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6 Responses to Lovely

  1. White-Musa says:

    It is coming and you can thank the YKW for this, seriously. They are the ones who opened White homelands to “diversity” on purpose. Europe will get it first then the rest of the White nations. The Latrinos and Asians have already brought horrific diseases into the US since the 1965 Immigration Act. I just have to quote RPO again, it is the only explanation that makes sense:

    But if we consider such things from the standpoint of the race, not from the standpoint of the individual Jew who battens on us, is it not likely that the material profit counts for much less than the spiritual satisfaction? And if we consider some of the Jews’ work, I cannot see how it could conceivably yield a net profit. What monetary gain can they have obtained, or intended to obtain, by spending vast sums to incite the blacks to rape, murder, and arson? What profit from destroying civilization in Rhodesia and making that land again a land of savages? What can the Jews in South Africa gain in material terms from their present intensive effort to destroy the white population and make of that country another Rhodesia? Is it not obvious that they could squeeze much more money out of the White population by peaceful parasitism and without inciting the racial hatreds that disrupt the economy and could conceivably bring retribution upon themselves? The only explanation, it seems to me, is that with their race as a whole spiritual considerations are paramount, paramount over profit and even over self-preservation. One can foresee the logical end in a future that may not be too distant: one can see the last Jews dying with exultation on the surface of a planet from which they have exterminated all other human beings, all animals, all vegetation, all life — a planet of which they have made “a desolation of desolations.”

    THE YELLOW PERIL (1983) Revilo P. Oliver

  2. Sam says:

    I’ve read that this out break of Ebola started in the cities. Also it’s symptoms are slightly different. Not as much bleeding. How could this be? All other cases have started in the bush as that’s where the animal vector is. I hate to be so paranoid but after 9-11 I feel it necessary. Could the Hebes be testing viral warfare?

  3. Sam says:

    Another thought. The Jews say they wish to “Heal the world”. You know healing the world might mean cleansing it of all others but Jews.

  4. Wyandotte says:

    “Bring it on! I sure would hate it if diversity loving liberals got Ebola.”

    Like socalled AIDS, I think that Ebola is “caught” by the weakest of the weak – the malnourished, the physically inferior from birth, the seriously stressed over long periods, etc. Liberals ain’t in that cateory, at least most of them aren’t. These two diseases, and a whole bunch of others, I am sure, are nature’s way of cleaning up the most frail among us. Time to stop blaming bacteria and viruses for everything. In the long run, they are our friends. Do you really want to be a member of a race who are kept alive only by extraordinary means?

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    African grows cocoa beans, yet does not know what they are used for, and had never tasted chocolate!

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