Mindweapon and family get outed by One Peoples Project


So I’m “prominent” and a “neo-Nazi?” I don’t know that I’m prominent, and the neo-Nazis are the ones genociding my wife’s people in Eastern Ukraine, funded by the USA government to the tune of 5 billion dollars.

Mass murder is happening right now in Eastern Ukraine, sponsored by the US government.


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89 Responses to Mindweapon and family get outed by One Peoples Project

  1. PA says:

    You’re in good company. See: Roissy.

  2. Has Mr. Jenkins yet paid the judgment debt of $50,000.00 that he owes David Yeagley? If not, has execution of judgment yet been levied upon him? If not, it would be a delightfully embarassing video to see him accosted in ambush by a process-server, in a manner like faux-“prole” Michael Moore.

  3. the outdoorsman says:

    The anti-White’s blog you linked to reads like some sort of tabloid or gossip column. It’s really hilarious to me that they actually think this is some sort of a “shaming” tactic, especially at this late stage of their manufactured hysteria. The majority of White people really couldn’t care less about so called “racism”. These anti-Whites are living in the past – lucky for us they are doubling down! “Prominent neo-Nazi”……… just a code word for an awake and aware White man.

  4. Robot Sam says:

    Neo-Nazi – Aware white man.
    Antisemite – Someone Jewish people don’t like.
    Racist – Realist
    Homophobe – Straight person.
    Feminist – Unhappy, unattractive woman.
    Antifa – Drug addict
    Hater – Truth teller
    Fascist – Employed individual

  5. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    How is it that pos Jenkins still has that website?

    Oh and and as an Aryan woman I can assure any anti-Whites reading this that I have never seen a woman commenter treated badly at this site.

  6. The term Nazi is overused and worn out. Israelis use that term to demonize their opponents regardless of their particular political beliefs. This is similar to the way that they use the term holocau$t™ to get sympathy and swindle innocent gentile victims out of their money. Israelis have recently been called Nazis for their treatment of Stone Age African economic immigrants who came to Israel. This is also unfair. They are merely keeping Third World trash out of their country. Throwing around the term Nazi is what liberals do when they are losing an argument.

    • Wyandotte says:

      The term “Nazi” is completely useless. Nazism was a uniquely German ideology and political system. You cannot be a Nazi, neo or otherwise, today, here.

    • PB says:

      They may be keeping TWT out of “their own” country (raises its own questions) but its still the Chosen Ones who are instrumental in letting that same third world trash loose in everyone else’s country through their disproportionate political influence and their Mastery of guilt. A side of media control helps there too.

  7. Denise says:

    Jenkins is a Soros Field Negro

    Will your wife still run for the Judgeship? I hope so. Lovely picture!

  8. PureEvil cont. says:

    I still don’t know what a neonazi is exactly, I guess it’s one of those things we’ll never know. Yawn. I thought you’d be a redhead dude.

    • Denise says:

      Neo-Nazi? I thought the term was NEON Nazi! You know, a fun, colorful, splashy kind of modern Nazi. Drat. Foiled by my ADD reading habits again!

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  10. April says:

    Mindweapon you are a very handsome guy!

      • Ike says:

        I imagined you lookin more like a surfer dude, based on your voice. I kid I kid, but anyhow i think it’s about time you start that Kievsky hour weekly podcast that I suggested a few months back.
        Best regards,


      • mindweapon says:

        I definitely have the soul of a surfer dude, I just need time to hang at a beach, a surf board, and to learn how to surf. I love the ride the waves any way I can though and we usually go to Misquamicut in Rhode Island severla times a year.

    • Yea, that’s a great pic.

    • When I saw the handsome man in the picture, I thought to myself that this must be one of those days that God must be feeling very smug with Himself over His handiwork. After careful … ahem … study, my eyes wandered to the headline.

      My first thought is that the One People’s Project Group is going to be very, very, very sorry they “outted” you and the Missus. Anyone looking at the wholesome, attractive couple in the photograph are going to look forf the White Trash Freakshow association with NeoNazis which was revisited with Craig Cobb in Leith, ND. You know, where usually some uncouth, obese or scraggly snaggle-toothed guy is featured. Then they are going to look at the picture and think, “but they look so normal!” In fact, this couple looks far more like the neighbors most people want to have than Jenkins.

      My second thought is that another reason they screwed up by “outing” you is your name; Robert Freeman. Robert, which translates to “bright with glory.” Freeman. Free man. Very, very symbolic. Very, very significant. Your name is a subconscious WN meme in and of itself. In Jenkins’ place, I wouldn’t have touched you with a ten foot pole.

      My third thought is that I better get my ass to the gym. Needless to say, I’m going to follow your physical fitness recommendations to the letter. If I am going to be “outed” any time in the future, I want to be beautiful for my public, LOL.

      Last, a request. Would you please consider replacing your icon with your photo? I’m asking for strictly shallow reasons; I like the scenery and want it to stick around. However, I also think it would be a great “in yer face” to Jenkins and his ilk.

      • mindweapon says:

        Thank you very much for the compliment on my appearance, Clytemnestra. It is much appreciated.

        As far as changing my avatar or the header on my blog, I must respectfully decline. The Terminator, and Thomas Malthus symbolize what I, and this blog, are all about.

        It’s funny how this blog was too deep for the detractors to “get.” The commenters are in on it; the outsiders are totally clueless.

      • Wally D. says:

        Indeed, “they look so normal” because they actually are and define the new normal. The new normal is intelligent and racially aware, wanting to break free from the slow ethnic cleansing being inflicted upon it, just like the Gazans want to escape Israeli domination by tunneling away from the killing fields.

  11. heathenhank says:

    lol at the claim that you tortured a rabbit, where the hell did that come from?

    Congrats though, as I only will think of you more highly now, and you and your wife look like a wonderful couple.

    I think a lot of us are going to be involved in these petty outings in the future, and frankly I’m not too worried about it as most people just don’t give a shit about the 15 minutes of public “shame” anymore.

    It really only gets complicated when employment is concerned, but then again, who isn’t having trouble with employment these days?

    The one thing I’ve learned from watching the outings of the evvullll “White Supreemacists” is that the apologizing route seems worse than just weathering the storm. Once the liberals smell blood (your atonement to their false god) they only hunger for more.

    • Just Here says:

      “lol at the claim that you tortured a rabbit, where the hell did that come from? ”

      Yeah wtf is up with that?

      • mindweapon says:

        I humanely slaughtered, dressed, skinned, cooked and ate a rabbit. I was teaching a survivalist class.

      • Just Here says:

        Ah ok then.
        I don’t really understand what people have against killing rabits or other animals for consumption…
        It’s like they never ate meat before, or don’t know where meat comes from.

  12. Congratulations. They have the thrown the worst thing they can at you, and now you and they have the opportunity to see how it falls. I get the strange feeling pretty much nobody cares………. Best of luck to your wife on the election.

  13. banned56 says:

    I never knew your last name was Freeman, Rob. There is something almost metaphysical about that. You are championing our people against the anti-Whites who enslave us through taxation, to pay the non-Whites to breed, and, ultimately, are slow-genociding us. You are living up to your name, free White man, peacefully demanding your rights, and the rights of the rest of our people. Thank you for being a hero, and,
    Thank You for being a handsome White man married to a lovely White lady who made a wonderful White child.

  14. White-Musa says:

    First off, your political views are your own, not those of your wife, your mother-in-law, your child. That is the end of the story. Only a BIGOT, a HATER, a PREJUDICED person, a SEXIST, would assume that your wife holds YOUR views. That is so 19th century thinking. Which is a problem with racists such as your attackers.
    You are free to have your political viewpoints, just as your wife is free to have hers. End of story,
    I do want to tell you, MW, that one of the two most brilliant men I have ever met was an Islamic jurist. He told me that it was SAFER to be OUT, as it were, than hiding. And his political views were not far from ours. And the fact that he is still alive and prospering, gives the lie to the FEAR that so many White survivalists have.

  15. Ryu says:

    Wow! Nice picture, MW. They choose a good one for once.

    The hipocracy of the liberal nazis is incredible. What is the greater crime? Killing rabbits, or killing millions in Iraq and the Stan?

    If they are really against Nazis and facism, they will resist the USG. They chase down racists for little crimes, but let the big crimes go. Much as the American police, in fact.

  16. Occigent says:

    People are desperate for leadership, for someone that will stand for something. I may be crazy but this could benefit you in the long run. This site is unmatched in the pro-white world when it comes to positivity. Maybe you should run for office, too.

  17. Snake says:

    Neonatzee? But your sartorial choices are sensible!

  18. attacks on anyone who isn’t a straight white Aryan male.

    Really, they just make up bullshit don’t they? Let’s see, MW is so “female friendly” I consider it white-knight territory, we’ve mentioned several times that the gays help gentrify the urban neighborhoods, and MW is all about not alienating, but learning from, Asians, Indians, etc. We even have a few Indian guys and an actual Jew that posts here.

    But that doesn’t fit into One People Project’s tiny little Marxist brain, who can only think in terms of “class war” where all the peoples of the earth unite behind Schlomo the Liberal Jew to fight the Evil White Man (and never mind about those Palestinians over there.)

    OccidentalDissent outed these Zionists at the OPP a while back. Jeffrey Imm had an entire website dedicated to slandering *every ethnic group of people on the planet* as “racist” or bigoted in some way – except for those Super Special People chosen by God himself to lead the goyims – funny, there was no criticism of them allowed whatsoever. Now I wonder why that is.

    I’d sue OPP’s for something, slander, libel, or whatever. AFAIK, you’re neither a “neo-nazi” (whatever the hell that is) nor a “white supremacist” (whatever the hell that is.)

    But one thing is obvious, OPP is a Zionist front group, actual racial supremacists engaged in a campaign of genocide against the Palestinian people and harassing white people in America as a diversionary tactic. If Ms. MW is a lawyer, sue sue sue!

    Hey, OPP, out me next. It will make great publicity for my book!

  19. One People’s Project is a “cut out.” It’s not an actual “organization” of “anti-racists.” Same with the related groups run by the Imm family. These are cut-outs, one-offs, created for specific tasks, like harassing white activists, shutting down the Amren conference, or making sure the opposition party can’t stop terrorists attacks.

    Wait, what?

    The entire left wing activist subculture is a front group, it’s a bunch of mentally ill types chasing a tiny stream of money coming from Zionist groups.

    I know this because my fictional character infiltrated these groups in college, had sex with all of the hottest girls, then wrote out a very long and detailed report about them for my employers, a shadowy group of Right Wing Capitalist Reactionaries, some with ties to radical religious groups. But of course that’s all fiction.

    So you just follow the money, it’s easy, and it all goes back to the same neighborhoods really.

    But of this whole crowd, Jenkins, OPP, Jeffrey Imm and whatever his business card says these days, Mrs. Imm – Jeffrey’s wife – she is by far the most interesting. She’s even been in the tabloids, as a “spiritual advisor” to none other than Chandra Levy. You remember her, right? She was fucking the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee in the run up to the September 11 attacks, her disappearance politically taking out one of the key players with an incentive and ability to prevent the attack.

    I bet Mrs. Imm looked quite zaftig in her youth, sunning on Gordon beach in a not-very-frum bikini, ain’t that right, Ms. Imm?

    I wonder if Ms. Imm got her start as an “art student” or if that was after her time?

    brb, drafting a letter of concern to the FBI… if you see something, say something!

  20. KO says:

    I think “outed” might be the wrong word. OPP got an estimated 14,000 hits per mo., estimated on July 14. MWIR got an estimate 71,000 hits in the last 30 days, from the same source. If these estimates are accurate, it was fairly private in their hands, but you’ve made it public!

  21. PureEvil cont. says:

    This white people project (it is mostly whites who do this stuff) bring up this rabbit story to which I would ask, if it is true that is: so what? Seriously, it’s a rabbit. Is wrecking societies with color revolutions somehow less horrible than killing some stupid rabbit???

    • DAN says:

      “Wrecking societies with color revolutions…” that’s poetry.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      I’ve shot, gutted and skinned a couple of rabbits here recently.  I shot them both from my deck or doorstep.  Are they going to come for me?  That would be hilarious.

      • Wyandotte says:

        Did you make videos of those events, too? Post ’em here!

      • mindweapon says:

        Don’t do it, Mr. Rational! The will arrest you. You can find lots of such videos on youtube though.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        It’s hard to handle a rabbit carcass in one hand, a skinning knife in the other, and proceed to do good photography.  Plus, my pellet gun doesn’t have a camera mount.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Oh, believe me, I’ve learned a lot about small-game handling from YouTube videos.  I particularly thank the guy who posted the 2-second gutting method for rabbits:  squeeze firmly from the ribs downward, with the belly facing away from you (because that’s the way the guts are going to be expelled through the herniation).

  22. Eikos says:

    Ladylibertyslamp posted August 6th: No comments
    Onepeoplesproject posted August 7th: No comments
    Mindweaponsinragnarok posted August 7th: 39 comments

    • mindweapon says:

      I noticed that too, Eikos. No one cares! It’s funny. Even the obligatory “outing” Norwich Bulletin article was very lightweight. Can you imagine the scandal if Anna wins the election after all? The horrors!

      • Eikos says:

        Yup. These people are a small minority of freaks and defectives whose numbers seem greater than they really are due to them being so aggressive, loud and obnoxious.

  23. PA says:

    If I still lived in MA, I’d send you an email to get together in your neck of the woods, all beers on me.

  24. CT says:

    Watching the Ukraine Right Sector made me tear-up. Oh how much I wish we could do that here.

  25. Politics, that sucks man, I remember you telling me something like this might happen. That anti-white seemed pretty cut up that you have a loving supportive wife.

    You both look great by the way.

  26. Frank says:

    This is not a white supremacist site, it is a white nationalist site, that should be obvious to even a casual visitor. Why the misnomer? What’s so dangerous about nationalism that they dare not speak its name? For thousands of years, the most powerful political entities on earth were empires. Only recently, beginning in the 19th century, did something more powerful arise: nationalism. It ultimately broke up not only empires within Europe (e.g. Austro-Hungarian) but even outside it (e.g. British India). Nationalism is the most powerful political force which exists at present. Even communism couldn’t subdue it, as the 1979 war between Vietnam and China demonstrated. Indeed, communism was largely successful in the Third World to the degree that it co-opted nationalism. My point is, you and this blog are on the right side of history. Nationalism is simply the idea that “my people” have a right to exist on their own terms. If it was fine when Kenyatta said it in Kenya, and when Gandhi said it in India, it’s fine today too in this country. And my people happen to be white Americans. Thus, white Americans have a right to exist, and to do so within their own lands. It’s that simple, end of story.
    Your opponents, on the other hand, are useful idiots at best, carrying water for America’s ruling class. Any real movement of the people wouldn’t ignore the largest demographic in the country; would be against immigration (just like unions were a century ago); and instead of a countless parade of non-issues, (transvestites, border children) they would advocate for a real, and necessarily economic, revolution.
    Twenty years ago, when the mainsteam media held a monopoly on shaping opinion, outing like this could be a disaster. Today, as the lack of comments on the OPP article indicate, nobody cares. The seams are starting to show, the dance is about to end, the pendulum is about to swing back. Best to you and yours.

  27. Stubbs says:

    Intolerance of intolerance is the only tolerance tolerated.

    That sounds like a tagline from Compulsory Diversity News.

  28. FD says:

    MW, was it a Rabbit of Color? They wouldn’t care about white rabbits; those are a known hazard:

  29. Landsknecht says:

    A pleasure and an honor to have your online acquaintance Rob!
    I can’t help but feel that one of those historical moments is happening right here and now!
    Almost like you planned it from the beginning—with instructions every step of the way!
    DIY White Nationalism—now go do some yourself!

  30. hardscrabble farmer says:

    As much as it sucks to have such a slanted, vicious and politically motivated attack on you and your family appear in the newspapers where you live based on nothing more than your Constitutionally protected speech, as a person who has gone through the exact same thing, let me tell you that contrary to their expectations it is one of the most liberating experiences imaginable.

    One: it serves as a cleaning house for every false friend and weak kneed associate you presently have. These folks will Identify themselves instantly by either avoiding you or by saying something bad about you in order to curry favor with the press. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Two: it will immediately identify the people who are your real friends. Rob Freeman was one of the first to respond when this happened to me. He has been a loyal and stalwart friend through the years and I admire him for his character, honesty, intelligence and devotion to his family and his friends.

    Three: it serves as one of the best vetting systems available fort future relationships on a personal level. Once you have been outed in such a cowardly fashion, by people who don’t know you, who haven’t bothered to speak with you, who accuse you of things you do not claim about yourself, who smear your family as if guilt by association were the foundation of our system of justice instead of lynching the innocent, it becomes crystal clear to anyone with two brain cells just who the evil people are and who the good ones are. Rob Freeman and his family are among the kindest, most decent and dependable families I have ever had the good fortune to know. Now that someone has pointed out that he may believe in certain things that fail to toe the mandated official system of beliefs allowable by the newspaper, people who meet him or his family in the future are more likely to question not only those opinions, but anything else the newspapers might have to say about any other topic. Perhaps this is part of the reason that no one reads newspapers anymore. They are a mouthpiece of control, not a fountain of honesty.

    Four: your life will improve. There is nothing more liberating than to be open about who you are, to be able to live your life according to your own free will, to think what you like, say what you believe, share what you know. Groups like the OPP are sneaky, dirty, cowardly spies who keep tabs on people and hope that they live in fear so that they more easily be controlled. When a person no longer feels fear, he begins to feel strength. It is as if they aren’t intelligent enough to discern that their strategy is counterproductive to their ends.

    I know this family and how good they are. Any community lucky enough to find such a family living in its midst would do well to support them, patronize them and develop long term relationships with them. They are the very personification of everything admirable and wholesome in a world that seems to extol the lowest common denominator.

    Anything you need, all you have to do is ask, my family and I stand by you 100%

    • mindweapon says:

      Thank you very much, HF. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get the full TV cameras at the end of the driveway treatment. I’ll offer them some ripe peaches I got on the tree there.

      The worst part is the stress it’s putting on my women. It doesn’t bother me directly, but I don’t like to see them hurt.

      I saw the Norwich Bulletin go from a 3/4 inch daily paper, to about 1/8 of an inch. And the Democratic and Republican Town Committees are very nice people, but they are only about 20 of them and most of them are very nice, good hearted and patriotic senior citizens.

      Young people are generally not joining the Democratic or Republican Town Committees, and the largest political party in this area is Unaffiliated. The governed have withdrawn their consent, if only passively. So this is a tempest in a teapot. Our First Selectman denounced Anna and said he’s taking her sign out of his yard. The poor fellow doesn’t realize that the world has changed. He is fleeing where none pursue. Newsflash First Selectman — it’s not 1975 any more. Most people don’t care about the Democratic or Republican parties, and the Norwich Bulletin is mostly read by elderly people. The Bulletin got rid of the newspaper boxes a couple years ago — now it’s delivery and stores only. Will the Bulletin still exist in ten years? I wouldn’t bet on it.

      Why don’t young people go participate in the Democratic and Republican Town Committees? Because you stupid parents all across this country sat them in front of televisions when they were little babies, you dumb asses! You turned them into TV zombies! Now you shake your head at your kids — sorry, that’s YOUR DOING. There’s kids out there who weren’t raised in front of the television. You can find them now and then. You’d be amazed — they actually look you in the eye, they talk to you like an adult, they can string together full sentences and follow a logical chain of ideas.

      You ruined whole generations of children because you wanted to distract your kids with TV, because you were afraid an undistracted child might be “too much work” for you.

  31. Franco says:

    Isn’t calling someone “mentally deranged” in print slander or libel? Mindweapon could sue.


  32. Attila says:

    Liars and hypocrites will always hate sincere and truthful people.

  33. Paladin Justice says:

    Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    I love this comment on mindweapon’s site:

    Neo-Nazi – Aware white man.
    Antisemite – Someone Jewish people don’t like.
    Racist – Realist
    Homophobe – Straight person.
    Feminist – Unhappy, unattractive woman.
    Antifa – Drug addict
    Hater – Truth teller
    Fascist – Employed individual

  34. Paladin Justice says:

    I sometimes mention the mindweapons idea in my comments on amren, but tonight I commented solely on MW’s being outed in the press. Maybe that will make some amreners aware of this site, but also more acutely aware of how to deal with the troubles that liberals can cause. MW has handled this flap superbly. No apologies, no denials, no groveling, just truth. Sort of a “I am what I am” response. Like me? Great. Don’t like me? Who cares?

  35. Hereward Saxon says:

    Well said and well done, Rob and family. Keep up your courage. Trust in God.

  36. TabuLa Raza says:

    And now, you are a Freedman. But wait

  37. FN says:

    mindweapon says:
    August 8, 2014 at 7:18 am
    The worst part is the stress it’s putting on my women. It doesn’t bother me directly, but I don’t like to see them hurt.

    Yeah, I hear you, it is because we are MEN that we feel it when the stuff affects the women. But I tell you one thing you find out, REAL QUICK, if your woman is a ROCK or not, and we are lucky, blessed that ours are rocks. Let me tell you about a guy in Cali this must have been 7 years ago now, but he would have KKK parties at his home and he had an “assault weapon” that had been banned in Cali, so you know the YKW alphabet agents were WATCHING him REAL CLOSE, so they orchestrate a raid and get this: THEY TOOK HIS WIFE, who is a school teacher, OUT OF HER CLASSROOM in front of ALL the children, brown, black, asian, who LOVED her, in handcuffs cuffed right at her desk and made sure they had HUGE EBONY COP taking her out by the arm surrounded by perhaps a dozen other LEO. Yeah that is what they do, and she was INNOCENT of EVERYTHING, and the husband didn’t realize he had to have gotten rid of his gun. But that is how it is in ZOG. However as they REVEAL themselves for the MONSTERS that they are, each and every time another dozing White WAKES UP.
    And loved that poem you posted.
    Stay strong brother!!!

    Well, as I said, one of these days there will be hell to pay, and that day can’t come too soon.

  38. Annie Oakley says:

    MW – you and I have had our differences, but I do want to tell you this. You’re one handsome man! I never guessed! And your wife is very pretty too. What a lovely couple!

    OTOH – I’m sorry all this is happening to you. You still have a good message. Prepping, surviving, becoming fit, growing food, etc. I am sending you much light and good energy your way.

  39. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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