The real Limitless Pill is a physical exercise called Proprioception

So I discovered the real Limitless Pill and made two youtube videos which I link below! Proprioception, or staying balanced on an unsteady platform, challenges your whole nervous system. If you stay on that platform for a long time, and get on more difficult platforms, it really taxes your nervous system and it’s a nervous system stimulant and enhances focus.

It’s a more realistic cognitive enhancing technique than nootropic pills and nostrums. The movie Limitless, if you think about it, was just an update of the old Popeye cartoons where Popeye would be getting beat up by Brutus, then eat a can of soggy spinach, and then beat up Brutus. If you don’t know the reference, here’s an example:

Is this not merely an update of the Popeye myth?

We know Popeye is absurd. To become a fighter, you need regular training over a period of months or years.

To become a mental athlete, like a physicist or mathematician or polyglot or even a good debater, you need to train for years.

Cognitive enhancement is possible, but searching for it in a pill is barking up the wrong tree. The brain is part of the nervous system. Train the nervous system and the brain will work better. Proprioception, staying balanced on a ball, challenges the whole nervous system. If you do it for several minutes, your nervous system overloads and misfires. I dropped my phone and broke it trying to answer it the first time I did proprioception. After 5 minutes or so you recover, but it’s very real if you do it hard enough. Here’s the videos I made, this is how to do cognitive enhancement for real.

Legal Disclaimer: I’m just showing this for entertainment purposes. Don’t do these dangerous exercises you might hurt yourself. LOL.

While standing on the green ball one day I got a phone call. I jumped off and tried to answer the phone but ended up throwing it across the room quite by accident. Standing on the ball for an extended period of time really taxes your nervous system, making your hands shake, your balance unsteady, and you if you try to pick something up, you drop it.

This means that proprioception challenges the nervous system the way calisthenics and weights challenge the muscles.

I noticed a stimulant effect, like I had taken one of those GNC “mind focus” pills. I also noticed greater focus on my tasks, and that I slept very soundly that night as long as I avoided alcohol.

It’s not going to be like Limitless where you are a sudden genius, just like one is not an Olympic athlete on his first day of training in a sport. I would expect noticeable gains in cognitive enhancement after several months of doing proprioception at least 3 times a week, for at least 10 minutes per session. So 30 minutes a week of standing on a hard medicine ball and/or a bosu ball, over the course of a few months, combined with actual intellectual activities like reading complex books, writing blog posts, and studying math or some specialized subject.

Proprioception will also make you a better athlete and better fighter, but you’ll get the most out of it if you get math books and spend an hour or so a day working out math problems. I find the possibility of cognitive enhancement exercises fascinating and hopeful for humanity, so I highly recommend combining this with the rigorous mental exercises of mathematics.

Also, I think MMA fighters and boxers should study math to improve their Ring IQ or Cage IQ. I have been sparring with someone and I noticed that I see my sparring partner as a 3D geometry problem — how do I line up the geometry to make him defenseless and put me in a position to hit him hard in the head or torso? We are using boxing gloves and helmets, so no kicking or grappling at this point. I am trying to implement the Peek a boo technique, as is my sparring partner.


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4 Responses to The real Limitless Pill is a physical exercise called Proprioception

  1. Ryu says:

    You’re looking fit, MW.

    Your haircut makes you look like a normie though. Shave your head and grow out your beard. You’ll be a badass, racist mofo and it will be easier for your bros to recognize you.

    It is good to see you are still interested in physical culture, as you get older. Too many whites give up, and are invalids by 40.

    That balance stuff jacks your central nervous system. Another WN rides a skateboard, which is similar.

    • mindweapon says:

      Jacks your central nervous system is a good way to put it.

      It’s like after several really hard sets of squats. Except you don’t have to traumatize your body with heavy squats to get that nervous system overload.

      I’m getting fancy with the hard green medicine ball, doing calf raises with both feet, and balancing on one foot. I use the wall to steady myself when necessary.

      The bottoms of my feet start getting numb, and it’s a good thing. Developing circulation and more nerve networks in the bottom of my foot. Better foot work.

  2. mindweapon says:

    I like my current normie look. I don’t want to project “menace.” I’m a happy, goofy guy who gets along with everyone, but because of that I got bullied and beaten up very badly as a kid, which in turn made me an obsessive fight trainer, so I’ll be ready when the source of the trauma threatens me again. I made PTSD work for me!

    Also, I joined the WN movement because I recognized liberalism as a political movement for bullying white people. Having my biological collective bullied has put me on a life long war footing.

    However, this “war footing” is the Mind War, the Intelligence War, an Occult War.

    My goofy, friendly and curious personality is definitely me, but it’s also a good lead foot to the world.

    A hostile or menacing front is not what an intelligence case officer shows to the world. We see a world of potential helpers and facilitators, so we smile at them and befriend them if they are worth befriending. Because we are doing the Mind War, we know what we want, and we just ask for it. It’s all about manipulation and getting people to do what they should be doing anyway, which is helping me accomplish my mission.

  3. Baron Julius Evola says:

    Will have to implement in my exercise regimen. Seems quite effective.

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