Donald Trump: Samaritan’s Purse Ebola victims ‘must suffer the consequences’

Donald Trump says the do-gooders who went for africa and caught Ebola should not be allowed back to the USA! Good for him! Fuck the liberal do-gooders.


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9 Responses to Donald Trump: Samaritan’s Purse Ebola victims ‘must suffer the consequences’

  1. Anon says:

    arrangements could easily have been made to care for these individuals not on American soil.

    “It is not spread by breathing you incompetent idiot.” – instead it is spread by the sort of mistakes that these people made, and that others can make.

    • Just Here says:

      It is spread by bodily fluids, but since ebola makes people vomit, have diarhea and their blood doesn’t clot so any nose bleeds or wounds can also be a source of infection. Not sure if puss is involved but that may be the case as well. Imagine sneezing while having a nose bleed, pretty big source of infection there since the blood can spread a lot like that.

    • torgrim says:

      Those like the, know it all, that called Trump an” incompetent idiot”, are the same type of liberal that become emotional and make every thing political…back when AIDS became virulent in San Francisco in the 70’s and 80’s, to the point that what most likely could have been kept from infecting millions through closing the places of infection that were public, and tracking the infected. No, these same types of narcissistic personalities made all personal and a civil rights issue, and millions became infected. Only because of massive injections of money and research has AIDS not become the Plague, and it may yet to be a problem in the future because, microbes mutate.

  2. Wally says:

    These evangelical Celtic/Germanic groups don’t care about poor Celtic and Germanic people around the world.

    What about the Afrikaaner children in orphanages who are barely surviving because the black South African government does not care about them. What about the poor Afrikaaners who are living in shanty towns, who have barely enough to eat and not much access to medical care? What about those people? Oh no. The Germanic/Celtic Evangelical Protestants don’t give a damn about poor people of their own ethnicity and race. Similar to English protestants in the past, who were fanatical about helping black slaves, but didn’t give a shit about poor English children working in horrific conditions in the factories in England.

    These Celtic/Germanic evangelicals will lead us all to destruction if they have their way. All because they want to be seen as morally superior to others. And the way they gain their moral superiority is to help people from other ethnic/racial groups, even if it destroys other people from their own Celtic/Germanic ethnic group. The more their own actions lead to suffering OF OTHERS in the Celtic/Germanic community, the more moral and Christian they see themselves. The proof of their own righteousness is making people in the Celtic/Germanic suffer and/or die. When people suffer from the actions of these missionaries, it’s just like Jesus suffering. And what could be more noble than that, in the minds of these evangelicals? It’s a totally sick and disgusting belief system.

    If people in the USA die of Ebola, those missionaries and the leaders of that Protestant religious charity should be held criminally and financially responsible.

    • torgrim says:

      It’s the Martyr complex.” Bear that burden, suffer, even unto death” even if it is someone half a world away. My goodness, this sort of Judeo-Christianity is foreign and a, mind- over- ride- system, of the host that it infects.

      They knew the risks and with that, those responsible should have the state of the art systems in place, in the nations that they are working.

      The Evangelical Movement is about numbers. They don’t see race, people, or for that matter the Earth, they are about the “Next World, this one doesn’t really matter, after all this is a place that is of sin, etc.

      This sort of thinking and looking at our home as a place to leave is so alien to our Celtic/Germanic DNA and ethos, that no wonder Churches in Europe are empty…for without the fear of hell and damnation, and ignorance due to the repression of knowledge, due to the Church, Europeans would have returned to their own native systems before the Reformation, as that was the beginning, of the Reformation, due to that other marvel of information, the Gutenburg Press and hence knowledge. Much like this 500 year event now; with the invent of the Internet.

  3. FN says:

    Good for The Donald!
    These are the Judaic-Christians, as opposed to REAL Christians.
    George Lincoln Rockwell, shortly before his assassination in 1967 told his followers to promote Christian Identity, even though Rockwell himself was an agnostic. Why? Because CI would bring the White Man and Woman back to their people through their God. I’ve always respected Rockwell and so, unlike many, respect CI.
    Children ESPECIALLY need a religious faith, which is why the YKW worked to destroy it and substitute “New Age” and liberalized the Christian churches where today there are NO genuine Christian churches any longer. All boldly proclaim universal salvation and LOVE the non-humans, and often SUPPORT the invasion of White homelands by these non-humans,

    The first place in the Bible where the word Jews occurs is in 2 Kings chapter 16 and verse 6, where the nation Israel was at war, in an alliance with Syria, against the Jews!

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    People that go to far away places [where nigras live] to help out are great

    IHHO [in his humble opinion] If they hurt Whites they are are evil. . .

  5. Henry says:

    There’s no such thing, FN.

    There is a possibility that ebola might just be the thing to clean up Africa.

    The old Boer prophet, Siener van Rensburg predicted over 100 years ago that the indigenous South African white Boer Nation (Boerevolk) would take back the old Boer Republics of the Transvaal and Orange Free State and Northern Natal, and would then settle the rest of Southern and Central Africa with immigrant whites from all over the world. We Boers (AND NO, we are NOT AFRIKANERS) were wondering how this would happen. Ebola might just be the solution here.

    Sorry victims, too bad.
    But it might just be a Godsent windfall.

  6. Robot Sam says:

    Sonce gay marriage is a thing, maybe we can marry ebola and AIDS, a nice 3 month fatal disease for the groids with no cure, high fatality and good short term gestation, so it can spread. After having a friend almost killed by a coon lately, and seeing the Carr brothers death sentence reversed, I don’t give a shit if that whole race and all of their defenders disappear forever.

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