Tiger Mom update 2018; It works




Amy Chua, the Tiger Mom of New Haven, Connecticut, was a frequent inspiration and subject of blog posts.  It’s an example I’ve always been able to point to of a “mind weaponized family.”

The kids were two sisters, and Chua’s book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom” was written when they were still high school girls.  Naysayers were hoping the girls would rebel and become crack whores or something.  That was always the shitlib meme — if you are strict and high investment parent, your kids will rebel and be much worse than they would have otherwise.  That meme is total bullshit and it’s an excuse for lazy parenting.

Now the younger sister, Lulu Chua-Rubenfeld, is a senior at Harvard. When she went to Harvard, she was totally released from her mother’s discipline, but she was very well prepared for Harvard and found it easy.

I always wrote that the childhood preparation is where you must put most of your energy and effort.  So many American parents let their kids be lazy TV babies and vidya game addicts, and then expect expensive college is going to “fix everything.”  Of course, that’s insane.  The kid will meet other vidya addicts and TV babies and they will have a very expensive extended childhood, and learn Cultural Marxist justification for being a slug.  Cultural Marxist professors love the kids to be TV babies and partiers.  So they learn all the wrong things about life, and get in massive debt for it.

The best education, right from grade school level, is radically minimalist.  A person sitting at a desk with a book, pen and notebook and working out math problems, or reading a book or writing an essay.  Habituating this from a young age is the most important task of a parent educator.

There is nothing more powerful for an individual than a good habit, and working out math problems for an hour or two a day is one of the most power-accumulating habits there is.  Math even becomes a matter of play, of trial and error and testing things.  For example, I can get confused by fractions divided by fractions, like 1/x / 1/x^2.  suppose x is 2, so 1/2 divided by 1/4.  that would be 1/8 right?  So 1/x^3?   But 1/2 times 1/4 is 1/8!  1/2 divided by 1/4 is 2.  Plug that back into the x, and 1/x divided by 1/x^2 is actually x.  I actually went through all this today, and when I figured it out, I got a rush of dopamine.

Doing math as a daily exercise makes me more proficient in my income earning activities, more focused, more creative and more able to implement creative ideas.  I get into a “flow” state.  I equate math practice with Zen meditation — it forces you to slow down your thinking, and as months of daily practice go by, you get better at slowing down your mind even if you are stressed out or tired.

Anyway, Amy Chua was right and her shitlib critics like Ayelet “vidya mom” Waldman are wrong.  LOL.  Check fucking mate libtards.

Tiger Mom Did Nothing Wrong

Having the kid say he or she hates you and throw a tantrum is par for the course and don’t even take it seriously, LOL:

In the book, she famously erupted during a family trip to Russia. Smashing a glass at a cafe, she bellowed: “I’m not what you want — I’m not Chinese! I don’t want to be Chinese. Why can’t you get that through your head? I hate the violin. I hate my life. I hate you, and I hate this family!”

Notice they went to Russia, where the State is the Tiger Mom.  That shit is not left to chance in Russia.

If you raise the kid right, they “launch” no problem when they reach the age of majority.  The High Investment Parent front loads heavy duty high investment parenting from early childhood, and by the time the kid is 18, he’s more than ready for adulthood.

Shockingly, once she arrived at the Cambridge campus, her parents were completely hands-off.

“OK, we’re going to get out of your hair now,” Lulu recalls them saying shortly after they dropped her off with her suitcases.

“She’s super uninvolved now. I don’t think she even knows what classes I’m taking. She thinks her job is done and hopefully I’ve absorbed some of her lessons. Now I have to sink or swim.”

Front loading high investment parenting makes college work easy.   The Robinson Curriculum kids don’t get in the New York Post, but they have a similar experience as the Chua-Rubenfeld girls:

Now, Lulu is 22 years old, about to graduate from Harvard (where she currently maintains a 3.9 GPA) and feeling ready to take on the world — thanks to Tiger Mom.

If the White nationalist movement does nothing but fund our own versions of the Chua-Rubenfeld family allowing both parents to stay home with the kids and using home schooling and the Robinson Curriculum, we could accomplish nothing more effective.  Moreover, the parents should be perpetually educating themselves, particularly in mathematics and reading original source history such as can be found in 22 volume history collection Great Events by Famous Historians and Latin.

The Alt Right home school families will raise a generation of captains of industry who will seize global political power from the satanists and abusers.



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9 Responses to Tiger Mom update 2018; It works

  1. Ryu says:

    Where did you pickup the phrase “vidya” from, MW? Do you watch Murdoch Murdoch too?

    We have to be careful with notions of success. Tigermom’s spawn are two-fers: women and gook. They could increase their position by becoming trannies or dykes though. They have a big advantage, above just high investment parenting.

    Have there been any public updates on April Gaede’s kids? I remember reading that they turned into university liberals, at least a few years ago.

    • mindweapon says:

      April’s kids are fine, it was just a passing phase. They are politically neutral and living their lives. WN parents should not involve their kids in politics; they should focus on teaching their kids math and foreign languages and martial arts and piano, so the kids grow up to dominate the world.

    • mindweapon says:

      I got vidya from Daily Stormer.

  2. Ryu says:

    A few years back, PLEs were a hot topic of discussion. Today, one really doesn’t see them talked about.

    I am thinking they either went dark, or have been sued or frightened out of existence. Is that right, MW? I haven’t heard anything about the Kalispell PLE for a long time and its website is down.

    The former Land of the Free is locking down. Might not be able to form groups at all.

  3. countenance says:

    For example, I can get confused by fractions divided by fractions, like 1/x / 1/x^2. suppose x is 2, so 1/2 divided by 1/4. that would be 1/8 right? So 1/x^3? But 1/2 times 1/4 is 1/8! 1/2 divided by 1/4 is 2. Plug that back into the x, and 1/x divided by 1/x^2 is actually x. I actually went through all this today, and when I figured it out, I got a rush of dopamine.

    I figured it out without moving a muscle.

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