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The Cultural Anthropology Approach or WN 2.0

One of the big weaknesses of WN is a lot of turnover. People come and go. Five years is about the limit. They burn out on rage. They can’t sustain it. You can’t go around angry all the time. The … Continue reading

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Race Mixing is Child Abuse

An 11-year-old who starred on Broadway in The Lion King and whose battle with leukaemia won the hearts of many, including Alicia Keys, Rihanna and 50 Cent, has died. Shannon Tavarez died on Monday in hospital in New York. Shannon, … Continue reading

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Changing your name to a Hispanic sounding name to take advantage of affirmative action

A frequent commenter here, Clytemnestra, came to the idea of changing one’s surname to beat the anti-White system by accident, as she relates here. An acquaintance of mine was fleeing an abusive relationship, so she changed her name from the … Continue reading

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