Kai Murros on how Hate is a force of Liberation, Creation and Advancement

Somebody whose got the time should transcribe the beginning speech on Hate.

My view on Hate is to purify it, like you purify uranium, by doing qigong systems like Falun Gong, Primordial Qigong, Between Heaven and Earth qigong, and 18 Forms Qigong, among others.

Purified Hate gives you Creative Inspiration and a Concentration of the Will to Power.

I have spent many years in the WN desert, looking for the answer to our difficult problem, and the Espionage Model of Infiltration and Covert Influence is the answer that was given to me.

Covert influence of the elites, but you leverage it from White Skynet becoming self aware. The younger members of the elites will perceive White Skynet very acutely. So it’s not like we’re ignoring the 400,000 Stormfront visitors. They represent energy and power. What we do is concentrate that, like a Fresnel lens or magnifying glass concentrates sunlight, and we focus that energy on influencing decision makers or people connected to decision makers.

Who else has done this? The Court Jew, of course. The Court Jew is a spy who finds any way to finagle himself into the Royal Court. Can you imagine that? Jews were hated in the Middle Ages, yet were able to infiltrate the aristocrats and monarchs. They were and are natural spies. But espionage is just technology and technique that can be learned and used. Like a strain of pathogen that goes through accelerated genetic selection as a result of antibiotic misuse, we are becoming a virulent strain because of the anti-white abuse that we endure.

The Virulent Strain will figure out Counterintelligence against Jewish Espionage/Infiltration and Covert Influence.


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22 Responses to Kai Murros on how Hate is a force of Liberation, Creation and Advancement

  1. Erin' says:

    This is a fascinating topic. I’m wondering though, what are we purifying hate from?

  2. Just here says:

    I have no problem with hate as long as it’s controlled by logic and if it’s expressed mostly as love for your own people, because we have to be careful with it, since it can fog the mind and make people do inhumane things, just like muslims do because of their religion.

  3. PA says:

    To love something is to value it very highly, sometimes higher than one’s own life. Hate is what you feel toward that which would harm what you love.

    Love and hate must be in balance with each other. Without hate, love is impotent in tbr face of a threat. An overabundance of hate (especially if you don’t love anything) is cannibalistic of your psyche.

    Hate is the sword that protects love.

  4. FN says:

    I hate because I love.

  5. FN says:

    “The Court Jew is a spy who finds any way to finagle himself into the Royal Court. Can you imagine that? Jews were hated in the Middle Ages, yet were able to infiltrate the aristocrats and monarchs.”
    In Natures Eternal Religion by Ukrainian Ben Klassen he explains it. Read Chapter Eleven: The Book Of Esther Klassen was amazing in his dissection of that “scripture”

    Muslims are werewolves and YKW are vampires…

  6. FN says:

    MW check out this photo of the Hamas brothers:

    The Palestinians hold to thawabit, unchangeable principles, and they will NOT change them because to accommodate the enemy is to surrender to genocide. Whites need to GET into the same mindset. Because guys like Hamas and Hizballah HAVE IT, and THAT Is why they not just survive but WIN. Hizballah kicked the Izzies ass in 2006.

  7. jrackell says:

    This is pertinent to your overeall philosophy if not to this post, but you touch on it here too I think. A long quote, with apologies. The second paragraph is most relevant here (h/t to Parapundit). Here, it’s not so much about being a spy, but as a way of playing the same game as the ethnic non-whites and bootstrapping ourselves economically using some of their philosophy.

    Read this 1994 qualitative study, in which managers of large low or unskilled work forces describe why they hire more Hispanics, the power of networks, and the ability to get good workers for less because hiring by referral was cheaper, even if, or especially if, the workers were all Hispanic. Notice how the employers talk about black and white low-skilled workers, natives, who resented the treatment. Notice the discussion of different hostilities between blacks and Hispanics, but also the fact that Dominicans, Guatemalans, and Mexicans didn’t like working together. Then read the same author, Roger Waldinger, finding that second generation Hispanic immigrants are not, as was the case with other immigrants, moving up. So we imported millions of illegal Central Americans, they had kids that are now permanently low skilled workers—and still, as any employer can tell you, subject to the same inter-group hostilities, but now just as entitled as the blacks and whites are. This is a group we need more of?

    Of course, all of these employers and managers in that research are white. As the Vietnamese cartel in manicure businesses suggest, Asians have taken to starting their own businesses where they mostly hire their own. Thought I was making it up about Subway and Indians? 1500 Patels in the Subway franchise database—I imagine there are all sorts of Singhs and Guptas, too. In hotels and motels, Indians own 50% of recent hotels and 60% of budget motels. With Cambodians, it’s doughnuts; the Cambodian community loans money to incoming refugees to start a franchise; the independent Cambodian shop owners have largely chased out Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, and Winchells out of LA. Cambodians have no history of donuts and from all accounts just use powdered donut mix but thanks to the network effects of cheap money and a steady supply of other low-skilled Cambodian workers, often family members, and undiscriminating illegal Mexican customers looking for a cheap breakfast, they do pretty well. In much of the eastern US, >Dunkin Donuts franchises are dominated by Indians and Portuguese. Meanwhile, 90% of the liquor stores in Baltimore are owned by Koreans where, as in LA, they sell to primarily black communities but never hire blacks to work in their stores. But in the main, Koreans left independently owned businesses and turned to franchises as well. Koreans pretty much own the frozen yogurt market: Yogurtland, Pinkberry and Red Mango have done much to challenge TCBY. I’ve never seen a Yogurtland that didn’t employ Koreans only, but I can’t find any demographics on their employee population.


    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks for this, jrackell!

      Indians opened a Froyo (frozen yogurt) here in this area, but ran it very badly and whhile they did hire local white kids, they treated them like crap and became hated. Went out of business.

      When White people catch on about entrepreneurialism and ethnic business networking for survival, an implicit, invisible and extremely dangerous strain of White nationalism will naturally arise. It will not be televised. The SPLC might try to report on it, but it will be difficult or all but impossible to get anything juicy to write about unless they manage to get an infiltrator on the inside, and even then it will only be a scandal beause it’s whites doing it rather than Koreans or Hindus or Muslims or Cambodians.

      • Clytemnestra says:

        Thank you for bringing this subject up again, jrackell! Otherwise, I would not have known where to post these comments.

        The other day, I had a wonderful convenience store experience. I had passed by this store before. It was an older, shabbier store in the working class section of where I live, but I noticed that the parking lot was always full. I stopped inside to get a few items after work and I was blown away by the convivial atmosphere.

        The store had its usual convenience products, there were two cash registers operated by a White man and a White woman. They also had a small snack bar where a young Black guy was making basic snacks like pizza and egg rolls and chicken wings. Busy as the store was, there was no sense of being rushed or harried about them. All three glad-handed the customers who stood in line to make their purchases and everyone was chatting and joking with each other in a leisurely relaxed manner, like friends.

        All three of these employees were American. No Patels anywhere that I could see, not even in the back office and I think that is probably the main thing that made this enjoyable experience so memorable.

        We’ve all had to stop and make purchases at these convenience stores and I think you can agree with me that the Patels are all about customers paying and leaving. They are polite in a very cold, reserved way; many of them don’t even make eye contact with or smile at you. The stores are clean, but not very welcoming. It is obvious that they are there to extract a profit from the community they set up shop in; not to be a part of it.

        Interestingly enough, I noticed the same Patel Phenomenon in a White owned convenience store. It was an older store in a neighborhood that had been resettled by Mexicans who could barely speak English, if at all. This store was also designed to discourage the customers from loitering.

        Now, the friendly convenience store may have been an anomaly OR it may have been the relief of people not having to deal with the Patel Phenomenon. But I think that if Mindweapons Convenience Store Theory is ever put into practice, the best way to get Whites to prefer a White-owned store over all the others is setting up a welcoming ambience, like a neighborhood bar.

      • mindweapon says:


        Yes, we probably should make a C-store with a lunch counter. There is a C-store/gas station combo with an old fashioned lunch counter, and it was fairly popular. I looked up the owner on the court websites and he doens’t pay his town RE taxes- some kind of subcontinental. Totally scoffing at Americans and our rules, regs and taxes.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        When his place goes to foreclosure for unpaid taxes, you snap it up.

      • mindweapon says:

        If I have the means, I will!

  8. Reblogged this on Rise of The West and commented:
    This is well worth listening too…and seriously considering the over-all presentation.

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    Somebody whose got the time

    Somebody who’s got the time. . .Somebody who has [who’s] got the time. . .contraction. . .

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

  11. ThatOldTimeReligion says:

    Off-topic,kinda, but while you’re focusing your hate I thought I’d show you a target to direct it at.


    Vote Israel most hated country. Currently U.S. is higher. We need to fix it.

  12. Smiley says:

    “Nowadays there is a lot of talk about hate crimes. There is an entire body
    laws against hate crimes. Everybody seems to be worried about hate. Hate
    appears to be the gravest problem of our time.
    – But hate is good.
    – Hate gives a structure to our life.
    – Hate gives us a reason to exist, a focus, something to strive for, an
    – Hate is energy, pure energy, provided by mother nature herself.
    – Hate enables us to see through lies and pretense and helps us to
    concentrate on the essential.
    – Hate is democratic – even the rich and powerful cannot hate more than
    their slaves and subjects – and soon hate may well be all that we have left.
    – Hate emancipates – without hate for slavery you cannot break your shackles
    and without hate for injustice there can be no justice.
    – The greatest achievements of the human race have grown from hate and from
    the ability control hate.
    – Hate separates humans from animals. Animals do not hate but humans do.
    Humans can hate for decades sometimes their entire life. We can even pass
    hate on to our children and keep hate alive for centuries.
    – Hate is a sign of an abstract intellect for only humans can hate people
    they have never seen or met and only humans can hate concepts and processes.
    – How can we know what love is if we refuse to recognize and understand
    hate. Love and hate are the two opposite sides of the same coin – without
    hate we are only halflings.
    – In order to be complete we need hate.
    – Only fools talk endlessly about love but forget the hate.
    – Hate separates us from the meek and docile masses.
    – Do not fear hate, do not deny or reject hate.
    – Accept hate, embrace hate, learn to know it, learn to use it.
    – Hate is your most powerful weapon, a hidden source of your strength. Do
    not deny it from you.
    – What the liberal elite fears most in this world is our ability to hate,
    because our hate will one day be the most revolutionary force on the planet.
    – Our hate will destroy and create empires.”

    Transcript copied from; http://aryanfuturism.blogspot.com/

    Not a site I visit, just Googled it because I like Kai Murros.

    Here is a link that should be saved and studied by all Aryan’s 🙂

    Revolution –
    And How to Do It in a Modern Society
    by Kai Murros


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