Neanderthals bred out of existence by Homo Sapiens from Africa; PBS documentary about it claims that “it was good for the Neanderthals” to be bred out of existence

by commenter Hardscrabble Farmer:

I watched a PBS documentary the other evening about the Neanderthal. Either they intentionally wrote it to wake people up to what is happening to our people (which I doubt) or they are so convinced of the stupidity of the average viewer to make any connections whatsoever to the data presented that they were incapable of realizing what they had done and it’s impact on anyone with an IQ on the right hand side of the bell curve.

In short: Neanderthals came into Europe from Africa approximately 60,000 years prior to Homo Sapiens (no explanation as to what prevented Homo Sapiens from doing the same thing as they were alleged to have done 60,000 years later, but no matter).

Neanderthals were not dumb, brutish, cave dwelling primates, but rather buried their dead with expectations of an afterlife, used advanced lithic technologies to create specific tools, understood chemical processes and the means to produce durable adhesives using a combination of materials that could not be successfully reproduced by modern men using the same materials and techniques and survived through thousands of years of harsh climactic conditions by utilizing future time orientation to their advantage. In addition they had developed genetic predispositions to resist specific diseases that homo sapiens did not.

Furthermore, due to advances in genetic testing it is now currently accepted that modern day “non-African humans” possess Neanderthal genes in such numbers as to suggest that rather than being exterminated violently by Homo Sapiens as has been previously postulated, rather they were “bred out of existence” (PBS’s own words). The numbers of homo sapiens who came out of Africa was determined to have been “10:1″ to Neanderthals.

Near the end of the program they had a classroom with several students of different races- Negroes, Asians as well as several European looking females. They DNA tested them and the results were exactly as they had guessed with the most attractive blue-eyed female having the highest percentage of Neanderthal genes and the Negro female who looked like the actress in Precious possessing over 99% African genetics.

What was anyone to draw from the evidence presented? That if you are outnumbered 10:1 by those who possess a different set of genes and interbreeding occurs, you will become extinct.

PBS made sure to say that this was “beneficial to the Neanderthal” because by becoming extinct they made the Homo Sapiens a better species. I think that’s called cold comfort.

The most obvious unanswered question at the end of the program for me was this: If the Neanderthals came from Africa as was claimed, why did they possess zero African genes? Wouldn’t a geneticist have pointed out that the only possible conclusion would be that rather than coming from Africa as the standing dogma states, it would prove to have been impossible, but rather that it had developed independently on its own continent until such time as the African invaders arrived and bred them into extinction?

It is well worth a watch.


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36 Responses to Neanderthals bred out of existence by Homo Sapiens from Africa; PBS documentary about it claims that “it was good for the Neanderthals” to be bred out of existence

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Unfortunately most American Whites believe whatever their television says so if television says a group’s being bred out of existence is good, then it’s good right. Tv is the all powerful, all knowing man behind the curtain.

  2. Just here says:

    I like this article and agree with your statement.
    And now we are seeing it happening again, which will only dilute our neanderthal genes even more, which is why we have to stop any miscegenation.
    I mean, if you think about it, whites are what, 400 million out of 6 or 7 billion people worldwide? But everyone wants to come to Europe to breed us out of existance one more time.

  3. marcusaemilius says:

    I thought E Asians had the most neanderthal ancestry? Or maybe it was confused with their close relatives the “Denisovans.” In any case, I think neanderthals contributed a lot to European (and maybe E Asian) development. They were noble, intelligent people who perhaps were less social-oriented due to poor communication ability, hence autism (common in Europeans) may be linked to them.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      Ah no. Autism is from the modern vaccination concoctions. It effects Whites disproportionately which makes one wonder….

      • Just here says:

        I agree. This doctor apparently cured several children from autism:

      • marcusaemilius says:

        Got any sources for that? Autism has largely genetic causes, though there are other factors:

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Parents of autistic children are desperate*; of course there are going to be snake-oil salesmen claiming their elixir is a cure.  And there are just as many like Jenny McCarthy blaming vaccines or anything else they can think of, because the idea that it was random chance or their own mate selection is just too much for them.

        * around here a woman recently tried to kill her autistic daughter and herself because her other children were in danger from the daughter’s violent outbursts.  THAT is how desperate people are, due to the lack of institutional care.

      • Just here says:

        Well i think this thing was posted here on this site some time ago, though i’m not sure.
        And he says he had results and imo that’s what matters.
        People can talk all they want, but if there are no results then no one will believe them.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Results from what? I’m not sure what you mean.

        I know one thing. We didn’t have all these kids with autism when #I# was a kid so it’s not genetic. I don’t need any gov or pharmaceutical companies to tell me what I have seen with my own eyes.

      • mindweapon says:

        I agree, Maureen. There’s some kind of environmental cause for autism, and I suspect they know what it is but don’t want us to know, because imagine the lawsuits that will ensue. Some megacorporations will be open to being sued to bankruptcy.

        I hope some Edward Snowden inside the Fortune 500 corporation that is causing autism and hiding it, comes out with the dirt. Steals it and reveals it to the public, and let come what may.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        We didn’t have all these kids with autism when #I# was a kid

        How would you know?  They were mostly in institutions.  You didn’t see Downs kids either, and the seriously retarded weren’t admitted to schools.

        it’s not genetic.

        Assortative mating between geek-type personalities is a new thing, and appears to have much higher-than-random chance of producing autistic offspring.  It IS almost certainly genetic, like pairing Tay-Sachs carriers.

  4. torgrim says:

    I have noticed that there is little information about Cro-Magnon DNA. There is speculation about the Gauches or the “White Indios” of the Canary Islands that may fit as a link from Neanderthal to Homo Sapien population. Seems that there has been no Y DNA available from the mummified remains of the Canary Island people. Btw, they were extremely Nordic in appearance. They ran up against a two hundred year warfare initiated from Rome through Spain on the conquest of the Americas.

    • wobbly says:

      The sudden disappearance from scientific debate of Cro-Magnon as a distinctive group around the time the Out of Africa narrative was being spun tells us that they were probably at least part Neanderthal.

      • torgrim says:

        Yes, I too have noticed a lack of information about the time of the OOA narrative. I have been looking for the any reference to the male haplo group from Cro-Magnon, for me the search so far is silent. Same for the “White Indians” of the Canary Islands, which in my humble opinion may be a likely isolated band of Cro-Magnon. Seems like the scientists cannot get a viable match from the many mummies from the Canary Islands, at least not male lineages.

  5. pluto the dog says:

    Whites are cro-magnon – not neanderthal. Neanderthal is semite – sloping back forehead is neanderthal – cro-magnon (white) foreheads go straight up – thats all you need to know. When you meet people check out their foreheads. There was no overlap between neanderthals and whites – if there was overlap there was no interbreeding. A Spanish study last year confirmed this. They have got the dates wrong. Whites have some neanderthal dna because theres a common ancestor somewhere a LONG WAY BACK. That is not the same as saying whites have neanderthal dna.
    This stuff is so politicised its not funny – imo probably 90% of everything we read about dna and genetics is libtard propaganda – remember probably 90% of ‘scientists’ are libtards, they are not going to disseminate truth if the truth interferes with their libtard programming

    • torgrim says:

      Thanks for the update on the new technique of DNA recovery and the push back on dating the Iberian sites.
      There will be new discoveries. I believe that this is but the beginning, however, I am not very hopeful that we will be allowed to see truth when it comes to our beginnings.

      I for years read every new release of information about Europe and DNA with my bs meter turned on. Be it history,or DNA research/ behavioral studies, the Prime Directive of the Control Agents, is to confuse, obfuscate and just plain ignore, if something does not fit the model that is approved of, by the central planners in academia. I call this model for the new Amurican Century, “Tan Everyman”. So, hence the libtard propaganda from the Paycheck$ Liberals.

    • Thank you, Pluto. Cro-Magnons were NOT modern Homo Sapiens. Like the Neanderthals, their brains were 1600 cc, 200 cc more than modern Sapiens.

      However, I believe that, just as there are modern descendants of Cro-Magnons walking around, there are also modern descendants of Neanderthals doing the same and I think those modern Neanderthals are Jews. I agree with you that Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals shared one common ancestor, hence Whites having some similar DNA.

      I do not know what happened to cause the loss of brain mass. Maybe it’s possible that both populations were inundated and absorbed into yet another hominid species; one that neutralized their abilities so that their offspring ended up less advanced.

      I am not going to get into the whole HBD shtick. I remain highly suspicious of IQ tests that remind me of someone pissing on your leg and calling it rain. For example, those at Amren with Yellow Fever love to justify their race-mixing with Asian women by citing IQ tests now that they suddenly “discovered” that Asians have higher IQs than Whites. It seems to me that before our industry was shipped to Asia and China became dominant, no one questioned that White Northern European men were the smartest Non-Jews on the planet. For some reason, the Jews are always the smartest; that never changes.

      So why doesn’t the civilization advancements compare to that built by White European men? Hmmm? HBD doesn’t know nor does it care. Asians are now the smartest Non-Jews on the planet. Just take it as an article of faith, like the Holocaust or Global Warming or is that Climate Change (or what we used to call the seasons back in the days of yore). But even IQ Testing walks, talks, and looks like the duck I christen “Political Tool,” most people with an agenda love it. Who am I to argue with it?

      In any case, IF both the Cro Magnon and Neanderthals were absorbed by another hominid species, however intelligent, the lack of benefit; i.e. brain size capacity to both of these groups indicates that race-mixing is a bad idea for Whites; even race-mixing with smarter races.

  6. pluto the dog says:

    The Spanish study was reported in 2014, not 2013. Here is another piece that attests there was no interbreeding between neanderthals and cro-magnons (whites)

  7. pluto the dog says:

    Also this study of the Laetoli footprints found that they are basically the same as the footprints of modern humans – except 3.5 million years ago the half ape / half humans had supposedly just climbed down from the trees and couldnt walk as we now do. This is nice evidence that all their theories are wrong wrong wrong

  8. In one location polar bears were also bred completely out of existence by brown bears. It’s a lesson the polar people will studiously ignore.

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    mr. castor is not white

  10. Gr8YT says:

    I thought the neanderthal link was all mitochondrial dna which only comes from the mother.

    So it wasn’t interbreeding so much as a homo sapien muh diked a neanderthal chick…and everyone wanted to fuck their daughters after that.

    Kinda like the brothers and the blue eyed white girls of today.

    Which when you think about how blue eyes and blonde hair are recessive it must have really really been the case

    • pluto the dog says:

      Now the ‘brothers’ et al ‘do’ white chicks because we (white guys) allow it to happen.

      • Just here says:

        No, it’s because white chicks allow it to happen. No point putting the blame somewhere else.

      • pluto the dog says:

        No mate, it didnt happen 100 years ago or it happened rarely because of SOCIETAL TABOOS which were often backed up by nice doses of ROUGH TREATMENT. And guys were in control back then so it was the guys who were enforcing racial seperation.

      • Just here says:

        Well then i guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.
        I do agree that before it didn’t happen because of societal taboos and now the media basically promotes miscegenation, but i don’t agree on the rough treatment and i also am of the opinion that girls can just say no to it.
        God didn’t give free will only to guys.

  11. Nick Dean says:

    gr8yt, pluto, just, it’s a status thing.

    According to Pierre L. van den Berghe,

    The sociobiological paradigm provides a [simple] explanation. In nearly all species, the female is the scarce reproductive resource for the male rather than vice-versa. […]

    [T]he ethny is a corporation of related men seeking to enhance each others’ fitness by retaining a monopoly of sexual access to the women of their own group. This, however, does not preclude men from further enhancing their reproductive success by making the most of every opportunity to inseminate women from other groups. In fact, the whole history of ethnic relations powerfully confirms this interpretation. Men jealously ‘protect’ ‘their’ women from men of other groups, deeply resenting ethnic exogamy on the part of women, while at the same time seeking access to women from other groups. […]

    Between ethnies, men use power and violence to secure access to women from other groups, and this reduces the level of inbreeding. When the ethnies in presence are equally matched, male competition for foreign women takes the form of interethnic raids. After an ethnic hierarchy has been established, subordinate-group men loose all or part of their control of ‘their’ women and their reproductive success is curtailed, while upper-group men are polygynous and incorporate subordinate-group women. An ethnic hierarchy, therefore, generally results in a reduced fitness for subordinate-group males. The classical scenario for conquest is to rape the women and kill, castrate or enslave the men. [p.26]

    He elaborates on that point later in his book:

    Even when conquest is relatively mild and not openly genocidal, the subordinate group in an ethnic hierarchy almost invariably ‘loses’ more women to males of the dominant group than vice versa. Hypergamy (mating upward for women) is a fitness-enhancing strategy for women, and, therefore, subordinate-group women do not always resist being ‘taken over’ by dominant-group men. But subordinate-group men lose fitness by losing potential mates from their group without any hope of access to dominant-group females. It is not accidental that the most explosive aspect of interethnic relations is sexual contact across ethnic (or racial) lines; nor is the asymmetry of the resentment surprising. No group is concerned about gaining women; every group resents losing women.

    Conquest and domination mean, in the first instance, a fitness loss. The loss is felt both at the individual and at the collective level. Collectively, since the offspring of subordinate-group women who mate with dominant. group men are generally ‘lost’ to their maternal group, the subordinate group suffers a decrement of reproductive power. Over several generations, this loss can be reflected in serious demographic changes in ethnic group ratios. Dominant groups tend to grow disproportionately. Individually, there is only a fitness reduction if the circulation of women between groups is asymmetrical, as it almost invariably is. Through the suction of women into the upper group (without getting women in return), the pool of mates for lower-group males is correspondingly reduced and, therefore, so is their fitness. Females of the subordinate group also indirectly lose fitness through the lowered fitness of their male relatives. Individual females who choose the hypergamous strategy, however, can gain fitness if their children become assimilated to the ruling group and gain access to upper-group privileges (including polygyny). This sex asymmetry in fitness strategies in ethnically stratified societies often creates tension between the sexes, within subordinate groups. The female option of fitness maximization through hypergamy is deeply resented by subordinate-group males. [p.75-76]

  12. fellist says:

    In the BBC version, INCREDIBLE HUMAN JOURNEY (episode 3: Europe), they somehow managed to tell a wonderfully subversive story about the neanderthals as the first Europeans, individualist in nature and looking quite like us, being replaced by African invaders who looked unlike us but rather like our modern-day African and Asian colonists, and who defeated the neanderthals because they were cohesive, aggressive and had a strong shared identity.

    Even conservative Middle England must have wondered about contemporary parallels …

    Neanderthal segment beginning around 17 mins.

  13. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    I’ll need to watch this at some point.
    The Denisovans have recently been erased from record with pitiful excuses too, although they appear to have been again, more developed than HS. OOA is a huge lie, MRH is the only plausible theory befitting the forensic evidence turning up in Asia.

  14. Mindweapons,

    There are three theories of origin: the popular (with the Usual Suspects) Out of Africa Theory, the Out of Asia Theory (which is gaining in popularity), and then there’s the “widely-discredited” Multi-Regional Hypothesis (which is why I suspect it’s the correct one).

    Eons ago, the continents were not divided but made up one big mass called Pangaea. It would make sense that if we ALL have one common ancestor, it was in Pangaea. This common ancestor proliferated and spread out all over Pangaea and, when the continents divided and shifted position, each group of people evolved to survive the new conditions.

    Charles Darwin screwed up big time by coming up with the Out of Africa theory and Franz Boaz caught that ball and ran with it as yet another excuse ad nauseum ad infinitum to fob off Africans on Europeans. Which makes sense.

    If you think about it, the underlying premise of the Out of Africa Theory is that, given enough time in European conditions and enough exposure to Europeans, Africans can evolve into Europeans. Well, we’ve seen how well that’s worked on the American continent since Africans were imported in four hundred years ago.

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