Just a Job

Asians have taken to starting their own businesses where they mostly hire their own. Thought I was making it up about Subway and Indians? 1500 Patels in the Subway franchise database—I imagine there are all sorts of Singhs and Guptas, too. In hotels and motels, Indians own 50% of recent hotels and 60% of budget motels. With Cambodians, it’s doughnuts; the Cambodian community loans money to incoming refugees to start a franchise; the independent Cambodian shop owners have largely chased out Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, and Winchells out of LA. Cambodians have no history of donuts and from all accounts just use powdered donut mix but thanks to the network effects of cheap money and a steady supply of other low-skilled Cambodian workers, often family members, and undiscriminating illegal Mexican customers looking for a cheap breakfast, they do pretty well. In much of the eastern US, >Dunkin Donuts franchises are dominated by Indians and Portuguese. Meanwhile, 90% of the liquor stores in Baltimore are owned by Koreans where, as in LA, they sell to primarily black communities but never hire blacks to work in their stores. But in the main, Koreans left independently owned businesses and turned to franchises as well. Koreans pretty much own the frozen yogurt market: Yogurtland, Pinkberry and Red Mango have done much to challenge TCBY. I’ve never seen a Yogurtland that didn’t employ Koreans only, but I can’t find any demographics on their employee population.


So Michael Petrilli leads with a somewhat feckless proposal to limit college access but then his follow-up appears, in which he’s shocked—yea, shocked!—to discover that vocational education has significant cognitive demands!

Petrilli still pretends that these deficiencies are an “outrage” caused by poor schools that charters and choice and firing teachers will fix. But here’s the crux of his second piece:

So let’s assume, then, that for the foreseeable future many of our high schools are going to have a heck of a lot of entering students who are prepared for neither a true college-prep curricular route nor a high-quality CTE program. The high school will do its best, but in all likelihood, a great many of these young people will graduate (if they graduate) with low-level skills that won’t leave them prepared for college or a well-paying career. What should we do with these students while they are in…

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7 Responses to Just a Job

  1. ben tillman says:

    Here you go — here is Mr. Ethnic Nepotism in convenience stores in Texas (and perhaps elsewhere):





    As fate would have it, he is one of wife’s company’s biggest clients and a hated competitor of my biggest client. Anyway, he lends money to his co-ethnics to set them up in convenience stores and then sells them their gasoline.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great find, Ben! This is the stuff we need to be paying attention to — this and admissions rates of Asians to science and math grad schools relative to White American kids.

      We aren’t the president of American Fuel Distributors because we weren’t paying attention to that sort of things, so sharp-eyed foreigners on the make grabbed these opportunities out from under us. Now that we are paying attention, things are going to start changing. Won’t happen overnight, but give it years, or at most a decade or two.

  2. TabuLa Raza says:

    It’s not just muds helping each other- the entire fedgov is behind them. Programs loans etc. unavailable to Whites. Patels in Motels is pure fedgov favoritism. A first step would be repealing all economic legislation, and all laws against free association and contract. Can’t be too radical [fundamental] here.

    • mindweapon says:

      Actually, a first step would be to find out what these programs are, then go to the probate court and change our names to Patel and get in on these programs.

  3. Mindweapons, the blogger was talking about putting programs in school for lower-IQ Americans to prepare them for “lower-skilled” jobs; the schools used to have those. There were typing and shorthand classes. There were cosmetology classes. There were carpentry, welding, and mechanic classes. There were home-economics classes (sewing, cooking). A lot of these schools used to have a program where the last year or two the student attended classes part of the school day and worked for the other part.

    My biggest complaint even back then when those programs were being phased out was the dearth of courses that did not prepare students for the real world. I.e., practical math skills. Why have students study algebra and geometry and calculus and NOT train them how to do income taxes and teach them about compound interest, accounting, and finance? There is a preference to address macro-economics over micro-economics when, like the Tip O’Neill analogy to politics, all economics is felt at the local level. No one in Briar Patch, Arkansas gives a tinker’s dam about how the Manhattanites of New York are doing.

    Education developed a real preference towards academic AP classes and a real contempt for practical skills classes. Ironic when a lot of the academic is pure theory and something is called “practical,” because it can actually be put into practice! It was after America discovered that it could not live without a Mexican to cook, clean, garden, construct, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum for Americans, that every school in America became about making all American children, regardless of IQ, ability, or even genuine interest, “college ready.” If you factor in student loans, that is why “education is no barrier to poverty.”

    After watching how the, for all intents and purposes open border policies of the United States and the rest of the White Western World, I have a good idea how all those ancient White Aryan empires dissolved into mongrelized messes. Aryans were looking for bargain employees. They had to pay Aryan employees a decent wage, so they imported Non-Aryans to do the job and who ultimately subsumed by them. Arthur Kemp didn’t say it, but he might as well have; cheap labor is the White Man’s Kryptonite.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      Agree with you Cly. The biggest culprit is Big Biz of course. It’s a Ponzi scheme where those at the top make all the dough and low income Whites pay the price.

      Regarding business loans, it appears to me and it has been covered on this blog that many Whites don’t help their children prepare for adulthood well. Why aren’t Whites loaning money to their children? My OWN FATHER owned a business his father left him but felt that my brothers and I should pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and do everything on our own. There was no tutoring for us, and there would be no loans. I don’t think this is unusual in this country. Whites got very selfish and stingy with their children.

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