Peter Schiff on foreign policy; don’t escalate with Russia, and the rise of Hitler was a direct result abuse of Germany after World War I

July 18 broadcast

This is the first time I’ve heard Schiff mention the Holocaust, and he is very much off the Shoah business reservation.

He blames the rise of Hitler and the Holocaust on the treatment of Germany after World War I. Noam Chomsky says the same thing in one of his little pamphlet books.

This is a very revisionist view of the Holocaust. A public school teacher would be fired for saying this.

The Treaty of Versailles and abuse of Germany theory of Holocaust causation means any guilt of Germany is greatly mitigated. Singling out Germany for unique and total guilt is like blaming an abused dog for biting, or an abused child for growing up violent.


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8 Responses to Peter Schiff on foreign policy; don’t escalate with Russia, and the rise of Hitler was a direct result abuse of Germany after World War I

  1. Jews robbed Russia worse in the 90s.

    • mindweapon says:

      I know. With the help of the Americans and specifically, Jeffrey Sachs and Harvard University, and probably Lawrence Summers had his nose in there.

      In Russia, Jews and the USA are considered one and the same thing. Anti-Americanism is anti-semitism.

  2. Occigent says:

    Here’s the funny thing — we had no Versailles but it hasn’t stopped YKW from destroying our own culture.

    They say “It was Versailles” to try and maintain credibility while still not going so far as to say it was, and always has been, they themselves. I guess it’s better than nothing.

  3. Germany is being rehabilitated because 100,000 Israelis now hold German passports with 7,000 more Israelis applying for German passports every year. Erego, a bunch of Israelis plan to emigrate from Israel to Germany. Therefore, Germany must be rehabilitated.

    Schiff et al conceding that a rabid Anti-Semite like Hitler rising to power was a result of Germans being mistreated by the Treaty of Versailles imposed on them by the vindictive French and British after Armistice is not a lie even if it conveniently shifts the blame away from any Jews who drug the USA into WWI on the British side in exchange for the Balfour Agreement.

    But why are a bunch so notorious for being all about “Never Forgive, Never Forget” being so charitable now? Several reasons. The Western revolt against the Neocons agitating for attacks on Syria and Iran (which would have resulted in WWIII with Russia and China) have made it clear that the only policy a war-weary West wants to hear about where Iranian WMDs are concerned is the same one that has been pursued with Russia, China, and North Korea; containment.

    If Iran gets the nukes, you can bet the other Middle Eastern nations will get their own nukes, putting an end to any notion that Israel’s boundaries will encompass the banks of the Euphrates to the Nile River. Yes, the policy of containment will end up being all about containing Israel which had greater territorial ambitions than the current sliver it occupies.

    MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) means that her Arab neighbors won’t hesitate to launch a military invasion of Israel which is why, in 2012, Henry Kissinger predicted that Israel would cease to exist in ten years. If Israel is wiped off the face of the earth, topographically speaking only, of course, then the Holocaust as its raison d’etre is no longer useful as a weapon.

    But, but what about The Samson Option (where if Israel knows she is going out, she will nuke every capital in the West in revenge), you may wonder? Well, that bluff was called when Netanyahu gave his Red Line speech. A fed up West ignored his “Let’s You and Him Fight” pep talk and failed to attack Syria and Iran. Not out of any courage, but because they were too bankrupt to pursue any more wars for Israel, especially WWIII with China and Russia.

    Bankruptcy is another reason why Germany is attractive to Israelis; it’s the only Western country that is solvent. The USA, the UK, and several other Western European countries are on the verge of bankruptcy. Jews do better in stable economies.

    And Netanyahu? It’s rumored that he has an American passport. He has gone to school and worked in the USA which is why though he was born in Tel Aviv, he speaks perfect, unaccented American English. It is highly unlikely there is any Israeli without some form of dual citizenship. Even those Jews who recently have made Aliyah have been loath to part with their old passports and want to hang on to their old citizenship even if they have to sue their ex-countries to retain it (Google Afroyim v. Rusk).

    This makes any true commitment to Israel (unless they can find other dumbasses like Amurrikwa to do the heavy lifting) highly suspect. Nor does it make a lot of sense to their POV. They’ve lost control of Israel before … repeatedly … and they always came back, eventually. So, perhaps they feel the need for another downtime from that Intermittent Nation-State Thingy of theirs? Maybe.

    Some may admonish me for looking a gift-horse in the mouth. I am by no means advocating any Judeophobia displayed by suspicious Whites who are afraid to do anything lest some Jew benefit. The only thing we should concern ourselves with is not if YKW benefits from it, but only if we do. If they benefit as well, it’s all good. In fact, I’d prefer to know exactly how it benefits YKW if they want to help. The time to be suspicious is when there is no apparent benefit to them at all.

    This backpedaling and softening stance on the part of YKW appears to be me to be of mutual benefit to Germans and Jews. If Iran is within months of going nuclear and the U.S. Golem has broken out of its trance to make it clear that we have no intentions of interfering with it, then it is possible where Berlin and YKW have a handshake agreement where YKW has made it clear that it will forget all about that Holocaust if Germany lets the Jews back in once Israel dissolves.

    I only hope we still have some American politicians with enough Pro-White leanings to enact some mutually beneficial handshake agreements with the Israelis at that time, because if Germany can expect former German Jews to return, then America better brace itself for its own Israeli Eisodus.

  4. Denise says:

    I’ve been saying exactly what Schiff has admitted for years, now. And taken tons of abuse for saying so.

    The Hebes must know the end is nigh, if cracks like this are beginning to appear.

    A Reckoning, centuries overdue, is coming…….

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