Stefan Molyneux has gone all in for White Survival

Stefan Molyneux has 823,000 subscribers.

He started off as a libertarian, and he became a pro-white-survival libertarian.  In 18 years of watching this scene, this is a new high in seeing our most fundamental ideas mainstreamed.  It is truly a “Berlin wall falling” moment, and the SJW left is trying desperately to defend its Berlin Wall.

The Death of White Guilt, speech in Perth Australia.


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4 Responses to Stefan Molyneux has gone all in for White Survival

  1. Ryu says:

    Yes, but who is Stefan Molyneux?

    Libertarianism is very moderate for WN purposes. I don’t believe you can logic or reason someone into WN anymore.

  2. Adit says:

    During the last couple of days, wordpress has been pulling a bunch of WN/right leaning sites. I sense a bit of SJW panic.

  3. John says:

    Check the Wikipedia content on him – says it all really. Nasty bit of attempted character assassination. Wikipedia is one thing that needs to be replaced, perhaps with free access to parts of Encyclopedia Britannica; I don’t know – it’s an idea.

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