‘Refusing to kill their own’: Over 40 Ukrainian soldiers flee to Russia

Ukrainian soldiers desert to Russia. Good for them! If there is a USA war against Russia, American soldiers will desert too. And about 1 million WN and libertarian and paleoconservative bloggers will be playing “Tokyo Rose” in the USA for Russia.

Moscow calling, Moscow calling, Moscow calling. This is Radio USA.

Dear American soldier – while you are fighting to bring military bases to Russia so Russians can get millions of black adn Muslim immigrants, your girlfriend back home is running around with Jamal. I sure hope your new baby is yours! Better get a paternity test. And you, Command Sergeant Major, do you know who your daughters are with? You aren’t there to guide her, and your government is encouraging her to shack up with the great, manly Laquan and Deshawn. While you fight good White people in Russia, your government exterminates White America.

Now for some good old resistance music from Detroit, Max Resist, Hope your baby’s White.



More than 40 Ukrainian soldiers have abandoned their military posts and crossed into Russian territory, stating that they refuse to fight against their own people, a Russian Federal Security Service spokesperson said.

At least 41 Ukrainian soldiers have made it to Russian territory after asking self-defense forces for help, the spokesperson from the Federal Security Service’s Rostov region border patrol unit, Vasily Malaev, told Itar-Tass.
“At around 20:30 Moscow time, 41 Ukrainian soldiers left their military bases and arrived at the Ukrainian border crossing checkpoint Izvarino. They appealed to the militia there for help to with cross into the Russian territory, in connection with the fact that they do not want to fight against their own people,” Malaev said.

All of the soldiers were able to cross into Russia at the Donetsk checkpoint, the spokesperson added.

A Kiev official confirmed on Sunday that over 40 soldiers abandoned their military…

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10 Responses to ‘Refusing to kill their own’: Over 40 Ukrainian soldiers flee to Russia

  1. TabuLa Raza says:

    Toke E. O. Rose

  2. Just Here says:

    Some people blame Russia, some blame USA.
    But, if Russia was that bad and if Kiev had every reason to fight, then why are their own troops defecting? This imo is the most important proof about who is right or wrong in this situation (even if i believe both of them to be shades of gray, just that Russia is the lighter shade).

  3. fnn says:

    Jew Posner interviews Dugin (with Eng. Subtitles):

    • fnn says:

      Dugin gives a shoutout to Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan at 15:24.

      • mindweapon says:

        Good for him! Hopefully Dugin has found MWIR.

        Moscow calling, Moscow calling, Moscow calling. Hello NATO soldiers. Today I want to talk to the Tommies, the British soldiers. It made me very sad that the treasonous British government didn’t care when Muslims sawed off Lee Rigby’s head.

    • FD says:

      Gets disappointing when the segment at 37:30 veers off into egalitarian posturing.

  4. Sam says:

    More tunes in the same vein.

  5. Sam says:

    Something that came to me about half way through the Vladimir Posner Interviews Alexander Dugin video. Notice Alexander Dugin doesn’t say exactly what drives the oligarchy, liberalism, global government. When the Jews ran the USSR, they still had lots of power even after Stalin, the USSR caused havoc all over the world. Cambodia, Vietnam, Angola, Nicaragua, etc. When the Jews were in England and the Dutch countries they drove colonialism. Selling opium to the Chinese for example. Now the Jews have power over the USA, we cause havoc all over the world. The true havoc is the Jew. Dugin is afraid of them. Putin also. I don’t blame them psychopaths are very dangerous.
    I think their biggest enemy is truth, sunlight, free expression of ideas and the study of historical fact. The internet is a wooden stake in their heart. Maybe not overnight but their power corrodes day by day.

    • Paladin Justice says:

      Would add to your comment that the mischief the Jews cause may be partly because they’re psycho, but also that mischief makes them money. Greed gets them going.

  6. Paladin Justice says:

    MW’s commentary is hilarious but true. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if whites refused to engage in war with a partially white country.

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