Cheerios goes back to White advertising; h/t to Clytemnestra and her excellent commentary included in post

Food companies should feel as much public pressure as possible. People posting pictures of their gardens is the equivalent of online threats to companies like General Mills, Archer Daniels Midland, ConAgra, Dow Chemical Company, and others. I don’t eat Cheerios! I eat potatoes and mustard greens and cabbage and sweet potatoes and tomatoes and beans and rice!

Here’s what I eat instead of Cheerios, of course this is still in unharvested form.

Taters growing

Taters growing

Bulk grains are a lot cheaper, and more varied, than boxes of cereal. They just take a bit of preparation. Go into Costco, or those surplus stores like Ocean State Job Lot, and you can find bags of grains such as amaranth, quinoa, varieties of rices. Beans are also very good — especially lentils and chick peas. Cheap cheap cheap! And good for you! You pay for the food, not the packaging. Then with all the money you save, you can buy grass fed beef from local ranchers, and vegetables at the farmer’s markets!

Here’s what I’m talking about for bulk grains. Try these smaller bags of grains, and when you find what you like, get it in bags and store in 5 gallon buckets with nitrogen packets for long term storage like the Mormons do. That’s pretty expensive –4 bucks for that small bag, but it’s still a way way way better deal than a box of Cheerios.

When you buy boxes of cereals, you are paying for the packaging and the advertising, including the interracial family advertising. Get your food the way I’m telling you, and it will be cheaper and better for you and last longer. The only thing is you got to do some cooking. You can save so much money, it might be worth it to have several friends get together, buy food in bulk, and pay a stay at home mom or retired person to cook for you.

By Clytemnestra

Whites not only strike, they strike back and twice as hard. As General Mills is finding out to its own chagrin. Everyone remember that “cute” little interracial Cheerios family commercial?

Remember how Whites protested it? Remember how GM et all decided to do a follow-up “Fuck you, Racists” commercial and air it just in time for the Super Bowl? Since the Mudshark was clearly pregnant in this one, it was evident that there would be a follow-up commercial with baby brudder out of utero.

So where is the sequel, hmmmm? Why is Cheerios only airing THIS commercial?

Yeah, she’s a kid. A smart, WHITE kid. Whazzup?

Well, since they pulled that stunt, GM’s overall cereal profits have lost three percent in revenues, but their CHEERIOS division has fallen by NINE PERCENT or more. It seems that the snaggle-toothed, red-necked racists have purchasing power and actually wielded it to boycott Cheerios. Who’d a thunk it?


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29 Responses to Cheerios goes back to White advertising; h/t to Clytemnestra and her excellent commentary included in post

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Mr. Rational says:

    When everyone is a client of the government, they’ll be able to tell you what to eat and they won’t have problems with uppity White people any more.

  3. tteclod says:

    Here’s a thought: never forgive. Buy the store brand of toasted oats. Never call it Cheerios. And when your kids ask, “Why won’t you buy Cheerios?” answer, “Let’s see, here’s 4 dollars. Do you want this box of Cheerios, or this bag of toasted oats and some chocolate?” Then extrapolate.

    Extra credit: cut your losses with your children who don’t comprehend.

  4. banned56 says:

    Kinda like all the “diverse” “princesses” Disney’s been trying to foist on little girls — who are having none of it, particularly the darkie in The Princess and the Frog, for which ticket sales were disappointing, to put it mildly. Contrast with the gobsmacking success of Frozen, starring two exquisitely lovely Scandinavian girls. The kiddoes know what’s good — and demand it. Scandinavian young women are the pinnacle of beauty and grace, and for all propaganda the media puts out about “all colors of the rainbow,” little girls are not fooled.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks for this insight on the movie watching habits of little girls! So dusky princesses don’t sell then, even after all the diversity education? This is the sort of phenomenon that Brown versus Board of Ed was decided on.

  5. It’s just like Burger King advertising to the gays. All they have to do is do it once – and they have them hooked for life. Same with the mixers. General Mills only has to do one commercial every 5 years or so. Then go back to advertising to us and all is forgiven.

  6. KO says:

    I think General Mills also raised their prices. The came up with a new box for Cheerios that only has 9.63 oz. in it. Even on sale at 2 boxes for $4, that’s close to $4/lb. Sunbelt granola with almonds, dates, and no HFCS is only $2.89/lb.

  7. WG says:

    Sounds like you need to eat more animal protein.

    • mindweapon says:

      You can get all the animal protein you need from eggs. I get local eggs. I eat some eat, but it has antibiotics in it.

      • MW.Anon says:

        First, Clytemnestra’s posts are generally outstanding. Thanks for contributing!

        Second, I think the whole Cheerios discussion is a red herring. I think simple carbs are toxic to people of Northern and Western European descent. They shouldn’t be consumed at all, because our people simply can’t metabolize them properly.

  8. White&Normal says:

    A bank in the UK is also on the retreat due to increased racial awareness in the population.
    The face of the ‘Halifax’ has changed from a black man to a fair haired White woman.

    • mindweapon says:

      That’s great news, White&Normal

      • MW.Anon says:


        How do we get a boycott list started for companies that are anti-white?

        I feel that I’ve done well dropping some anti-white companies, and I’m buying more locally-produced food. However, I would love to see a list of companies that are anti-white, including all brands owned by those companies. I want to ramp up my boycott efforts as much as possible.

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    The left has got everything for a very long time. They simply assumed we were wildly enthusiastic, by our relative silence. They have no conception about the the extent of rage. What happens when Whites chimp out? The other will be scared shitless while disbelieving our ruthlessness. What are they [Whites] so MAD about already???

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Whites don’t chimp out.  Whites go to war.  When the Saxon gives voice to his hate, all hell breaks loose.

    • I have seen some adverts for a show on The History Channel that is NOT “All Hitler All The Time.” It’s called The Vikings. Well, I got curious and I visited a couple of the videos by folks recapping the show. They were male and female; BLACK. It seems like a LOT of Black viewers are fascinated with this show. Why?

      Even though documented cases of Black serial killers have been discovered; they are swept under the rug like ALL Black crime. Moreover, thanks to the help of their White legal representation, they tend to get lighter sentences due to “disparate impact.”

      Conversely, WHITE Serial Killers are publicized all over hell’s half acre to make up for the dearth of reporting about other White crime even though dishonestly including Mestizos as Whites has been done to inflate those numbers.

      But when Whites, and I don’t mean Italian Mafia Goodfellas, “break bad;” I’m talking about Anglo Whites, boy are they effective and sometimes downright impossible to catch, like D.B. Cooper.

      White serial killers have the reputation of being cold-blooded, sadistic and highly intelligent murderers who get away with it because they have the smarts to thwart the authorities. Needless to say, IF they are caught, there is no White libtarded legal representative doing handstands to help them avoid justice. They are put down like the menace they are as quickly as judiciously possible.

      So that brings us back to the Black viewers’ fascination with Vikings. The sharper knives in the Hamitic Drawer sense that Whites have reached Peak Negritude. Further, cracks are already beginning to show and even the most libtarded of the leftists are caught blurting inconvenient truths. In the mean time, the whining about “microaggressions” from hipster racisms are leading to a crescendo like the whistle on a teapot on a burnet heating up.

      The economy is so precarious that The Day The EBT Card stops working is looking more inevitable. What are those painfully polite, uptight, buttoned-down Whites oh-so-carefully minding their tongues around Blacks going to morph into when TSHTF and there are no Paychex Liberals around to enforce tolerance towards vibrant diversity, because there are no careers to destroy and the Whites have absolutely nothing to lose?

      Blacks have been dealing with Civilized Whites for over a century now. Vikings were White enough to live out in small villages and own and maintain small farms, but feral enough that churches all over Europe pleaded to God to save them from the wrath of the North men. The Black guy who warned that Whites don’t riot; they go to war doesn’t even know the half of it.

  10. Attila says:

    Every time I see a non-Euro on a Yahoo Mail ad- (frequently) – I give strongly negative feedback.

  11. Wally says:

    Counter-Currents had an article about the miscegenation Cheerios ad. They said it was a Jewish owned ad agency from France that made the commercial. The director of the commercial also had a Jewish name.

  12. hardscrabble farmer says:

    The way it works in our household is that we do not complain about being marginalized, we don’t whine over the in your face anti-White advertising or pro whatever is popular at any given moment propaganda that various corporations pump 24/7, we simply cease to do business with them. When you give your trust to people and they betray you you’d have to be some kind of stupid to continue to trust and support them in the future. We don’t. I make a point of being honest with my children when they ask about certain things that once were a part of our lives that we no longer use and tell them that the company decided they did not want us as customers but rather preferred a different customer and we have to respect that. Like a boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn’t love you anymore, you move on- taking your precious consumer dollars with you.

    Two advantages to this strategy- one is that you find other resources or create your own that invariably cost less and save your capital. The second is that you add your single straw to the proverbial camel’s back. One man boycotts achieve bupkus, but the more people join together, the more you force their hand. Some companies are so desperate to maintain their bottom line that they will choose to murder themselves- like McDonalds with it’s wood pulp. Their product sucked to begin with, making it worse in order to maintain the illusion that their profits are fixed only further erodes what little credibility it once may have had. Pretty soon McDonald’s will indeed be 24/7 Black- because they’ll be out of business. Not tomorrow, but one day in the not too distant future.

    The next time your kid asks “Why can’t we get Cheerios?” you respond with “Because it not only poisons your body with GMO’s, it lies to you with it’s fake packaging and tries to poison your beautiful mind with hateful advertising about how worthless you are next to their preferred customers”

    End of story.

    • mindweapon says:

      Hardscrabble Farmer,

      In short, your attitude toward these anti-white corporations is:

      We don’t have any demands of you; we just want to destroy you.

      That’s the beauty of growing your own and purchasing from local farmers. You aren’t trying to reform agribusiness, you are trying to destroy it.

      One wonders what the ConAgra and Archer Daniels Midland et al would do without billions in government subsidies.

  13. Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I, for one, was on pins and needles waiting to see what Gracie’s reaction would be to her new baby brothah, LOL. Needless to say I was rather annoyed with Cheerios’ latest offering. Not the least to say not one bit placated, mollified or pacified by it. They had their chance to back off when they discovered that a large segment of people on the internet were vocalizing how offended they were by the “Just Checking” commercial by phasing it out in favor of diverse monoracial families without further comment.

    Instead they couldn’t resist envisioning the impotent rage of those same White red-necked, snaggle-toothed keyboard warriors over “Gracie” and decided to really rub their collective pink snouts in the Fuck You Racists Follow Up by airing it during the Super Bowl games, of all places. It bit them big time in the ass.

    Most White men have full-time jobs and then they have to tinker around the house fixing stuff and if they have children, they are probably doing Daddy Duty. They don’t have time to pay attention to Cereal Commercials or fight leftist keyboard warriors on the internet about them no matter how Anti-White they are. Moreover, like most Americans, they use commercial time to get a snack or use the restroom. They forgot that BLACK WOMEN do the shopping for THEIR families, too.

    I think I can speak for White women when I say how distasteful I find Yellow Fever in White men but at least I don’t have to associate with such men. Black women have a well-earned reputation for being “aggrieved.” Well aggrieved wouldn’t do justice to my own reaction if I couldn’t turn on the tube without seeing some Asian chick stapled to some White man in almost every commercial airing these days. Asian women aren’t being actively marketed to White men by Madison Avenue the way that White women, especially Blondes, are being marketed to Black men.

    So what would the reaction of a Black woman be at seeing Cheerios touting a biracial family which encourages her sons to pursue White girls as wives while consigning her daughters to either being a barren spinster cat lady OR some thug’s Baby Mama?! I saw this dynamic play out with a widowed Black woman I knew who worked two jobs to support her family. Her son went to college and returns with a White bride and Her daughter ends up a Baby Mama. I could tell she was not happy, but she was far more gracious about it than I would have been.

    Cheerios would have been better off keeping it at one commercial contained to the internet. No doubt egged on by a false pro-miscegenation consensus by the Hasbarat trolls on the internet, the ended up rubbing real corporeal people’s noses in Gracie and were astonished by the backlash they had set off through their own hubris.

    I think I am even MORE offended by the Smart White Girl commercial than I am by the original “Just Checking” commercial. To me, it is a cheesy, smarmy, condescending, sarcastic piece of shit that is being offered as a half-assed “non-apology” to regular White consumers. These people are really arrogant enough to believe that if they blast this commercial all over the teevee, that those stupid, snaggle-toothed racist rednecks don’t have the brain cells to remember or too short an attention span to hold grudges over The Gracie Saga.

    Let us disabuse them of this notion by taking a page out of the Zionist Playbook, “Never Forgive, Never Forget.” I, for one, have permanently banned Cheerios from my home. For those White race realists who are flying beneath the radar and don’t want to get involved in any activism on or off the internet, there is a way YOU can spread this ban without putting your personal situation in jeopardy.

    Health Food Bandwagon: Did you know that Cheerios donated more than $1.1 million to the No on Prop. 37 campaign to defeat the GE labeling law which warns consumers if they are buying GMO food? Feel free to share this information with your friends and family. Why are we surprised then that Cheerios produced “Just Checking?” If you think about it, “Gracie” is Cheerio’s ULTIMATE GMO.

    Local Products Bandwagon: Keep your community strong by supporting local producers. They will come in handy when the EBT card stops working and the big chain grocery stores have empty shelves.

    Thrift Bandwagon: Many of you are worried that boycotting GM will involve throwing a bunch of innocent GM workers into the street. Just as the military has produced “smart bombs” that isolate/lock-in on small targets, Mindweapons hopping on the Thrift Bandwagon does NOT hurt GM line workers, but only the overpaid Anti-White Madison Ave Execs we are targeting.

    Focus on locating/finding the best-tasting generic equivalents and rave about them to your friends and families. The very same companies with these expensive, obnoxious Anti-White ads actually produce these generics. They are virtually the identical product without the fancy packaging or the outrageous price. You don’t eliminate the need for a line worker; you eliminate the need for an advertisement budget.

    The most potent Mindweapon of the day is TNL: Thrify, Natural, and Local. Pass the word.

    • Gordo says:

      Excellent stuff, congratulations Clytemnestra.

      The boycott is a powerful and completely legal weapon we can all use, I think of my boycotting and shunning actions as micro-defences against the ruling class attempts at genocide.

    • mindweapon says:

      I like it. Thrifty, Natural, Local.

      Gracie is Cheerio’s Ultimate GMO! Wow. You are an amazing thinker, Cly.

  14. Arturo says:

    MW :

    When I first saw this new Cheerios commercial with the cute little white girl, I wanted to post an observation on COTT, but never got around to it.

    So I will post it here :

    Regarding this latest Cheerios commercial: do you or your readers think that it is not a coincidence that the cute little white girl in this commercial has eyes that are not blue, not green, not even Hazel, but rather dark brown, as in: more closely resembling the blank eye color of the feces species One Banana Difference race-polluter father depicted in the previous two “heart healthy” Cheerios commercials.

    Am I just being paranoid here, or has anyone else noticed this?

    Crimes of the times dot calm

    • mindweapon says:

      I think you are being paranoid. Plenty of good white people have brown eyes.

    • Attila says:

      A lot of the women I have seen cavorting with blacks and other non-whites are NOT brown-eyed, but Nordic-looking. Most brown-eyed White “Hispanic” women would rather be flayed alive than mix with the Shvartsas.

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