The Competent shall inherit the Earth; how we can checkmate the Left by 2050 at the latest

The Prime Weakness of the Left is that it promotes Incompetence and Idiocracy.

And so the Current Year gets more exponentially more current than ever.

The anti-white cultural and political complex is in a crisis of internal contradictions. They will hand over power willingly, if we play our cards right and become the Competent Few in the Idiocracy.

The liberal Establishment is getting hit from two sides.

1. A failure of Competence, that manifests itself in banking bailouts and impoverished and opiate addicted Main Street and bankrupt state governments. The liberal Establishment has failed at managing our economic household and our social-cultural household. I have been following the news since the mid 1980’s, and I remember the mainstream Establishment constantly growing the government. taking on more and more delusional mo money fo dem programs. Now, they are in a huge budget crisis, though you don’t hear about it unless you look for it in specialized “capitol hill” type media.

Liberalism has maxxed all the credit cards, sold off the family silverware, and reverse mortgaged the house, while raising TV babies who grow up to be obesity or opiate addicts or both.

2. At the same time, there is an organic counter culture of white nationalism. This was not preached to the masses, it was not taught by the state, when the Saxon began to hate.

This organic counter culture is actually being fed and accelerated quite nicely by the hysterial over reactions of authority figures and doxxers.

Doxxing hurts us, and has even caused a suicide. But it helps us too, most ironically!

Liberal persecution of the Alt Right and Alt Lite people has a Streisand effect. The fact is, most people don’t know what the Alt Right is. The biggest hurdle is that people know that there is a White Resistance at all, and that it has normal looking people who are a part of it. That’s 99% of the battle right there. We don’t really have the means to spread the message of our existence, but our enemies do that for us.

So now we must begin our checkmate move against the Left. This is guaranteed to be successful, if only we actually do it.

We must recognize that at higher levels of performance in mathematics and engineering, there is less and less competition, and more and more opportunties for money and power for the Competent Few.

The Idiocracy is going to make Competence the Coin of the Realm. Water will be contaminated, grids will go down, famines will again be a thing that humanity deals with, antibiotics are losing efficacy against super germs.

Piece by piece, they will turn to the Competent to fix the water and the grid and so on, and say, “Please tell us what to do.”

And we will say, “Eugenics and arranged eugenic marriage and we will run our own schools for our own kids and no one else’s.” And we’ll get everything we demand, so long as we are Competent. As long as the trains run on time, the potable water is available, wounds and sicknesses can be cured or controlled.

There was a time when martial virtue was the Coin of the Realm. Then Central Banking checkmated valor in battle. But Central Banking has checkmated itself because Bankers want Idiocracy, but Idiocracy de-legitimizes and ultimatley will dissolve their rule.

The new Valor is Competence, and at the root of Competence is mathematical training, just as the root of athletic ability is physical conditioning.

I know a lot of really good car mechanics and plumbers and electricians. But they were all TV babies and none of them have engineering level knowledge of what they do.

The New Fascist Man begins his adulthood as a tradesman with engineering level knowledge, and a lot of martial arts training and perhaps some fighting experience. He also plays a sport or two. He learned both engineering and the hands on work at his home schooling or community home schooling. And he knows it all plumbing and fluid dynamics, electrician and electrical engineering, and even some civil and mechanical engineering principles and applications. He will be charismatic and confident, not an incel.

The New Fascist Man will read the history of his people, and from this study will understand what it means to rule, both on a local level, personally, and on a macro level, influentially, through networks of like minded men.

Liberals seized more power than they ought to have. I remember seeing Pat Buchanan type conservatism totally shut out of power, and I remember saying, “Those bastards are going to pay for that!”

Now is the time that liberals will pay for seizing all the power, and running up the credit cards and selling the family silverware, and pimping the girl children to to the wrathful gods of racism and miscegenation.

Power will devolve to the Competent. Let us be the men and the forebears of the men, who will assume power by natural processes.


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9 Responses to The Competent shall inherit the Earth; how we can checkmate the Left by 2050 at the latest

  1. Ryu says:

    Maybe, MW.

    Look at South Africa or Rhodesia. Both continue to crawl along. Third world, to be sure. Yet, the 1%ers there don’t seem to be bothered that most of the population lives in squalor.

    Seems to me that the 1% pay BigBucks to have the competent work for them. The masses get nothing.

    There are still competent white men in South Africa. They work as plumbers, electricians, engineers and the like. They are indeed highly paid, but they have no real power.

    • mindweapon says:

      That’s because technical competence needs to be accompanied by the idea of Intelligence, the idea of infiltrating Power and manipulating it to our ends. Learning that is just a matter of reading true spy memoirs and declassified CIA manuals.

  2. Adit says:

    You will need to be competent at making society run AND take away the system’s monopoly on force. If you don’t do that, you’ll just be the most well educated slaves in history.

    Many years ago I read a sci-fi novel and one of the things an outside resistant movement found out was that the engineers not the “Leaders” really ran things. The engineers just let the elites have their toys and play at being the leaders, but nothing really happened without their say so. How did they manage it? The engineers formed a Guild and no one outside the guild could even learn any engineering. Those who went against the guild ended up dead. The McGuffin here that kept the elites from using security forces to force the engineers into line was that the engineers had built an off switch into all systems right down to personal side arms. Mess with the Guild and they’d turn off your water, power, toys and even your weapons.

    • mindweapon says:

      Wow, that was largely what I had in mind, but articulated better. But what I forgot to mention is that we also use the techniques of intelligence agencies to infiltrate and subvert or influence the State. Read true spy memoirs like First Directorate, Spy Handler, The Art of Intelligence, By Way of Deception. Also, read declassified CIA manuals, which you can find on amazon. This combined with STEM is the path to victory, in my opinion.

      • Recently I found a handful of old almonds which had been scattered out on a floor when I was cleaning an elderly person’s house. The almonds looked whole, but when I picked them up, they were hollow within their skins and easily crumbled to any pressure.

        That is what has happened to the institutions we created. All the Ivy League colleges maintain their facade, but the learning institutions have been completely hollowed out by the Cultural Marxist termites they have running the places. The locusts have stripped anything of value bare, but they still occupy the premises.

        We don’t have anything resembling a cultural Orkin Man right now, so the best thing to do is let the places like Evergreen University etc ad nauseum ad infinitum keep eating its own until word gets out that all you get from having an Ivy League diploma nowadays is a much higher student loan/bill of goods.

        The same holds pretty much true for the rest of American society.

        The goal of White Nationalism should be to have their children eschew these places and create a parallel, underground, “sleeper” society if you will that can be activated when the wheels finally come off as that traitor Edward Kennedy predicted to his nephew, Christopher Lawford.

        I don’t know if you saw my previous posts on this subject, but Mindweapons, you should really go to Youtube and check out anything to do with van dwellers and nomads. They have created a culture which refuses to be tied down to mortgages. It started out with some guy by the name of Bob Wells helping the transient homeless who only have their vehicles left for shelter. Now many people are making it a lifestyle option, even young families who want to live on one salary and homeschool their children.

        Interestingly enough, men who got pushed out of the trades by cheaper labor from Mexico etc and would end up on street corners are the unofficial patriarchs and guardians as they help people with building their vans and outfitting them with solar and built in fans and electricity and plumbing. Many of them have gotten downright creative with various rigs and many of them look like studio apartments inside.

        These men are the front forces of Mindweapons in the Apocaplypse. IMO, they are the real leaders of the future and they are righteous. I saw a particularly touching video of this elderly woman who started out living in her car and upgraded to a cargo trailer a year later. She had tears in her eyes as she thanked Wells for his videos teaching people how they could live comfortably out of their cars, saying how he took the fear away.

        A lot of White people are afraid today. Many of them sense what is happening, but they can’t see a way out. White Nationalism must take the fear away by offering an alternative network for them to plug into so they can disengage from the Marxist multiculturalism they are being force-fed.

      • mindweapon says:

        That’s so awesome, Cly!

        So those are feral white people living in the trailers. That might be where to start the community home school. We just need a money man and/or our own profitable businesses.

        The Jews are going to realize that Cultural Marxism breeds really scary feral white people, and if those feral white people raise children with mathematical ability, Katie bar the door.

        We need to create the Social Institutions for the Development of Mathematics, as described here:

        I learned Russian from guys who looked and talked like the guy in that video. He has a distinctly Jewish-Russian accent, by the way.

        So I got a peek into the source of Jewish power. The source of Jewish power is Intelligence, a worldly wisdom. THey are led by their elders, and we don’t have our own elders. The Jewish elders made thesmelves our elders.

        If you want to understand the Jewish cultural and political advantage, this video shows it in it’s most primary form. Russian speaking Jews in major Russian universities, like the mathematician who made the Google search algorithm, made Jews so powerful in the world today.

        I’m trying to reverse engineer that for us.

  3. Harry says:

    You make some interesting points, if they are in fact the points I believe you are making; however, your writing style needs work. Things like use of punctuation, and explaining esoteric terminology after you use it, to the rest of us who just happened upon an article about competence. Throughout your article, it sounds as though you’re either talking to yourself, or to a very limited number of people who are familiar with the concepts you’re talking about. Good luck!

    • mindweapon says:

      The concepts come in hot and heavy, and they don’t articulate so easy. I’m coming out on the Southern AF podcast, let me know if I articulated myself better there.

    • mindweapon says:

      I just looked at the above blog post again, and I didn’t have a problem with my writing style. It’s Charles Manson-esque, bro. Maybe an acquired taste. If you met me, you’d get my writing style.

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