Buddhist Meditation is how you become a Terminator; the US military uses meditation to reduce psychological distress of soldiers

When I read that the US military uses meditation to reduce PTSD and make it’s soldiers into more cold blooded killers, I made the connection between the Terminator Consciousness and Buddhist Meditation.

I always thought it odd that I was into both Buddhist meditation and the idea of the Terminator robot. I didn’t see the connection between Siddartha Gautama and the T-1000 for a long time.

can lead you to this

if that’s where you need to go. And that’s where we need to go. We need to cultivate Terminator Consciousness, and enrich our hurt and hate into an enriched uranium fuel cell like the Terminator has in it’s chest:

So instead of wasting your beautiful hate and rage into a counterproductive act of violence, you use Buddhist meditation to enrich it, like enriched uranium or pure hydrogen, and you get a fuel cell where your heart used to be.

How uranium is enriched:

U-235 weighs slightly less than U-238. By exploiting this weight difference, you can separate the U-235 and the U-238. The first step is to react the uranium with hydrofluoric acid, an extremely powerful acid. After several steps, you create the gas uranium hexafluoride.
Now that the uranium is in a gaseous form, it is easier to work with. You can put the gas into a centrifuge and spin it up. The centrifuge creates a force thousands of times more powerful than the force of gravity. Because the U-238 atoms are slightly heavier than the U-235 atoms, they tend to move out toward the walls of the centrifuge. The U-235 atoms tend to stay more toward the center of the centrifuge.

Falun Dafa, the only illegal exercise club in the world whose members are considered a mortal threat to the State, does an exercise system called “Falun Gong,” which translates to “Spinning the Law Wheel.”

It is absolutely analogous to how uranium is enriched. Imagine your raw Hate — it’s full of impurities, like mined uranium. These impurities can poison you, and render you less effective. These impurities are emotion — anger, despair, emotional ups and downs. Impurified Hate is why so many WN come and go, and it is why some even turn traitor and speak against us. It is why some engage in violence, which only hurts our cause, and many more who just rant endlessly and then burn out.

That initial rage is good and necessary, just like mining uranium is necessary. But you need to go to the next level. You need to purify it into a fuel cell, and that fuel cell becomes your beating heart.

Any time you feel disappointment or despair, that what you are doing is not effective, or anger at others, you banish that feeling because you know your life is only passing and ultimately nothing matters except to execute your Terminator subroutines without emotional interference. Emotions are crossed wires, they are shorting you out. You must run smoothly, with all circuits and all switches as optimal as possible. This is where Buddhism comes in. Buddhism teaches not to take anything seriously. However, the Buddhist would tell White nationalists that since we have something that gives us such strong negative feelings, we must accomplish our mission in life to fight it. But to fight it without anger. Determination, but not anger. Maybe even “fight” is the wrong verb. To work to make the energy flow in the direction we want it to flow.

A Buddhist would not commit suicide over a financial setback, for example. A Buddhist who is suddenly presented with a restraining order and a summons and complaint for divorce would not react with anger. He would keep his cool, and come out OK.

Meditation practices like qigong and yoga stimulate the spine, which is the emotional center of the brain. A well exercised spine makes you less emotional and more able to absorb blows from the world. And spinning the Law Wheel in Falun Gong enriches your Hate-Uranium, and gives you a fuel cell in your chest:

Hereward Saxon put a comment about the Obama administration’s “Smart Growth.” The fear of smart growth is that we won’t be able to do white flight any more. Newsflash — white flight is already failing. The blacks are moving into the suburbs in huge numbers. Smart Growth can’t make it worse,and might have the unintended consequence of making it better for us.

Today, upon viewing this video, I have formed two axioms:

Mindweapon Axiom #1: Any heavy handed government policy will end up working in our favor by radicalizing Whites.

Mindweapon Axiom #2: Aryan Skynet should analyze all government policies and figure out how to make them work to our advantage.

I happen to agree with Smart Growth, and I don’t think it will make the racial situation any worse than it already is, as I stated. Forcing white people back into cities will make us tough; the most racist white kids are in South Boston, Queens, Brooklyn, Yonkers,LA, Berkeley, hell, even New Britain, Connecticut.

The cities will incubate and multiply the nodes of Aryan Skynet. The code is already written, we just need millions more nodes who are fully encoded.

Most suburbanites don’t produce food. they had might as well live in walkable communities and share knowledge with each other. The white kids in the burbs don’t learn skills as much as if they lived on either a farm, or in a city. They are stranded and bored.

No government policy is absolute. They aren’t going to make rural areas “no go zones” or something. I can’t see them outlawing hobby farming like I do, or small scale commercial agriculture, which produces the best quality food. I’ve met high level politicians who are very paranoid about the food supply, and view hobby farmers as a lifeline.

Let me paint a picture of how Smart Growth will work for us, if they actually do it.

In the suburbs, whites are complacent about blacks moving in. They feel spread out enough that they aren’t afraid of having to live cheek by jowl with Jamal and Laquan. If they suddenly have to start living cheek by jowl with Blacks, they will be forced to organize with the intent of getting the right to have White neighborhoods.

Can you imagine if we were in a situation where millions of White people were desperate, DESPERATE, to not have to live in a hellish, loud, dangerous Black neighborhood?

This will be the great teachable moment. They will open their USB ports and allow themselves to be encoded fully into Aryan Skynet.

What will be in their coding?

1. Jews took power over the world without firing a shot. They did so by relying on their individual wills acting in concert, like a Hive, and working on their agenda through generations.

2. We can do this too. We are as smart as Jews, and we have the capability for greatness encoded in our DNA. We just need the correct encoding.

3. Becoming a Hive, Becoming Nodes of a Neurosemiotic Network, will require that we discard anti-intellectualism and emotionalism, and become at once part nerd and part psychopath. The Buddhist Terminator, in other words. The nerd part is that we need to be studying and mastering practical things; the psychopath part is about sweeping away the many human, all too human aspects of ourselves that interfere with our march to power.

I know it sounds strange, but cinematic depictions of cyborgs, of a creature that is part man, part machine, gives us a new model of consciousness. There is no reason we cannot make ourselves into Terminators of a sort.

I can’t find the great clip where Kyle is telling Sarah Conner that the Terminator can’t be bargained with, can’t be reasoned with, doesn’t feel pain, or remorse, or pity. Damn copyright police. But watch the first Terminator movie if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

This blog is called “Mindweapons” in the plural. You are all Mindweapons, striving towards an ideal of a psychopathic cyborg that does not know fear, or guilt, or giving up on one’s mission. Any time you feel fear or discouragement, banish it! Terminators do not feel those things. Like it or not, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator is the archetype of the Psychopathic Aryan Nazi in modern culture:

There’s no banishing this archetype. It will always recur in some form.

Just like the Beatles albums were talking to Charlie Manson, the Terminator movies are talking to us. If you want to fight, make yourself a Mindweapon Terminator. Of course, the cinematic Terminator had to go around killing people or it wouldn’t have made money.

Real life Terminators, the Mindweapons, maneuver themselves to being the ones who sign the checks. The hand that signs the checks, rules the world. Nathan Rothschild was the Terminator of the Napoleonic era.

Passion is good to have, but that passion must not be allowed to blow itself off, like a firecracker. It must be directed, like a bullet.

Have you ever noticed that the lower classes are always getting in trouble because of their emotionalism? Bf and gf get in a rowdy argument, bf goes outside and smashes the window of his own truck or punches through the wall. Cops arrest both of them, and now they have to pay court fees and have a record and so on. Someone tried to tell me I shouldn’t do business with someone because he had a multiple arrest record for “domestic violence.” I was like get the fuck out, that just means he is involved in typical prole drama that plays out over millions of people.

I know there’s real cases of men who beat their passive wives — real domestic violence I suppose you could call it, but most “domestic” calls are both of them fighting, and women hit these days. Actual feminine women, like you’d see in a black and white movie, are the exception these days, especially among the proles. Prole chix have to be tough and hard as nails. Thanks Liberals!

Anyway, I figured out a long time ago that one’s success in the world, and thus one’s ability to influence and control one’s little sandbox, depends on being rational and calculating, rather than emotional. To be a nerd who doesn’t get rattled. That’s where the psychopath comes in. I am currently reading this book:


The average man is afraid to take risks, or just doens’t want to bother with it.

But if you are angry, if you are enraged at this world, then you are motivated, and therefore you must go beyond your comfort zone to do things towards changing the world to one that makes you less angry. You must go do boring stuff, and stuff that would make a normal person stressed out, worried, and alternate between elation and disappointment. These things you must do to become powerful, but as a Buddhist Terminator, it won’t bother you, it won’t give you a heart attack. Like I said, the real life Terminators don’t have an exciting life, but they do have a potentially stressful life, and they have a rewarding life.

We have to be disciplined like ants or bees in a hive and have ice in our veins, like a psychopath. A degree of psychopathy can be cultivated, like practicing kung fu, and as I said, Buddhist meditation and qigong practice like Falun Gong can be used as the Kung Fu of Psychopathy.

When you have conquered yourself, then you can become individually successful and wealthy, and when you get rich you can be the queen bee that starts the first hive, then you can attract worthy worker bees (White families) to join your Mindweapon Hive. Then we branch out and make more hives.

We don’t even have to think about it; it’s just instinct.


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27 Responses to Buddhist Meditation is how you become a Terminator; the US military uses meditation to reduce psychological distress of soldiers

  1. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society.

  2. Paladin Justice says:


    Look at the comments. Harley is calling Viking Bitch a murderer, along with me, mindweapon, and several others who “enable” VB. Any thoughts on how to respond to this craziness? I believe Harley was banned here, was she not?

  3. asmoday20 says:

    I definitely agree with White kids being radicalized among the “others”. I didn’t think much on the subject until my family moved to SoCal. You learn quickly.

  4. PureEvil cont. says:

    Once again, I am blown away by your hardcore (excessive?) optimism. I don’t see the cities making us any tougher, most of the white professionals who move there are just taking the ass-whoopings. And on top of that there is total lack of seriousness. All they are living for is giggling. Get out of work and go the bar, the club, the friend’s house, etc and just giggle, giggle, giggle. They have no info to exchange, except that which pertains to their highly contrived jobs, and endless ironic hipster snark. I wish it were otherwise but this is what I’ve seen of these people.

    As far as staying “cool” and things coming out “OK,” I don’t know how that is. Flipping out will do us no good (at the moment) so I guess surrendering while staying calm seems like all one can do- but you’re still losing and the restraining orders will work out no matter how “cool” you are. It calls to mind the Dylan (Zimmerman) line that “if you’re walking on thin ice, you might as well dance.”

  5. Wally D. says:

    An interesting post linking meditation to killing Buddhism is competely non-violent. Tibetans offered very little resistance against the Chinese military hive when it attacked. The monks were willing to die for their principles, whereas, as General Patton said, “you must make the enemy die for hia country, rather than you dying” for your own country, race, tribe.

    • vandal CH says:

      yes, it is quite upsetting. I am myself Tibetan Buddhist, that is the only religion I ever identified with, being born into a nominally Catholic Polish family.
      My first contact with Buddhism was through Zen though (around 1989).
      And this is a samurai religion. They never had a problem with killing and dying with honor.
      Why not? Because Japan was never a part of some multiculti empire.
      Unfortunately as a whole, Buddhism suffers under the curse of universalism, being (to a great extent) unifying factor in empire building.
      And empires are almost always multiculti.
      Just like emperor Constantine decided that Christianity would be good for the Roman empire, Ashoka decided that Buddhism would do the same for his Indian empire.
      So, I would say that just like any other universalist religion, it was a peasant management system.
      And asked directly, even Tibetans agree with that.

      • WhyNotYou says:

        It looks to me as if Buddhism is the eastern version of Christianity. That is not a good thing.

  6. Wally D. says:

    Rather than expending time and energy on cultivating calmness, through meditation, I think reaching out to people within the military/intelligence establishment is a much more effective route of achieving collective racial “enlightenment” People like Edward Snowden do exist and they need to be approached before things get out of hand and it becomes impossible to network. The window of opportunity is rapidly closing. We are probably one ebola case away from martial law, now. Ebola seems to be a sexually transmitted Negro disease so it will be allowed into America to energize Obama care.

    • mindweapon says:

      The window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

      I disagree. Even if we get martial law, will it be so bad for us? You don’t realize that these things you fear so much, like the first black president, might turn out to be a huge blessing in disguise. The most important thing is for white people to be radicalized. Every bad thing that happens puts us closer to that goal.

  7. Ryu says:

    You never watched the Sara Conner Chronicles, did you MW? It brings new depth to the series.

  8. Bad Mr. Frosty says:

    Here’s the scene in the original Terminator.


  9. Johan Hoeff says:

    This is simply the ‘Poet/Warrior’…this is the coming consciousness of Western Man.

  10. “Discipline” sounds so much better than psychopathy.

  11. Snake says:

    I’ve found inspiration in what little Nietzsche I’ve read. Not so much his “Will To Power” and “Übermensch” material, but earlier work. In “Human, All Too Human” he notes that psychological observation is a great palliative for us. Ol’ Friedrich’s ludic warrior style feels more in sync with our psyches than Buddhist nihilism.

  12. ConantheContrarian says:

    MW, I think that we should study some form of martial art, and I see a lot of us interested in it. I recently discovered Systema, a Russian based art. Another way to defend yourself. Readers can research it for themselves.

  13. Occigent says:

    When I think of a Terminator I think of a man/machine that is a shapeshifter who changes form to infiltrate small white communities and obliterate them in the name of the borg (or machine world). Except for one.

    At least now I know what you’re talking about. Much to think on here. I thought the “skynet” you were referring to was outpost sites like this and others where free discourse is still allowed, not the actual skynet that takes over the world and kills humanity. Could that skynet be white? I don’t see a snowball’s chance in hell of it happening, but it could. How many whites actually run tech anymore?

    Much to think on. Appreciate the Mindweapons 101 though.

  14. Logically, if there are two men and one is willing to do more to achieve his end, that guy will win. In a zero sum game, the person who closes off opportunity, while meeting some deluded notion of nobility while they live, completely loses.
    Buddhists are not the soft touches The West has been led to believe, I have heard of a sect (I don’t know the name, sorry) that stared at decomposing corpses for days on end while meditating and fasting, and recently Buddhists have begun killing Muslims in their area in the East. http://www.economist.com/news/asia/21610285-our-departing-south-east-asia-correspondent-explains-how-plural-society-remains-key

    • Wyandotte says:

      You are correct that Buddhists are not the soft touches we’ve been led to believe they are. For one tiny example, I recall seeing on the news Buddhists monks in their robes throwing stones at the police somewhere or other, over something they were angry about. The quiet, all-knowing, all-accepting Buddhist is seriously bogus. And why are we so quick to believe that pouring gasoline all over yourself over a bad war is something that all Buddhists would do? They aren’t all the same in their individual character or behavior any more than Protestants are.

  15. Craig says:

    From 2:03 onwards is the bit. Kyle Reese was more of a human terminator any way’s.

    A new theme song perhaps, cracked me up to man. Perhaps they read your blog, it was posted on 20th March 2013… Coincidence I think not my friend.

    Some Aussie slang for a laugh.

    Person 1 – “Cheers, big ears”
    Person 2 – “Same goes, big nose”
    Person 1 – “No worries, no nurries”
    Person 2 – “Who cares, pubic hairs”
    Person 1 – “Give a stuff, bum fluff”
    Person 2 – “Give a f**k, toilet duck”

    hehehe 🙂

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