Changing your name to a Hispanic sounding name to take advantage of affirmative action

A frequent commenter here, Clytemnestra, came to the idea of changing one’s surname to beat the anti-White system by accident, as she relates here.

An acquaintance of mine was fleeing an abusive relationship, so she changed her name from the very Anglo name she had been given at birth to an old Italian surname which many Hispanics share.

She had to go to court and change her SSN, etc and seal the records.

All of a sudden it was like Manna coming down from the heavens. She had wanted to go back to school and had tried to under her old Anglo name but aid was minimal at best. When she reapplied under her Latina name and even though she did not falsify her race, she still claimed to be White, she was showered with grants she did not have to pay back.

The jobs she did not qualify for under her Anglo name were suddenly available to her under her new name. Again she did not claim minority racial status. She still checked White off on her application.

But then so do many “White” Hispanics who look a lot like George Zimmerman. SOP where FEDGOV giveaways is to count even those Hispanics who categorize themselves as White as a minority that deserves benefits.

I read a post by another lady who is of the same mind as my own. She had an Anglo friend who worked for a government bureaucracy for years. Then she marries a Mexican national and changes her name. All the sudden she is on the track for promotions. Ironically, the Mexican national came from a family of German emigrants who changed their name to something Spanish!

The more I got to thinking things over, the more I thought how stupid it is for Anglo Whites to doggedly cling to an “Anglo-ness” that has done absolutely zippo – zilch – nada for them.

In our own way, we are as bad as Blacks who insist on naming their children horrible names that just screech Ghetto Bunny, like “Shitavious” and “LaBonquisha” and screech about racism because they don’t even get in the front door of Human Resources for an interview.

In the meantime, we have the Asians who call themselves John Lee at work (and Xiang Lee in Chinatown) and get hired as a Model Minority because they seem so willing to assimilate and also count toward those EEO stats that employers get for hiring Non-Whites.

Since Hispanic is the new trend, why should Whites not take a page from the Asian playbook to get the perks or the job. What difference does it make to Peter Martin if he has to identify as Pedro Martinez to get the job or the scholarship grant as long as he gets it?

Really, all you have to do is figure out the meaning of your surname and see how it translates to a Spanish surname. Rodgers = Rodriguez. Brown = Moreno. Etc. Then you can go to court and claim that was always your family name before your grandparents Anglicized it, just like Martin Sheen’s real surname was Estevez.

If you don’t have children yet,, I’d go even one step further. Pick something that sounds vaguely Arabic or is spelled vaguely Arabic. For better or worse, this government wants to hammer White Christians, but seems content to leave Non-White Muslims alone. A judicious name change opens lots of opportunities to you and yours while subjecting you to less harassment.

And:  Don’t let those Meso Invaders take your jobs! Change your surnames and learn Spanish! Remember that it’s a European language even if the people speaking it are part Indios. Anyway, the more I study Spanish history, the more impressed I am with them. (Aside from their big miscegenation blunder in the Americas). Their leadership (like Ferdinand and Isabella AND Generalissimo Francisco Franco) were far more protective of their people than the Anglos who sold their own people into slavery in the New World, even the children (KIDNAPPING, anyone?) ever were.

NOW is a great time to jump on the “Hispanic” bandwagon as the Border Crisis creates a great opportunity for racially savvy White Nationalists who want to ride the curve rather than fall behind it. As Clytemnestra writes,

At present, FEDGOV is being inundated by paperwork thanks to their unofficial family reunification program resulting from passing the so-called American Dream Act. That means that that all these Latin Americans who migrated up here to live and work “in the shadows” can come out now, because they have brought their anchors up from places like Ecuador, etc. instead of having to drop anchor here, so they can stop using fake identification.

Because of the pending paperwork deluge, now is the perfect time for those who are inclined to my idea to change their names to something Hispanic, because it is more likely to go through with for less notice and much less scrutiny especially if thousands of Whites jump on the Professional Name Change train.

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