Why The Status-Quo Is Unsustainable: Interest and Debt (What Yellen Won’t Tell You)

We have to create a ton of debt to get a pound of growth.


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9 Responses to Why The Status-Quo Is Unsustainable: Interest and Debt (What Yellen Won’t Tell You)

  1. PB says:

    This only makes sense if the real intention is to destroy the faith in the currency. There is no other explanation that works. Even incompetence doesn’t cut it.

  2. Just here says:

    What i find rather stupid is that if you get a loan, the interest rate is damn high compared to how it is when you make a deposit.
    If they wanted to make it fair, then it wouldn’t be more than an 1% difference between the 2, since from large sums of money they can get their money back anyway ( i mean for profit, wages etc.).
    But of course the interest rate is much higher because the bankers just can’t get enough money.

    • tteclod says:

      The old joke goes, “Bankers work 9 to 5.” That’s 9 percent lending rate to 5 percent saving rate, so 4 percent difference, less overhead, yields profit. Given the risks, that’s about right. So, if 4 percent is the standard, and mortgages are running just under 4 percent, it’s no wonder the saving rate it nearly zero. With lower yields on deposits, and fewer and more meager deposits, they’re forced into fee (or penalty) based services or risky loans to make ends meet.

      The ivory-tower folks ought do 3 things to earn trust. First, increase the discount rate to force market lending rates up to 9 percent. Second, stop “printing” money for so-called quantitative easing. Third, reduce government spending below tax collections. None of these things is difficult, and every American is well past ready for 5% savings rates.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        The US government has too much debt for interest rates to be allowed to go up.  Push bond rates up to 5% and the government could not even issue enough new bonds to pay interest on the old ones.  We are in a holding pattern waiting for the house of cards to come down.

  3. Sam says:

    The whole think is a mathematically impossible scam. Example:If you create 1,000,000 dollars of money you go into debt to create it. Let’s say interest at 10% (to make it easy). You pay back 1,100,000 dollars. Where does the 100,000 come from. You must borrow it. ALL money in our system is based on created debt. You can see at a glance that it’s impossible to pay off debt if money is created by debt. Pay off all debt and you have…NO MONEY. I know you don’t believe me. It can’t be this stupid, but it is. The end result is EVERYTHING is eventually owned by those that issue the debt because they can issue money, for nothing, but you have to pay debt interest EVERY time you get money from them.

    What do we should do. The government ONLY issues money and they get a cut of the interest. That goes into the general fund. Now the FED gets interest profits and the banks get the interest profits. We get the debt.

    As much as I hate the Jewish controlled FED, what Bernanke has been doing is exactly that. He issues money by buying the bonds directly. We now, or did, own most of our own bonds. Which exactly what I’m talking about IF the FED was not owned by private individuals. The catch is what if the FED (Jews) say,” we’re not buying the bonds any more and issuing paper. You must pay us”. They would own everything, like they don’t already, overnight. Expect this to happen but they will say they’re quantifying interest rates or controlling inflation or some such gibberish so that it will not be clear what they’re doing.

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    “. . .That’s 9 percent lending rate to 5 percent saving rate, so 4 percent difference, less overhead, yields profit. . .”

    You’re forgetting fractional- loans made up from nothing. . .Non-interest bearing checking accounts are a main reserve for loans- so it would be 9 percent less zero on checking accounts. But credit card rates are much higher than 9- maybe 18, plus or minus. 18 percent less zero less overhead equals profit. But wait- fractional reserve- loans made from nothing. If reserve requirement is 10% [who knows what it is to-day- possibly zero!] then they get 10X18 equals 180 percent less zero on checking accounts less overhead equals profit.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    If interest were paid on checking accounts, and fractional reserve outlawed [as fraud], then banking would be about as profitable as a hot-dog cart.

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