How To Implode the University System and Catalyze a Race Realist World

(MWIR welcomes a new blogger, ORB, an accomplished STEM student and a Tech University undergrad)

As we are all well aware, the University system is a festering cauldron for anti-white hate and the White Destruction agenda. They are easily tied with the Media in this respect, and arguably more intense in their anti-white propagandizing..  College is ideological training school for Mass Media.

The Letfist/Marxist revolution started in the Universities and this is well documented by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in 200 Years Together and by Kevin MacDonald in The Culture of Critique, both which are paramount to our fight today and to understanding the societal paradigm in which we exist. Liberals lay claim to “scientific” truth and point to a mountain of mostly unreproducible but ideologically biased “studies.” Tim Wise, for example, claims to  “have the stats proving that white people are a bunch of racist meanies keeping the black man down.  However, the Replication Crisis shows what we have all suspected; liberals are paid lots of money to commit intellectual fraud to maintain the liberal narrative.  Stephen Jay Gould’s Mismeasure of Man was the Bible of anti-racism for decades and is still fondly referred to by liberals, among whom it would be most impolite to point out that Gould’s book was literally Fraud in the Imputation of Fraud  Samuel Morton did absolutely nothing wrong!  Gould claimed that Morton was a fragile white man who falsified his skull volume data to show that the white man had higher brain volume than other races, but it was Stephen Jay Gould himself who was purposely generating false results in order to create the liberal narrative Bible. Gould is like the Jimmy Swaggart of liberalism; every sane man knows he’s a fraud, but he’s got devout followers.  In this case, Gould’s followers are well paid paycheck liberal Judas Goats leading the white normies to the slaughterhouse.


The American university system has been a “lefties only, no righties need apply” club for decades. or a lack of political diversity as Jonathan Haidt has pointed out. When it’s only liberals peer reviewing each other, it becomes a consensus echo chamber and now you can understand the root cause of the above mentioned replication crisis.

One of the best examples would be Franz Boas, of Frankfurt School fame, who essentially took over the Anthropology department at Harvard, filled it with his Tribe, and did the exact opposite of what a scientist who studies humans should do, by saying that all humans are equal. Sorry, that just doesn’t jive with Western Civilization’s objective view on how to execute science. That’s a philosophy and a belief, not science.

This is truly problematic for anyone on the Right and anybody who cares for the White Well Being of White Nations. The University system is the institution in our society which determines who has power, money, and knowledge. This affects our ability to make money, in turn affecting our reproduction, our ability to find any position of power in this society, and the amount of knowledge we carry in our lives. Our ancestors, the greatest humans to ever exist, were the ones who sought out and discovered that knowledge. Anyone who has taken a STEM degree, or studied history, knows that all of our modern knowledge of STEM comes from White Men, overwhelmingly. Charles Murray covers this extensively in his book Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences. 97% of all scientific achievement comes from Europe or North America. It was our White Forefathers who were the greatest scientists of all time, the greatest Heroes of all time, and the epitome of Humanity.

So, it is obvious that the University system must be destroyed. The epicenter of the White Genocide movement is the University, and it can no longer exist within our space. It is an outright existential threat to our existence, and to humanity.

So what can we do to destroy the University system? Well, I can tell you where we can start, and I can tell you where we need to end. It’s up to all of us to take the steps necessary. I took the steps necessary, and I was thrown out of the University system.

Think to yourself. What can I do to make the University system shit their pants? If the University system is shitting their pants, then you have done the right thing. I have personally seen the University system shit their pants, and it is glorious. Ask yourself, why are our ideas so dangerous to the University system? Well because you are the equivalent to a heretic, like Galileo, a heretic questioning the belief system of a Religion. And because of MONEY. Your ideas are financial threat to the existence of the University system.

Our goal here is to cause serious intellectual chaos in the University system. Our goal here is to permanently implement biological standards on humans, the same way we do with all other organisms. The current paradigm in which we exist does not implement the same biological standards on humans as it does with all other organisms.

How do we start?

Spread Hatefacts, biological race realism, expose anti-white hate and hyprocrisy. Anything that causes serious cognitive dissonance in their liberal heads. They will have a meltdown, a conniption fit, they can’t handle it, I promise you. We could cause serious chaos on college campuses nationwide if we hit them hard enough. Seriously, we have no other choice. Do it. Go out there and educate the masses. Or die.

It’s not that hard to prove that different groups of humans are different species. I can prove it without genetic tests. You see, before genetic tests even existed, Gorillas and Chimpanzees were put into two separate species, despite the fact that they can have offspring and can live within miles of each other. Expose this and people will have to face the facts that we consider all humans the same species and subspecies based solely on emotional reasons alone.

Many people may not like this option, but just be outwardly racist. The system will throw a total hissy fit. Then they will make a big stink about how they are going to implement programs to decrease the white population on campus. They will expose themselves to normie whites as a system that is attempting to destroy them. Nothing sets their pants on fire more than this, so it must be effective.

I don’t even want to be outwardly chauvinistically racist, but honestly, it’s the last step before violence. We have freedom of speech for a reason, in order to deal with problems without violence and without the legal repercussions of the state. People are chauvinistically racist for a reason, it’s a survival defense mechanism …and any canned or censored speech is not freedom of speech, and thus, we cannot effectively deal with the problems we need to deal with in order to survive. This is about White Survival.

(So you know, my views do not necessarily represent the views of MWiR, they are simply my own, and MWiR is giving me a platform on which to create content.)

What can we do in between? What we must do in between in order to implode the Anti-White system, and hand it back to ourselves may be the most important, and formative step. Because the University system controls who has power and money in our society, we must circumvent the system in order for White Men to get jobs in these positions without the need of the University system. We need to build a network of not only self-knowledge, but of employers willing to hire engineers for the good of White Survival and White Well Being. I suggest that this network should require one to get a classical math, physics, and engineering education at community college. From there, they will be ready to learn everything else they need to know on the job. And if the employee isn’t educated enough, boss man can always say, hey you need to go back and take this class. With this strategy, everything you will learn in engineering, you will learn from first hand visceral real life experience, rather than sitting in a classroom for four years, understanding systems on paper. I think this strategy will prove to be an effective one, as this how our civilization formulated its STEM knowledge in the first place.

How do we end?

We end by permanently changing science to acknowledge the scientific reality of race, it’s that simple. It’s a fact, as much as there are 8 sub-species of Tigers, 20 sub-species of Brown Bear, and 37 sub-species of Wolves is a fact.

I’m going to leave you with some links. These are simply memes I have collected since the Trump election. These memes expose the truth to the false reality we have been sold. We are all familiar with them. These memes may cause serious cognitive dissonance in the liberal’s mind, and this is what we must focus on. These memes may cause normies to wake up, just as many of us were woken up by the memes on RThe_Donald.

Taking action is as simple as this. We don’t take action, we just sit around on the internet all day, granted learning very important stuff, but still, we take no action. Imploding the anti-white system is one step away, and this is the first step you must take.

Here are the links. Choose 5-10 of them. Print out 20 of each of them. Go take a visit to your local college, community or University, and plaster them everywhere. Remind people that there are still people out there not living in the False Religion of Equality.

Let’s do it. Let’s get them to shit their pants. Cause mass hysteria on the college campus, believe me, it isn’t that hard. Get the information out there, do whatever it takes.

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7 Responses to How To Implode the University System and Catalyze a Race Realist World

  1. Great Article! Looking forward to reading more! Gonna do my part to spread the word and start the hysteria!

  2. I would like to thank the author for sharing the MEME Files at the end of this article. They are tremendously illuminating. I am already doing my part and sharing them on my Blog, I urge other readers to do the same.

  3. Ryu says:

    OTR, did you get caught stapling pamphlets? You mentioned getting booted out of uni.

  4. Teutonick says:

    I think we should all get good at making disguises, and and get used to wearing them whenever we do something like this. Not disguises that look like disguises, like a clown outfit, but something that doesn’t look like a disguise. It would probably be time-consuming, but in today’s surveillance state, it is probably a good idea.

  5. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Welcome ORB. Good post.

  6. Baron says:

    The Community Colleges , 4 Year Universities , Vocational – Technical Schools , and other assorted Left Wing Communist institutions of higher learning are greatly / vastly over-rated , and extremely expensive to pay for and attend and endure on the Left Coast / West Coast / Pacific North-West. I went to Everett Community College from : September to December 1997 , then again from : September 2001 to June 2003. Most of my college teachers were Left Wing Liberal Democrats who were Communist Sympathizers , and extremely bitter and depressed Baby Boomers of both gender’s who complained constantly about their ex girlfriend / wife and / or ex boyfriend / husband ruining their life and causing them extreme financial desolation and destitution.

    College’s are Cultural Marxist brain washing institutions that are extremely expensive and very over-rated in Washington State , Oregon , California , Idaho , Montana , etc. Also you will be surrounded by snarky , argumentative , stubborn , belligerent , rude , hostile , combative , loud mouthed , left wing liberals who would argue with you if you told them that the sky was blue! They love to do the finger pointing! Also you will suffer from High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. You will also have to be prescribed anti depressants , anti panic / anxiety medications , anti psychotics , and mood stabilizers.

    To make matters worse , the Left Coast / West Coast is an extremely expensive region to live in , and it is a vastly / greatly over-rated region to live in. I was a 5 year old in Kindergarten when Robert Mathews perished in flames on Whidbey Island on December 8 , 1984. I am superstitious and the funny thing about certain dates in history is that December 8 is a very significant date in history :

    1. December 8 , 1980 : John Lennon of The Beatles fame is gunned down outside his place by a deranged fan ( Mark David Chapman ) who demanded his autograph earlier in the day , took a picture of himself with John Lennon & Yoko Ono , then later that night gunned him down! John Lennon was a very significant & important person to left wing liberals and also the Baby Boomers Generation.

    2. December 8 , 1984 : Robert Jay Mathews perished in flames on Whidbey Island , Washington. He was a very significant & important person to White Nationalists. R.J.M. happened to be a fan of The Beatles and John Lennon when R.J.M. was in the 15-25 age range.

    3. December 8 , 2004 : Dimebag Darrell Abbott a phenomenal & talented guitarist whose most financially successful band was Pantera. He was also the main guitarist in : Damage Plan , Rebel Meets Rebel , and recorded & performed all lead & theme guitar playing for 3 or 4 Anthrax albums after Dan Spitz left or quit the band. He was gunned down by a deranged fan during a concert on stage with his current band Damage Plan. The deranged fan demanded his autograph & took a picture of himself with him earlier in the day , then uploaded it / posted it on My Space , then ate dinner , and then left for the Damage Plan concert and gunned down Dimebag Darrell Abbott. Dimebag Darrell Abbott was a very significant & important person to headbangers / metalheads.

    Interesting little tidbits of history and knowledge I’ve gained in this long journey called life.

    If you move to the Left Coast / West Coast : I hope you can “endure the left” the best you can and I wish you the best of luck in “enduring the left”.

  7. The US in some ways had an easy time of it, believe it or not. At least ‘Boas’ and ‘Freud’ and Chomsky et al are identifiable. Looking into early 20th century historians in England, A J P Taylor looks like a Jew, who was made a Prof of History by Jews such as Pribram and ‘Lewis Namier’. But there’s no obvious central name; Jewish WW2 and holohoax history is rather amorphous and nameless.
    NB on Lennon, see for ‘Proof that John Lennon Faked his Death.’

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