Important Announcement; The Jews have been Dechosen by G-d, as the city of Troy was Dechosen by Zeus

Zeus helped the Trojans early in the war, just like WWII.

During the next days, however, the Trojans drove the Achaeans back to their camp and were stopped at the Achaean wall by Poseidon. The next day, though, with Zeus’ help, the Trojans broke into the Achaean camp and were on the verge of setting fire to the Achaean ships

The idea of being Chosen is present in Greek mythology.  The Trojans were favored, or chosen, by Zeus.  But Paris cucked Menelaus, and by divine laws Zeus could no longer protect Troy and had to turn his back, and we all know what happened to Troy.

They Trojans hid behind Zeus, nyah nyah nyah nyah, I’m fucking Helen right now you sorry faggot Menelaus and there’s not a damn thing you can do because Zeus loves us not you!  We’re the Chosen Trojans!  And we can do whatever we want now!

That is the great theological mistake of people who believe that they are divinely chosen; it tempts them to license, to violate ancient laws that are literally encoded in our DNA.

Chosen-ness leads to an escalation of law breaking and willful blindness to any criticism of one’s own people, and the next thing you know, G-d aint’ got your back any more.

That is a thing.  That happened, some time between 1945 and now.  G-d had your back then, but you fucked up big big big time.  The biggest of big time fuck ups.

But that’s OK, if you can just let it go gracefully.  We don’t have to have a fight, just because you’ve been cut down to size.

Let white people be white people.  Stop fucking with us, stop fuckign with our demographics, stop fucking with our heads with your gas lighting which isn’t even fucking working it’s just making us hate you that much more.

I have to warn Jews — you are power naked now.  You have to make friends with us goyim.  You have to stop fucking with us.  Please.

Look, we are a forgiving bunch, really we are.  We are more interested in being the whitest white people we can possibly be.  We want to fix the systems of food and waste/recycling and transport and production to be more ecologically sustainable.  We want to stop dumping plastic in the ocean.  We want to stop dumping nitrogen runoff into the ocean from the Mississippi river.

You need white engineers for that.  Pajeet engineers don’t give a fuck look at India.

You need to let white people be white people, and you will just be another group, like the Jehovah Witnesses or the Amish or some of you will just forget the old religion and be a generic goy, in other words, assimilate into whiteness with no looking back.

You got to shut down the tikkun olam bullshit.  yOu got to stop fucking with our national governments and opening our borders and stealing our money with insane usury schemes.  The USA is one big usury scheme, it is so Jewed and everyone fucking knows it.

White people can fix everything.  But you got to let us be us.  We don’t give a shit about “racism.”

Racism was always a scam to suck money out of people who had money.  Well we ain”t got money any more so the vestigial special pleading and rent seeking just pisses us the fuck off.  Everywhere people are poor, they are hard right wing.  Especially the best men in the poor and struggling areas, far right and getting totally red pilled.

And we’re not stupid.  We’re figuring everything out.  We are being as white as we can possibly be and loving every minute of it.

So this is my offer.  Let’s cooperate and fix this thing together.  We need a white families fund so white parents can both stay home with their kids.  We’ve been paying welfare to non-whites for 50 years now, it’s time for welfare for good families.

We’re going to do our own schooling.  Just get rid of public schools.  We can do it all as homeschooling and Skype.  The home schooling will be much more effective than public schools.  It will be open source knowledge, it’s not like we could prevent non-whites from accessing internet based home schooling if we wanted to.  So there will be global positive externalities by letting white people go.  We will create the school of the future, so long as internet infrastructure is maintained.

The home school network will be far cheaper and far more effective than public schools.  I understand that public schools are for ideological control but they are epically failing in actually teaching mathematics and language, and are very expensive.  They aren’t even maintaining a bare facade of any kind of learning for all the time and money spent.

People who grow gardens will be able to sell their harvest to a county processing plant.  The food will be freeze dried and served in a county soup kitchen, and lower grade vegetables can be freeze dried and used as animal feed for local farms.  The food security project will be a guaranteed market for farmers, and the livestock farmers will get freeze dried vegetables from the gardeners and sell them cheap manure  delivered in a dump truck for their gardens.  If we did this, LOTS of people would be growing every kind of fruit and vegetable that made money.  Of course it would cut into the profits of Agribuisness, Inc, but next time there’s a famine we’re going to wish we had a county food security plan.

Auto transportation is massively redundant.  We need to go to mass transit that leverages smart phone technology and all communications mediums.  There will be a fraction of vehicles on the road, and a fraction of oil and gas used.  And people will have more money in their pockets because automobiles are a terrible financial burden on the American people.

Home Schooling, County Food Security, and Mass Transit.  Let’s do intelligent shit, instead of escalate into a conflict.





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9 Responses to Important Announcement; The Jews have been Dechosen by G-d, as the city of Troy was Dechosen by Zeus

  1. Ryu says:

    Its too late. The cycle must continue. Nation kicks jews out – renaissance – prosperity – jew come back in – conditions become intolerable…jews out again….

    As it sits, the jews have won the game. They own the police, the military, all major institutions, the media. WNs have a small part of the internet and maybe…maybe…the support of young white boys aka Gen Zyklon.

    They will not trade all that they have for the uncertainty that whites “may” wake up en masse. Hubris is the jewish weakness, you know that already.

    “Well we ain”t got money any more so the vestigial special pleading and rent seeking just pisses us the fuck off. Everywhere people are poor, they are hard right wing. Especially the best men in the poor and struggling areas, far right and getting totally red pilled.”

    THIS is the future. Most whites are headed for the gutter. It isn’t “minimalism”. Whites cannot afford consumerism anymore. The money is gone and the USA was stripped to the bedrock.

  2. mindweapon says:

    THe Jewish victory of 1945 is about to be overturned, because the gods are enraged at the Jews and the abuse they have inflicted on whites and especially on the poor Germans, who are probably the most decent and conscientious people in the world, and they are getting massively punished for their virtues, as Nietzsche predicted.

    But the gods love Germans, and love white people in general. Higher beings are enraged at what is happening and are intervening. Zeus has turned his back on the Jews. They lost their supernatural power, they lost their Chosen-ness. Their luck is run out.

    The best thing they can do is become ordinary citizens. That’s probably not going to happen. British Masonry is part of it, by the way. Jews and Masonry work hand in glove, as I learned in Russia. Rothschilds are both Jews and British Masonry. MI-6 is masons.

    MI-6 secretly takes credit for WWII victory because they planted Hitler as their agent into “Fuhrer.” Hitler threw the fight for British intelligence, just like Max Schelling through the fight to Joe Louis.

    These groups, Jews and Masons, are sick with hubris, it’s true. But the world energy is all lining up against them, because they have done a very bad job ruling the earth. They let plastic flow into the oceans, they are fucking done. Plastic in the oceans has summons higher beings to come save the planet because earth is a very rare and precious jewel and they can’t let the oceans become a stew of plastic.

    The aliens, the higher beings, are taking a more active part in earthly affairs now. And the anti-white shit infuriates the fuck out of them.

    • Ryu says:

      Damn nigga have you finally gone off the deep end? 🙂

      Aliens? Higher beings? Are you into the Greys, Aryans and the Reptilians now?

      Coincidentally, I was just talking with another WN about alien stuff. WNs are naturally attracted to the fringe and UFOlogy is one part of that. I hope Hitler and the Nazis still have that Antarctica ice-base the leads to hollow Earth.

      I have heard that our timeline was corrupted, that in another the Nazis won and created some kind of utopia, but someone travelled back in time or something.

      I thank you for your service…to our race. If you are interested in alien stuff now I’d be curious to hear your discoveries.

      • mindweapon says:

        I know it sounds like I went off the deep end. This stuff came into my head, with the message, “put it on your blog.”

        I objected, “this shit is going to sound nuts.” But whatever this being is that was communicating to me, pretty much ordered me to put it out there and damn the opinions of others.

        It’s like when you are evicting someone, you are supposed to serve notice of process. I’m basically the process server, the marshal or the sheriff, publishing notice to the Jews and Masons that their time is running out and they are “power naked.”

        The term “power naked” was emphasized to me. When the tide goes out, we see who is swimming naked. If the Jew-Mason powers organize another war, they will lose and be rounded up and arrested and executed and everything they have done will become common knowledge and put in history books.

        The British masons are the senior partners in the Jew-Mason cabal. The Rothschilds identify more with Masonry than Jewry. Hitler was a British agent and a Rothschlid bastard, which is why he let the British army escape at Dunkirk and “didn’t listen to his generals.” Viktor Rothschild and Ian Fleming were running Hitler as their agent. He was protected during World War I and there were several British agents in the early NSDAP.

        Any healthy country must have a way to change the government; we mustn’t have Fuhrers or dictators because the dictator might be an enemy agent. NS Germany would have totally won and literally taken over the world if Heydrich had been the Chancellor instead of the vaudeville actor.

        I have been reading the history of intelligence agencies and intel operations. Anybody who thinks they know history but ignore intelligence and espionage, don’t know shit. My friends with whom I still speak in the movement don’t want to hear anything bad about Hitler, they are like Holocaust affirmers and dismiss all evidence of Hitler being a British agent as “black propaganda by the Jews.”

        Being a messenger has benefits. They answer my questions. I asked for a workable plan for Total Aryan Victory and they said “homeschool white boys in MMA and math and foreign languages. They will get into military academies and Ivy Leagues and get access to the highest levers of power and they will take it over from within because it’s a total clusterfuck up there. The ruling elites are Idiocracy and you only need to raise a generation of ‘barbarians at the gate’ to totally wreck them and arrest them and execute them and take over.”

        I haven’t been blogging these past 4 years because I had new experiences that I needed to digest before I could write about them. I have seen the horrible underbelly of rural America and the opiate addiction. When I meet an alcoholic, I congratulate him for not being an opiate addict. It’s that bad.

        The opiate thing is killing so many people the medical examiners are unable to autopsy all the OD’s. This is a panic culling of white people, to try and reduce the ranks of the future RAHOWA White Army. The ruling elites see RAHOWA coming much more than whites do, even more than we do. They are panicking and want to kill as many of us as possible before they have to fight us with hot lead and cold steel. Also, the gun grab push.

        They are afraid that the economy will collapse and the masses will rise up and wreck everything and the ruling elites will have to hide somewhere and because the economy won’t be functioning, they will eventually run out of food stores and of course life is no fun in a bunker somewhere. So they have destroyed the world but don’t want to suffer the consequences of their scorched earth that they caused.

        The irony is that eveything they DO to hold back Judgment Day only accelerates it. The best thing they could do to delay Judgment Day would be to let Aryan scientists and engineers fix the world. But they don’t trust us with any power or authority at all, because we would expose theri corruption and mass theft of the world’s wealth. They would rather burn the bitch down than face the music for their global scale crimes against humanity.

        That’s where we are at. The beings are pissed off that we are fucking up the planet with the plastic and nitrogen runoff in the oceans and the acidification of the oceans. Earth is a rare and valuable gem and they will take drastic measures to stop the ecological destruction. We were given the earth because humans are pretty cool beings. We are far from the highest beings, but we are attractive and interesting, like dolphins or eagles. They like our poetry and literature, and we haven’t been creating much of it lately because of the destruction of the family and the corruption of childhood by the satanic and abusive ruling elites.

        Do you really think humans are the highest beings in the universe? There are actually many classes of higher beings than us, all the way up to the highest deities. They told me that the point of religion is to strive to be a higher being, to climb the ladder of the Great Chain of Being, and the way to that is to study physics. There are more than enough lower beings, but the universe pulls us to strive to climb the ladder. Eugenics should be the human religion, and the fact that the ruling elites have made eugenics taboo is all anyone needs to know to judge their pure evil.

      • Wyandotte says:


        “This is a panic culling of white people, to try and reduce the ranks of the future RAHOWA White Army.”

        Only the sickest of the sick are being culled. They attract accidents or emotional turbulence and then seek out opioids (and other drugs). Nature at work; nothing new here, move along.

  3. mindweapon says:

    So yeah, studying mathematical physics is the true religion. It serves as meditation and makes divine revelation possible. I go everywhere with my bag with my calculus book and notebook, like a monk with his Bible. Studying math every day trains me to slow down my mind. It is Zen meditation.

    • Ryu says:

      Good stuff MW.

      The white race IS in pain, and it is fitting they choose a pain reliever to get hooked on. Some say this is revenge for Britain’s Opium Wars in China; the Opiod Crisis is China’s Opium war on Whites.

      Yes, the more ((( they ))) kick the can and stall Ragnarok, the more things will change. Murka should have collapse 10x over by now. It will not be allowed to die a natural death. The elites know this, which is why they build their bunkers in New Zealand.

      I have felt this also; the System has a tiger by the tail. To hold on is risky and to let go is sure death.

      I salute your bravery in making these changes. Tell your alien-friends to come visit me, in my dreams. I’d like to hear what they have to say.

  4. mindweapon says:

    They got to come to you. The way I got them to ramp up the messaging is when you are alone, or think you are alone, start talking to them as if you see them. It freaks them out, they’re like, “holy shit, he can see us!” when I really couldn’t, but I heard this and I said, “Yep, I see you.” I was bluffing of course, but after that they communicated to me much more aggressively.

  5. MW : Arturo here. What a fantastic thing to see that you are Bach.
    Not sure if you remember we spoke on the phone a couple of times, while I was in New Orleans.

    This new tangent you’re going off on – ref. above comments, i.e.
    higher beings witnessing what is going on here and finding it Not Cool AT All, I can totally relate to. I think you’re right, I think you’re spot on.

    Before you took a hiatus, MWIR was the first place I would go in the morning; the first place in the usual ten to fourteen-hour day I spend on the internet.

    Seriously Bro, I am so glad to see you’re back.

    I am located in France right now – at this instant in the countryside, less than one mile away from the “Armistice Glade” or “Clairière de l’Armistice” – that history-heavy place where Germany got screwed with a shitty surrender deal on 11 November 1918 (first time in human history a nation surrendered without the “enemy” having a single foreign soldier on their territory) ; and again, on June 20th 1940, a mere forty days after the incredible German attack on fortress Eben Emael in Belgium – on that day, was filmed the famous little sequence where a happy Hitler does a little happy dance after descending from the exact same rail carriage, that was used to humiliate Germany 22 years prior.

    Seriously MW I don’t want to sound so sycophantic, but I am really glad to see you’re back.

    Hope we can talk soon,

    Amitiés d’un camarade-en-armes,

    – Arturo

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