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I reverse engineered the process of white ensnarement and captivity, and thus know how we can get out of our cage

  It’s fair to say that the past 100 years has been a slow, multigenerational process of capturing the white man, the most dangerous animal on earth, now under the Jewish thumb, and marked for extinction. They know if we … Continue reading

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We Are The New Social Issues Program

From my experience, in the community and university college systems, there are a fair amount of women involved in the engineering department. Smart women, some of them, no doubt. The scary thing is, maybe 15% or less of the class … Continue reading

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Stefan Molyneux has gone all in for White Survival

Stefan Molyneux has 823,000 subscribers. He started off as a libertarian, and he became a pro-white-survival libertarian.  In 18 years of watching this scene, this is a new high in seeing our most fundamental ideas mainstreamed.  It is truly a … Continue reading

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How To Implode the University System and Catalyze a Race Realist World

(MWIR welcomes a new blogger, ORB, an accomplished STEM student and a Tech University undergrad) As we are all well aware, the University system is a festering cauldron for anti-white hate and the White Destruction agenda. They are easily tied … Continue reading

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