Feminist attacks pro-lifers, police get involved

Someone has a tumblr account! I wonder if she likes Proud Whoppers.

It was interesting to see how the cops separated the hostile parties and use very calming speech and body language.


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12 Responses to Feminist attacks pro-lifers, police get involved

  1. Robot Sam says:

    On the one hand, who would have sex with such a thing? Secondly, I guess if it/thing got pregnant by the other thing that was with her, then yes abortion please.

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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  3. You posted it before I did …

    Notice how easily this feminist switches from bitching about “misogynists” to calling the guy a “racist” and “privileged white asshole.” Even though the guy is almost certainly some “anti-racist” universalist Christian type. He probably has a prepared speech about Planned Parenthood “genociding” African Americans.

    Doesn’t matter. He’s white, therefore a racist. He’s male, therefore, a “misogynist.”

    Feminism, like leftism in general, attracts those with personal issues. Hence, the mantra “make the personal political.” This means that their personal issues are supposed to become our political issues.

    Anyway, there are a lot of women that feel serious guilt over killing their babies.

    Ugh, a personal story. I dated this one girl back in college that had had an abortion. She already had a name picked out for the kid before her mom drove her to the clinic. So one day we’re just sort of musing about the future and talk about us having a kid one day. She lights up and asks if we can name it a certain name – the same one she had picked out for the kid she killed.

    Gross. And another example of how women tend to see men as fungible.

    BTW, NYPD has “community relations” officers they deploy to political protests and the like. They are unarmed and trained simply to talk people down if there is a threat of some sort of confrontation. They use very clever body language and indirect speech and are quite effective from my observations.

  4. PA says:

    The young men showed an awareness of how to dal with a semi-violent heckler. Notice one of them standing motionlessly straight while she was sticking her finger in his face. He didn’t get sucked into her dramatic energy, which would have been disastrous for him, but maintained his own frame.

    There is a trick that journalists do when they interview someone from whom they want to pull juicy quotes: they will stop talking, and the unsavvy subject will become uncomfortable with the silence and start filling dead air with nervous stream of verbiage.

    Similarly here: the young man stood still, which further unbalanced her.

  5. PA says:

    What’s with the young man’s kinda faggy way of taking? Is it a generational/ class/regional thing? It’s highly unlikely he’s gay.

  6. oogenhand says:

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    He probably has a prepared speech about Planned Parenthood “genociding” African Americans.

  7. I strongly sympathize with the Pro-Life position, but I am Pro-Choice. I saw what happened when government is allowed to get involved in reproductive decisions; the forced abortions resulting in abandoned baby girls in Red China AND the overwhelmed Romanian orphanages when that government imposed Forced Births.

    Whether Pro-Lifers like to admit or not, NO ONE is marching women into abortion clinics at gun point. HR’s story is rather poignant, but this girl could have and would have run away if Mom and Dad disapproved of her boyfriend. Where there’s a will, there’s a way; she obviously didn’t want that child THAT much.

    Frankly, I am worried every time the Christian Right gets their underwear in a twist and wants government to protect sinners from themselves. Look at how miserably DOMA backfired on them. At the time, there was a consensus for civil unions. All that had to be done was to put in a law prohibiting government from defining marriage and ONLY recognizing civil unions for everyone. Leave the matrimony to private organizations. Now it’s Virginia vs. Loving all over again and we can expect the gays to mob fundie Christian churches demanding to be married by them.

    I am more worried that the Pro-Lifers are opening the door to the vampire bureaucracy AGAIN by getting involved in abortion. This is a door that swings both ways. A government that is empowered to stop abortions is also empowered to force abortions. I am much, much more afraid of FEDGOV officials forcing my nieces to have an abortion than stopping them.

    Thumbs up to the pro-life men who handled this ugly Burger King Sow so deftly. Their body language may have been passive, but their actions were not. They did not hit her back, but they did call the police and pursue her until she was arrested. I’m sure they pressed charges and the fines she will have to pay for assault and for vandalism will make her think twice about expressing her opinions less violently.

    However, I think she should be allowed to abort her fetuses until her uterus falls out. There are some people who should never EVER be allowed to breed and she is at the top of my list. UGH. We already have too many mouth-breathing obese pigs walking around. ‘Nuff said.

    • White-Musa says:

      You REALLY think the white christians have a CHANCE to having a sanctity for life to be the law of the land once again? NO. The YKW RUN this sewer and all the dreams of the CONNEDservatives about “restoring” the Constitution and the MORALITY of the old America are DELUDED fantasies. These are BOLSHEVIKS we are dealing with and whether it is through having white women ABORT their genetics, or sending white young males to fight YKW’s wars, or the murder of white women by diverse attackers, or pushing miscegenation, they want WHITES DEAD. ALL OF THE WHITES.

  8. I don’t think the Christian Right Wing has a snow flake’s chance in hell of overturning Roe v. Wade. But all I can remember is how DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act enacted in1996) backfired on them. The government simply redefined marriage to include same sex partners. “Marriage” itself is still being defended … to the point that any fundie Christian church that refuses to administer the sacrament of marriage to same sex couple is going to be force-fed the same ration of shit that Appalachian Church that refused to administer the sacrament of marriage to a mixed race pairing was a couple of years ago.

    All that was EVER needed was a Constitutional amendment prohibiting Congress or any other government agency from defining marriage. Get government totally out of the marriage business. Allow private institutions like synagogues, temples, mosques, and churches to decide who fit their criteria as marriageable.

    IOW, the government only recognizes civil unions. All previous marriage are grandfathered into the civil union laws and couples can apply to City Hall for a civil union certificate. However if they want to have a traditional wedding sacrament, they must apply to a private organization. The two should be mutually exclusive of each other. It’s that simple.

    I remain unapologetically pro-choice where abortion is concerned. Right now … no one is forcing women to NOT have children. No one is forcing these women to these abortion clinics at gun point. As long as abortion is voluntary and not compulsory, then I don’t want to change it.

    From a White race realist’s POV, where does it hurt conservative Whites even if other Whites are having abortions? Demographics is destiny. The vast majority of Whites who opt for abortion are libtarded leftists. Most likely race-mixing libtarded leftists. How is aborting little leftists or little Phillip Chisms a bad thing for the White race? With abortion, White race realists “win the battle of the cradle” where the White race is concerned. They allow stupidity’s natural culling to take out their worst, most egregious enemy … White race traitors … without having to soil their own hands. These idiots are insisting on doing it to themselves; why not get out of their way and let them?

  9. Erin says:

    What a hideous beast! Juden raus!

  10. Well congrats to whoever has Burger King’s online “viral” ad account, because “Proud Whopper” and “Feminist Attacks Pro-Lifer” are pretty much the future of online video ads. Hey, thoughtcatalog.com managed to turn online trolling into a revenue stream, it was only a matter of time before some big companies followed suit.

    Just in case we didn’t get it, they do a close-up on the Burger King logo on her shirt for half the video.

    It’s probably good for Burger King to be associated with various fringe demographic groups anyway. They can have Burger King. We’re all hipster foodies and crunchy conservatives, with our Victory Gardens and heirloom vegetables, right?

    Hipster, you’re a moron. Is this another one of your “conspiracy theories?” What you think they are just a bunch of actors? Look, those police are wearing uniforms. So the cops are in on it too? And the Department of Public Transportation? Or do you think that big bus in the video is just some sort of video trickery? So how many people are supposed to be involved in the giant plot anyway? Let me guess, the Freemasons, right?

    Occam’s Razor. It’s a real feminist, a real pro-lifer, a real cop, and a real video.

    She’ll probably get fired from Burger King now. If she doesn’t, we’ll know Burger King is the enemy and we should all switch to Chic-fil-a. Let’s make it a campaign, we can start a petition on change.org.

    Now can we please ban Hipster and his nutty crazy conspiracy theories?

    • mindweapon says:

      I agree with Hipster. It’s a BK ad. BK discovered tumblr. They want to be the King of LGBTQXKFIEAKRUF . . .

      BK needs to distinguish itself from the heteronormative cis scum like us who eat from our Victory Gardens.

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