Liberalism is Munchausen by Proxy writ large; now the Guard Dogs and Skilled Workers are talking back on Twitter

The Left and Jewry has taken over power in the USA via Central Banking and buying off the Guard Dogs of society.

The Guard Dogs being the police and the military who are treated as paycheck automatons. Which they are not. They are human beings, and very frustrated human beings at that.

Liberalism tortures the police most of all.

Liberals are set against the project of civilization. The project of civilization is about stabilization of human life. We can expect food, we can expect safety, we can expect shelter and medicine.

All these expectations can only be fulfilled by a force of well paid and motivated Guard Dog men and Skilled Worker men.

The reproduction and rearing of Guard Dogs and Skilled Workers needs opposite sex, same race, biological parents who are willing and able to spend a lot of time teaching their offspring how to be proper people. They need to learn emotional intelligence and how to get along with people, and how to be patient and do complex projects. Training at various things like sports and martial arts and reading and math and music and art teach these most basic human skills.

And that’s not happening, because no fault divorce and high taxes on working families make it really difficult to raise children, while people on welfare have plenty of time to hang out with their kids but don’t bother putting much effort into rearing them or educating them or training them.

People who play by the rules get punished, relative to people who violate the rules. Violating the rules is incentivized with lots and lots of gibs. Being socially dysfunctional is financially incentivized. And that’s a damned strong incentive, because work sucks.

Pssst, hey, Americans. Over here in the white van with the blacked out windows. Yeah, me! Hey, listen, want to get out of having to work at some shitty job, for the rest of your life? You do? Awesome. Here, stick a needle in your arm, and go on a shoplifting spree, and if you are a guy, impregnate a few gals, and if you are a gal, go get knocked up and keep using drugs while you are pregnant. Then you’ll never have to work again! All responsibility gone, you become a ward of us, and we love you and we’ll feed and house and care for you in loving arms of welfare.

That’s what really happened! Anybody who works in the “street” sees all this plain as day — nurse, EMT, police, prison guard, social worker. You see all these problems, 99% of which would not exist under fascism.

So many lives ruined needlessly, so much opportunity cost of whole lives, whole families, generations of people destroyed, ruined!

All because of Liberalism, because of the Great Society, because a girl can get pregnant and get a government check instead of getting sent to live with her aunt until she gives birth (or gets an abortion).

We must stop incentivizing single motherhood. Just take the economic incentive away and 99% of it will go away.

Government welfare money takes away decision making power from the elders of the community. The elders of the community understand that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. The government welfare money is a “cure” where there was no sickness in the first place, but sickness was incentivized.

A percentage of the people refuse the Munchausen by Proxy welfare system, but it gets harder and harder, and each generation, more and more get hooked into it. They made the job market absolutely brutal with zillions of immigrants, so going on welfare is more and more attractive.

Most of the jobs remaining involve picking up the pieces of Government of Munchausen by Proxy — police, EMT, emergency room nurse.

When it is your job to pick up the pieces of social disorder, the race mixing couple with their endless domestic violence calls, the neglected and abused children, the homeless people, the horror, the horror, every day. The police officer. The home repair man, the landlord, the emergency department nurse. They all have to deal with the purposely socially engineered squalor of Liberalism.

Every day.

The horror. The horror.

Wealth is no longer greasing over the horror. Now that the economic tide has gone out, we see that our society became opiate addicted, obese and dumbed down by TV and vidya games. Financially bankrupt. Only zombie government funds keep anything running.

So what has happened? Liberals seized political control, punished Guard Dog men and Skilled Worker men who dissented by firing them from their jobs, and now society is totally fucking falling apart.

On Twitter you see the battle played out. The libs are pulling out all the stops over the “immigrant child separation meme” and Normal America is saying, “They can stay together by going back,” and “People who go to jail are separated from their children. People who get killed by immigrants are separated from their children/parents.”

Normal America, the Guard Dogs and the Skilled Workers, are talking back to the Professional Liberal Enforcers of Political Correctness.

The liberals forget that their power was soft power. Not hard power. Now they are talking about physically attacking the Guard Dogs, like they did back in the 1960’s. Except back in the 1960’s Mr. Fonda, people were rich and content, and in our 21st century 4chan parlance, “cucky.” They were easy prey, they were shmoos. They aren’t like that any more, and haven’t been for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time.

So Henry Fonda and Nebraska antifa are urging a campaign of terror and violence against the families of ICE agents. What could possibly go wrong, amirite?


A liberal podcaster on Twitter tweeted “See what happens when you don’t punch a Nazi?”

He’s a big guy, so I offered him to have a chance at punching me, and he blocked me.

Advocating violence and celebrating the unprovoked attack against Richard Spencer is walking on the fighting side of me. I hate bullies, and in my life I was attacked without provocation many times, so I am extremely triggered by advocating such attacks.

Noam Chomsky on the “Punch a Nazi meme.”

“What they do is often wrong in principle – like blocking talks – and [the movement] is generally self-destructive,” the 88-year-old told the conservative paper.

He added: “When confrontation shifts to the arena of violence, it’s the toughest and most brutal who win – and we know who that is. That’s quite apart from the opportunity costs – the loss of the opportunity for education, organising, and serious and constructive activism.”

The toughest and most brutal is the Right, the Guard Dogs and the Skilled Workers. Punching Nazis is walking into our wheelhouse.

The Left operates on Soft Power. Manipulation and behind the scenes control. Not by first hand violence. They outsource that to the Guard Dogs, and they have forgotten the humanity of the Guard Dogs.

If the Left actually physically attacks us, they give up their Soft Power, and they will get their asses physically kicked. Hard.

If you are on Twitter, you will see that the Guard Dogs and Skilled Workers have already won the war of ideas. THe only question is whether the Left gives up power peacefully, or wants to duke it out.


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11 Responses to Liberalism is Munchausen by Proxy writ large; now the Guard Dogs and Skilled Workers are talking back on Twitter

  1. Ryu says:

    The guard dogs are brought to heel by a leash – $$$$.

    They can complain all they want off the clock. ZOG doesn’t care. But while working, they WILL salute their liberal masters. They’ll go to Iraq, the Stan, and Syria and pull triggers.

    The System tried a hard genocide briefly in the 90s. Got expensive real fast. Couldn’t afford it even then.

    • mindweapon says:

      What was the hard genocide in the 90’s?

      • Ryu says:

        You know about it, even though it wasn’t official. It was a pattern.

        Think about Gordon Kahl, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Montana Freemen. Basically, white men were trying to leave the plantation, and ZOG would send in its killers to round them up.

        Then, men like Kaczynski, McVeigh and Rudolph used our version of the IED to show them how expensive that would be. It doesn’t take long for a manhunt chasing one man to get up to $10 million dollars.

        Mind you, ZOG couldn’t harden everything even back in 1995. They could afford it far less today.

        There was one white kid today who set a forest fire costing 36 mill to extinguish. Just a firework set it off.

      • mindweapon says:

        There was also the Chertoff roundups of 2001-2005. It was actual Israeli occupation of the US government. ZOG has never been ZOGGIER. But the great thing is, it passed. Chertoff is no longer part of the US government and the USG pretty much leaves us alone. It wasn’t because of terrorism from our side, it was just that time passed, Chertoff’s horse in the government was Bush, and that relationship ran it’s course. Sometimes you just have to wait out oppression. My Idiocracy Dystopia thesis is that the world will become so poor that we will be able to organize white communities and there will be no resources and no will to fight us. They will try to tax us, though, and that will be the big battle. The Cryptocurrency phenomenon is a popular rebellion against World Government by Central Banking, and it’s got a lot of promise, in conjunction, of course, with tangible assets like gold, silver, real estate, cash and stored food, if you are lucky enough to have some assets invest.

    • mindweapon says:

      The anger of the guard dogs has spread to the white masses.

      The Left is over-reacting and over-reaching, forgetting that Soft Power is their Ace in the hole. Punching Nazis and enforcing political correctness with hard repression like getting people fired from their jobs is the Left giving up this Ace card.

      Meanwhile my project has been to gather Soft Power for our side. It is productive and keeps us engaged and cools our anger so we don’t commit premature violence. Our violence must be defensive and must serve as good PR, as good optics.

      It is to our strength that we aren’t lashing out with hard power violence. We play the martyrs and victims and meme-ing pranksters and trolls while the white masses gain sympathy for us. Hearts and minds are being won on Twitter! It’s absolutely glorious! Soft Power accrues to us!

      The end of the current economic model will be the end of Professional liberalism. We are already winning, so long as we don’t blackpill ourselves into passivity.

  2. Adit says:

    The question is.. Are these simply pissed off Civic Nationalists or are they turning to Racial Nationalism? Civic nationalism isn’t enough and is one of the tools of the enemy.

  3. Baron Julius Evola says:

    As usual Ryu and ME get it both right. Prepare for both of their visions and you will be close to 100 percent prepared.

  4. niccivanzyl says:


    But four points need to he added here to spin civilised society back into logical constructiveness…

    1. Those who falsely accuse others of a crime, knowingly, should receive the time they were prepared to force on others Ie: if you accuse a man of sexual misconduct/rape theft/arson ..murder…, and it is proven that there was no such basis for that claim, or that the accuser was/would be paid to lay such a claim… The accuser should do the full time for that crime, no parole, no suspended sentence. Straight to the galleys..

    2. Serious offenders should receive death sentence and it should be carried out within a year, any DNA or evidence against their sentence should be given top priority. Two years absolute maximum on deathrow. 2nd Repeat offenders of hard crimes go to deathrow. Repeat offenders of lighter crimes get life time max of 5 imprisonments for any crimes.. And they too go to death row.

    3. Men who rape should be forced to work serious hard labour for 25years or till death, to pay for education, clothing, food and other maintenance. All money to the child and a significantly smaller portion mother/carer.

    4. Foster carers should be granted a child to care for for the child’s full time in foster care, constant changing of carers evades responsibility. Adults with youthful features should be sent to homes with complaints or children with common behavior problems that root to signs of abuse. Those carers whose children score well socially, mentally and academically/ show constructive gregarious behaviour, should be financially awarded higher earnings Carers who are shown to produce children with worse issues than they arrived with, should be tested and held liable or removed from the foster homes database permanently.

    What do you think?


    On Wed, Jun 20, 2018, 4:31 PM Mindweapons in Ragnarok wrote:

    > mindweapon posted: “The Left and Jewry has taken over power in the USA via > Central Banking and buying off the Guard Dogs of society. The Guard Dogs > being the police and the military who are treated as paycheck automatons. > Which they are not. They are human beings, and ver” >

    • mindweapon says:

      We have to do something about child raising that’s for sure. I think the easiest thing is to keep it simple, have parents go through a one year training at being parents, and then financally support them so they can stay home with their kids. The family should do some kind of productive work like farming or making clothes or tending a store, but most of the time should go to educating and training the kids and taking them out to the wilderness to run around and go fishing and hunting and swimming.

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