A generation of young WN’s is coming of age; 19 year old BNP candidate talks race mixing propaganda on television; old liberal bashes him

Kevin Layzell dressed as an English knight. He is an English knight for the 21st century! Being that he’s an indigenous Brit, this is the garb of his ancestors and not a mockery or a costume, though perhaps that’s probably the impression the newspaper hopes to induce.
Kevin Layzell, a Knight for the White race

And here’s the old Labor Party traitor who “rubbishes” the earnest 19 year old:

Local Elections: BNP candidate’s ‘white genocide’ in Havering comments rubbished by Labour

Good for Kevin for getting these words out to the mainstream media! He truly has earned the right to dress as an English noble warrior!

He approached the Recorder this week to say he is the second youngest person running for council in the borough following our report on younger candidates last week.

The former pupil at Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College, in Hornchurch, said: “You can walk down parts of London and not see a white face. That’s not acceptable.

“Havering’s lucky: we have a low level of ethnic minorities here, but that’s changing.

“I can see the change and I don’t want that to happen. It’s not the future I want for my children.

“It’s a bloodless genocide where no one’s really dying but a whole race of people is dying out by forced race mixing.

“It’s done subliminally through advertisements. The average is usually a white 
female and a black male and a mixed race child.

“Because it’s shown 24/7 there’s no escape. They all have the same brain-washing TVs saying this is normal.”

But the young candidate is up against experienced competition from the Labour leader Cllr Keith Darvill, who has been an elected politician in the borough for 16 years, first as MP for Upminster.

Cllr Darvill said that multiculturalism is enjoyed by most people and struck out against the far-right candidate.

“It’s nonsense, his comments are completely ignorant and I find it very offensive,” he said.

“The issue really is not multiculturalism but the way we need to expand public services to meet increase in public 
demand. Havering is becoming more multicultural and those who come and work beside us, we would want to have a peaceful existence with them.”

Gooshays ward, which neighbours Heaton, in 2006 elected the first BNP councillor in Havering. Alan Bailey resigned two years later blaming work pressures prompting a by-election.

Mark Logan, then BNP, won the by-election before quitting, accusing the party as being a “bunch of racists”. He defected to the Independent Resident’s Association which he is running with again this year.


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20 Responses to A generation of young WN’s is coming of age; 19 year old BNP candidate talks race mixing propaganda on television; old liberal bashes him

  1. Henry says:

    “Multiculturalism is enjoyed by most people ?”
    Multi-culti actually is anti-white racism.
    How can a racist like Labour leader Cllr Keith Darvill get away with it?

  2. I also observed that generally speaking old people are already formatted to conform and are useless in any anti-leftist struggle, while many younger white people wake up to the fact of white genocide and are actually able to SEE it everyday as a part of a bigger picture. There are tons of youngsters in Stockholm that are beyond sick of their female friends being raped on a daily basis by muslims. It’s beginning to be the same everywhere – young whites seem to be a good chance for things to improve.

    • the outdoorsman says:

      Yes. Kevin Layzell is going about it correctly – telling the truth! We absolutely must not “moderate” the truth to meet the sensibilities of the masses. The masses are brainwashed. The means to our desired future is being blunt and telling the truth about the planned White genocide. The masses will be forced to accept the truth as time goes by – and those who don’t will commit racial murder of their progeny and will no longer be our responsibility anyway. Our side will be seen as the prophets and rightful leaders of our race. May you find the strength of your ancestors Kevin Layzell, from your friend in Iowa!

    • Just here says:

      The thing that pisses me off is that we need people to act now, but most who are allowed in politics are over 50 and beyond, but they are like you said, quite useless and formatted to conform.

      • People organize outside politics, too. But you’re perfectly right – they should do it much more, and be more active. Actions speak louder than words, and the world of politics is rotten to the core – anyone can see that. You just have to keep working outside this rot and reach those that can still make a difference.

      • mindweapon says:

        Operation Werwolf:

        I noticed that WN’s are too concerned with getting people to profess WN’ism, like Mormon missionaries are dying to get you to say their magic words.

        We have to focus more on simply influencing people, while keeping the agenda carefully hidden. Most people don’t need to know. they just need to contribute to the local economy,to white fertility, to group cohesion. At times it will be necessary, perhaps, to let out some of the secrets — for example, to police the boundaries of the community, but it will be subtle and one on one. Eventually more explicit, but at first, no.

        The biggest mistake of WN’s is to be like Mormon missionaries. Don’t be like that. Don’t approach people with an obvious ideological agenda. Approach them with the idea of finding out the problems pressing on them that moment, and helping them solve those problems.

      • True, but the core would have to remain very well informed and motivated by the true ideology – and that’s what I meant by organizing groups. I agree with you totally – you put everything so as to positively inspire one’s values and hence – actions, but that’s all that’s really necessary. Full blown indoctrination is always a mistake.

      • mindweapon says:

        Right — you organize Masonically. Only the 33rd degree Masons know the whole deal with the organization, at least for a while. Eventually, everyone is so fanatic it doesn’t matter, but initially you have to just organize people for their own economic survival.

        The slow collapse actually makes this easier. you don’t have to feed people directly, but find them opportunities to make money in a very difficult economic environment.

      • Just here says:

        Well, even if politics is rotten to the core, it doesn’t change the fact that the masses follow it or don’t oppose it.

  3. MW.Anon says:

    I’ve long been suspicious of the BNP being controlled opposition, and this story is only more evidence of such.

    Why would one dress in such an unusual manner that one could plausibly risk being labeled a crank, thereby undermining and discrediting one’s own message to most voters, unless this was the goal?

  4. hardscrabble farmer says:

    I watched a PBS documentary the other evening about the Neanderthal. Either they intentionally wrote it to wake people up to what is happening to our people (which I doubt) or they are so convinced of the stupidity of the average viewer to make any connections whatsoever to the data presented that they were incapable of realizing what they had done and it’s impact on anyone with an IQ on the right hand side of the bell curve.

    In short: Neanderthals came into Europe from Africa approximately 60,000 years prior to Homo Sapiens (no explanation as to what prevented Homo Sapiens from doing the same thing as they were alleged to have done 60,000 years later, but no matter).

    Neanderthals were not dumb, brutish, cave dwelling primates, but rather buried their dead with expectations of an afterlife, used advanced lithic technologies to create specific tools, understood chemical processes and the means to produce durable adhesives using a combination of materials that could not be successfully reproduced by modern men using the same materials and techniques and survived through thousands of years of harsh climactic conditions by utilizing future time orientation to their advantage. In addition they had developed genetic predispositions to resist specific diseases that homo sapiens did not.

    Furthermore, due to advances in genetic testing it is now currently accepted that modern day “non-African humans” possess Neanderthal genes in such numbers as to suggest that rather than being exterminated violently by Homo Sapiens as has been previously postulated, rather they were “bred out of existence” (PBS’s own words). The numbers of homo sapiens who came out of Africa was determined to have been “10:1” to Neanderthals.

    Near the end of the program they had a classroom with several students of different races- Negroes, Asians as well as several European looking females. They DNA tested them and the results were exactly as they had guessed with the most attractive blue-eyed female having the highest percentage of Neanderthal genes and the Negro female who looked like the actress in Precious possessing over 99% African genetics.

    What was anyone to draw from the evidence presented? That if you are outnumbered 10:1 by those who possess a different set of genes and interbreeding occurs, you will become extinct.

    PBS made sure to say that this was “beneficial to the Neanderthal” because by becoming extinct they made the Homo Sapiens a better species. I think that’s called cold comfort.

    The most obvious unanswered question at the end of the program for me was this: If the Neanderthals came from Africa as was claimed, why did they possess zero African genes? Wouldn’t a geneticist have pointed out that the only possible conclusion would be that rather than coming from Africa as the standing dogma states, it would prove to have been impossible, but rather that it had developed independently on its own continent until such time as the African invaders arrived and bred them into extinction?

    It is well worth a watch.


    • mindweapon says:

      Fascinating! Thanks for this, I’ll make it into a post.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      HF, all of the Neanderthal genome that wasn’t evolved after their diaspora was African by definition.  That’s how they retained enough compatibility to interbreed with H. Sapiens.  And I’m not sure H. Neanderthalis really lost; the hybrid created a whole which was certainly more than the sum of its parts.  H. Sapiens plus H. Neanderthalis is arguably the most successful species of mammal ever, and possibly the most successful four-limbed animal ever.

  5. hardscrabble farmer says:

    Mr Rational, you sound like the PBS guys. If winning means becoming extinct, then dinosaurs are the big winner. And since I only watched the program rather than produced it myself, I can’t speak to any of it other than my gut reaction to having someone say that going extinct was the best possible outcome for Neanderthals. I’m no geneticist but unless you are a hardcore believer in Creationism the existence of specific species are entirely independent of “interbreeding” with compatible species. Aren’t birds supposedly descended from reptiles? How’d that happen if not for some consideration other than interbreeding between compatible subspecies?

    Again, I wasn’t addressing specific scientific minutae, I was pointing out that the genocide of a particular human subgroup is considered a “win” in some circles. Probably not the group that’s the one bred out of existence.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      But the Neanderthal’s unique genes are not extinct, HF.  Whether by admixture (Europeans) or mutation (the lactose tolerance gene of the original Indo-Europeans), they became part of something that was bigger than they had been before.  Neanderthals had a very static culture for tens of thousands of years IIUC; whatever they got from the second African diaspora turned them into much more innovative, dynamic people.

      Neanderthal genes are far from extinct.  I carry them, as do you.  A substantial part of what makes us more civilized than Africans is our Neanderthal heritage.

  6. TabuLa Raza says:

    Why would one dress in such an unusual manner?

    swej are obsessed with bizarre dress. Going back to the sixties we see the hate bus of Rockwell:

    Cui Bono? Thy usual suss-pects. Out of norm dress and behavior = nuts. Mr. Cobb said he is not a nazi, yet wore a swastika shirt the day of his arrest. He nailed a bizarre sign into a tree. Cui bono? I hate to think the worst, but I am a hater. Bill White and others in Nazi uniform. Cui bono?
    jooze. . .

    The militia hearings of 20 years ago had members dressed in camo “uniform.” Uniforms provided by Hollywood, for theatrickal purposes. I must conclude that all the uniform wearers are working for the enemy, whether or not they know it.

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