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Chateau Heartiste

The Anti-Gnostic comments a lot over at Cheap Chalupas headquarters, and he (best guess) is usually good for a pithy shiv.

How the market prices white neighbors is one of those economic phenomena that economists’ wives understand better than they do.

There are a lot of things non-economists understand better than economists, not because economists are dumb, but because economists are superfluously smart and cursed with an addiction to hyper-rationalize their faulty feelgood priors.

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2 Responses to Freelance Comment Of The Week

  1. PureEvil cont. says:

    Anti-Gnostic has an interesting blog all around, it is mostly about religion though.

  2. Paladin Justice says:

    Since I taught university economics for 30 years and wrote several intro textbooks, I can tell you we understand, but certain things are generally best left unsaid. In my case the entire f-ing adminstration consisted of a bunch of incompetent Mexicans who wildly inflate their competence because the enrollments exploded upward. Free will do that. Anyway, to Mexicans, having white neighbors is actually something they don’t like. They prefer to recreate little Mexico and the white man can stand in the way of it.

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