Jim Willie at Golden Jackass says that Agribusiness is increasingly exporting food to China while food prices rise here in the USA; this will be good for small scale farms

Food prices go up, and it will be economically feasible for all the right wing hippies out there to maximize their home production, and put their kids to work.

The trading aspect of local agriculture is the best part. One of my trading partners took my garlic stems after I harvested garlic. He’s going to make garlic juice for seasoning from the woody but still green stems. It’s used to flavor meat. He also dehydrates garlic scapes and grinds them into a seasoning powder.

I could produce mountains of garlic if it was worth it to do so. They are self seeding like crazy at this point, and if I save the seeds and grow them in pots indoors, they’ll grow very well and they tolerate crowding in a pot and transplanting very nicely. Or if I merely transplant the volunteers, fertilize them a bit, and make sure to cut the scapes in time (h/t to Hardscrabble Farmer), I can get LOTS of garlic.

The small farmer as a cultural force and a massively distributed political influence could come back with a vengeance. People spending time weeding in the hot sun and watching for rain and planning for next years crops are naturally right wing. People who breed animals understand eugenics implicitly.

Sometimes things can turn our way, without our intervention. It’s not a deus ex machina as it is the working out of the internal contradictions of liberalism. Liberalism is not materially, energetically, or economically sustainable, and it is HATED by a lot of good and decent people who can’t wait to kill liberalism, bury liberalism, and piss on its grave.


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8 Responses to Jim Willie at Golden Jackass says that Agribusiness is increasingly exporting food to China while food prices rise here in the USA; this will be good for small scale farms

  1. White-Musa says:

    Yes the farmers in Cali are getting $3 a pound from Asian customers, and they are selling it to them. The white orchardists and farmers would send the last bit of food to Asia for the shekels. In fact the agricultural community worked hand in glove with the HIVE to destroy White America. They are lower than the hive because they did it to their own for MONEY. There will be a necessary repairing of America that is clear. Those of our race who aided and abetted the genocide of our people must face the bar of justice. Would you not agree? GENOCIDE is a horrible crime.

  2. Mr. Rational says:

    This was obviously going to happen when China bought Smithfield Foods.  Chinese ownership, Mexican labor… Americans shut out.

    • mindweapon says:

      that will be good for us. Our small farmers will thrive, expand, and trade among ourselves. The small farmers will be a new political bloc that will be very right wing and very rebellious — it will make the Tea Party look like a little girls’ tea party.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Not sure how good it will be, when the Chinese can pay far more for farmland than the American farmer selling to Americans.  This is what the Chinese are doing in Africa.

        I wonder when the first mass-hijacking of Smithfield products will happen?

  3. icareviews says:

    As long as federal farm policy doesn’t go the way of Zimbabwe. At any rate, garlic keeps Talmudists at bay, I hear.

  4. Wyandotte says:

    About growing crops on a small scale, such as garlic or non traditional animals. Where I live, “everybody” and his dog got in to ostrich and emu raising, of course all within a fairly short period. Copycatting. Lookit Bubba! Look how good he’s doing with his 20 emus! The market was flooded and of course a bunch of these folks had to go out of business. It always happens.

    I’d never discourage anyone from growing and selling anything, but I don’t know how to select an unusual crop (that no one else is growing or raising), be one of the first to grow it commercially, create a market and be a success. I really don’t. Any suggestions? It’s almost in a sense like Amway or some such, where the successful ones got in right away.

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