Mike Rowe and his TV show Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe has a show on the Discovery channel called “Dirty Jobs,” where he shows that well paying blue collar jobs are not being filled. These are jobs that are hard, but also adventurous and interesting, and as he mentions, well paying. Even in 2018. Well paying jobs.

He is saying what I have been saying on this blog for years. We got a problem with young men who don’t have a sense of adventure. One must have that Jack London adventure where you go work on an oil field in North Dakota, or commercial fishing in Alaska, or teaching English in Russia.

Young men are not having the Jack London adventure any more, even though travel is much less restricted. People from the rest of the world travel more than we do, even from poorer countries.

Note — do not get a dirty job in a Muslim/Arab country or anywhere the police are corrupt and can invent a charge to put you away for life or kill you. Singapore yes, Malaysia no. South Korea yes, Saudia Arabia no. Chile OK, Guatemala or Mexico, no.

Dirty Jobs is the echo of TV Babies and man-child vidya addiction. Rowe advocates for tech school instead of college, and he bashes college and office jobs with a vengeance!

Rowe makes the claim that high and medium skill blue collar “dirty jobs” are going begging even though they pay a good wage.  He goes out and finds these jobs and helps at the work site for a day or two with cameras.

White boys staying home playing vidya leaves the world open for Hispanics and Indians to occupy the niches. We must get off our asses and fight for our niches, and in the process organize around white identitarianism.

To hell with “fighting for rights.” You don’t fight for rights, you fight for niches. When we are doing niche warfare as a collective, we will be on the path to total Aryan victory.

In addition to studying calculus, I started a home study in electronics from the Cleveland Institute of Electronics. It is 93 units of electronics technology and lab, and then I can transfer that and do automation and robotics as well. I have already done several lessons and can’t wait to set up my electronics laboratory. The course costs $1,500.00 and you can pay 100 a month for 15 months.

The fact that you can get a decent home study course in a trade that is in demand (electronics tech/engineering) means we should be meeting up IRL in order to do the home study courses in a group setting, just to make it more motivating and interesting and collaborative.

I think we could educate ourselves and start our own companies and become high tech millionaires in robotics/automation or some such technical/engineering field.

We can and should be our own MIT, our own Caltech. This is our Sputnik moment. Are we going to do what is most effective in response to the challenge of white survival?


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12 Responses to Mike Rowe and his TV show Dirty Jobs

  1. Ryu says:

    How do you simulate a lab, MW? Did they send you a computer program to play on?

    • mindweapon says:

      No they send you actual hands on projects.

      I can’t believe we didn’t figure out years ago how to organize IRL. It is my dream to organize IRL where we rent or lease a Maker’s Space and meet up there and teach ourselves tech and engineering, in a social context but of course mostly self teaching.

      Traditional schooling with teachers and blackboards is about 600 years outmoded, since the Gutenberg press was invented. The point of a lecture was to copy your own book on the topic, becuase the printing press hadn’t been invented yet.

      Actual learning is 99% self study/self teaching and 1% talking to someone with mjore understanding who helps you through a difficulty in understanding.

      So I want to organize a group that trains our goys how to self teach. Self teaching is the most powerful skill there is.

      • Ryu says:

        Yes it is.

        The teacher really doesn’t matter. The student does the work. If you don’t study, you don’t learn.

  2. Buzz Ziptiger says:

    I live near a small town (12,000 pop.). I came from a state where AAA auto insurance was available. AAA has a service where car buyers can take their pre-purchased vehicle to a AAA center and have it checked over and get a full report about what’s right and wrong about the vehicle before shelling out the cash. This used to cost around $150 or so. Where I live, there is no such service. I mention this because a friend bought 2 vehicles, and both of them had major issues that weren’t apparent. I intend to call the nearest trade school and suggest that the automotive students consider this kind of job. It’s going unfulfilled. As John Taylor Gatto advised, “Find an empty niche in your own community and fill it.” I think this is a gigantic hole that needs filling all across the country.

  3. EG says:

    Jeronimus, I recently heard you on The Southern AF podcast, and we are very much on the same page about everything related to technology and education in relation to self sustainability and white survival. Is there any way I could get in contact with you and send you a letter?


  4. Adit says:

    Here’s the question about these jobs… Are they readily findable, or do you need inside information from the relevant industry to even know they are available?

  5. Baron Julius Evola says:

    Great advice. I took an at home basic chemistry class through the local jc. They sent a basic chemistry set, I got a good Mark in the course, but it was because I had a strong desire to learn.

    • Baron Julius Evola says:

      It’s great you are back MW. You have always been a positive and constructive voice in the Kali Yuga we are living through.

  6. Baron Julius Evola says:


    What are the job placement rates for those online courses? I’d be willing to pay 2 grand just for the knowledge, but a job is always nice.

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