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Liberalism is Munchausen by Proxy writ large; now the Guard Dogs and Skilled Workers are talking back on Twitter

The Left and Jewry has taken over power in the USA via Central Banking and buying off the Guard Dogs of society. The Guard Dogs being the police and the military who are treated as paycheck automatons. Which they are … Continue reading

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The Undistracted and Competent Shall Inherit the Earth

My great insight is that Idiocracy means that whoever shall remain undistracted, and be capable of learning the skills that will be needed to maintain civilization, while also learning social skills and group infiltration skills, will be able to seize … Continue reading

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The real Limitless Pill is a physical exercise called Proprioception

So I discovered the real Limitless Pill and made two youtube videos which I link below! Proprioception, or staying balanced on an unsteady platform, challenges your whole nervous system. If you stay on that platform for a long time, and … Continue reading

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The Competent shall inherit the Earth; how we can checkmate the Left by 2050 at the latest

The Prime Weakness of the Left is that it promotes Incompetence and Idiocracy. And so the Current Year gets more exponentially more current than ever. The anti-white cultural and political complex is in a crisis of internal contradictions. They will … Continue reading

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