Two blacks attack young white woman in Brooklyn under video surveillance, proving that evil and stupid can indeed go hand in hand

What’s interesting about this is that these guys have no clue about video surveillance, or they don’t care because of extreme time preference.

It’s the perfect storm, where evil meets stupid.

I think we need to accuse liberals of creating a climate of hate, which encourages young black men to attack white people.


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18 Responses to Two blacks attack young white woman in Brooklyn under video surveillance, proving that evil and stupid can indeed go hand in hand

  1. Henry says:

    It’s in their genes.
    No way you can civilize them.
    Even animals don’t do this.

  2. Thank New York Shitty (not a typo) for their firearms laws. The young lady ought have had a handgun for her own protection.

    Any polity which abrogates its citizens’ Right of Arms does not deserve to survive.

  3. PureEvil cont. says:

    I guess the 24/7 surveillance isn’t deterring anything after all eh?

  4. Occigent says:

    They honestly look like they’re having the best time of their lives. No fear. Just good, fun times. WTF.

  5. Robot Sam says:

    These are the fun loving, easy going blacks all the white girls think are so cool.

  6. This is more proof that Liberals are the Real Racists.

    Remember that old saying, “a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged?” That saying was popular during the late 70s – early 90s black crime wave. Liberals were “soft on crime” because they didn’t want to punish individual criminals, but instead change “the social structures that encourage poverty and crime.”

    The conservatives, being the anti-racists that they are, wanted to hold blacks to the same standard of justice as whites. Whites, having the long term time preference, respond to the threat of punishment. Blacks, having the short term time preference, do not. So threatening blacks with 15 years in prison for playing the Knockout Game doesn’t deter them, because they don’t think that far ahead. Instead, you just wait around for the inevitable to happen, throw the book at the black bastard, then he writes some haunting hip-hop album about how prisons are the new “slave ships in the sand,” some YKW publishes his record and it’s bought by middle class white teenagers.

    Of course, the liberal solution is “more education” but that’s been done for 50 years and even they admit it won’t work now. So, back to the wisdom of the previous generation: segregation.

    All these things go in cycles.

    I’m a liberal reactionary. I don’t want generations of black men growing up in prison. I just want to gentrify urban neighborhoods and send the coloreds out to isolated suburbs. Harm reduction. Firepower gets it wrong, we’re the Liberal Fascists.

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    But it was a typo- surely you meant to enter Jew York Shitty. . .

  8. Paladin Justice says:

    The video was also posted on amren today. Apparently they wanted her purse.

  9. Jon says:

    I think short time preference is partly related to capacity to grasp subjunctivity (e. g., “If I ate [subjunctive mood 1] my seed corn, I would [subj.] starve next year”). Even at the same IQ level, you’re more like to get from them responses like, “you ain’t me” or “you don’t know what the weather will be like tomorrow” to, “if I were you…” or “if the weather be [subj. 2] nice tomorrow”.

  10. hardscrabble farmer says:

    She must have been concealing her White privilege in that bag.

    On a happier note- My wife has a friend from the old neighborhood (the 99% White town that hated me for noticing race) who told her via phone hat they have been hit with a series of robberies that were caught on multiple security cameras of a carload of “vibrant youths” who feel safe invading the neighborhood at night to break in to multiple cars/homes. No one wants to report the crimes because of the affect it will have on property values, so it hasn’t even made the PoPo blotter.

    I’d like to remind them that pretending something isn’t happening isn’t the same thing as something isn’t happening and that the longer they keep pretending the more likely there will be an escalation of criminality, but that would be racist.

    Living in a city is a calculated risk. Diversity has its challenges as well as its rewards. Its likely that the young woman in the video is a champion of those causes and as such she should consider herself a martyr for the cause.

    • mindweapon says:

      Wow, HF, that’s great news!

      People who disagree that worse is better haven’t spent enough time with disingenuous white liberals. These people are the enforcers of neuroticism and white guilt, and getting rid of them or neutralizing them is our absolute first priority.

      HF’s old hood is full of asshole DWL’s who absolutely deserve what they are getting, and the fact that they dont’ report the crime is friggin’ hilarious! They have to suffer in silence instead of crying out! Because to do otherwise would depress property values and would be POLITICALLY INCORRECT and RACIST in DWL Fantasy Island.

      • PureEvil cont. says:

        I found the fact that they won’t report the break-ins also hilarious. Oh yes, the sacred ‘property value.’ There is nothing in the universe most holy, good and life-giving than the blessed property value. I mean, really, what else is there??? I think in the Bible, orginally, on the 7th day God, instead of resting (how lazy!), actually created property value, in order to save the best for last. Yep. Take my life and my possessions, but not my property value.

  11. MW.Anon says:

    I’d add to the observation of non-existent black future time orientation the following:

    1) Cognitive incapability of comprehending abstractions – Abstractions such as laws, right, wrong, and morals are all products of a more evolved mind. It’s not that they don’t care about, for example, the law, it’s that they simply cannot comprehend it as real, because it’s too abstract.

    2) What I’d call “feralization”, beginning with LBJ’s Great Society – Many blacks are raised in a parallel world of free money and no consequences. America has now had multiple black generations who have been born, raised, and then procreated solely on government money. They have lost the concept of existing as a functioning part of American society, if they ever had it.

    • Jon says:

      As I mentioned above many have a diminished grasp of the subjunctive. If you ask a person of average intelligence, “what if you wife cheated on you”, he’d likely have a strong visceral reaction to the idea, instead of answering, “my wife isn’t cheating on me”, as you would get from many sub-saharans.

      I believe that the welfarism is profoundly dysgenic for both blacks and whites and probably the worst disservice ever done to them. If it were up to me, I would phase out welfare over generations, starting out by tripling the current payment for three children for anyone with no kids and reduce it by half for each child. The system where you get higher payments the more children you have is insane. I have concluded its intent was evil from the start — that dysgenics (and increasing the number of clients) is the desired result.

  12. scott says:

    It takes hidden cameras to catch a Jew:

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