Liberals offered to sign a petition to have illegal alien children live in their house or apartment with them. Surprise, surprise — liberals love those brown children at a distance, as someone else’s problem! they don’t want them living in the house with them.

Liberalism is effortless virtue. the moment a liberals are asked to make a personal sacrifice for their liberal ideals, they turn into racists!


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  1. Sam says:

    This is actually a excellent way to defeat liberalism and anti-Whitism if done correctly. There’s a book called Influence by Robert B. Cialdini. It’s well worth reading. Every one who considers themselves reasonably well read should read it. The only problem with reading it is it tends to piss you off when you notice how much the media, advertizements and etc. use underhanded ways of influencing you. I promise you EVERYONE that makes commercials has read this book. Anyways one of the stronger means of influence is to get someone to sign a petition or statement that you support something. In one test case they got people to sign a petition and then asked if they would put up a sign in their yards. The compliance for putting up a sign after signing was vast. Much higher. What may be an interesting byproduct of the video is that people who said NO to housing aliens might be influenced to rethink their position on having them in the country at all. They will at least be aware that it’s causing someone, maybe them, pain to house them. A bit sneaky but it doesn’t hurt anyone. I wonder if other mindweapon petitions could be made up to cause this same type revaluation?

  2. Stary Wylk says:

    This seems the time for SF references. In “For Us the Living” Heinlein wrote of a future America in which a referendum was required to go to war and those who voted “Yes” were considered to have volunteered for the forces. They had been at peace ever since.
    When they have to pay themselves, whether in blood, sweat or just inconvenience…

  3. Keith Martin says:

    If you asked the same people if they would take a white kid the answer would likely be the same Nyet There are 600,000 kids fostered in America most are white it is hard to find foster parents who get paid an allowance. There are no shortage of nuts who want to go to war, young Islamic Australians racing off to Iraq to kill other Islamic folk.

  4. Ha! Mindweapons, further back in comments, when Denise was posting about yelling at border enforcement demonstrators for not being hard-core enough while the open border demonstrators laughed, I suggested confronting them and demanding that they sign promissory petitions offering to house, clothe, feed, and provide schooling and medical care for “the children” out of their own pockets.

    YOU said this would backfire on us, because they would do it. I should have made a bet with you; I would have won.

    Notice that THESE liberals all backed off BIG time, almost from Jump Street. Not that many signed the petition to bring “the children” right to their town and those that offered the town up, all but ran away like their asses were on fire when it came time to offer a room for “a child” even though they’d get paid by FEDGOV.

    Mind you, they refused to put their names on some private petition so worthless they could use it as toilet paper.

    I told you so.

    Clytemnestra – like a stopped clock, I’m right at least twice a day!

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