By 2040 or sooner they will be too stupid to stop us; Idiocracy is the self inflicted mortal wound of liberal democracy



Liberal democracy is ending with a collective whimper.

White liberals have no will to live, almost by definition, and thus no will to fight in a way that matters.

Liberal activism never actually does anything productive; it never builds anything.  The best example of what liberals actually DO, is the antifa database on white nationalists.

Policing right wing thought in an age of relentless economic decline is laughable.  It’s like trying to bail out the sinking Titanic with Home Depot 5 gallon buckets.

Either the extreme left or the extreme right is going to come out on top after this.  Two factions go in Thunderdome, only one comes out.


If society does not collapse from it’s own financial shenanigans, the Idiocracy will take much of the world to a lower level of complexity.  Fast collapse — store shelves are empty.  Slow collapse, they keep the corn syrup flowing and the grid and the internet running until people are too stupid to keep it going except in small pockets of rich people.

The Idiocracy means that the elites will not have a critical mass of smart and hard men to stop us.  World War II was a battle between three tribes of very hard men (Russians, Germans and Anglo-Americans).  Hard men will never again fight for the Jews, at least not in this historical era.

Even now, the elites have to import their talent because they destroyed America with the purposeful dumbing down and purposeful moral degeneracy and malign encouragement to harmful behavior.  They import African immigrants for low skill labor, and Indians and Chinese for STEM.

Our most dangerous weapon is right between our ears.  The Idiocracy means that the smart and hard men will be able to rise to the top.

As a personal update, I am practicing calculus 2-3 hours a day.  I finally took the advice of the great Art Robinson, a physics professor who says the best way to learn math is to just teach yourself.  I am using The Calculus Lifesaver by Adrian Banner for theory and proofs, and Calculus Problem Solvers by REA for lots of practice problems.  It’s a really good way to do it.  The Banner book is fantastic for explanations and proofs, and then solving a few dozen successively more difficult problems on that topic really drives the knowledge home.  When I am satisfied that I have covered calculus, I’m going to do linear algebra, then physics, and then maybe circle back to a study of mathematical proofs.  I have found that I am able to slow my mind down and follow mathematical logic and visualize mathematical functions.  It’s very much like Zen meditation for me, and I would probably study math for 10 hours a day if I didn’t have to work.  At the same time, learning math is immensely practical for generating income and liberating the self from the hamster wheel of money earning.

I saw at the University of Connecticut that American kids are not prepared for STEM majors and get failed out mercilessly, ending up in useless majors like English,   psychology and communications (LOL).  I am a miitary veteran and I have 2 years left of tuition waiver.  I plan to go back after putting in about 3000 hours of self study, and hopefully be able to ace physics and math as good as the Chinese kids.

I really want to show the world that white boys can still do STEM, and not just pass, but get A’s.  I excelled at the Defense Language institute in Russian language because of two years of intense study (both self study and classroom study and practice with Russian immigrants) and I plan to repeat the performance at UConn with physics.

And from there, when I showed it can be done, I want to persuade our people to home school their kids to a high degree of STEM achievement, and even persuade the Alt Right boyz that becoming engineers and plumbing the secrets of math, physics and thus the nature of existence itself, is the path to total Aryan victory.


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19 Responses to By 2040 or sooner they will be too stupid to stop us; Idiocracy is the self inflicted mortal wound of liberal democracy

  1. Nicole van Zyl says:

    I concur, the standard of education keeps slipping.
    I home school our 3 sons, I am ever grateful that I made that decision.

  2. Roy says:

    Hard men will never again fight for the Jews

    Can you elaborate on this. Or cite a few examples. Looks to me there is no shortage of muscle bound White men joining the military. Not only in the US but in places like Germany as well. Russia too. You don’t think Russia will fight for the Jew?

    If we go to war — ww3 — you don’t think Russia will be right there fighting for Jewish interests???

    Otherwise……….I really like your theory about Idiocracy offsetting the decline in White populations. I never considered that ‘theory’. But I like it. Makes sense. But perhaps even in the worst case scenario of “Idiocracy”, the jew will still be able to puppet master the last remaining “hard White men” to do their will for shekels.

    • EG says:

      Why do you think Russia will fight for Jewish interests? Jews hate Russia and they are obviously trying to incite a war between the white men of the west and them, in order to exterminate us both.

  3. mindweapon says:

    It’s not going to be a set piece battle, world war scenario, rather more like a ground down dystopia. The enemy won’t be easily identifiable in snazzy Hugo Boss uniforms.

    Hard white men will have an existential and philosophical problem with fighting for the Jew, when there is less and less to lose, when everything we loved is destroyed.

  4. mindweapon says:

    The Jews use bug men for everything else. White men will realize that they consider only good for fighting and dying for them. The red pill is everywhere.

    Heck, I remember the US Army in the 1990’s. The higher ranking NCO’s were hard core anti-black racist. THe mliitary and police naturally get the sort of people who will side with us, once they lose faith and confidence in the Jewish power, and the Jews are doing an excellent job of destroying all confidence and faith.

  5. Buzz Ziptiger says:

    Boy, 2040…I don’t think I can make it that far (I’d be in my 90’s!), but it’s always good for someone to bend the horizon straight and see the future with a good telescope. Glad to see you back. I kept your link with the hope that, like Ulysses, you’d return, string the great bow, and start firing through the axe heads again. I’ve kept a link to Pimsleur-Russian. I put buying the set on hold because if I go over there to visit and the Yids start a war in Ukraine and it moves east, I’d be rightly or wrongly imprisoned or worse (Who could blame them?).
    As a side note, I’m watching a YouTuber from Russia She’s a sweetheart. It covers real Russian life as viewed through her camera. A very important site to pass around. These are our white brothers and sisters the Yids want us to kill.
    One other thing about Russia. I stumbled across Russian singers, music groups, and dance groups on YouTube. Many, many concerts in theaters outdoors utilize either military orchestras, choral groups, or both. That would be impossible in the U.S. or Western Europe. These people have a strong sense of nationalism. That vital sentiment has been not just murdered here but cremated. Imagine seeing a production like this on Broadway in NYC!
    Cranes (Журавли)

    The audience knows the words and sings along, women weep. It’s about never forgetting the dead. We have nothing like this. It would simply not be permitted.
    Finally, what they call The Great Patriot War (WWII) is remembered in this song. Note the entire audience stands. Respect. No one would dare take a knee. They’d be murdered on the spot.

    Our transgender, fag army would be slaughtered by just one of the grandmothers of these giants. Knowing all of what I’ve seen of Russia over the last few years, your 2040 prediction seems not just possible but prescient.

  6. Aodh Mor MacRaynall says:

    Enjoyed immensely. Keep doing what you’re doing; improving yourself while encouraging other white to do the same. The time approaches when we can rise.

  7. Ryu says:

    Yes, welcome back.

    It has already happened , MW.

    The very best white men left are already 1488. We are getting the cognitive and physical elite. Liberal multiculturalism is highly degenerate. It attacks the physiogamy of both men and women.

    This is no theory. Kids are getting stupider. They can’t function without their ifags. Unis have to bend over backwards to tutor and help these students in any possible manner. I have seen math classes as low as 057 level.

    I find STEM good intellectual practice; like the SJWs say: logic and reason are a white man’s subject. But as for meaningful work in the area? Murka doesn’t do that anymore. “Hell by the Dashboard Light” is a STEMer and says the same thing.

  8. I hope so, MW, but I know too many normies in love with Israel and more than willing to rah-rah the military and send their sons and daughters, and mine, off to die in other people’s wars.

    Israel has a lot of goy recruitment going on. Come, see what Israel is! Our police have bicycle tours just like yours. We have women’s groups, just like yours…we suffer, but you Americans can help us, we’re fighting for freedom, just like you did!

    It’s taken hold of some people I considered rather woke. Insidious. Sinister. It means left and I’m not sure how many dumb lefties even know it.

    Technology is ever a bane before it is a blessing. It’s ok to eschew it, but without it, how would I teach my kids about the coming revolution? So. I have to be ever vigilant, not easy, but duty is never easy.

    Ease may be worse than the tech that makes it possible.

  9. mindweapon says:

    There is always work for engineers. Perhaps one would have to travel. I like the idea of working in Antarctica. Once you have physics, you can learn any flavor of engineering pretty quick. I see lots of jobs in engineering and robotics automation.

    I want to study robotics/automation and go to Japan and study it there where they have cutting edge. I think just hanging out in Japan for a while would enable me to get trade secrets and stuff. People can be really nice some times, they give shit to you for free if you are in the right place at the right time. Also, I speak Russian so I’ll probably go hang with Russians doing robotics and automation as well It would be a good excuse to go hang out in Russia. I’m pretty sure that in my international travels I can pick up very good information that will help me come back to the USA and start a company.

  10. mindweapon says:


    It might be a good thing that there aren’t an abundance of ready STEM salaries. We can start our own high tech businesses.

    Robotics and automation is going to be everywhere — fast food restaurants, transportation, customer service of all sorts.

    I plan to learn trade secrets and then start my own contracting/maintenance business, and perhaps work towards owning systems and renting them to corporations.

    Robotics/automation is going to be a whole new IT boom. We got to make sure to be in on it and get at least a few Alt Right tech billionaires out of it.

    The money we earn must go into paying for eugenically paired young white couples to both stay home with the kids, and ideally have a community of such couples in the same area.

    So here’s the vision, and if there’s any money men reading this, get in touch.

    Get an apartment building(s) in a metro area, like Lynn, MA. At least 30 units to start. Bring in eugenically paired married white couples who have children or intend to do so, and organize a home schooling group. Rent an an auditorium or church basement for the home school, and do our own thing or even a space at the Boston Public Library.

    The Alt Right is full of frustrated smart people who could easily organize a Utopian Community of home schooling families in a metro area like Boston.

    Metro area is important BECAUSE the metro area will have the best educational opportunities for kids — the best music schools, dance schools, martial arts. Kids could be raised multilingual with language nannies.

    It will work because it will be an insular community within the services of a city. This is what the Hassidim know that we don’t. The Insular community should have access to all the funding and services of a metro area. Being an insular community is lonely in a rural area, but it’s fine in a city, in fact an insular community in an urban area is a very powerful combination, when you think about it.

    There should be enough families that the kids have a complete social life in the community, and everyone else are “outsiders” to whom we are benign, but we don’t socialize with the English, like hte Amish say.

    What’s going to set apart the home school kids is going to be superiority because they are the children of eugenically paired couples, cominbed with the best educations. They will be musicains, artists, scientists, and so on. They will grow up to be represented in the military academies and the Ivies and in all the alphabet agencies, the Deep State.

    I believe that the one room school house collective home schooling model will go viral.

    Not every parent will be a teacher, and Videoconferencing will be available if there is a need for teachers and tutors. But every parent will teach something to the group. Every parent should develop some skill or trade, even if they don’t have a job. They can work, but high investment parenting comes first.

    In the old days, the smart kids had all calculus and physics by age 18, and went on to study engineering and take a lucrative part in the Industrial age. Public education took that awa6y from White American kids, nad that’s why so many Indians and Chinese working in H1-B visa jobs.

    We must make ourselves engineers, and start our own businesses, create our own jobs, then hire Americans because of course!

    We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy.

  11. the woodsman says:

    Thank you Mindweapon – I always find what you have to say positive and uplifting!

    I went to university for STEM. Luckily I went to a community college first to get up to speed on the math first and took calculus 1-3 and differential equations there. I recommend that because the instruction was more “personal” in the community college – any kids in the advanced math classes at a community college are definitely serious about their education and are there to learn. The classes are also much smaller. I found that the education at the community college was much better than at the big 10 university I went to.

    I understand what your saying about locating within the metro areas. However, that is not for everyone. I am located in small town midwest and can tell you that there is definitely money to be made here and a very comfortable lifestyle. It’s safe and you can have a very huge footprint in your community/county/area. I own a small engineering business and make around $300,000 a year. I’ve been using my spare $$$ to buy land.

    One specific vocation where smart white men could clean up is land surveying. There are very few of them – more retire every year than become newly licensed. There is really a large demand for licensed land surveyors. It is the sort of job where it is exceptionally easy to start your own business. You could set up shop pretty much anywhere in the midwest and have a thriving business. To get licensed it would likely take a 4-year degree and 4-years of experience in your typical state. Even if you set up shop in a sparsely populated midwest county I don’t doubt that you could clear at least $100,000 a year. That goes a long way out here where you can buy a nice house in a small town for $60,000!

    You’re right – there is no way they are going to be able to continue to police us. The current crop of commissars are pathetic – the next generation will be even more pathetic. I tell my kids and our friends’ kids that if they can “stay away from the ifags” they will rule this country. Even in my kid’s 2nd grade class, most of their classmates have a cell phone! It really does turn them into stupid zombies!

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  13. Oogaboogaman says:

    Welcome back brother we missed you.

  14. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    “that’s why so many Indians and Chinese working in H1-B visa jobs.” I’m not so sure about that. Corporations are given financial incentives to hire foreigners.

    “Hard white men will have an existential and philosophical problem with fighting for the Jew, when there is less and less to lose, when everything we loved is destroyed.”

    When they are beat out for jobs by their lessers (Chinese and Indians for instance), when they can’t afford private schools for their kids, when they are prohibited from home schooling their kids, when they can’t even get decent food anymore and they realize that Jews are responsible for these problem, then they’ll fight.

    It’s happening.

  15. eh, my advice to young white males is not to go to college…learn a trade, go rural…go under the table, at least in part…pay enough taxes to earn a social security pension, and that’s it…10 years of minimal earnings…starve the system…live in a white rural area (if possible)…and do not marry, but have children…

  16. Baron says:

    Great articles , great blog , great to see you posting periodically from time to time. Sorry to hear about that article written about you and your family. The N.W.O. / Cultural Marxists want to destroy white people , white families , and white identity. It is the Communist – Cultural Marxist plan and goal. E-mail me when you get some free time. I haven’t commented on your blog since 2012. It’s been 5 years. I have a lot to tell you.
    For Freedom!

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