Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony appears on The Political Cesspool!

Wow, this is a good score for James and the Gang at The Political Cesspool. Opie and Anthony have a huge radio following.

Anthony Cumia isn’t backing down, and he’s gone explicitly pro-White! Good for him! And for promoting the Political Cesspool! He’s awesome!

Cumia is going to have a call in talk show and he’s going to let people, including White nationalists, call in.

Sunday, August 3rd, Hour #3.

Sign up and subscribe to Cumia’s podcasts here


Fresh off his “separation” from SiriusXM, Anthony Cumia, formerly of The Opie and Anthony Show launches his live, uncensored HD video podcast coming August 4th at

The Anthony Cumia Show will be live Monday-Thursday from 4pm-6pm EST.
Replays will be available directly after the broadcast.


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19 Responses to Anthony Cumia of Opie and Anthony appears on The Political Cesspool!

  1. Mr. Rational says:

    Great sense of humor.

    Sorta OT:  My car came with Sirius/XM and a free trial subscription.  I wasn’t interested, but after “Bowling for Behave” and some show clips I wanted to hear Opie and Anthony just once.  The radio guide said they were moving for a while, and afterward it never let me get to their channel (skipped over it when I tried to dial it in).  Who needs something that’s that worthless?  They never got a penny from me and certainly never will now.

  2. hardscrabble farmer says:

    There’s a world of difference between someone who believes in something because they have done their research and thought things through and someone who is just a dick.

    Cumia is a filthy, disrespectful, parasite who has been living fat off of the degeneracy of our time. What he did or said has nothing whatsoever to do with being aware of our current problems on a societal level and everything to do with being an asshole. While I haven’t got the time or the inclination to wish him ill, if it were to befall him it would probably tip the scales of divine justice back towards balance.

  3. hardscrabble farmer says:

    From my previous life. He took the whole “shock jock” genre to lower lows. Their stable of “comics”- guys like Jim Norton, for example- aren’t only humorless, but are simply disgusting. I don’t want to go into detail, suffice to say that his opportunistic schtick, riding the wave of ever lowering standards of what qualifies as funny didn’t help him when he stepped on the third rail. The term ‘useful idiot’ could hardly be more accurate in Cumia’s case. I bet you a million dollars that he believed, right up until the moment the security guard handed him his cardboard box of personal photos and stupid slogan coffee cups, he thought he was immune.

    What we’re beginning to see- this is clearly a textbook example- is a mob style family war where all the previously assumed rules about not getting whacked are tossed out the window when the mob bosses get paranoid. That creepy jewish basketball owner vs the magical negroes, ultra liberal Alec Baldwin vs the homos, etc, etc. Like when a shark gets bit during a feeding frenzy, it’s just snapping jaws and bloody water.

    I hope he actually thinks about things now that he has time on his hands, but my bet is tearful apology on Oprah at some not too distant time in the future in order to keep the McFedNotes flowing.

    • mindweapon says:

      OK, I’m going to bet you on that. I say no tearful apology. He’s a psychopath, but he’s smart enough to see through political correctness and proud enough not to take the tearful Oprah apology route.

      We should call into his show and see if he really means what he says about letting people speak freely. He’s basically offering WN’s a platform to reach tens of milions of working class white dudes.

  4. Wally says:


    On one of their shows that I heard on youtube, one of those guys on the Opie and Anthony show mentioned Jared Taylor’s book in passing. So I think they might know more than they let on. If they live in New York City, they probably know about racial issues. They have to be very guarded about what they say publicly, since they might get fired. Example- Mr. Cumia.

  5. Joe says:

    Cumia is a celebrity with a huge following and it’s going to take people like that publicly embracing pro-white issues.

    I listened to him on Political Cesspool last night and he sounded like a true believer. I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt.

  6. number10ox says:


    I’d just like to add that Anthony is a vocal defender of Israel. Even though he just got fired by the Sanhedrin cabal that allowed him to profit as long as he stayed useful in his assigned role, he still seems to have no clue about the real nature of YKW or their role in creating the pluralistic sewer he now aspires to crusade against.

    I was curious to find out if his awareness has increased since he got axed, and I prematurely subscribed to his site in order to hear his new show. Well, he broadcast a “test” show last week and one of the callers asked him his opinion about Israel. He started by saying that Israel has been “abandoned” by the U.S. and went on to regurgitate the old meme about them being our “greatest ally”.

    I stopped listening right there and contacted site support to cancel my subscription. I have no more patience for supposed truth-tellers using their prestige to perpetuate the core of lies that is destroying my civilization.

  7. There is no way a White man would be allowed to get on the air unless he was Pro-Israel. He probably is another example where YKW will try to control any opposition by leading it. Kind of like they do Great Britain’s EDL. Because Whites still remain the group that is most Philosemite.

    In this case, they may have to show more latitude because it was Cumia’s “racist” encounter with the Black woman that got him fired. Not to mention, it won’t hurt them to do so, because many of the Black organizations have strong Muslim sympathies and the Latinos tend to be Anti-Semites.

    I think that the Zionists understand that YKW aligning with Non-Whites against the Whites was a mistake, because the Muslims are capitalizing on any Anti-White sentiment by contrasting the most Nordic looking IDF soldiers they can find against helpless looking little Palestinians; the browner the better.

    But Cumia can still be more useful to WN than YKW if WN are smart and never bring the subject of Israel up. Period. If Cumia brings the subject up, let the air go dead and stop calling the show until he stops. That way WN has more control as to what is brought up.

    The one upside to the Marxists on the left Mau-Mauing Obama into not one but two terms of office is that he is a Muslim and, aside from a few token gestures, he is going to sit on his hands and not do more than the bare minimum to help Israel. Counting on the fact that all those European countries which were flooded by YKW with Muslims will have to be openly anti-Israel because the little dears will get upset and stage “car-b-ques.”

    In fact, he’s made several moves to pull back our military from the whole region and draw down our forces (who are getting pink slips on the battle field even as we converse) so that it will be almost impossible for the next president to come running to Israel’s aid when he leaves office.

    So, AFAIC, Israel is the least of our problem. We have the economy, the Latin American invasion coming from the south of our border, and BRA to give the most Jew-baiting of our ranks a good “happy slap.”

    • number10ox says:

      I agree he never would have been allowed to name they-who-shall-not-be-named on his previous radio show. But now he’s creating his own platform where he could openly criticize Jews IF he were able to comprehend their active and coordinated role in our race’s assisted suicide.

      I’ll also agree that while the state of Israel may not be number one on the list, I believe saying that Israel is “the least of our problem” is overly dismissive.

      A celebrity’s willingness to ally themselves with Israel as they defiantly tear apart children and non-combatants with arms that we give them isn’t insignificant. The herd mind is again reinforced to ignore their own conscience and defer to the illegitimate moral authority of the kosher owned/operated mass media.

      “…to give the most Jew-baiting of our ranks a good “happy slap”. Sorry, read this several times and I’m not sure what you’re trying to say there.

      • @number100x:

        The “happy slap” preceded Knock-Out King. Some urban youth would slap some unsuspecting White. This was a couple of years before Obama. When nothing was done about it, i.e., drop-kicking their happy asses into prison where they would do hard time they started escalating it to the point that when America had its collective brain fart and Obama became president, Knock-Out King became common.

        Again, Israel is the least of our problems. It’s got about a decade left, if that much, of life left. And that’s per Henry Kissinger, who should know. Western nations that were extorted to supply material, weapons, and financial support via Holocaust Reparations are bankrupt. The USA is bankrupt. Not even the Chosen People can get blood out of a stone.

        Europe is in open revolt against supporting the Zionist “apartheid” state of Israel. Not that the most philosemitic of them have a choice with all the fire-breathing Muslims their governments imported. They are not going to slap sanctions against Russia. In fact, many of their openly philosemitic leaders are quietly cutting their own deals with Russia to keep that oil flowing.

        If Israel still had that kind of power and influence over this country, we’d already be at war in Syria and Iran, fighting them and the Chinese and the Russians. After the Neo Con’s Great WMD Lie, and the strong evidence that FEDGOV knew in advance about 911 if not actively planned it, people across the country put their foot down and burned down the lines to order the Congressional Cretins that they better NOT sign off on any war. Especially after the British people backed their parliament down.

        Did the Judeo-Xtian Ziotards rattle their sabers? All I have heard from the Amen chorus is deafening silence. Oh, I got into it with a Christian Ziotard relative and I pretty much doused any fervor with cold water. Asked them if they believe every word of the Bible was the truth. Well, yes. Do they believe that God bailed the Chosen People out of Egypt? Yes, again.

        My response to that was well, God is NOT spelled U-S-A. if they are still the apple of His eye, he’s going to pull their chestnuts out of the fire … all ….. by …. himself. I also pointed out that with one problem piling on another for America, that’s proof positive to me that He’s not blessing us for supporting Israel. He might want us to get the hell out of His way so HE can razzle-dazzle everyone. Let go and let God. That pretty much shut them up and gave them something to think about.

        I imagine that conversations were held like this all over the country. Not only are the Judeo-Xtian Ziotards keeping quiet, but there ARE Christian denominations that are treating the whole subject exactly like South Africa during apartheid.

        The end result is that we got a president who has no trouble demonstrating that he is more worried about his golf game than Israel and we have both parties in both houses of Congress outdoing each other by proclaiming their endless love, admiration and devotion to Israel, but all they do is draft statements acknowledging Israel’s right to exist and endorsing Israel’s right to defend herself …. all by herself.

        Because of their great control over the media, YKW has managed to squash dissent, not by threatening or arresting dissidents, but simply making sure they never have a forum to air their opinions. Dissenters don’t get to make movies, they don’t get their opinions published. They are non-persons.

        I think that WNists can be more effective if when they call into the show, they never allow Israel to remain the topic of conversation. If he brings Israel up, change the subject and make a comment or ask a question about something else. If he brings up the Holocaust, change the subject to the Holodomor.

        If he is stubborn about pushing the whole Israel-Holocaust meme, then don’t call in, let him talk to dead air for a few days and watch his ratings plummet. If he wants his show to stay in the black, he’ll have to stop. It’s that simple.

      • Occigent says:

        Ignoring Israel until it goes away won’t cleanse the white or Christian mind of the toxic idea that Jews and Whites march through history “together.” “Together” means Jews manipulating whites. “Together” means open borders for white nations. “Together” means federal reserve, pornography and toxic culture. “Together” means they live, you die, by whatever means necessary. Whites need to actively reclaim their superiority over the Jew. That means claiming now that Israel does not now nor has it ever had any “right to exist,” that it was an egregious error of our people and that Jews need to flee Israel while white nations remove their shield of protection over it. We again proclaim the eternal error of the Jew. We actively wash our hands of the situation and prepare for the aftermath.

        In the meantime, ignoring and changing the topic is a good idea. But betting the future of white nations on Kissinger or on the possible failure of worldwide Jewry is a weak bet.

        We must actively remove all of our shields from worldwide Jewry, in our minds, in our neighbors’ minds and in the structures of power. It is only in so doing that we reclaim ourselves. We have to make people choose and if they choose wrong they must be anathematized.

        I like your approach here Cly. At least you’re willing to let Israel fade away. I’d like to see our people have a hand in it though, through more than ignoring. I’d like to see our people adopt a wholly anti-Jewish mindset as a part of whiteness, force our nations to disengage, throw them out of our institutions and release the white mind. That would be cool.

    • Occigent says:

      Israel is our max problem.

      Imagine if over the last 50 years the obligatory “Two Minutes for Israel” on the nightly news were dedicated to ourselves. Imagine if all the Christian Zionist freaks weren’t consumed with “our best friend” and what it means for “end times.”

      How, on a very realistic level, are we supposed to have an “us” when we’ve spent billions of dollars and zillions in psychic energy on our primary enemy’s safety and sovereignty?
      If you don’t think that means anything than why are they so consumed with making sure we don’t get the same treatment for ourselves?

      At least we gave them ghettos. We’ll get nothing. Nothing.

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  9. FN says:

    Then there is Jared Taylor, who like Alex Jones, is married to a jewess, look at this jew propaganda:
    Gaza Everywhere
    Brett Stevens, American Renaissance, August 4, 2014

  10. Israel is a problem in that, as long as it exists, we have Jews like Barbra Spectre encouraging open borders and endless White immigration because they are operating under the belief that Israel with its concrete walls and strictly enforced sovereignty is there for them as a sanctuary once their little antics backfire into their faces.

    WHEN Israel disintegrates, the vast majority of Israelis are going to flee to White countries to join their relatives in the Diaspora. Where, especially in America, they are going to be seen as very rich White people and have to deal with Anti-White Cargo Cultists in government who want the Gibsmedat. Call me an incurable optimist, but I think we will have a bunch of Jonathans feverishly working to overturn any Anti-White policies out there.

    I have noticed lately, that there is a subtle sea change going on with White issues. Honest coverage of this border invasion for one. Anti-White allowed to become a meme in the media is another. A Jewish Princeton student allowed to take umbrage at the White Privilege meme. Honest coverage of Knock-out King.

    The deeper the shit Israel seems to be in, the more sympathetic the coverage to White issues by the MSM seems to get. Is that just a coincidence? I don’t think so. Especially since the Jihadists are using Anti-White themes in their propaganda war against Israel by depicting Israelis as Milky White European invaders oppressing poor little brown Palestinian women and children.

    I was watching CNN the other day and what Fox isn’t reporting is that Hamas is being treated like the de-facto leadership of the Palestinian people. Hamas had to sign off on a three-day ceasefire after the previous ceasefire didn’t last a day. Hamas has a spokesman (practically a quasi-ambassador or prime minister) that both Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer were interviewing.

    I wish all White Nationalists who agree to be interviewed by the media would record this guy’s interviews for pointers on how to handle these jokers. Both reporters made a big production out of how they had translated and verified all his Arabic speeches and confronted him with what he said.
    Jake Tapper confronted him about his “Blood Libel” remarks. Instead of cringing or getting defensive, Mr. Hamas quotes Jews who mentioned the practice. Proceeds to talk about how Muslims believe Jesus Christ was a great prophet of Allah, believed in the virgin birth just like the Christians do. I didn’t have time to listen to the entire interview, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he brought up what the Talmud said about those two.

    Wolf Blitzer confronted him about repeating Achmadinijab’s remarks about wiping Israel off the face of the earth which is surely Anti-Semitic and Mr. Hamas talks about how well Jews have been historically treated in Muslim countries (as long as they behaved themselves according to Shariah laws). Talked about how Arabs were being maltreated under the Jewish occupation of their homeland.

    The expressions on the faces of the reporters were priceless. I couldn’t help laughing watching them vainly try to assert control so they could scold and guilt trip Mr. Hamas.

    In any case, we have the entire Arab world and their Diaspora raising hell in European countries still populated by Europeans who are thoroughly ticked off over the idea that Israel’s sovereignty and borders should be protected but their borders can’t be or they are racist. The USA does not have large enough Muslim populations to influence public opinion to the extent that Europe does. Oh, Leftist radical chic offers a token support to Muslims, but Right-Wing or Conservative Whites would be defending themselves from charges of being Nazis and all that shit.

    Ron Paul’s position putatively wanting the USA to go back to George Washington’s rule about avoiding entangling alliances and not meddling in the affairs of other countries to the point of ending all foreign aid resonates the most with the vast majority of Americans on the left and the right. It’s nothing personal against Israel, but we can’t afford Israel anymore.

    So, our criticism is best focused on how our own elite are running our economy into the ground by letting all this poor, sickly, Non-White hordes into the country when American citizens of all backgrounds are facing record unemployment, inflation, pollution, and looming shortages. To quote Bill Clinton, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Americans don’t “get” the subtleties of Antisemitism and racism even though they are used as clubs to beat them into submission. They DO get the economy. Focus on that. Make all roads lead back to this piss-poor economy and never let up.

    • mindweapon says:

      Absolutely, Cly. In dealing with the masses, don’t try converting them to WN unless they are that rare bird who is ready for it, or is already a WN who doesn’t know that there are other people out htere like us. Just find out how you can influence them subtly in a direction that we like. There’s a million ways ot do that.

    • Occigent says:

      And then what, though? Tell them to vote Republican?

      My take is that the biggest issue is social conservatism. People I know that are willing to bust their butts are doing fine. What pisses them off isn’t that they don’t have work, but that all their tax money goes to support people who don’t work, don’t follow the rules, don’t believe in the same things they do and piss all over their rights to boot.

      They don’t mind working their forty hours and living frugally and raising their kids. They don’t care that they might not be doing as well as their neighbor. What they can’t take is the all the hollywood bullshit, common core and horrible educational standards, and generally living in a satanic cultural cesspool.

      In other words, it’s not the economy, it’s the culture. And it’s just a short hop to get them to recognize who creates good culture — whites.

      I personally have never gotten anywhere with anyone who blames “the economy” and I usually consider them a lost cause. Yet if I hear someone say in passing how sick they are of seeing all the gay normalization stuff everywhere I know they’re about two steps from all out white nationalism. And think about it. How many states passed initiatives led by citizens stating that a marriage is one man and one woman? Those are the people losing their nation right now, at this very minute. Those are the people that are genuinely pissed and the vast majority are producers and net taxpayers.

      So why is there nobody coming to their rescue? Because if someone stands up and says something they’ll be roasted alive in the press and probably fired from their jobs. This has all happened in the last ten years. One of the last remaining giant chunks of white cultural presumptions calved off into the sea of Jewish depravity. And now the final one, that a nation has a border, is quickly to follow. And the border has been heavily, heavily on the table for 30 years. Good economy, bad economy. It hasn’t changed. And people focused on the economy really don’t give a crap about anything important anyway — not really even the border. Not to the extent they’ll say something unpopular if it means hurting their personal bottom line.

      Anyway, whatever works. Culture moves mountains. Economies move goods. Go for the people looking at the mountains.

      • You hold the Republicans every bit as accountable as the Democrats. After all, didn’t they never stop trying to reach across the aisle and compromise everything they had run for office for in a spirit of bipartisanship? We want none of the above because both of them are equally to blame. The Democrats wanted to elect a new people and the Republicans wanted to employ them (at much, much lower wages than White people).

        Stressing the economy is the way to go. I was at one of those employer-mandated sensitivity sessions where the discussion inevitably went to race. I spoke up about the economy and mentioned that I didn’t remember this hyper-focus on race back in the late seventies and early ages back before the jobs started hemorrhaging out and the illegal alien labor started flooding in.

        I then turned to some Black coworkers in my age group and said I can’t speak for the Black community back then, but was there all this obsession with race there when jobs were plentiful? They agreed with me and said not even in their community was it this bad. Frustrated that the aggrieved people of color weren’t chastising Whites for their racism, the instructor quickly wound things up. End of discussion.

        AFAIC, the whole idea of homosexual marriage is doing what it is designed to do; get conservative, Christian heterosexuals too upset and distracted by the subject rather than keeping their eye on the ball. Where were the Christian groups when FEDGOV refused to quarantine AIDS infected people until the virus died with them instead choosing to tax them to pay for R&D on a cure? They’ll pay through the nose to extend the lives of promiscuous swingers without complaint, but they are beside themselves at the idea of two gays in hopefully a committed monogamous union that is recognized as marriage?

        If you keep the focus on the economy, you strengthen cultural values. A committed, monogamous “marriage” is a cultural value even if same-sex spouses is not. Same sex unions do not cost me any money … unlike being taxed for AIDS research … erego, I don’t care if some idiot wants to call another idiot his husband. Had the questionable economics of researching a cure for a disease resulting from a lifestyle choice been stressed, we wouldn’t be dealing with gay marriage as a civil rights issue right now.

        You hate the idea of paying for people on welfare? Loathe how your tax dollars are being used to subsidize Corporate America’s labor costs more. Welfare was expanded so that people would leave their jobs without making a fuss or their neighbors making a fuss because they had a safety net. Your taxes are paying for the Americans displaced so Pedro Martinez or Ghandi Patel could displace them at work. It was the lack of a welfare state that made Americans force the lawmakers to turn off the immigration tap.

        Of course, in order to maintain their welfare benefits, people are forced to have kids, so if you hate promiscuous women living on the dole and popping out one bastard after another, re-read the preceding paragraph and tell me how cultural values AREN’T impacted by economics.

        You should be bending over backwards to stress the economics … both macro and micro … of every bad cultural event. One thing I notice about White Nationalism is that the movement would really benefit if more WNs made some intense studies of social psychology. First, because they would be hard to manipulate and second, because they would know how to manipulate others.

        Google the Halo Effect. That’s the phenomenon where good-looking criminals get lighter punishment from the authorities than homely ones. A lot of people have a subconscious superstition that “righteous living” nets the blessings of wealth and beauty. When the Beautiful People in Hollywood and the Glitterati in Washington started pushing Snivel Rights meme, Amurrika jumped on it, because they saw their Halo Effect also reflected in a thriving economy. It isn’t a huge leap to make the case that a good economy reflects the “righteous living” of those who run it. If the economy sucks then it makes the case for the theme that those running it into the ground are engaged in dissolute living.

        One of the things they liked to teach in college was Literary Criticsm. It was divided into Marxist critiques and Feminist critiques and Queer critiques and Post-Colonial critiques, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum of various pieces of literary work. Indeed it was all about criticizing the culture.

        Well, we have a new culture now. And what I am really suggesting is an Economics Criticism of the current alien culture which is now in charge of the country. There’s a lot of fun to be had in backseat driving, so grouse and grumble away. Just make sure that plenty of people hear you enough to include their grousing and grumbling too.

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