Welcome Norwich Bulletin readers; this pro-white blog is answering the call by Eric Holder to not be cowards and have a conversation about race

If you’ve come to this blog from this Norwich Bulletin article, I welcome you, new reader, and hope you’ll join in the conversation, whether you support, oppose, or fence sit. And if you don’t feel like commenting, I think you’ll find this an interesting and useful source of information on living better in the New America.

It is apparently somehow a bad thing that I operate this “pro-white” blog. Tell me readers, what if it was

A pro-black blog?

A pro-Hispanic blog?

A pro-Jewish blog?

A pro-Asian-American blog?

A pro-Muslim blog (minus the calls for violent jihad of course)?

You know the answer — it would be fine. Does it give you pause that only whites are not allowed to be pro-white? Shouldn’t we be all be fighting this tooth and nail?

Why shouldn’t we have a Congressional White Caucus? Why shouldn’t we have a National Association for White People, or La Blanca Raza? Why shouldn’t we have a European American Political Action Committee, or EAPAC analogous to The American Israeli Political Action Committee, or AIPAC?

AIPAC was very much in favor of the invasion of Iraq, and they got what they wanted with very little opposition. The Iraq war turned out to be a terrible disaster, with tens of thousands of people being slaughtered by ISIS, which would have never existed if we had not invaded and deposed Saddam Hussein

I was very much opposed to the Iraq war right from the beginning, and opposed it vocally and publicly. I remember a well meaning but naive lady in Plainfield set out to have pro-war demonstrations every Sunday, starting with the invasion in March 2003, until the war was over. I think she thought it was going to be like the Persian Gulf war of 91 — a quick in and out. Her demonstrations lasted 3 weeks. The war and US occupation lasted 9 years and 9 months, with the pull out at the end of 2012. When I showed up to counterdemonstrate, they accused me of being in the pay of Saddam Hussein, and one of them threatened to have me arrested.

The extreme right wing, including our intellectual leader Patrick J. Buchanan, was very much opposed to the invasion of Iraq. And we were right! But we didn’t have an EAPAC; we didn’t have a voice. So the disaster of the Iraq war that killed over a million people, and is still killing people, happened.

40,000 Iraqis stranded on mountain as Isis jihadists threaten death
Members of minority Yazidi sect face slaughter if they go down and dehydration if they stay, while 130,000 fled to Kurdish north

Even if we were wrong, we deserve a voice in the government. I’m certainly not saying that AIPAC shouldn’t have a voice, despite the fact that their outsized influence has been a unmitigated disaster.
What I’m saying is that AIPAC needs a counter balance, a group with clout that blocks the excesses of their agenda.

AIPAC, and other organizations, know quite well that a European-American Lobby might hinder their agenda. That’s likely why it’s a huge scandal the moment anybody asserts that white people have group interests, and should have a collective voice, just like the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, La Raza, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and so on. They want to nip in the bud any signs of white people saying, “hey, we are a group too!”

If all red headed people are attacked for having red hair, it makes sense that they would form “the red headed people’s lobby,” now doesn’t it? When Jamie Foxx goes on Saturday Night Live and says, “Kill white people and get paid? What’s not to like?”

Jane Elliott abusing white children for being white.

That’s just two quick examples. There are millions more. If you don’t see that white people are demonized by the mass media and the schools and colleges, you aren’t getting out in the world enough. Older people don’t see it, but younger people do.

Stormfront members tend to be young, at least according to self-reported birth dates. The most common age at which people join the site is 19. And four times more 19-year-olds sign up than 40-year-olds. Internet and social network users lean young, but not nearly that young.

Young people feel the pain of anti-whiteness, and that’s why they join Stormfront, a pro-white message board that has 290,000 members as of today, and according to the above article, has between 200,000 and 400,000 unique visitors a month. These are not bad people. They are hurting, they are attacked for being white, and they join Stormfront. Do you really believe they are all “evil” or their experiences are somehow not real or not valid?

I am pro-white, because so much out there is anti-white. I am defending that part of my identity that is being attacked. I am not attacking other races, I am defending my own, and I welcome all sincere allies — Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Asian, Muslim, Arab, Persian. If I missed anyone, chime in.

If whites had a voice in the government, there might not have been an Iraq war. There might not have been all these horrible trade agreements that are impoverishing everyone. We might have more fuel efficient cars, or more mass transit. Who knows what might have been?

There are a lot of us out here on the internet, but we generally avoid going public precisely because of the sort of thing that’s happening to my family right now. If I was a single man, I’d be fine with it, I’d be calling up TV stations to come talk to me and generally raising the roof over this issue — why shouldn’t whites have a collective voice when everyone else does?

In 2009, Eric Holder said that Holder: U.S. a ‘nation of cowards’ on race discussions

WASHINGTON (CNN) — In a blunt assessment of race relations in the United States, Attorney General Eric Holder Wednesday called the American people “essentially a nation of cowards” in failing to openly discuss the issue of race.

I think Attorney General Holder should invite me to the White House and give me an award for not being a coward! I look forward to my award, and to shaking A.G. Holder’s hand while I accept my award for courage!

I’ll leave you with a documentary movie inspired by A.G. Holder’s infamous nation of cowards statement, the documentary film, A Conversation About Race. I’m sure you’ll find it worth the 58 minutes of your time. Comments welcome!


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72 Responses to Welcome Norwich Bulletin readers; this pro-white blog is answering the call by Eric Holder to not be cowards and have a conversation about race

  1. This is greatly complicated by the issue of class, and the conflict is lower class whites versus upper class whites.

    • Can you give an example of class confict.

      • Robot Sam says:

        A good example would be upper class whites who don’t have to worry about income lecturing to lower income working class white people who actually work for a living, on how evil they are for getting angry when unqualified non-whites are placed before them for all jobs, perks, benefits, services, privileges, admissions and other social rewards. Upper class, usually liberal whites jockey for social standing by showing how ‘good’ they are by pushing lower class whites out of the way for the benefit of non whites, while making any complaint about non-whites by lower income whites no matter how valid, out to be racism. This is especially a problem for low income white people as they are the first to be affected by non-whites bad behaviors (example; non-whites will move into or be bused into lower income neighborhoods to bust it up because of their natural behavior, resulting in low income white people being run out and those that do not have the resources to pick up and leave, such as older white people on fixed incomes, to be overpowered and harassed or worse by non-whites). Then, all of the suffering and struggle of the lower income whites is waved away by the upper class and defined as either sour grapes, or more commonly as racism, which then allows the upper class to assuage themselves of guilt by saying all your complaints are nothing but racism, therefore you are a racist, and since racism is the worst sin of all, you are evil and thus worthless as are your complaints. All the while the upper income/upper class whites are safe and secure in their ivory towers in their lily white enclaves.

      • aquabuddha says:

        Robot Sam’s analysis is good, but the main problem is that middle/lower class whites are incapable of defending themselves in legal and effective ways. It’s not difficult to find examples of upper-middle-class and higher white pundits smearing poorer whites. There’s very little downside for them in doing that: those they smear are apathetic or do stupid things. Just doing stupid things could be corrected, except the other failings of those poorer whites come into play such as responding with hostility to criticism, falling for leaders who aren’t helping them, and so on.

      • @takizura123:

        Can you give me an example of class conflict.

        Riddle me this:

        Question: Where does all the angst, sturm und drang about “White Skin Privilege” come from?

        Answer: The most privileged of White people.

        Question: So then why are the most privileged of White people doing everything short of shotgun weddings to force less privileged White people to mix themselves out of existence?

        Answer Because there isn’t enough “White Skin Privilege.”

        We live in a Commodity Society and the more plentiful a commodity is, the less valuable it is. It doesn’t get any Whiter than the Appalachians and the White people living there are the poorest in the world. Ditto, the Whites in Eastern Europe.

        Conversely, the more rare a commodity it is, the more valuable it becomes. The richest people in countries where Whites have almost mixed themselves out of existence are White and they live in a manner the kings of yesteryear would envy while all their Mulatto and Mestizo subjects languish in third world slums.

        Another aspect of this class conflict is how hostile elites all over the world are putting family nepotism above their countries. You see, during the first one hundred years of this country, the American elite loathed failure and despise mediocrity. An elite American father would recognize if Junior didn’t have what it took to retain the standards he himself had set personally, so he would mentor an aspiring, enterprising, exceptionally intelligent young man from the lower ranks to rise in the company and encourage him to marry his daughter. His son would be settled with a big trust fund and allowed to be a dilettante if that was what he wanted.

        John McCain would have never been able to cause the burning deaths of 134 sailors and the burn injuries of 161 others on the USS Forrestal in 1967, because Admiral McCain would have allowed him to wash out just like any other incompetent pilot at the Naval Academy he attended. Oh, an injury would have been created for him and he would have probably ended up going into politics, anyway. But maybe he’d have been a better Senator if he had just been allowed to fail.

        George Dubya “Family Values Don’t Stop At The Rio Grande” Bush would have never been allowed to be president and there’d be NO talk about Jeb “Many Illegals Sneak In Out of An Act of Love” Bush running for POTUS in 2016.

        Yes, there was a Father-Son president team in the first century of the country. But John Quincy Adams had to prove himself a worthy successor of John Adams. John Quincy Adams had two sons, neither of whom were encouraged by the Adams family to run for president, because they led “troubled lives” and the family recognized they would present problems for the country. Both died in early adulthood. Their son, John was expelled from Harvard shortly before he would have graduated and their son, George committed suicide. The Adams Family did not permit any family dysfunction to affect the country.

        Are you familiar with Alduous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World?

        From birth, people are genetically designed to fit into one of five castes, which are further split into “Plus” and “Minus” members and designed to fulfill predetermined positions within the social and economic strata of the World State. Fetuses chosen to become members of the highest castes, “Alpha” and “Beta”, are allowed to develop naturally and are given stimulants while maturing to term in “decanting bottles.” Those fetuses chosen to become members of the lower castes of “Gamma”, “Delta” or “Epsilon” are subjected to in situ chemical interference to cause arrested development in intelligence and physical growth.

        Well, our elite recognize that they have generated nothing but dysfunction and mediocrity, but they want their families to hold on to power anyway. They have an understanding about how possessing higher IQs can advantage disciplined and motivated people. They do not want a bunch of high ambitious, upwardly mobile lower class Whites to compete with the mediocrities they have spawned. So they play up what Mindweapons has called “The Beautiful Loser Meme” to demotivate higher IQ Whites from competing with them while demoralizing them with “White Guilt” so that they will loathe their own race enough to mix out.

        There are several advantages for them to this. By encouraging the White majority of this country to mix out, they put a higher premium on their own “White Skin Privilege.” They also get a mixed population that is tamer (if you factor out the “White Mestizo” Crime Phenomenon since the Reagan Shamnesty, Whites are not noticeably more violent than our “Model Minority Asians), has high enough IQs to keep the machinery running, but not high enough to challenge the elite’s hegemony.

        Their goal is Portugal, but they will settle for creating a Brazil or Mexico if they have to, I the meantime, because you had to break some eggs to make an omelette.

        THAT is how we describe what is going on in this country. We are engaged in a class struggle hiding behind the mask of a race war with our hostile mediocrities we call the elite. The DIEverse hordes are their shock troops against us. Hope this clears matters up for you.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great comment, Cly.

      • Sorry if some of my sentences seemed disjointed; I should have put my thoughts through spell and grammar check. But I think you will get the general jist of my post about the class conflict and why it is being presented as a race war.

      • Magnus says:

        Clytemnestra57, I’m wondering what you mean by “Their goal is Portugal”?

    • Michael says:

      You are absolutely correct. This is not a Democrat versus Republican issue but a plutocrat versus law-abiding-only-one-paycheck-away from-trouble whites issue. Because most of the rich people are white, it skews the statistics for the rest of us white folks, making us all look better off than what we really are. If the upper one-percenter whites pocket 24% of income and own 40% of the wealth, that really skews the statistics. When the time comes that whites are in the minority,(Bill Clinton says he’s looking forward to that day), we will not be receiving the extra consideration that the current minorities receive, because us whites are too well off,(from skewed statistics). Rich white people are hurting the economy.

    • @Magnus:

      Clytemnestra57, I’m wondering what you mean by “Their goal is Portugal”?

      By the mid-sixteenth century, Portugal was the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world with colonies all over the world. However, less than two centuries later, Portugal was the poorest nation of Europe. What happened to cause its decline?

      Portuguese explorers had brought African slaves into the country from 1441 until 1550. The numbers of Africans reached 10 percent of Portugal’s population. They were ultimately absorbed into the Portuguese population, because there was no taboo against race-mixing.

      Though the people did not remarkably change in looks or behavior, they suffered a precipitous loss in average IQ so much so that they had 4 points less than Spain which had similar problems on far less of a scale.

      Deuteronomy 23:22 – No one born of a forbidden marriage nor any of their descendants may enter the assembly of the LORD, not even in the tenth generation.

      Deuteronomy 5:9-10 – “I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, and on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing lovingkindness to thousands [of generations, see 7:9], to those who love Me and keep My commandments.”

      Being keen observers, the Hebrews noticed the harmful effects of race-mixing on various populations and forbade such activity among their own people, figuring it would take at least ten generations for correction.

      This is not to single out Portugal alone. This had previously happened to Greece and Rome after their empires took in and assimilated people not their own. This will happen to all the countries in the West unless something drastic happens to reverse course. The United States already has lots of Whites with Amerindian blood and African blood. Portugal is the most modern recent example of the ultimate deleterious outcome on the White population at large.

      There are enough White Americans with questionable antecedents, that I have to go with David Lane’s definition of Whiteness, “If someone looks White, acts White, fights White, then until their actions prove otherwise, they are our Folk. On the other hand, regardless of pedigree or appearance, those who oppose, criticize, hinder or fail to support our cause are no friends of ours.”

      The hostile elite do not only live in fear of another Hitler-type Aryan uprising, but also another Haitian-type Mulatto uprising. Both resulted in the elites being ousted from power or murdered or both. That’s why another Portugal looks attractive to them; smart enough to keep the civilization marginally functioning, civilized enough so that TPTB don’t fear a feral population, but not smart enough to challenge their hegemony or feral enough to do them damage.

    • Mindweapons:

      Even though this American Euro-Mutt is a product of That Great American Melting Pot, I still see how it made charlatans like Tim Wise and Jane Elliott rich and opened the door to adding Non-White ingredients to the stew.

      Watching Ayatollah “Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes” Elliott try and fail to take down White Britons during her experiment made me aware of the strengths of a strong ethno-nationally homogenous group:

      Hail, Britannia.

      Watching this video made me think that BUGSters need to take a chapter from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and infiltrate this old hag’s seminars as her test subjects. Blue eyed and Brown eyed infiltrators need to go to her seminars and act out and disrupt in comedic, non-violent ways that present obscene parodies of Anti-White policies and the Non-White activism they push on us.

      Brown eyed people can bitch about how Blue eyed people are racist for refusing to have sex with them.

      Blue eyed people can sing parodies of Negro spirituals and loudly agitate, agitate, agitate.

      Just create general mayhem that viciously lampoons the hell out of these Diversity experts.

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  3. WG says:

    Very interesting. I’m sure you guys will pull through this. Funny thing is, none of the quotes they attributed to you were extreme or controversial. I also noticed they offered no rebuttals to anything you allegedly said or wrote.

    This also goes to show, that no matter how much you adhere to WN 2.0, and no matter how much you portray yourself as a reasonable guy, the Cathedral will nevertheless try to paint you as a “dangerous white supremacist terrorist who wants to kill six million jews.”

    • mindweapon says:


      But they didn’t have really juicy stuff to post about me. There weren’t racial slurs and calls for violence, or they would have defnitely posted that. The best they could come up with was a graphic “around blacks never relax.” Whoop de doo! Any black rapper will tell you the same thing.

      • Trainspotter says:

        This is a good point, MW. You’ve consistently avoided racial slurs and calls for violence. As noted above, you’ve also consistently welcomed allies from any race, and have always been fair and polite to any non-white posters that happened by. You’ve also been consistently fair to those who disagree with you, whether they be pro-white or anti-white. Frankly, you’ve been a remarkable standout in the fairness department.

        Obviously, regardless of how even-tempered and level-headed they are, anyone who points out the wrongs done to whites will be demonized by the media and various powers that be. We in the pro-white community know this. But more and more average people can see through the scam, and understand perfectly well that this is nothing more than a vicious and malicious double standard, only applicable to whites who defend their people.

        But, wow, there is one thing…I’m not sure if I should mention it here, but in the interest of full disclosure…you’ve actually advocated that whites should buy small businesses like convenience stores. That’s positively scandalous! LOL!

      • mindweapon says:

        Indeed, Trainspotter! I was just talking to a pro-White businessman from California, and he was saying that we need to purge all whiners from the WN movement, and only associate ourselves with pro-Whites who are problem solvers.

        Don’t bitch about Hajji owning Microtel; own a Microtel yourself! Then another and another!

        According to this California businessman, there’s already pro-whites who came up with this idea independently of me and are owning businesses. You’d think other people would get this idea — hey, Hajji owns lots of 7-11’s, maybe we should get in and own some ourselves and compete with Monsieur Hajji.

        He also said that in California, everyone is racially conscious and there are white kids maintaing deep cover and getting into top notch law schools and business schools. So Taqqiyah is not original to this blog either — and I’m darn glad of it! Other people had these ideas already, thank Skynet!

      • Stubbs says:

        The best they could come up with was a graphic “around blacks never relax.” Whoop de doo! Any black rapper will tell you the same thing.

        “To the police I’m sayin fuck you punk
        Readin my rights and shit, it’s all junk
        Pullin out a silly club, so you stand
        With a fake assed badge and a gun in your hand

        But take off the gun so you can see what’s up
        And we’ll go at it punk, I’ma fuck you up

        Make ya think I’m a kick your ass
        But drop your gat, and Ren’s gonna blast
        I’m sneaky as fuck when it comes to crime

        But I’m a smoke em now, and not next time

        Smoke any muthafucka that sweats me
        Or any assho that threatens me
        I’m a sniper with a hell of a scope
        Takin out a cop or two, they can’t cope with me”
        – MC Ren, N.W.A., Fuck tha Police

    • Smiley says:

      “This also goes to show, that no matter how much you adhere to WN 2.0, and no matter how much you portray yourself as a reasonable guy, the Cathedral will nevertheless try to paint you as a “dangerous white supremacist terrorist who wants to kill six million jews.”

      Reminds me of this gem written 90 years ago.

      “It is this press, above all, which wages a positively fanatical and slanderous struggle, tearing down everything which can be regarded as a support of national independence, cultural elevation, and the economic independence of the nation.

      Above all, it hammers away at the characters of all those who will not bow down to the Jewish presumption to dominate, or whose ability and genius in themselves seem a danger to the Jew.

      For to be hated by the Jew it is not necessary to combat him; no, it suffices if he suspects that someone might even conceive the idea of combating him some time or that on the strength of his superior genius he is an augmenter of the power and greatness of a nationality hostile to the Jew.

      His unfailing instinct in such things scents the original soul in everyone, and his hostility is assured to anyone who is not spirit of his spirit. Since the Jew is not the attacked but the attacker, not only anyone who attacks passes as his enemy, but also anyone who resists him.

      But the means with which he seeks to break such reckless but upright souls is not honest warfare, but lies and slander.”

      Great attitude, great website, and great garden. I wish you and your family well 🙂

    • @WG:

      Funny thing is, none of the quotes they attributed to you were extreme or controversial. I also noticed they offered no rebuttals to anything you allegedly said or wrote.

      Classic Libtardism. It’s all about “Clutching the Pearls,” and “Well, I NEVER!” and pointing and sputtering. No refutations at all. Or if they do, they come up with phony statistics they try to spin with a bunch of double-talk like Uncle Timmy “Tick Tock” Wise. It’s SOP (standard operating procedures) with them. Or they come up with false “either or” equivalencies.

      I got called on the carpet for “my hypocrisy,” by some liberal relatives of mine, because I am a Pro-White who has a short list of diverse friends of who I admire and I respect. I asked them if they accepted that not all White people are my friends and that I don’t have any White friends who are drunks, drug addicts, thieves, etc. They got that. They accepted that I don’t associate with Whites I don’t like and my friends are Whites that I do like. So, why would I lower my standards with People of Color?

      That’s the problem with the way they think. If you are Pro-White, you MUST hate ALL Non-Whites; otherwise you are a hypocrite. If you are not a Neonazi KKKer, you must tolerate and even embrace every rude, antisocial thing People of Color do or you are racist. They do not respect your right to Freedom of Association. Either you must love everybody or you must hate everybody.

      I view myself as more of a Kinist. I love my immediate family the most, my extended family next, and my race on principle after that. I associate with people that I like; that’s why I call them friends. It seems to me that Liberals are people that LOVE everybody but LIKE nobody!

  4. Denise says:

    The article is great! It’s a more benign version of the odious Tim UnWise’s latest anti-White screed – that “ode” he wrote to the history of White Nationalism. Ha!

    This article is less insane and vitriolic – but it gets the ideas behind the existence of the White Race “out there”. We know that they have to take the “Clutch the pearls” tack – but it’s really rather reasonable, all told.

    Well done, Norwich Bulletin! Spread out word!

  5. FN says:

    Ask yourself this question: Is today’s America better than 1960’s America?
    We were 90% White and Christian in 1960. We had low violent crime, most diseases were eradicated. People left their cars and front doors UNLOCKED. Any man, even the lowliest grave digger could earn enough to have his wife at home, his children clothed and fed, and buy a little home by the money he earned himself. He could pay for his healthcare out of his own pocket. Our food was good, wholesome and uncontaminated. We had an abundance of potable water. Farmland was cheap, and there was plenty of open space. We put a man on the moon and much more. We invented radio, Television, computers, airplanes, cars, you name it we built it.
    “Aside from the question of whether Prof. MacDonald is right is the further question of what difference it makes if he is right. If correct, his thesis certainly sheds light on the rapidity with which whites lost their will. Just a few decades ago whites were a confident race, proud of their achievements, convinced of their fitness to dominate the globe. Today they are a declining, apologetic people, ashamed of their history and not sure even of their claim to lands they have occupied for centuries. It is very rare for fundamental concepts to be stood on their heads in the course of just a generation or two, as has happened with thinking about race. Such speed suggests there has been something more than natural change.”
    Stanley Hornbeck http://www.csulb.edu/~kmacd/review-AR.html

    Overpopulation in the United States will become THE single greatest issue facing Americans in the 21st century. We either solve it proactively or nature will solve it brutally for us via water shortages, energy crisis, air pollution, gridlock, species extinction and worse.

    “With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people–a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and independence ”
    So wrote John Jay in Federalist No. 2, wherein he describes Americans as a “band of brethren united to each other by the strongest ties.”

    Assuming that whites are no longer the majority, and given that some whites will always believe that their race is the root of all evil, it should be clear that whites will have no recourse through the ballot box to redress that grievance. They shouldn’t place too much hope in the courts either, packed with appointees from Obama and others who believe that anti-white bigotry should be government policy.

    And given that these same whites who must sit at the back of the bus when it comes to education and employment, are probably also being taxed at combined federal, state and local rates that well exceed 50%, their condition will be worse than mere second class citizenship. Their condition will be the moral equivalent of sharecropping. If whites do not behave very, very badly in response to such a situation, they will have tacitly consented to slavery in the country their ancestors made great.

  6. Sam says:

    I was just listening to a talk by Elon Musk and he said something that struck me as profound. He said that when he was young he thought about what were the areas that could have great affect on humanity. One of them was them internet. The said the internet was the nervous system of the human race. That before the internet ideas could only be passed by osmosis but now ideas were like the nervous system all all could be instantaneously connected.

    Anyways I’m glad mindweapon is a little part of my nervous system and here’s a link to Elon which is always good.

  7. Denise says:

    There are only a handful of comments. Norwich doesn’t care. Your wife will have to pay attention to the insider back-stabbers, several of whom are named in the article.

    • MKP says:

      Agreed. I’d say the overwhelming majority of Norwich residents don’t care.

      Of course, in a small, local election, maybe a relatively small number of concerned people can swing the outcome. The question is, which way does the “scandal” (ha!) tip the scales? Either way, though, the brave anti-white crusaders are not getting the kind of “oh, that evil man!” reaction they’d hoped for.

  8. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Right on! Great piece.

    Eric “My peeps” Holder is a coward as are his ‘handlers’. He will never respond to this call by MW and the rest of the WN’s.

    Yes, this is an issue of socioeconomic class. The Rich Jew Think Whiteys have been shaming Working and Middle Class Whites for several decades. They use their pet groids, Mystery Meat, Muds, etc as a way to maneuver and play social chess with us regular Working Whites. The Plantation Whites do not want Working Whites to be able to provide for our families or even HAVE families. They want to eunichsize Working Whites by poisoning our White Men’s minds with porn and playstation and other toxic pasttimes such that they will never settle down and have families. They want to diminish our opportunities for work such that we will fall prey to the ills of lower socioeconomic status: drug use, prostitution to make a living, etc. They want the Lower Whites (in their eyes…) to be at their beck and call such that they can feel and ‘be’ superior’. People like Eric Holder and Obumma are simply their ‘dogs’ who they can call on Working Whitey when he or she gets ‘uppity’. These Elite benefit greatly from race conflict. Then they believe that they can have their ‘pick’ of the bunch, the masses thronging to just land a job in the Plantation Amurkistan.

    The White and Jew Think Elite coupled with the Jews are sociopaths. Off with their heads!

  9. Bill says:


    Is it correct that you revealed your own identity by attaching your real name to various comments? Or were you “outed” in some other fashion?

    Obviously the left will zealously attack wherever it can, and the newspaper article is deplorable yellow journalism, but if you publicize your name in this fevered, fanatical environment it seems only a matter of time before one of their attack dogs bite.

    • mindweapon says:

      I was outed originally by the Boston GLobe back in 2002. My name was known way back in 2002 when the Boston Globe took down my license plate and got my identity and outed me in a feature article about me.

  10. I hope that you will extend a warm welcome to us Rastafarians.

  11. Reblogged this on Rise of The West and commented:
    Good luck, MW.

  12. JB says:

    Stay the course. The proto-historical majority need louder voices.

  13. Anon says:

    If anyone from Norwich is reading this, what do you think of this story in nearby New Britain?

    Elections 2013 – Ward 3 – (R) Hunter Mathena

    By Editor at October 11, 2013 | 9:35 am | Print

    The following candidates are running for Ward Aldermen. Each had the opportunity to submit a 200 word biography and a photograph. Each profile is unedited and presented in alphabetical order. Next week we will present candidates who are running for Aldermen at Large.

    Most of my co-workers and friends ask me constantly why are you still in New Britain? It’s not a city for all people as it claims. They are right, it currently is not. While I feel that an educated, financially conservative, financially stable individual getting ready to start and raise a family would be the idea of candidate for the city, it clearly is not.

    I have been hounding the mayor’s offices for the past 3 to 5 years with quality of life complaints. I was told by the previous administration that if I really wanted to see some changes start getting involved so that’s what I’m doing.

    I had asked my local party to endorse me for a position where I could make a difference. Unfortunately they did not have any room for someone like me on their ballot. It doesn’t really matter anyway because regardless of what party would be willing to sort me as a candidate I’m still going to do the same thing if elected. To me it’s not a popularity contest, nor am I trying to have any type of political career. I’m going to give it a shot and I’m not ready to just quit and move out of New Britain like most people who can afford to choose. I have zero political aspiration and have no interest in continuing in politics. I’m hoping to make some positive changes for the long-term good of the city.

    I’ve been told by high ranking members of my own Democratic Party that I have no chance of winning because I’m white. They feel that in my neighborhood that a Hispanic or black candidate will always do better than any white candidate.

    I find that offensive and pathetic. To think that voters would go out and vote based upon racial bias versus wanting the most educated and or qualified person to do a job for them is baffling.

    Why isn’t WTNH, WTIC, the Hartford Courant, and the Norwich Bulletin writing a story about the CT Democratic Party turning down and rejecting political candidates just because they’re White?

    • Anon says:

      Since this comment is being moderated…could you please edit it? I only meant for the first paragraph to be bold. Also the last paragraph is my statement and shouldn’t be in the blockquote. Obviously this reply itself doesn’t have to be published.

      I checked your blog today and read about this. It hurts and angers me that these cretins are going after you and your family. I hope this helps. Can the voters of Norwich see this double standard? Good luck MW.

  14. Paladin Justice says:

    I left the comment below on he lefty onepeople’s site, where it will be moderated out of existence, I’m sure. I would put something on the norwich site, but I don’t do facebook, etc.

    The Norwich piece is a pure hit piece, intended to humiliate and embarrass MW and family; most likely the goal is to create that divorce that one of the comments called for. But while many of the sheeple will embrace the intent, more alert others will find themselves agreeing with MW. The word “nazi” is the wild card. It’s the greatest tool for demonizing someone around today, as “racist” has lost some of its edge.

    Be careful, MW, regarding your physical safety and that of your family. I was gangstalked including an effort to beat me up, crap that went on for two years after I made the front pages of the paper and the drudgereport. Lucky for me, I lived in a gated subdivision.

    Comment left at onepeople:
    “Mindweapon is not a prominent neo-Nazi. He writes a niche common sense blog that focuses on issues, including gardening (very dangerous that is), of interest to traditional Euro Americans.

    I like the way you guys try to associate him with Matt Hale–guilt by association is an old lefty trick. Not even a nice try since you don’t draw out any connections between Mindweapon and Hale.

    And attempting to associate his wife with nazism is just despicable. Be careful, boys, the feminists are going to come after you for that one.

    As to MIndweapons employment status, well you’ve just proved that you lefites are willing to do anything to shut people up. Obviously, he can’t get a job because his rather mild views about race aren’t in line with the leftist thought police views that have succeeded in shutting most people up.

    No one reads this website. I wonder why.”

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks PJ. I doubt he’ll approve it, but who cares, you posted it here.

      History will record this as McCarthyism. Eric Holder should be protecting people like me and my family from this stuff. All I’m doing is trying not to be a coward and have an honest conversation about race, like A.G. Holder said he wants from us.

  15. I think Ernst van den Haag said it better than I could:

    “The wish to preserve one’s identity and the identity of one’s nation requires no justification—and no belief in superiority—any more than the wish to have one’s own children, and to continue one’s family through them need be justified or rationalized by a belief that they are superior to the children of others, or more fit, or better in business. One identifies with one’s family, because it is one’s family—not because they are better people than others. For no other reason one identifies with one’s national group more than with others. Else there would be no nations. ”

    Don’t let the race haters get you down, MW.

  16. Mike says:

    MW, you are handling this situation very well so far, and giving us a model on how to handle things like this in the future. You are walking the talk. Well done, sir!

  17. Why are One People’s Project and the $PLC being quoted as relevant in this article? It’s clearly an example of sheer bias. Hipster Intelligence Agency was never contacted by the Norwich Bulletin and we have files on Daryl Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Imm, and related front groups, which HIA have described as a “loose collection of fanatical nutjobs comprising the heroin junkie faction of the radical Marxist movement.”

    We will be contacting the Norwich Bulletin’s advertisers, such as the Holdridge Home & Garden Showcase*, and requesting they pull all of their advertisements from the Norwich Bulletin unless an apology and retraction are forthcoming. Since the MWIR audience are highly interested in home gardening and urban agriculture, local businesses like Holdrige Home & Garden Showcase would likely be more interested in advertising on MWIR directly.

    I mean, let’s be honest, who actually reads the Norwich Bulletin anyway? If MWIR doesn’t have more readers now, it will soon.

    * Contact details for Holdridge Home & Garden available offline if you’re interested in pitching them an ad campaign on MWIR. Email MW if interested.

  18. Mike says:



    “Scott Eric Kaufman is the proprietor of the AV Club’s Internet Film School and, in addition to Raw Story, also writes for Lawyers, Guns & Money. He earned a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of California, Irvine in 2008.”

    Comments are mostly tuff talkin’ feminist types, keepin’ it real people o’ cola’ and pajama boy lefty white boys. The usual liberal stuff, soiling their underoos about RACISM!

    • Denise says:

      281 comments as of now.

      • Mike says:

        Most of the comments I read, Denise, are at the level of short bus people after smoking rocks of crack, as the bus is going over a cliff,

        If any of them are bothering to read the comments on these “outing” topics here, the fact that we are calm and cool, and even enjoying ourselves and each others company, would have to be driving them deep into the realm of foaming at the mouth rage.

        What are they going to do? Call the Internet police and have us thrown into cyber jail? LOL. Oh No!.

    • Denise says:

      400 as of now. Some are pro White. I’m banned from that site too. I am going to have to re-do my Profile.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        I would jump in there with a bunch of rabidly anti-white stuff just to make the Cultural Marxists look bad, but I don’t have an account and I don’t have the patience for much of that stuff.

        Trolling the humorless can be fun, though.

  19. My Post:

    LIfe is filled with polarities.

    It is more than interesting, that those who cry ‘justice’, ‘sincerity’, and acceptance seem to be those who decry the natural opposites of thought and intention.

    Anna Zubkova, a professional and neighbor of this community, seems to not have been untoward to anyone, including her Husband.

    During the 1960’s, if memory serves me right, many Democratic Judges in the South, had wives who were, individually, supportive or in opposition to the politics and tactics of the day. The future came, regardless.

    Conflict and opposition should, in a democracy, be lived, not simply ascribed to a ‘sunday-go-to-meeting’ point of view.

    Anna Zubkova has my full support.

  20. Peter Blood says:

    The Left does scorched-earth on anyone and everyone, even their own. They have a quick trigger and shoot first and don’t ever ask any questions. (Remember the scene in Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo is tortured and then in bringing him out, he says, “They never even asked me any questions.”).

    Surely the Mindweaponized can use this feature against them.

  21. bowiecloned says:

    While you and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on everything, I’m quite glad you were ready for it. I tend to think they’ll be short of Screamers, Thugs and, Thought Police to go after everybody who’s Pro-White in the years to come. As it stands their attacks are already getting old as are their Hate-Words; Racist, White Supremacist, Nazi, whatever.
    Heck, it’s the internet age; the party line is cracking more each day.

    Commenting as I can; while The Bulletin was giving me this message “There was a problem processing your request. Please try again in a moment.” it seems it posted every click I made. I still haven’t got over a bit of a cyber attack I had. (I upset somebody it seems.)
    Comment: “The greatest sin of all; “I think every group of people have legitimate conflicts of interest and I am for having an open conversation about those conflicts, not through violence. I don’t wish ill of anyone.”
    No White person is allowed a view on race different from the Religion of Political Correctness or horror of horrors, the ability to have a honest conversation. The fad of being Anti-White disguised as being Anti-Racist is getting old.
    Must be something in the water, that they launder brains in these days.”

    Media-ite Comment: “Perhaps not the oldest trick in the book but, it’s in the top 10. = “Freeman used to be involved with an extreme neo-Nazi group.”
    Being Anti-White seems to be a big thing today and they wonder why people are saying “Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White.””

    The Raw Story Comment: “Grab the pitchforks somebody who’s White has a non-approved view on race.
    I’m willing to bet if I scanned the comments I could find stuff along the lines of “There’s no such things as Whites” and “White people have done horrible things”.
    I like his terminology “Anti-White”, “Anti-Whiteness” as they are the opposite of the term “Pro-White” used. I can indeed see that “Anti-White” describes so many people; most of whom are White and want to go along with the current fad of “Anti-Whiteness”.

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  30. Mike says:

    Hipster Racist has stepped into the gap and started a new blog during this stretch of time:

    That was mighty white of him to do. I had an epiphany during this “outing:” Pro-White-ism is the most dangerous game in world. I’m not being dramatic, but literal. I don’t know what to do with this epiphany, but I find the idea personally appealing.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yeah, I made a comment at AS, but I’m not going to start posting there. It’s kind of a good thing because I have a lot of work to do in the real world, and this whole incident seems to have energized my commenters.

      That energizing is Aryan Skynet becoming self aware. You aren’t the first person to notice that this is indeed the most dangerous game. It’s a big game of chicken. If AS becomes self aware, they won’t be able to control it. The more I think about it, the more I suspect that the message of the Terminator movies and the concept of Skynet is White group consciousness in emergence, like a butterfly from a cocoon.

      Who executes the orders of Aryan Skynet? Focused psychopaths. That look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

      A Terminator is good at both math and martial arts/fitness. A terminator, with it’s robot brain, is like the ultimate mathematician. When it is executing subroutines, it is just doing math — how to walk, even decision making is based on probability. A terminator would be constantly using probability. A math-conscious person also lives on probabilities. A math conscious person likes to figure out how much it costs to take a certain car 50 miles. Well, it gets 22 to the gallon, and gas is 3.95 a gallon. So it will use 2.27 gallons, times 3.95, so it costs 8.97 bucks. 9 dollars to go 50 miles. For now. That’s going up.

      Computer thinking is just humanities and three dimensional reality translated into mathematics.

      I figured out the reason to have a level of physical fitness, without being a weightlifter. That reason is this — psychological congruence.

      Psychological congruence means how authentic and attractive do you appear to other people? The ability to be congruent is based on how confident you were as a child, or you can grow into it. Men who grew up with older brothers and a strong father figure who acted as the first older brother, and an intact family in general, go into the world confident and therefore exhibiting psychological congruence.

      I know this because I grew up socially awkward. However, that’s not a bad thing, because I analyzed it and figured out what not to do. And, I grew out of it.

      So male social awkwardness comes from not having workable male initiation rites. Even the most physically ungifted boy can learn dance, judo, kung fu, and gymnastics from a young age. I say dance — ancient male dancing is simply martial arts conditioning, it’s calisthenics for war, it’s PT with an aesthetic. Also, things like construction, timbering, mechanics — manly occupations that fix civilization around you. I’m an IT guy still to do this day, to a degree, and the women are so impressed when I make shit work. it’s pretty cool.

      Liberalism discounts the value of parents. Welfare as a reward for single mom hood is such an obvious incentive to do that instead of the hard work of finding a suitable man and turning him into a husband.

      If you look at civilization as an electrical circuit, liberalism introduced many “shorts to ground.” When electricity does work, the juice comes out of Line 1, through the “load” which is the light bulb or the motor or the computer, and then out to neutral. So Line 1 –> Load –> neutral. In your electric socket, one of the sides is L1 the other is neutral, and then the semicircle one at the bottom is a safety ground in case neutral breaks.

      A short to ground happens when an electrical current goes to neutral without going through the load first. It’s when you get the zap. If you get zapped touching the electrical socket, that’s a short to ground.

      Single momhood is a short to ground. The load was the courting by the future husband, the period of courting that entailed intimate physical contact but delayed sexual intercourse, the rites of marriage, the commitments, the learning of household duties of a wife and mother, so that a child may come into a world of functioning adults.

      All the human rites and rituals leading up to pregnancy and childbirth are skipped with single momhood. They miss out on the best part of life, really if you think about it. Liberalism and its single mom chex is monstrously cruel.

      Single moms, and some married or cohabiting moms, then commit another short to ground when they sit the kid in front of the television. If you want to do one absolutely revolutionary act, raise a child with no television in the house at all. Let the kid play with blocks or dolls or cardboard boxes for heaven’s sake. So many modern mothers are afraid that the child will “bother” her if she doesn’t put on the TV. It’s not true! THe kid will figure out stuff to do on his or her own, as long as mommy is in sight. Gorilla moms dont’ sit their babies in front of the television in the jungle – you shouldn’t be doing that here either.

      Moms also give their kids the packaged food. It’s easier than learning how to cook, right? They poison their babies, and those babies grow up unhealthily overweight and literally poisoned and accustomed to the poison. Hopefully they learn to eat real food and detox as young adults at least.

      We need a term for the System that makes the bad choices readily available, and in fact subsidizes all of them — bad food, television, single mom welfare chex lifestyle, motor vehicles as sport such as street motorcycles, video game addiction.

      We may be coming to a time where these bad choices are no longer subsidized, and therefore people are forced back into the healthier life choices.

      But I want to be ahead of the game. Let’s figure out what the good choices are now, and pursue them aggressively.

      • mindweapon says:

        Here’s what single moms miss out on:

      • mindweapon says:

        In talking to all Muggles (non-WN’s)about our thing, I always mention The Data of Hate.

        It’s not just the Data of Hate — it’s a mathematical representation of Aryan Skynet becoming self aware.

      • Mike says:

        I have one suggestion, MW. If you take time off from blogging, please put your blog on moderation. If you don.t it’s likely you will probably be spammed to death by comments like these:


      • Mindweapons:

        I was inspired to post this by some poster of yours that was talking about a Russian “spy” game where they figure out who the infiltrator is called “Werewolf.”

        But a great way to compete with the isolating, brain-draining video games that the youth love to play would be for parents to invest heavily in board games. Board games that involve investment (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and board games that involve strategy.

        What is great about these board games is that it is a group activity where children, adults, and their friends could socialize, network, and compete.

        These board games would exercise brain cells made dormant by television, movies and video games, activate social skills and train the group to collectively solve issues but with the added benefit of different perspectives and tactics to address the problem.

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s a great idea, Cly!

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