Non-whites in the USA don’t revile white identity — the attack on white identity is an intra-paleface conflict

Here’s a meme that checks out:

NAM (non Asian minorities)  in Trump’s America are afraid of a racially frustrated white person who is not allowed to have white identity.  Dylann Roof is exhibit A, naturally.  Had Roof been part of a white identity community, it would have been much less likely that he would have shot the black people in the church.

NAMs in middle America want the Dylann Roofs out there part of a white identity community, and they want a white identity community that interacts with them in a way that is based on rules and not based on anti-white propaganda.

Being opposed to interracial marriage is not offensive to NAMs who are not being paid to be anti-racists, ,which is the vast majority of them.

When I explain eugenics to non-Asian minorities they are in favor of it.  They don’t want genetic diseases either, and understand that there should be fit parents and people who would be unfit parents should be snipped.  They aren’t worried about being regarded as unfit parents because they are so sick of a chaotic society.  They are confident that white people will be fair to them in a eugenics based regime.

Middle America is poor, and struggling, and taking the Red Pill in a big way.  Nobody out here believes in liberal bullshit anymore, nobody believes that Disney channel teaching kids to be disrespectful to their parents is cool or funny or cute, they hate that shit actually.

We are in a very different political and social climate, where it is no longer possible to suppress white identity and white self consciousness and the desirability of a society based on scientific eugenics and energy efficient and renewable resource using civil infrastructure.

So if actual black people don’t give a shit about white identity, who does?  The anathema on white identity is a Jewish thing.  Jews are tribalists, but don’t want whites to be tribalists because being a tribalist makes you more powerful.

The hate for white identity is purely a Jewish thing, because they don’t want us competing with them.  Simple as that.  Non-whites were recruited as foot soldiers to suppress white identity, but the colored army deserted at least a decade ago.

Liberalism and white guilt is taking us backwards.  New stuff is not being invented because white boys aren’t learning math any more, because white boys are supposedly the root of all evil and we all got to be ekulz now.

But liberalism is a crusty old religion that we are all sick of.  We’re sick of going backwards, everyone is.  We know that a better functioning civilization is possible, and we will settle for nothing less than total independence, separation and sovereignty for white people so that we can carry on the work of removing the plastics from the ocean and making life on earth sustainable at all.


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8 Responses to Non-whites in the USA don’t revile white identity — the attack on white identity is an intra-paleface conflict

  1. Ryu says:

    These are fine, well-reasoned arguments. But is that how people work, in the real world?

    Seems to me emotion is the driving force much of the time (even for me). I don’t reckon the jews are just going to throw their hands up and give some of the power back to whites.

    I think the jews will do anything to keep their stranglehold, even if they can’t breathe either. Look at South Africa. The elites there still do alright. They don’t make reforms unless they really have to. Like Zimbabwe levels.

    Tex Arcane talks about “the Samson option.” Jews provoking a nuclear war with Murka vs Russia and China rather than allowing white identity and making changes. Seems that is what they are shooting for.

    Things have to go down pretty far before people wake up. England is returning to a sort of pre-Industrial existence:

    • D says:

      It all depends on where you live I suppose. In the Southwest the Mestizos want the Whites dead or out. They definitely do NOT want a White identity movement because that would mean push back against their plans. The only reason any NAMs would want a White identity movement is if they think it’ll bring Whitey back to the table propping up the goodie train for them and their kids. It’s all self interest.

      I’ll be blunt here, history teaches us that Whites CAN NOT survive a multicultural society in the long run. That is why these multitudes are being imported now. Even if we take our societies back, (((they))) conclude that we won’t have to heart to throw the others out, so they win in the long run as we brown out. NAMs will not support a White identity movement if it means eventually they have to go to back to where they came from OR if Whites just leave them to their own devices (same thing as being sent back home). Everyone wants White societies and all it has to offer;They just don’t really want the Whites.

  2. mindweapon says:

    I’m just telling it like I see it. People are scared of ending up on the street these days. Whites are afraid to express fascism openly; colored people aren’t. I am out on the street a lot and I meet a lot of people. If you say, “here’s a choice, total fascism and you live like a modern person, or continued liberalism and we end up living like cavemen” everyone takes the first option.

    Liberalism and signalling are psychic luxuries. Those luxuries don’t exist out here in Bleakistan.

    In the real, real, real, real world, people are totally fascist already.

    • I returned to your blog to comb your archives for inspiration while trying to pull out of my Donald Trump Hangover and found your timely new posts. Welcome back, Mindweapon.

      I found your observations about Non-Asian minorities wanting Whites to be part of a White Identity Community both interesting, insightful and on-point. However, I don’t think this was always the case with NAMs until after they saw how White racial destruction adversely impacted THEM.

      There was very much a Get Whitey vibe from them, especially after Barack Obama, Eric “My People” Holder and his other African-American cronies and their Jewish allies swept into power and purged most Whites from positions of power. They totally bought into the concept of wealth redistribution when they thought they would benefit from it.

      Poorer Whites didn’t produce richer Blacks but a richer elite which was majority populated by Jews. Even though more draconian hate crimes were put into the law books and more draconian consequences were inflicted against Whites who blurted out inconvenient racial truths, Blacks’ economic situation didn’t improve. Even though TMFIIC tried to make Negrophilia a state religion and kissed their black asses day and night, they remained the lowest on the economic totem pole. IOW, even though they were being kissed, they knew they were being screwed.

      Anti-White policies didn’t improve their lives. In fact they made their lives worse. These policies created new Asian and HIndu middle classes who despised and harshly discriminated against Blacks more than the worst Whites ever did or could. Moreover, Blacks were and are being pressed by the Demi-Mongoloid Mestizos pouring in from south of the border who also despise them and even try to kill them, driving them out of their former strongholds like Watts and Compton. None of these people feel any guilt over Negro slavery or any obligation to uplift Black people due to systemic racism.

      These groups also feel no Holocaust Guilt and see the Jews as the most privileged of Whites, so I think the Jews are going to reap a bitter harvest sooner rather than later. Asians and Indians are outrageous cheats and take pride in gaming any system set up in the West and they act like they won the lottery every time they successfully game the Jews (who they regard as competitors not saviors). DATGOY (Dark and Terrible God of ironY) – H/T to Adrian – strikes again.

  3. mindweapon says:

    Americans in Middle America are pretty hard bitten, pretty feral. Spiritually sturdy, in other words. They have gone through Nietzschean hell fire. The strongest swords are forged in the hottest flames.

    • Mindweapons, you really need to check out CheapRVLiving on YouTube and other videos about Van Dwellers.

      It shows the incredible resilience (and generosity) of White men – even down and out White men. One of them, Bob Wells and a few of his friends host RTR (Round Trip Roundups) where they have van build outs to help nomads set up their vans by helping them install beds, sinks, electricity and solar panels. And give them pointers on how to insulate their vans, etc.

      Wells himself was forced to live in a van to keep up with his child support payments to his ex-wife after the economy tanked. He is one of the major White gurus of van living. In spite of his divorce, he helps poor, elderly indigent women live comfortably out of their vehicles. Not to mention other people down on their luck.

      What started out as a poor, indigent community (primarily of elderly and disabled people) is mushrooming with younger people wanting to travel and escape the rat race and even young families wanting to homeschool and travel.

      This started out to be nothing but a bunch of homeless Whites, but more Blacks are following them into the desert and they have found the dynamics to be dramatically changed. Whites are polite, but it is obvious that they are “fed up to here” with political correctness and the Negro Fatigue is high with them. White men, especially skilled White men who help others are at the top of the hierarchal pyramid and woe betide anyone who “disrespects” them, right or wrong! Women are their fiercest and most loyal praetorian guard as one Black female vandweller discovered to her chagrin.

      It is Wells and other men of his caliber that make me less afraid of a financial meltdown and a SHTF scenario. I think these are the (White) men that the Bell Curve obliquely referred to when they mentioned that the optimum IQ for a functioning society was no more than 110. They said there were a surprising number of outliers with much higher IQs who rank among the homeless and saw this as a potential threat to the established order.. The elite used to find some way to absorb them (brightest employees marrying the boss’ daughter) but thanks to ethnic nepotism, they had been shut out and then pushed out of any upwardly mobile positions.

  4. Ryu says:

    The Street is a good place to be. Worse really is better.

    I fear in the past I had given bad advice – economic resiliance? Making money? Work harder? These things are over. Most whites (99%) are headed for the gutter.

    Poverty annihilates the future. Once poor, one stops investing in The System. Pretty soon one realizes that the only way to “drain the swamp” is WN.

    I’ve found some good accounts in this area

    “I laugh when I see people on televitz trying to act hard like they understand the implications of what’s happening right now. They are effeminate, distracted, hebephrenic clowns who don’t mix so good with real world stuff. These people have never known hunger. They have never been shot at. They have never hid in a drainage ditch from people who wanted to kill them. They have never slept in the cold inside a cardboard box or made a stove out of a coffee can just for the heat. They never rode on a train. They have never scavenged through ruins for something to eat. All these things and many more are waiting for them. That’s assuming they even number amongst the lucky ones who survive.”

  5. Oogaboogaman says:

    Welcome back MW. The mino mafia is already starting to infight. Just look at BLM vs sjw starbucks.

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