Immigration is literally Genocide. They broke us. Now they are replacing us. We are fighting back.

Whole family lines are going extinct, or going full TV baby obese Idiocrat. Chlidren who are actually born are raised in horrific conditions of TV and junk food and single mom squalor. The Munchausen by Proxy system really worked!

Incentivizing people to be self sabotaging and effectively suicidal degenerates is a very evil thing to do with financial and political control.

Here’s what happened:

1. America that we knew. Hard working, moral, white, family oriented, farmers and artisans. Old time farmers were classically educated. Thee smart kids were tracked apart from the dumb kids, and the smart kids graduated high school with the equivalent of an associates degree in physics and mechanical engineering, as well as knowing some Latin and Greek. Equality was NOT an ideal, we were unabashedly meritocratic and viewed inequality as merely part of the order of Nature itself!

2. The Great Society. Create a rabble of welfare paupers from the working class. Incentivize “getting hurt” or “being crazy” with social security disability and workers comp. Make a deal with working class people — they can get out of the drudgery and toil of a job by being a degenerate! Create an opus of art that romanticizes and lionizes being a degenerate (hip hop). Spread it to more and more people who otherwise would have been functional, productive citizens. Bring everyone down to the level of obese, addicted single mom households. Wreck the family. Destroy the work ethic and morality of Americans.

3. Oops, we can’t get these degenerates we created to work the jobs we need done! Bring in immigrants from traditional, conservatives societies (like the USA used to be), societies we havne’t destroyed!

4. You are a racist white supremacist neon-nazi if you object to our corrupting of the American people and replacing them with a steady stream of immigrants.

I’m actually friends with a job stealing middle aged James Earl Jones voiced African immigrant. I don’t blame the chap for coming and taking a 16 dollar an hour job that was offered to him on a silver platter. He is very frugal and saves his money and is quite pro-social. Definitely not a dindu nuffins, even to the point of obeying bureaucratics edicts to a T. He despises rule breakers and free loaders because he’s from a traditional conservative society that literally lynches rapists and murderers before the police can even get them, or the police lynch the especially bad ones themselves.

Rule breaking and free loading are celebrated values in the “pop” culture. And we wonder why we have a society of welfare dependent fatties with broods of bastards. This was done to us ON PURPOSE. And immigrants are doing the jobs that people are too degenerate to do.

Back to my African immigrant friend. He is making 16 an hour. I have met a lot of foreigners here making over 15 an hour. Meanwhile, the white people in my county generally make less than 15 an hour. They would jump at 15 an hour.

Immigrants being afforded families and American infrastructure and generosity while native born Americans are underemployed and can’t afford families is absolutely monstrous. They call us “monsters.”



When you commit genocide, you unleash monstrous forces.  White nationalism is an impersonal force, but it’s one that is absolutely the work of people who hate white people.  Responding to genocide and fighting genocide is an involuntary reflex, to be quite honest, fam.  We are unable to not become white nationalists fighting for our own survival, and we have every historical precedent and moral imperative to fight for our individual thriving and our collective survival

It would be great to see honest employment statistics broken down by race and immigration status. The liberals know damned well that they are purposely impoverishing the native white population while feeding and caring for a class of “pet immigrants” whom they favor over native working class whites. They really love virtue signaling over their pet immigrant workers, feeling like generous liberal moral white saviors.

But they are making working class whites suffer terribly. Many succumb to opiates, but at the same time, this process also creates hard men who get their fight on. It’s a very dangerous game they are playing with us.

They broke us.

Now they are replacing us.

And we get it. We are pissed, and we are fighting back. Like this hero in what will now be the historical battle of Portland, 2018.

The fact that white working class men win street fights (when not sucker punched) shows that we have Truth on our side, we have the forces of nature on our side.

Immigration taking our jobs and destroying affordable family formation is killing us.  That’s the bad news.  The good news, is we can self educate and take back a lot of economic niches for ourselves.  That’s my project.  I want to get rich and financially provide affordable family formation to eugenically minded and racially loyal white families.

Come with me if you want to live.


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Come with me if you want to live
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12 Responses to Immigration is literally Genocide. They broke us. Now they are replacing us. We are fighting back.

  1. Ryu says:

    What are these 15$/hour jobs the miggers are working, in your experience? Are they getting in because of their connections, or because of their qualifications?

    • mindweapon says:

      Warehouses, factories. A place that bakes bread in bulk. I’m in a poor rural county where white Americans are eager to work. One county over, New London County, has good jobs but they give them to miggers from far away instead of the poor bastards 10 miles up I-395.

  2. Jimmy Marr says:

    Good job. Thanks for building a contextual framework through which we can view this incident.

    • mindweapon says:

      The European soul has been cornered, and has turned around and bared it’s teeth. THe age of consumerist cucks is over; but the liberals haven’t gotten the memo. They think we are still people who have something to lose, who can be browbeaten and guilted and shamed. So they escalate their attacks, they double down, and double down again.

      But street victories and moral victories on YouTube only go so far. We need to execute a long term plan for total victory with home schooling. We must train up generations of “Napoleon’s pups” from Animal Farm, who will grow up and chase out the Snowball liberals with extreme prejudice and vengeance.

      • Baron Julius Evola says:

        Good article MW,

        I made my 4th count. Practiced shooting at the range, heavy bag workout, weightlifting, and a hike through mosquito infested forest with a 30 pound backpack. Gonna try to do this every Saturday and Sunday. When my nephews and eventually my sons come of age this will be their weekends also.

      • I can see a huge propaganda push to demonized homeschoolers coming around the bend… I have a feeling there will be laws pushed through congress attempting to make homeschooling insanely difficult and standardized tests that will monitor your child’s “progress”

        As far as whites waking up, this is all well and true, however…. CIA/MOSSAD have built a surveillance state the likes of wish the world has never seen. The whole purpose of which is to prevent a WN uprising. They could bring every paedophile and drug ring Ithe world down, but they won’t. They will simply keep whitey living in fear his entire life. This is the boot heel they use to keep your face buried in the mud.

        I homeschool, but I’m not sure it will be legal by grandchildren time.

  3. Baron says:

    Hope all is well with you and your’s. Great post , well said. Up here in the deep blue , commie , cultural marxist , pacific toilet bowl , pacific grim a.k.a. Washington State , we are having thousands of all these g-damn “Vermont Visionaries” shove and force Communism down our throats. My state has been invaded by these left wing commie’s for the past 3 years , ever since that Jew Commie announced he was running for Prez. I was having Left Wing Commie’s shoving and forcing Communism down my throat for 7 days , non-stop , and to make matters worse they didn’t give me Glucerna , Coffee , or Smokes. This happened at a Hospital in Edmonds , Washington in 2015. I have been consumed with hatred for the left ever since! Then for the past 3 years all these leftoids and libtards have been flocking and moving to my state from New England , and other deep blue states. Washington State , Oregon , California , Vermont , Massachusetts , etc. are all commie infested territory. The Politicians who rule my state are Left Wing Democrats who are Communist Sympathizers. My state has been under total and complete Communist control since January of 2001. Most Conservative / Right Leaning Whites have moved away by now.

    The only real appeal of my state this year is getting into contact with people I went to school with to see how our lives have turned out. I have lost several friends and classmates in the past 5 – 10 years. Western Washington is very expensive , snarky , stuck up , snobbish , arrogant , self absorbed , loud mouthed , stubborn , left wing liberals and lot’s of non-whites flooding into my state due to our extremely lax immigration laws , sanctuary counties , sanctuary cities , and the white liberals who vote straight ticket Democrat.

    The Order and Robert Mathews perishing on Whidbey Island happened when I was 5 years old. I was in Kindergarten when it happened. The funny thing was is that I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson , The Moon Walk , The White Glove , The Thriller album and music video , etc. I had a Michael Jackson Poster on my bedroom wall from 1983-1985. I didn’t even think racially until at the very earliest the 1991 – 1992 school year , but definitely when the L.A. Riots happened in 1992 , I permanently started thinking racially.

    A lot of the white guys who were whiggers when they were 14-15 to 24-25 have passed away due to living a whigger lifestyle. A lot of the mudsharks who screwed blacks and were impregnated by blacks are now 5-6 inches tall and they weigh 285 pounds. Most of them are low income , white trash , 3 mulatto kids from 3 different black guys. Hardly any of them ( black guys ) pay child support or alimony. We don’t really have whiggers anymore. We did in the 1990’s and last decade , but not really anymore. We don’t really have the “in your face” Julia Stiles mudsharks that would always make out and french kiss black guys in public in the Seattle Metro Area in the 1990’s and also last decade. I miss Jason who was a true WN who passed away in December of 2011. He was only 38 years old. The new Marduk album came out on June 22nd. It is called “Viktoria”. It is not near as good as some of their previous albums.

    So basically in a nutshell , that above is my synopsis of The Left Coast – Western Washington this decade. Does it sound like an awesome WN Homeland ? Or does it sound like an over-sized Vermont full of Vermont Visionaries ??? Fair & Balanced. I report , you decide! MAGA!

  4. Erin says:

    HI all, online reselling is a good way to make money. It’s not a get rich quick scheme but you don’t have to beg someone to hire you and know one cares if you are a hated White male if you have items they want to buy. There are lots of platforms you can use. There’s eBay, Mercari, Poshmark (Clothing only), Offer Up, Let Go, good ole Craigslist and many more.

    If you already have a job, this is something you can build in your spare time and although you’ll be able to build your inventory faster if you have a few hundred dollars or more, you literally can start with around $50 and a cell phone.

    There are tons of videos on Youtube about how to begin. Don’t get depressed and think you can’t do anything. You really CAN make your own job if you have the courage.

  5. You haven’t mentioned the Jewish control of money. They print it. Then they hand it to anyone they like, typically immigrants. But this is at a loss, so it adds to debt. Then whites are expected to pay it back over fifty or sixty years.

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