La Quenelle in France!

An arm gesture, waiting for a crisis! I’ve heard that some Europeans still don’t like Jews, 70 years after the Holocaust. So it seems like the European anti-semites might see the Muslim hostility towards Jews to be an excuse to “swim like a fish in the sea” among lots of brown immigrant anti-semites.

Kind of the opposite of what Jews were hoping for when they opened Europe’s borders.

Thousands protest Gaza operation in Paris, some with Nazi-like ‘quenelle’ salute
France’s interior minister urges protesters to observe the order, fearing anti-Semitic violence.
By Haaretz | Jul. 26, 2014 | 6:14 PM | 2

Quelle horrors!

Several thousand gathered in Place de la République in Paris, France to protest the Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, defying a state ban on the demonstration.

Protesters chanted “Israel is an assassin, Holland is an accomplice” and “we are all Palestinians,” and some were seen gesturing the quenelle, a reverse Nazi-salute, AFP reported. Tension mounted as hundreds of protesters, some masked, began throwing stones and projectiles at police who responded with tear gas.

“This event is illegal, but for us it is more than legitimate. This is to show our solidarity with people who are now being massacred,” Hugo, a New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) activist, told AFP.

The NPA decided to defy the ban and hold the protest as planned in an assertion of the party’s “solidarity with the Palestinian people,” NPA leader Olivier Besancenot said.

Earlier, France’s interior minister called on the protest’s organizers to observe the order, fearing anti-Semitic violence.

Bernard Cazeneuve made his public appeal shortly before Saturday’s demonstration in Paris was to start. Hours earlier, the Council of State, France’s top administrative body, ruled the protest ban was legal.

A court had ruled likewise, but organizers said they still planned to hold the protest.

France has Western Europe’s largest Jewish and Muslim populations. Two banned pro-Gaza protests last weekend, in Paris and Sarcelles, to the north, degenerated into violence and attacks on synagogues. On Wednesday, an authorized demonstration was peaceful.

Cazeneuve said chatter on social networks indicated a risk that Saturday’s protest could become a “cortege of violence.”


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15 Responses to La Quenelle in France!

  1. Let’s see if they hear what you are saying.

  2. MW.Anon says:

    Oh noes!

    Nazi salute = anti-semitic!
    Quenelle = anti-semitic!

    YKW will soon push for legislation specifying the permissible, non-anti-Semitic angles at which one’s arm can be extended.

  3. Trainspotter says:

    MW: “Kind of the opposite of what Jews were hoping for when they opened Europe’s borders.”

    LOL! Sacre Bleu!!

  4. MW.Anon says:


    Off-topic, and please feel free to delete after reading,

    You don’t have a link to KMac’s on your blog roll, at least that I can find. I’m kind of surprised it’s not there. I respectfully vote to have it added!

  5. Sam says:

    Once there was a little Jew who cried Holohoax. Everyone became concerned and tried to find the Nazis and the camps but couldn’t. So everyone went home. The next day the little Jew cried Holohoax again. A search was began but no one could find the Nazis and the camps. As time went on the little Jew would cry Holohoax every now and then. People would look once again for the Nazis and the camps but every time they looked a little less and trusted the Jew a little less.

    One day the little Jew cried Holohoax and nobody came.

    • mindweapon says:

      Oh my G-d, that story made me cry!

    • Denise says:

      There are tons of TV stations running non-stop Hitler/Nazi programming. All weekend long. I just watched a great big lavish 1950’s weeper, on TMC (I watch movies when I’m ironing clothing) and Robert Stack came on, blathering about The Holohoax.

      I switched the channel.

  6. JB says:

    From the blog GalliaWatch:

    The article goes on to describe the large number of demonstrators who showed up – five hundred according to the rabbi. The Jewish protectors began to sing the Marseillaise to show their support for the riot police. The rabbi said:

    “We are not only attacked because we are Jewish but also because we are French.”

    One member of CRIF (an umbrella organization for numerous Jewish associations) felt that “when you attack the police headquarters of Garges, it is not the Jews who are targeted it is everything that represents the Republic. We have gone beyond the stage of antisemitism. When a trolley station, a phone booth, an employment agency are targets, what does that have to do with Israel?”

    Note: Considering how pro-immigration and pro-assimilation CRIF has been in the past, these words are welcome. But it may not represent the point of view of the CRIF leadership, that has always curried favor with the government, Socialist or otherwise. Years ago, CRIF went so far as to encourage “métissage” (racial mixing) in its fawning to government policy. When Israel is in danger, though, CRIF reverts to a pro-Israel nationalism and discredits itself completely. So far as I know, CRIF has never espoused a traditionalist pro-France position, and not surprisingly it regards the Front National as the only real danger.

    When the current crises is over they’ll go back to cooperating in committing genocide against the native French population.

    • mindweapon says:

      yes, of course JB. Hopefully the current crisis won’t pass.

    • It would seem an easy rhetorical victory to point out their hypocrisy; nationalism for Israel and anti-nationalism for everyone else. Does the National Front ever do this?

      • Occigent says:

        Probably not. Nor does anyone else. Because they’ve had their thirst for the sacred replaced with love for the Jews, God’s Chosen people. The mind cluster#$%* is absolutely unbelievable in its precision. It’s literally as effective as a lobotomy. It takes a Christ to talk people out of it. Miracles, water to wine, healing, the whole nine yards. Then — and only then — and no sooner — absolutely no sooner — will whites fully believe that the Jews are no longer God’s chosen. And this even after 2000 years. 2000 feakin’ years!

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