes, you could freeze the accounts of the inner party and their friends rendering them instantly powerless. Imagine the major media networks suddenly airing white nationalist viewpoints. Imagine elections not determined by money from the likes of Sheldon Adelson or similar. Really the inner party jews have created a perfect trap meant for us which they could fall into themselves if things go awry.

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