ADL says 135 anti-Israel protests in US since July 8; now is a good time to go to pro-Israel rallies and practice your cover

Anti-Semitism On Rise In U.S. As Well As Europe

Go to the rallies with a pro-Jew, pro-Israeli sign, hang with the Zios, see how deep you can infiltrate.

Let the Muslims and Leftists do the open Jew hating. You should go Mindweapon the Jews/Zionists. Get them to consider you a true friend, then talk about the horrors of the knockout game. If your new Jewish friend dismisses the knockout game, have a story of how you got knock out gamed. You might even want to get a makeup job done that looks like you got beat up real bad, take a picture of it, and have it ready. So if your Jewish friend dismisses knockout game, you start crying, show him the pictures of how you were all beaten up and how the blacks who attacked you screamed “kill white people.” Show them the web site which doesn’t have any associations with Jewish-critical blogs. Which is actually a good thing. Jewish-friendly pro-white web sites provide plausible deniability to push certain Jewish individuals in our direction.

Your goal — to associate in the mind of your Jewish friend the anti-semitism/Holocaust, and anti-white propaganda. And if he denies it, you cry and stop talking to him/her. Make them feel GUILTY!

Watch youtube videos about the Stanislavsky method of acting. Use that, practice a Jewish type shtick except now it’s Whites being persecuted.

Then get them to go recruit other Jews. Have them carry your memes back to their Hive! Bwahahahahaha!

Some people say this won’t work. I say we won’t know until we try. At any rate, there’s nothing illegal or violent about trying this, and yet the rewards are quite possible.

This would be a classic Markus Wolf operation; you get Jews talking about the climate of hate against White people, and they don’t even know they are working for the White nationalist movement. They just think you are their new friend (you can be a Jew or not for your cover) who got beaten up in the knockout game.


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30 Responses to ADL says 135 anti-Israel protests in US since July 8; now is a good time to go to pro-Israel rallies and practice your cover

  1. “You know, Chaim, it worries me that these mestizos and schvartzes won’t really get the nuance of the Israel issue. It was just appalling when that hack Jose Jiminez beat Rebekka Stein-Mathers in District 8. You know, Michael Butz may be a Republican, but he’s no religious nut or anything, and he’ll make sure only the right kind of immigrants get in. No, I’m a Swede, why do you ask?”

  2. Sam says:

    You’re a devious one mindweapon. I don’t believe I could pull it off but I have no doubt that we need agents mindwharping the Jews like they’ve done us. They aren’t all psychopaths. Maybe we can get to the ones who aren’t.

  3. White-Musa says:

    As MW said, IT DOESN’T HURT.
    The YKW have been infiltrating the Arab and Persian governments for a hundred years OR MORE. The top guy at Intelligence in Lebanaon was a YKW back in 1950s. THAT is what MW is recommending.
    We need that and we also need UPFRONT people so that we can survive.
    When white people can pull something like this off, WANT to do something like this, THEN EVEN THE SAMSON OPTION will be no good. WE WILL SURVIVE and they won’t.
    These are BELIEVERS and that is the power:
    Video of Ibrahim al Hajj’s, a Hezbollah commander, funeral released on YouTube by Hizballah

  4. Tom Bowie says:

    I’ve managed to get Jews to spread things for me in the past; just different tactics for different Jews. Anti-Racist Hitler was a big hit with some Jews until they began to suspect it was not as benign as it first appeared.
    Even a very Jewish-Jew will be willing to help out a Pro-White but, only in the hope of getting a favor that corrupts you just a tiny-bit. At that time you can dump their backside; they will soon be more trouble than they’re worth.

    • mindweapon says:

      You don’t reveal that you are a pro-white. You are a victim of knockout game. Oy vey, you are as afraid of nazism et cetera as they are.

      What you want to do is get in their head and see how they tick. Then you will be better at doing the same thing with the next one and the next one.

      I’m not concerned about getting corrupted.

  5. Attila says:

    Right out of the Talmud (Tractate Pirké Avot):

    Who is wise? The one who learns from every man.

    • mindweapon says:

      Exactly, Attila. That’s the big weakness of WN’s. We have truth on our side, but there’s this fear that we’ll get “corrupted” by hanging with Jews. That goes back to Glenn Miller telling me that my plan won’t work because if WN’s are happy and get rich, they’ll leave the Cause with a suitcase full of cash to go to Vegas. I said that if they had that in them to do that, good riddance, let them go. If you are WN because you are unhappy, I want to avoid you like the plague, and if associating with me solves some problems in your life and you leave the Cause, oh well.

  6. Sorry, but I’m suspicious.

    What if that little ADL Boy is crying wolf again? It would not be like this would be the first time that happened and it isn’t out of the pale for Abe Foxman and his ilk to exaggerate certain events as preemptive bid for sympathy to take John Q Public’s mind off of any Israeli atrocities against Palestinian children. That movie, “Defamation” pretty much spelled it out for us.

    Moreover, White Nationalist groups in Europe have gained no traction with YKW being pro-Israel. When it comes to European territories, rich Jews, including Israelis, are donating huge sums of money to build mosques there. Rabbis join with imams to support Muslims against any European resistance to Muslim presence there.

    There is one thing that I do see that a lot of Jews don’t see, because if they did, they would be a lot more disturbed about it than they appear to be is that a lot of anti-Israeli animus echoes that directed against South Africa even down to the “apartheid” terminology. I don’t know how it got past the Jews, but even though Islam is proclaimed to be a universal religion, Jihadists are presenting this as a race war rather than a religious one. They are even recruiting Black and Mestizo converts from prison.

    Now, this is a slight digression, but thanks to the economy, stupid, if the Islamists ever hone a sharper knife in the Jihadist drawer, then instead of getting White Muslims to bomb Boston Marathons, they will get White Muslims to go out and convert the dispossessed, disaffected, and increasingly alienated White male population in America. Because they are ripe for it.

    I once asked such a man if he could sign up for an Islamist program even if he lost the right to vote (there is no voting in a lot of Muslim countries) if he had life and death rights over his wife and his children and he said he could, because he thought voting was useless. The Cultural Marxists have pretty much abandoned the class struggle to spread feminism and racism as divisions in favor of their Wall Street cronies who have insourced and outsourced almost all the jobs in this country.

    Mindweapons has chronicled Jewish hysterics over Dieudonne and La Quenelle. Well, if the Islamists up their ante and recruit enough White Christian converts in order to make this a class struggle, well which ethnic group is universally seen as very rich? With all the class envy the Left has fomented against even the appearance of blessings, i.e. “White skin privilege,” a large group of working class White Muslims combining with Non-White Muslims out there is going to make Dieudonne’s antics seem like a walk in the park by comparison.

    Back to the anti-Israel demonstrations over Gaza. Now for me, I don’t see much difference between the Palestinians and the Israelis (many of which are Sephardic or Mizrahi Jews) except the way they dress. But I saw some Youtube postings where the focus was on how European many Jews look compared to the “real Semites,” the Arabs. There were a lot of pictures of very Nordic looking Jewish soldiers and then there were pictures of very brown Arabs. This makes me think that any Anti-Zionist sentiment is another example of Anti-Whitism, which is why the cultural Left is all over it.

    • mindweapon says:

      Moreover, White Nationalist groups in Europe have gained no traction with YKW being pro-Israel.

      I’m not telling WN case officers to be truly pro-Israel, but rather to be pro-Israel in the way that the East German case officer in the book “Lion of Judah” who was pretending to be an MI-6 agent and pretending to be best buds with a Mossad director was pro-Israel.

      read the Lion of Judah by Viktor Ostrovsky to “get” what I’m telling you to do.

      Now, this is a slight digression, but thanks to the economy, stupid, if the Islamists ever hone a sharper knife in the Jihadist drawer, then instead of getting White Muslims to bomb Boston Marathons, they will get White Muslims to go out and convert the dispossessed, disaffected, and increasingly alienated White male population in America. Because they are ripe for it.

      It’s absolutely amazing to me that Russian intelligence as well as the Saudi Wahabbists have not figured out that the single most capable group of people in the world, White American high skilled men, are ripe for recruiting.

      All they gotta do is form some front company — an HVAC company, an IT company — heck it would even turn a profit. But they get the employees to go on retreats where they do some sleep deprivation and NLP and “company loyalty” exercises, and feel them out individually, and next thing you know, you got a bunch of agents and even a few “illegals” or high level infiltrators.

      For heaven’s sake, give a Russian GRU officer a budget of 100k a year and he could go find unemployed hacker boyz in mom’s basements and be their best buds and give ’em stuff to do. Send some of them to go be IT Cyber War dudes in the military, and they don’t even know that their best bud is a GRU case officer. They go on leave, their best bud is right there, takes ’em to Vegas and shows ’em a good time, and they do a lot of shop talk.

      The kid wouldn’t even KNOW he was working for GRU. And Mr. Case Officer gets him high and says, “hey, let’s hack into blah blah just for the fuck of it!” Yeah! Hahahaha, Fun!

      And if he gets caught which is less likely becaues he doesn’t even KNOW he’s working for a foreign country, he’s not going to act guilty, he’s just going to say WTF that’s just my friend from home! that’s just some dude I know. Well, yes, it’s true he helped me slim down and train to be able to do 50 pushups and 50 situps and jog 2 miles in 18 minutes, and he helped provide moral support when I was in basic training and lonely, and yes, he did procure a very hot chick for me to cure me of my virginity, but I thought he was just my friend!

  7. Erin says:

    I think it’s a great idea for the right person. Those with Evangelical “Zio-Christian” background can just join up with “Israelis” as a sympathiser. Just watch out for the Muzzies! They’re pissed!

  8. Electric menace tattoo says:

    these arrogant bastards never stop to think that maybe they’re doing something wrong and that’s why people are getting fed up with them, they just whine and complain and act like their victims well they’re destroying t the fabric of our nation, causing complete chaos and destruction and simply making this country a cesspool.they need to be dealt with by being stripped of any governmental power and exiled to their own country

    • mindweapon says:

      they need to be dealt with by being stripped of any governmental power and exiled to their own country

      Good boy — no violence advocacy in your expression of anger.

    • Occigent says:

      Stripped of power yes. Given their own country, no.

      They are, and were, to remain in diaspora. Separated, powerless. Communities can deal with with their own ghettoes. The Israeli state however, has unhinged the world.

  9. In my previous post, I posited my belief that the Left’s Anti-Israel opposition was Anti-White in spirit, because it didn’t really start erupting until after the Islamists starting posting videos all over You tube contrasting the most Nordic-looking IDF soldiers to the brownest-looking Palestinians they could find. Could these videos be what is creating the Jonathan Phenomenon? Because there seems to be increasing examples of Jews who, even though they seem to remain left-leaning, openly self-identify as White and go out of their way to thumb their noses at political correctness.

    When I went to the “Not-a-Jew Berg Lawyer” link from Curb Your Enthusiasm, I stumbled across a video with Jerry Seinfeld refusing to be pressured into “diversifying” his comedic line-up (all White males) in an interview with some politically correct reporter asking why he didn’t include women … you know, feature a guest lineup “that looks more like America,” Harrumph, bladebla bladebla.

    Of course, the political correctness enforcers collectively lost their minds over this:

    Instead of doing the typical grovel-apology tour, Seinfeld ignored the criticism firestorm and produced HIS webisodes HIS way. And what happened? They slunk away, because as far as Seinfeld was concerned, the discussion was over; he WAS the last word. Guess what happened?

    After seeing that Seinfeld refused to knuckle under to the “Diversity Nerds,” and lost no sleep over what they might do, the Conservatards found their spine and their testicles and “bravely” rallied to his defense.

    Interestingly enough, Seinfeld’s former costar, Michael Richards (Kramer) had his own racist flap with some Black hecklers at one of his shows several years before. But I digress.

    My take on this is, “Su dinero, su reglas.” Seinfeld was producing the show out of his own pocket. His show had been off the air for years. He was taking all the risks. He should decide what did or didn’t work and take the success or failure of his ideas and/or adjust his ideas accordingly.

    Public policy should only be enforced in public institutions like government bureaucracies; they have no place in privately-owned businesses. IMO, anytime FEDGOV tried to dictate hiring/firing policies to private businesses, they should have fought back all the way to the Supreme Court unless FEDGOV paid for the salaries of these diversity hires itself.

    Another take I have on this is that the Diversity Nerds accused Seinfeld of implying that White male comedians are funnier than Non-White and female comedians. I’m not going to imply SHIT. They ARE funnier; they HAVE to be, because they themselves are so limited by the politically correct, multicultural Forces of Diversity over what they can lampoon, any White male comedian who finds success, even with these tight restrictions, MUST be more creative. I can understand why that causes even more butt-hurt among Diversity Nerds.

    White male genius evolved on continents that were frozen over during the Ice Age. Erego, the more hardship inflicted on White men stimulates that evolutionary feature, thus giving White men even more of an advantage of everyone else, not matter how many IQ tests are being cited that put them at only mid-level on the chart.

    Even though some of his distant cousins in the media/entertainment ranks pushed what Mindweapons calls The Beautiful Loser Meme, Seinfeld never bought it and doesn’t want to identify with them. Seinfeld recognizes that evolutionary aspect of White men, capitalizes on it, and to a certain extent, identifies with it.

  10. I respectfully disagree with your stance about Jews not having their own country. Because there IS such a place that is NOT Israel. Moreover, it is not under a perpetual state of siege, inciting it to start more wars. Of course, it is not well-advertised, because neither the Diaspora Jews nor the Zionist Jews are interested in Birobidzhan AKA The Jewish Autonomous Region created by Stalin in the former Soviet Union.

    I can’t imagine Jews being annoyed by Christmas caroling, nativity sets, and pine trees in Birobidzhan, but for some reason, neither the Diaspora Jews under “persecution” from “Anti-Semitism” nor the Israelis facing Hamas and Hesbollah terrorists will even consider living in a country the size of Switzerland which is perfectly situated next to their next most favored nation of China. I guess it’s too damned peaceful there for them, so peaceful in fact that they look forward to the whole concept evaporating.

    In any case, both Diaspora and Zionist Jews disdained the Jewish Autonomous Region as swampland, infested by mosquitoes, like …. Louisiana.

    For whatever strange reason, known only to themselves, the idea of having a country of their own where they can practice their own customs, where they don’t have to deal in any way whatsoever with the Gentiles and their annoying goyish traditions just doesn’t appeal to either Zionist or Diaspora Jews. I know of a lot of White people who would jump at such an opportunity and be all over it… well, like white on rice.

    • Occigent says:

      No Cly, and we’ve been around on this before, a long time ago. I enjoy your comments but you’re wrong on abortion and you’re wrong on this. It is against God’s will that Jews have sovereignty. They shall wander the earth until their Messiah returns and grants it to them. It is anathema to Christian moral authority to grant to Jews that which Christ refused.

      I don’t think it’s coincidence that since the founding of Israel western Christian nations have lost the ability to maintain even the most basic of Christian legal or cultural standards — such as, for example, homogeneity or borders. It’s because we have become cursed by God.

      We will cease being cursed by God and regain our god-given moral authority when Israel gets destroyed (and it will — I don’t know how or when, but it will), and our people force them again into diaspora, to be booted from our nations when they get too comfortable, set to wander the earth because of the hardness of their hearts.

      Stop thinking you know better than those that came before you, who were better, who were far closer to God, who lived in countries that were closer to God and who found it their solemn Christian duty to God to keep the Jews in diaspora. It’s this hubris that finds us cursed. We live in a time of unmitigated perfidy and perversion. We look back to how we began to again find our foothold.

      • mindweapon says:

        We don’t accept any kind of Biblical authority here, Occigent, being as it’s derived from Jews and not Europeans. Christianity is an alien graft, in my view. My goodness, using the Jews’ book to try and attack the Jews? How strange.

      • Occigent says:

        I understand MW. I’m not really using “Biblical” authority, however. Just historical fact. People who used that book kept the Western world Jew-aware and relatively Jew-free for about 1500 years — and it wasn’t easy. I’m sure there wasn’t a day that went by that they didn’t wish they could be rid of them once and for all. Yet they knew inherently they would lose their authority if they acted in such a way. And when the faith was diluted enough that it finally happened, we lost Western Civilization.

        To whatever God exists, he blessed them and he curses us. I don’t know. If we were to make up a God right now I’d vote for a God that asks of his people that they force the Jews to wander. Seeing as how setting them up hasn’t done wonders for us, nor was it especially beneficial for the Russians.

        Regardless, without resorting to Jesus, the only way to fight a people who believe they are God’s chosen is to believe in a God who demands they are not. Even better if it’s their own. But we must be driven by a god who demands that we be driven, whoever that may be.

      • mindweapon says:

        OK, fair enough Occigent. Glad you’re not some tedious bible banger.

      • Occigent says:

        I really don’t want to be. I’ve never even read the Bible, to be honest. But damn if it didn’t work. Damn if it didn’t work.

  11. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I would love to try and infiltrate, but my ‘shiksa’ looks (blonde, tall, blue eyed, high cheekbones) will just give me away.

    It will be interesting to see how things play out in the Wild West. As always, my stance is this is not my fight. My job is simply to be as covert as possible, pop out white kids raised out side the Multi Cult, and then emerge from the shadows when the dust clears. Let the Muzzies have at the Jews and let the Jews cry waaaaaah that someone is persecuting them again. Working Whites owe no one anything here as we have been thrown under the bus by EVERYONE.
    I do not see ANY Jew every being on ANY White’s side.

  12. Harley says:

    MW are you suggesting that pro-whites should be trying to convert Jews? Do you not get what Judaism is?

    • Occigent says:

      I don’t see MW doing that but I certainly do. Calling Judaism genetic is Jewish. It’s buying into their whole conceit. Anti-Jews call Jews people with a faulty, toxic download. Not some genetically predestined racially pure people of God. Basically they’re idiots, fools. Calling them genetically chosen lifts them up, regardless of the outcome.

      People just don’t give our ancient forbears any credit. But THEY DID IT! THEY ACTUALLY DID IT. They separated Jew from Gentile and made it stick and they created a civilization around it. And to them, it was a faulty download. They were, and are, people of the error. They can change. And if they don’t, they can always be ejected again.

      • Harley says:

        They’re never going to ‘convert’ Occigent. Or have you not studied much of european history? Their whole game is to ‘wage war by deception.’ It’s ridiculous they’d ever give up being Chosen. They are the ones who made black people so depraved, precisely so they could foment division and have no one notice while they robbed us blind and zombified blacks. It’s sheer folly to think they will ever give up their perch as the Chosen to rule over the Gentile.

      • Occigent says:

        They seldom do, but they can. And the fact that it is so hard for them to do so makes us doubly aware of who we are and who they are. And our biggest problem wasn’t they’re identity, which never changed. But our own identity, which has fractured into a million pieces.

        Europe held. It may not have been pretty, but Europe held as long as we held. Jews stayed the same. We broke.

        Besides, what pisses the Jews off more than anything in the world? Attempts to convert them.

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