Even with extreme precautions doctor contracted Ebola – what will ordinary citizens do if virus goes pandemic?

Ebola is very contagious! Some do-gooder white doctor in Bongo Bongo caught it. Bring it on! I hope the Africans bring it here as a gift of diversity and enrichment for the liberals who love them sooooo much. Worse is better!

The Extinction Protocol

July 2014AFRICA– Since March of this year, Liberia and its partners have been working assiduously to contain one of the world’s deadly viruses, Ebola, but to no avail, as it effects have now reached an alarming proportion, putting the country in an undeniable squeeze. Having been criticized in the initial stage of the emergence of the virus and in view of the growing number of deaths as a result of the virus, the Liberian government has intensified life-saving measures including the declaration of national emergency, the setting up of a national task force, the closure of entry border points and other noteworthy. The taking of these actions, according to analysts, shows how risky the nation has become to the plague of the Ebola virus, and also means that it is at ‘war.’ The virus which emerged here in March of this year, having decimated a huge chunk…

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20 Responses to Even with extreme precautions doctor contracted Ebola – what will ordinary citizens do if virus goes pandemic?

  1. banned56 says:

    The evil beast who vectored ebola into Nigeria from Liberia KNEW he was sick with a horrible infectious disease when he boarded that plane.
    Patrick Sawyer, black immigrant to Coon Rapid, Minnesota from Liberia, who, subsequent to immigrating to US, took a gov’t job in Liberia, was a frequent passenger on international flights. He was working in Liberia when his sister contracted ebola, and he took care of her. KNOWING he’d been exposed to ebola and already showing symptoms, he nevertheless boarded a plane to go to Nigeria to a “social justice” convention, where he collapsed upon arrival and subsequently died, endangering the lives of all the other passengers and all their contacts.
    His uncompleted travel plans included a return to US.
    So, this puke was an IMMIGRANT who, if the US gov’t were not anti-White, would never have been let in, as, among other reasons not necessary to state here, it’s obvious his loyalties lie with Liberia. This creep would have made an excellent vector to bring in ebola, as he had zero scruples.
    Meanwhile, others in the “West African community” in Coon Rapids have future travel plans to West Africa.
    Question: WHEN, not if, ebola gets here, will the libtards FINALLY admit that we need a permanent immigration moratorium? Or would that be racist? Rhetorical question: How stupid are they, MW? Is being called a name worse than a horrible twitching death from infectious disease?

    Oh, and note that, despite the terrible, awful, very bad, unbearable discrimination that American- born blacks of West African extraction all suffer, donchaknow, the “community” voluntarily settled in Coon Rapids</b. LOLOLOLOL

    • mindweapon says:

      I hope for an ebola epidemic. Never let a good crisis go to waste, and that’d be a great crisis.

      • White-Musa says:

        A couple of years ago they found, in Arizona, it may have been Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an illegal Mexican worker at the largest nuclear power plant in the USA. And when you consider that there are dozens of Fukushima power plants in the US and nuclear waste dumps at Los Alamos National Laboratory (WIPP) in New Mexico and Hanford in Washington State with BIG PROBLEMS and you get a feeling that this is the End Times. And do you know what the Mulatto in Chief did after Fukushima blew? He authorized nine new nuclear power plants in the South. Which brings me back to the quote from Professor Oliver, keep this quote in the forefront of your mind as you read the news as it unfolds,

        But if we consider such things from the standpoint of the race, not from the standpoint of the individual Jew who battens on us, is it not likely that the material profit counts for much less than the spiritual satisfaction? And if we consider some of the Jews’ work, I cannot see how it could conceivably yield a net profit. What monetary gain can they have obtained, or intended to obtain, by spending vast sums to incite the Blacks to rape, murder, and arson? What profit from destroying civilization in Rhodesia and making that land again a land of savages? What can the Jews in South Africa gain in material terms from their present intensive effort to destroy the white population and make of that country another Rhodesia? Is it not obvious that they could squeeze much more money out of the White population by peaceful parasitism and without inciting the racial hatreds that disrupt the economy and could conceivably bring retribution upon themselves? The only explanation, it seems to me, is that with their race as a whole spiritual considerations are paramount, paramount over profit and even over self-preservation. One can foresee the logical end in a future that may not be too distant: one can see the last Jews dying with exultation on the surface of a planet from which they have exterminated all other human beings, all animals, all vegetation, all life — a planet of which they have made “a desolation of desolations.”

        THE YELLOW PERIL (1983) Revilo P. Oliver

      • mindweapon says:

        That is a great paragraph, White-Musa.

        But sometimes the biggest curse is to get what you wished for. That will be their curse.

  2. White-Musa says:

    How stupid are they,
    Think of what the masses of Whites have been exposed to since their birth. DRILLED Into their heads is selfishness, consumerism, sex, YKW worship, Diversity, self-hatred of your own kind. So the answer is: as dumb as cattle. Although even cattle will flee a pack of coyotes, Whites just keep moving to whiter areas, but they are running out places to flee to, and therein is their Armageddon. Yet for us it is a dream come true.

    “A man who gives himself to be a possession of aliens leads a Yahoo life, having bartered his soul to a brute-master.”
    Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Lawrence of Arabia

  3. I may be having a blonde moment, but why is worse better? Do you believe our European plague immunity could cross over or something?

    • vandal CH says:

      In Poland in the 80s under martial law the main mantra of the underground was “the worse, the better” because it was about bringing the system to a crash, making room for a new system. And that is exactly what we want. The sooner, the better.
      The price will be high no matter what. It is already high.
      We will have to face it in one form or another.
      And some eugenics we need anyway.

    • mindweapon says:

      It would put a monkey wrench into the liberal project, and give us a chance to regroup our forces without Liberal Paychex Lording Over Us.

      We have not had any chance to experience cultural autonomy. Liberalism is 24/7/365. There is no respite.

      A huge enough disaster or converging catastrophes would totally, absolutely, 100% end liberalism. The races would form tribes, and the tribes will war against each other, until we retake our ancestral lands. Because we will win.

      Billions will die. We will win.

      • Matthew says:

        Will also encourage renewed racial hygiene.

      • Sam says:

        “… monkey wrench into the liberal project, and give us a chance to regroup our forces..”
        I don’t think we will regroup. Rome never came back. We’ve destroyed too much, borrowed too much. The coming bloodletting will just be, more bloodletting.

      • mindweapon says:

        I think we will regroup. Rome did in fact regroup as the Holy Roman empire. Now we have much more knowledge.

        White people are a virulent organism. We will regroup with a terrible vengeance.

    • Space Viking says:

      Blonde moment? Take that ykw shit elsewhere.

  4. Denise says:

    Ebola comes from eating monkey meat. The African Untermenschen were warned not to eat monkey meat, but they can’t stop themselves. Oooga booga.

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