The Group Alpha Male

Modern society deprives many of it’s members the innate human need to be part of a group or a tribe.  This is particularly a problem for European Americans, as we allow ourselves to be moved around and separated from our extended families based on “career.”

I have observed what amounts to a tribe of Puerto Ricans in my area — a group of them numbering in the dozens, who are all at least cousins.  They aren’t swept off to some distant place because of a “career.”  And they hunt in packs.

Whatever they may lack in looks or in height, they make up for in social cohesion.  Because they are a group, they get attractive young white women to hang out with them and give them the resources of their white families.

Meanwhile, the white boys in their late teens and early twenties are sitting home alone playing video games.  It’s quite tragic.

So there is a power vacuum in our society.  People are horribly lonely, and desperate to be part of something.  So if we manage to organize a group or an “urban tribe” in an area, others will quickly want to join.  We’ll get whites of both sexes out of their lonely solipsistic worlds and into a real community that gets stuff done and facilitates white family formation.

A community is the best recruiting tool, because modern white people are extremely deprived of community and sociability and gregariousness.


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11 Responses to The Group Alpha Male

  1. Ryu says:

    Yes, welcome back, MW.

    The Murkan Police State is direct against whites and especially whites in groups. They leave those mino-hives of yours alone. Those Ricans must be involved in some drugs, and other criminal stuff.

  2. Trainspotter says:

    Great to see you back, MW!

  3. Starets says:

    Good to see you back MW!

  4. hardscrabble farmer says:

    Good to see you back.

    We have been building cohesive community with the college interns, showing them how to be self-reliant, building skill sets and instilling confidence. The changes in them after only a few months is uplifting to say the least.

    How about stopping by some time?

  5. Jackson says:

    So, three years since your last post. You were taking time off to write a book, did you accomplish that task?

  6. I think there are some de facto huWhite groups in my area already that are ready made for this. Ballroom dancing, historical preservation groups, cultural societies, etc. You just can’t get discouraged about the handful of non-Whites that show up and you can’t worry about people’s politics. You just reach out and try to meet decent people.

    It’s neat that you are writing again for obvious reasons and also because, in a way, it forces me to look at the last three years. I’m asking myself, have I made any progress at mindweaponizing myself? Have I helped build community with other Whites? Are my family relationships stronger? Have I learned any new skills? The answers are yes but I see a lot of room for improvement.

  7. mindweapon says:

    Wow, the whole gang is still here! OK I’m back!

    Yes, the Ricans are involved in a combination of minor criminal activity and regular jobs. The cops don’t care and leave them alone.

    A white group will be fine with the police if we aren’t acting menacing or sporting white power type insignia.

    • Wyandotte says:

      To meet mostly white people, if you are in an area with winter, get involved in skiing and countless other such winter activities. You aren’t going to find a lot of nonwhites there. Also, look for small museums and historical societies who need volunteers.

  8. mindweapon says:

    Doing math and physics again. Getting enough sleep to do so, after 3 years of working my ass off.

  9. Rollory says:

    Really good to see you back in action. I knew keeping that bookmark wasn’t crazy.

    This is one of the very few dissident-right type blogs out there that actively tries for constructive and actionable solutions for the problems facing people today. It is incredibly valuable just for what has been written here in the past, even if nothing more were to be added. But I hope you do have more to contribute.

    BTW: I have been doing some book-writing of my own over the past year. Right now I have no ETA on when it might hit print, but certainly there are ideas in it that were inspired by things I saw here.

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