New York Times publishes a surprisingly evenhanded article about Stormfront

I think they are realizing that we are on the uptrend, and they are going to have to deal with us in a way other than simply destroying our lives or clapping us in prison. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz realizes that he might meet one of us, and have no idea that we are a WN.

What really chills old Seth is that Stormfronters are disproportionately young, and disproportionately well educated — the exact opposite of the stereotype of angry, uneducated, dying old racists. Also, contact theory is thoroughly debunked. Anti-black SF’ers hail disproportionately from states with higher non-white populations, and anti-Jewish SF’ers hail disproportionately from states with higher Jewish populations. Oy vey!

Liberals usually mistake me for a liberal. I play along with them, while I probe their minds!

The Data of Hate
JULY 12, 2014

VIKINGMAIDEN88 is 26 years old. She enjoys reading history and writing poetry. Her signature quote is from Shakespeare. She was impressed when the dialect quiz in The New York Times correctly identified where she was from: Tacoma and Spokane, Wash. “Completely spot on,” she wrote, followed by a smiling green emoji.

I gleaned all this from her profile and posts on, America’s most popular online hate site.

I recently analyzed tens of thousands of the site’s profiles, in which registered members can enter their location, birth date, interests and other information. Call it Big Hatred meets Big Data.

Stormfront was founded in 1995 by Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan leader. Its most popular “social groups” are “Union of National Socialists” and “Fans and Supporters of Adolf Hitler.” Over the past year, according to Quantcast, roughly 200,000 to 400,000 Americans visited the site every month. A recent Southern Poverty Law Center report linked nearly 100 murders in the past five years to registered Stormfront members.

The white nationalist posters on Stormfront have issues with many different groups. They often write about crimes committed by African-Americans against whites; they complain about an “invasion” of Mexicans; and they love to mock gays and feminists. But their main problem appears to be with Jewish people, who are often described as super-powerful and clever — the driving force, generally speaking, behind the societal changes they do not like. They sometimes call the Holocaust the “Holohoax.”

Stormfront members tend to be young, at least according to self-reported birth dates. The most common age at which people join the site is 19. And four times more 19-year-olds sign up than 40-year-olds. Internet and social network users lean young, but not nearly that young.

Profiles do not have a field for gender. But I looked at all the posts and complete profiles of a random sample of American users, and it turns out that you can work out the gender of most of the membership: I estimate that about 30 percent of Stormfront members are female.

The states with the most members per capita are Montana, Alaska and Idaho. These states tend to be overwhelmingly white. Does this mean that growing up with little diversity fosters hate?

Probably not. Since those states have a higher proportion of non-Jewish white people, they have more potential members for a group that attacks Jews and nonwhites. The percentage of Stormfront’s target audience that joins is actually higher in areas with more minorities. This is particularly true when you look at Stormfront’s members who are 18 and younger and therefore do not themselves choose where they live.

Among this age group, California, a state with one of the largest minority populations, has a membership rate 25 percent higher than the national average.

One of the most popular social groups on the site is “In Support of Anti-Semitism.” The percentage of members who join this group is positively correlated with a state’s Jewish population. New York, the state with the highest Jewish population, has above-average per capita membership in this group.

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In 2001, Dna88 joined Stormfront, describing himself as a “good looking, racially aware” 30-year-old Internet developer living in “Jew York City.” In the next four months, he wrote more than 200 posts, like “Jewish Crimes Against Humanity” and “Jewish Blood Money,” and directed people to a website,, which claims to be a “scholarly library” on “Zionist criminality.”

Stormfront members complain about minorities’ speaking different languages and committing crimes. But what I found most interesting were the complaints about competition in the dating market.

A man calling himself William Lyon Mackenzie King, after a former prime minister of Canada who once suggested that “Canada should remain a white man’s country,” wrote in 2003 that he struggled to “contain” his “rage” after seeing a white woman “carrying around her half black ugly mongrel niglet.” In her profile, Whitepride26, a 41-year-old student in Los Angeles, says, “I dislike blacks, Latinos, and sometimes Asians, especially when men find them more attractive” than “a white female.”

POLITICAL developments certainly play a role. The day that saw the biggest single increase in membership in Stormfront’s history, by far, was Nov. 5, 2008, the day after Barack Obama was elected president.

The top reported interest of Stormfront members is “reading.” Most notably, Stormfront users are news and political junkies. One interesting data point here is the popularity of The New York Times among Stormfront users. According to the economists Matthew Gentzkow and Jesse M. Shapiro, when you compare Stormfront users to people who go to the Yahoo News site, it turns out that the Stormfront crowd is twice as likely to visit

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Ed Yesterday
I’m Black but actually have a handle on Stormfront and visit other far right websites just to peruse, keep informed. It’s always a good idea…
Unitas Yesterday
The origins of racial hatred lie , I believe , in religious training and eduction. At an early age we told we are “better” because of the…
JohnQCitizen Yesterday
Here’s one way for you to look at it. This is a very populous country, and as with any large pool of people and on virtually any topic,…
Perhaps it was my own naïveté, but I would have imagined white nationalists’ inhabiting a different universe from that of my friends and me. Instead, they have long threads praising “Breaking Bad” and discussing the comparative merits of online dating sites, like Plenty of Fish and OkCupid.

There was also no relationship between monthly membership registration and a state’s unemployment rate. States disproportionately affected by the Great Recession saw no comparative increase in Google searches for Stormfront.

Some of this research adds to recent literature in the field that is frankly shocking and should change the way we think about hate.

In the 1930s, Arthur F. Raper reported a correlation between bad economic conditions and lynchings of blacks. This led many scholars to the intuitive conclusion that people turn to hate because their lives are going poorly.

But evidence is increasingly casting doubt on this idea. In 2001, the political scientists Donald P. Green, Laurence H. McFalls and Jennifer K. Smith used more data and found that there was actually no relationship between lynchings and economic hardship. Lynchings actually fell during the Great Depression.

The economist Alan B. Krueger has shown that terrorists are not disproportionately poor. And the economists Roland G. Fryer Jr. and Steven D. Levitt found that Ku Klux Klan members were actually better educated than the typical American.

Return to VikingMaiden88. When you read her 189 posts since joining the site, she often seems like a perfectly nice and intelligent young woman.

But she also has a lot of hatred. She praises a store for having “100% white employees.” She says the media is promoting a “Jewish agenda.” And she says she finds Asians “repulsive physically, socially, religiously, etc.”

Why do some people feel this way? And what is to be done about it? I have pored over data of an unprecedented breadth and depth, thanks to our new digital era. And I can honestly offer the following answer: I have no idea.

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz is a contributing opinion writer who recently received a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard.


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32 Responses to New York Times publishes a surprisingly evenhanded article about Stormfront

  1. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Wow! I JUST did a piece on this…..

    I do not see this article by David-duh-witz as evenhanded. As usual he engages in Jew delusions by stating in the piece that we “goy” view the Hebes as “all powerful”.

    Jews are NEVER EVER EVER evenhanded. Stay away from the Jews you “goy” – you cannot handle a rattlesnake with TOO much care!

    • mindweapon says:


      Evenhanded relative to the usual treatment we get. You gotta understand, I have been in this for 14 years, so I take a historical perspective. This was very evenhanded compared to the guttural yellow journalism of the $PLC or some alternative weekly rag.

      • Paladin Justice says:

        I’m curious as to why liberals mistake you for one of them. Good strategy to play along, to get into their heads and use it against them later on.

      • mindweapon says:

        I dress and behave very generically, and I’m into organic gardening and yoga and I speak a foreign language very proficiently. I have a very broad knowledge of practical matters. So they want to believe I’m one of them. I learned not to disappoint their expectation, because it’s very fun to get in their head, get them talking.

        I’m a spy among them, and they never suspect. It’s much easier than being a case officer assigned to an embassy — someone who speaks the local language haltingly, with an accent.

      • Trainspotter says:

        Very interesting stuff, MW. The main thrust of the article was demolishing the media- driven negative stereotypes of WN. Fascinating.

        Of course, not to give the store away, Seth has to act puzzled about the actual nature of our discontent, of our passion. For Seth, this is a real brain teaser, it makes no sense at all. Sure, we’re being displaced in our homelands, racially, culturally and politically, but what’s the big deal? Sure, the System celebrates our declining numbers, and looks forward to the joyous day when we are mixed out of existence. But why make a fuss?

        Why oh why, how oh how, could whites possibly oppose such a thing? I mean, Seth is fine with white marginalization and dispossession (not his, ours), so why do these whites have to ruin the good times of white genocide? Must be hate!

        Seth is utterly at a loss to explain this unseemly reaction, he simply has “no idea.” LOL!

        His kind really are disingenuous to the core but, in spite of himself, some truth slipped out here. I agree with you that a few of these vipers are realizing that we aren’t going away, and that we’re nothing like the costume clowns that that they have been shown on Jerry Springer.

        The subtext here: every white goy a suspect! Which is good for us in a number of ways, not the least of which is that it makes it that much harder for white traitors to get a free pass from their overlords. That goy you see, sipping coffee and reading the New York Times? Might be a white nationalist, dreaming of a sovereign homeland! LOL!!!

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Still, all this talk of hate…

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s OK. People aren’t so offended by the word hate. We know that some things should be hated.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        The general public st is still affected by that word.

      • mindweapon says:

        really? “hate?”

        I think people have less and less to lose, and less reason to have a reaction to the word “hate.”

  2. mindweapon says:

    Pretty cool comment I got off the NYT site.

    Chris Jones Playa del Rey, CA Yesterday
    But Stormfront is not anywhere near the only one of these fringe groups. In fact, Stormfront is regarded as silly, hopelessly out of touch, and filled with old men with a Nazi fetish by some of the other groups, which in reality have a similarly aged user base, 4chan is a name you don’t really associate with anything more than childish pranks, but the political section has an active reactionary community, which has spread throughout the rest of the site. These are the fringes of society, yes, but the fringe is what you need to pay attention to, especially when it’s young people who will refuse to believe that what they have planned is impossible.
    These internet nationalists are the bleeding edge of a force that, quite frankly, scares me a little, even if I count myself as one of its adherents. It’s the pendulum swinging back from all of the “civil rights advances” of the past 60 years, and I’m not sure if society can take it. 3 years ago I was a teenaged liberal, and I thought I knew it all, now it’s 3 years later and I’m 19, and somehow some hateful internet nazis were able to convince me that they were right, and this article, while well written and enjoyable (he’s right about us liking the NYT, it’s definitely more tolerable than Huffington Post or Jezebel,) rather smells of the same media influence our heroine spoke of.
    NYT has the same character limit as 4chan does, for shame, there’s more I could say, I could give my answer to the question Mr. Davidowitz asksbut

  3. These lefty Jews are always talking about “hate hate hate.”

    I’m all about love, man.

  4. ben tillman says:

    Seth Stephens-Davidowitz realizes that he might meet one of us, and have no idea that we are a WN.

    Sorry, I can’t see a name like Seth Stephens-Davidowitz without thinking of the Dr. Katz episode featuring Sarah Silverman. She joked about her sister marrying a guy named Abaramowitz: “They’re taking each other’s names, so she’ll be Susan Silverman-Abramowitz. But they’re thinking of shortening it to just ‘Jews’.”

    More to the point, it’s much worse than SS-D imagines; when they meet us, they are attracted to us. Not just the Jewesses, the men as well. They want to give us things. We know them better than they know themselves. We have charisma from their perspective.

    • mindweapon says:

      Jews want to give us things? Is that your experience?

      My view is to see yourself as a case officer of an open source intelligence agency, albeit one with vast advantages over a case officer attached to an embassy. You are a native, you can claim to be Jewish if they ask, you know Jews as a group better than lots of Jews themselves, and there’s no counterintelligence agents of the target country following you around.

      East Germany’s HVA, run by Markus Wolf (Jewish) was the best intelligence agency of the Cold War. You can read his memoir “Man Without a Face.” The brilliance of Wolf was that he would get people working for the HVA who didn’t even realize for whom they were working and passing information! Ostrovsky’s work of fiction, “The Lion of Judah” references that — a Mossad director thinks he has a secret contact with M1-6, but the whole time the guy was East German HVA.

      Very often the things we do that require less effort but more up front care and planning are more effective. It’s a lot easier and more effective to befriend Jews (the richer and more powerful the better) and non-Jews with money and influence and power) and influence them in a certain direction, than to try and start some Hitlerian street movement before its time.

      Being a hippie organic gardener dude or dudette is a great cover, by the way. You don’t even need to own land. You can get a job via attra working on organic farms all over the country. Upper middle class types are fascinated with organic gardening even if they don’t want to do it themselves. You can talk to them about the horrors of roundup residue and antibiotics in the meat and so on, and how you are part of the solution, and so on. You’re in!

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        It is true. Some Jews like us. Might as well learn what we can from them.

    • Evidently, back in 2006 some Gentile conman by the name of Ted Riley Floyd hid out from law enforcement by moving himself, his wife, and four kids to an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Forest Park, Lakewood, New Jersey. He claimed to be a secular Jew named Nathan Levy who was trying to reconnect with his Judaism. .

      Community members welcomed Floyd and his family with open arms and open checkbooks, offering to pay tuition fees for his children.

      “We saw it as a great mitzvah,” said one of the women who knew the family. “We cooked Shabbat dinner for them and opened our doors and hearts to them so that they could become a Kosher Jewish family.”

      And they did. Floyd established himself in the yeshiva as a studious young man, who one of the rabbis described as “sharp, clever and witty.” In fact it wasn’t long before Floyd was promoted to be a teacher’s aid in the yeshiva.,7340,L-3525966,00.html

      As you can see the reaction in talkbacks is rather surprising. A little denial about this guy not being at least a Jewish crook, after all, but not a whole lot of outrage. (Who knows? Maybe Floyd has a Jewish grandpa or grandma way back and genetics came to play). Some talk about even actually encouraging a genuine conversion for this conman. But overall, most display a certain respect for his chutzpah, LOL.

      I kind of like these people. Instead of acting all butt-hurt and victimized, they are comporting themselves with great dignity and even a wry sense of humor. This is such a refreshing change from the tiresome shtick where some whiny Abe Foxman-type or another peddles the tiresome canard about White Christian Gentile “poisy-cution.”

  5. ben tillman says:

    The states with the most members per capita are Montana, Alaska and Idaho. These states tend to be overwhelmingly white. Does this mean that growing up with little diversity fosters hate?

    LOL. It couldn’t be the fact that Blacks and Mexicans don’t find Stormfront to their liking, so the Whitest states will have the most members per capita.

    • fnn says:

      Unlike Idaho and Montana, Alaska is not all that white. 2010 Census shows Alaska as only 64% non-Hispanic white. Also, Wikipedia says: “As of 2011, 50.7% of Alaska’s population younger than one year of age belonged to minority groups (i.e., did not have two parents of non-Hispanic white ancestry).”

  6. The crazy thing is the Left always thinks its ideas are the End of History. Some of the brighter ones are beginning to feel, well, maybe not…..

  7. tteclod says:

    He reads the site data. He even reads the explanations, but he refuses to believe what he is told.

    “Why do some people feel this way? And what is to be done about it? I have pored over data of an unprecedented breadth and depth, thanks to our new digital era. And I can honestly offer the following answer: I have no idea.”

    • Oh, I think that he believes what he is told and he knows exactly what should be done about it, but he doesn’t want to do anything about it, because he believes the consequences would “be bad for the Jews.”

      Whether Whites are forced to live near/with Vibrant Diversity, with all its rainbow hues, or live in remote areas like Montana, Idaho, or Alaska, the data is consistent; Whites want nothing to do with Non-Whites. They want to be separate from everyone and, for many of these Whites, that includes the Jews.

      Whites have ceded power over and vacated one large city after another to the Jews who were promptly booted out of office shortly after by the very Non-Whites they organized against the Whites; i.e. the Negros of Detroit and the Mestizos of Los Angeles. Obviously the Non-Whites had never gotten the Franz Boaz memo that race is just a social construct rather than a natural one.

      Most Whites fled the city for their own safety, because they were being ethnically cleansed. But their capital went with them, leading the Jews and their cargo-cult followers to believe that these same American Whites did a passive-aggressive version of the Russian Scorched Earth Retreat. (When Napoleon and then Hitler invaded, the peasants simply slaughtered all their livestock and torched their villages and their produce so the invaders would have no food or shelter).

      I doubt if he bothered to investigate South Africa, but I don’t think this writer would have been surprised to find that a rather Spartan White Afrikaner community, Orania, has surfaced after Whites were forced to cede their country to the Jews and Bantus there. And it is growing by leaps and bounds while the great cities like Johannesburg are falling into rack and ruin.

      A Chinese guy once theorized that Whites would end up being forcibly resettled and segregated to some sort of poverty-stricken White Bantustan in the Appalachians, like the Indian reservations. What he doesn’t get is the fact that if FEDGOV set up such a place, there would be a stampede of Whites from all over the country to get there and never have to deal with a Non-White again.

      All the data that Seth Stephens-Davidowitz collected about these Whites can be boiled down to three words:


      It’s either that or ultimately another Bolshevik-style regime who rounds up and exterminated all Whites. He can’t do that, because either way, the Jews lose.

      History has proven that while the Jews have been masters at subverting their host White civilizations and gaining control of them, they are fundamentally incapable of maintaining them, so everything turns to shit and they are then forced to abandon what they got, usually just one step ahead of a mob bearing pitchforks.

      That is why In making their decisions on racial busing, the courts and pro-busers repeatedly stated that busing distribution was important because “white children are a precious commodity, and must be distributed carefully.” Extrapolate that to White people in general, where White Flight is treated as racism. Seth doesn’t necessarily want to genocide Whites; he wants to control and marginalize Whites into a helot class which can be exploited.

      Whites have their own version of the Hive Mind; what Karl Jung called the collective unconscious. That means that very few of them are consciously aware of the identity of the Hostile Alien elite that has usurped their government, only its Anti-White program.

      It takes only ten percent of people achieving consensus to foment a revolution.
      Revolutions don’t necessarily have to be violent to have deadly consequences to the interests they are projected as the 2012 elections proved. Out of 100 million White voters, 16 million have “Gone Gault.” The people in the District of Columbia are soiling their underwear, because they are just the tip of a very big iceberg that the USS Amerikwa is headed.

      • mindweapon says:


        I think you are a professor somewhere. Your command of a broad range of literature is amazing. There’s more to you than you have let on. Good!

        When’s the book coming out? You should put all this in a book. I could put together your comments and publish a book on Lulu. Maybe I should already.

      • mindweapon says:

        Holy crap, Cly. This is deja vu or Hive Mind between us. I was just reading the fugitive whites act post at Whitaker online today, and I haven’t been there in years.

        But remember we had a good talk about whites used as a resource? Whitaker found that same meme, probably well before I did.

        Seth doesn’t necessarily want to genocide Whites; he wants to control and marginalize Whites into a helot class which can be exploited.

        Right! But we investigate and research the exploitation and talk about it, and figure out long term, effective counter measures, and then we act on those countermeasures. Here are the countermeasures:

        1. Grow your own food.

        2. Share housing and cars so you have lower expenses.

        3. Focus on entrepreneurialism, technical education, foreign languages, and charisma and the art of persuasion.

        4. Raise children to be able to penetrate the social circles of the wealthy and powerful. Not for some grand violent overthrow or take over, but merely as agents of influence. This is what it means that The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. The agents of influence won’t necessarily be fully cognizant of being agents of influence, and the objects of the influencing therefore won’t realize that the parents of their friends are the ones who looking to manipulate their muppet strings.

        Most people see an action movie in their heads, with guns and car chases. Mindweapon Influence War happens below the surface. It is seeding the ground with what we want to grow! By the time the seedlings of influence appear, it’s too late. We have seized the control room of the Hive Mind.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Which is why the anti-Whites have orchestrated another invasion. Apparently the Mexican Invasion has slowed.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        That last comment of mine was directed toward Cly’s comment.

        In regards to your last post MW, entrepreneurship is very empowering because to a great extent the entrepreneur determines his income based on how hard or smart he works. Thanks to this blog, many of us are working toward our first million. What this will mean in the future revolution-wise remains to be seen but having money gives us more options PLUS it is much harder to wreck the financial life of a White advocate business owner than an employee where one phone call to the management could lead to the advocate being fired.

      • Which is why the anti-Whites have orchestrated another invasion. Apparently the Mexican Invasion has slowed.

        The Mexican Invasion has not slowed at all.

        I wouldn’t take this latest invasion personally if I were you, Maureen. This is not being directed at Whites (though if it hurts Whites, it’s a bonus). This is being directed to blunt any power and influence of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans in the USA. This is being done to disabuse those folks of any notion of “El Mexico Norte” and especially a $15 hour minimum wage.

        Though they had been chafing indignantly over the idea of having to provide humane working conditions and living wages for White Labor since White Labor forced through strict immigration laws, Corporate America was unaware it couldn’t live without a Mexican until WWII drafted the majority of White Labor overseas.

        The Bracero Program was instituted and Corporate America got used to people who worked for no benefits at lower wages and in more dangerous conditions, So used to them that they were loath to let them go which caused a severe recession in 1948 which compelled Eisenhower to launch Operation Wetback.

        Just as Corporate America decided to elect Mexican Labor …. er, a new people when White Labor got too uppity, Corporate America has been watching the antics of Mexicans “living in the shadows” and want to nip any uppityness in the bud by electing Latin America, er. more new people. No El Mexico Norte; more likely a Latin America Norte.

        From what two Floridians I know told me, any Hispanic Coalition was already fragile. The Mexicans and Puerto Ricans hate each other and envy the Cubans who despise them and view them with contempt. Now they are adding Latin Americans bringing all their ethno-nationalist sentiments with them to the mix. Divide and rule, folks, divide and rule.

        Ironically, that leaves only one group of people that is not divided by ethno-nationalism. Though this population will be reduced to a minority in a few decades, they will still be the largest minority in a country of minorities. This effect is just starting to be felt right now. Whites in New York were actively being courted by that Anti-White weasel, Charlie Rangel to retain his seat in a very tight race with a Hispanic challenger.

        Whites may no longer be able to put a White candidate in office, but they will decide which Non-White candidate gets the position. Pretty interesting, dontcha think?

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s very interesting, Cly.

      • @Mindweapons:

        Holy crap, Cly. This is deja vu or Hive Mind between us. I was just reading the fugitive whites act post at Whitaker online today, and I haven’t been there in years.

        Jung’s collective consciousness sounds so elegant. I also like Aryan Skynet, but Hive Mind is apt; Whitaker calls his troops BUGS and they call themselves The Swarm and they definitely swarm Anti-Whites and hit them at all sides with The Mantra. It’s fun watching those Anti-White idiots freak out when they do.

        I think of it as THREADING. Ever play a game called Cliffhanger? It’s a campfire game where someone starts a story and ends his part with a cliffhanger and then the next person picks up the thread and leaves another cliffhanger, and so forth. Well, you have some smart posters who make their points with great wit, intelligence and insight, but they often drop a thread and leave it dangling.

        I guess I get distracted by the thread and then I research it and I realize why this loose thread was dangling from that part of the narrative and then it ties back into a much, much larger, older Aryan ideology, if you will, that has been conditioned out of Whites by two thousand years of brainwashing. Some old, lost wisdom that got lost to the collective at large, but was still retained as a remnant by some member of a family that hadn’t completely forgotten it.

        And that’s what I think is being pieced together here at your site, some sort of quasi-religious racial ideology that is only made possible with us Euro-Mutts here in America. I don’t think it would be possible in Europe even now, because it has morphed into a weird form of secularized Christianity. Though I don’t blame them for it, their strong sense of ethno-nationalism gets in the way of the French, Poles, Brits, Germans etc. of seeing themselves as indigenous European aborigines or acquiring a Japhethite tribal identity to counter the tandem Hamite and Semite invasion of their homelands.

        I’ve been taking down and saving notes as the inspiration strikes me and I think some coherent Pro-White philosophy is pulling together. But if this is some new religion that is forming then, and this is going to make you laugh, as I do not lie when I said that I was once the ultimate feminazi, I need to find a charismatic WN man preferably with a strong theological background to perfect it. With the challenge of a muscular warrior ideology like Islam, what I am working on needs to be taken over by White men.

      • mindweapon says:

        I hope you find this man with the strong theological background. I’ll be on the lookout for him.

        Put your notes here and I’ll save them and ask others to save them. The important thing is that your notes are not lost.

      • tteclod says:

        Ya’ll have all said plenty since this AM, and here I’ve been busy producing income. Go figure. I’ll do my best to answer some highlights. [I’ll have to keep this short since the text editor doesn’t appear to be cooperating.]

        clytemnestra, I stand by my original assertion: the “Jew” (and here I mean a cultural thing – I’m really not worrying about biology or religion for the time being) really doesn’t comprehend. This bewildered disbelief is a staple of much left-of-center writing. Those that comprehend start to skirt the issues, whereas this fool takes them head-on and still can’t make sense of what he sees.

        One interesting trend now dominating urban development is gentrification. Neighborhoods once so blighted by crime and the incompetent breeds of men inhabiting them eventually become so inexpensive that the cost to renew such property no longer exceeds the costs to develop new communities further afield. My adopted city, Little Rock, has been slowly undergoing such a shift during the past 20 years. Based on the development I’m observing right now, I expect the tipping point will come within a decade and many formerly no-go neighborhoods will soon become price-prohibitive for those poor blacks that have lived there since the 60’s, back when they were victorious in their fight for so-called equality. What they really wanted was the prosperity whites had acheived, but they were unwilling to maintain the infrastructure and communities necessary to make those neighborhoods viable. So, after the federal judiciary consolidated all the outlying county schools and then gobbled-up one portion of the county schools into the city just to maintain so-called diversity, every white not sufficiently wealthy to afford private primary and secondary education emigrated from Pulaski County to one of the outlying counties: Faulkner, Lonoke, or Saline. Now the metro area has reached it’s limit for plausible transportation commutes (or perhaps exceeded that limit), and the prospect of private school tuition compares favorably to gasoline expenses and time lost driving to-and-from a bedroom community (some commute from as far as 60 miles). Further, as you’ve noted, public school administrators implicitly recognize white children as an asset, and began courting their favor with magnet schools designed to filter out the worst so-called minorities from the magnet school populations. The reputable charter schools have done the rest.

        Even though all these developments are plain for all to see (even the federal judge then overseeing school desegragation once remarked at a private school fundraiser that she sent her daughter to private school pending the resolution of the desegregation case and improvement of the schools), the left-of-center political mind seems intent upon erecting mental barriers to shield itself from the horror that is the Dark Enlightenment, which, by the way, is the religion about which you’re discussing passing to the menfolk later. These lies become increasingly more complex and convoluted, creating a tangled web that creates an ever more complicted mental model for the world, but still fails to provide any predictive value. It is then that we do as MW suggests and step into the breach to provide answers and a bit of expertise regarding the real workings of the universe.

        One last bit, and then I better call it a night. Although I agree that we ought not underestimate the capacity of our opponents, I think we too often err toward believing they are capable of complex and deliberate manipulation of our (so-called white) population, when they are hard-pressed to maintain unity within the tiny subset we call Jewish Americans. In this regard, the enemy is more vulnerable that it appears, and the tactics MW suggests for serreptitiously co-opting the enemy’s communications infrastructure and realigning the cultural standards to our favor (and, let’s be plain, our success permits them better lives, doesn’t it?) rely upon the ignorance and oblivious nature of our enemy. If we assign to them unproven power, we are unlikely to act for fear of exposure or failure. I submit for your consideration, therefore, the proposal that we assume that very few of the enemy are competent to execute such complex plans or even ignorantly perform predictably for competent masters, and engage more freely than we might otherwise.

        And now I must sleep so I can return to my entrepreneurial endeavors come dawn.

  8. Reblogged this on fighting14 and commented:
    Interesting NY Times article about Stormfront .

  9. marcusaemilius says:

    Reblogged this on Delusions and Grandeur and commented:
    ‘One of the most popular social groups on the site is “In Support of Anti-Semitism.” The percentage of members who join this group is positively correlated with a state’s Jewish population.’

    I think this is also part of why many “red-state” cohenservatives have such a high opinion of the Tribe.

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