We Are The New Social Issues Program

From my experience, in the community and university college systems, there are a fair amount of women involved in the engineering department. Smart women, some of them, no doubt. The scary thing is, maybe 15% or less of the class is female at community college, whereas, in my experience, my engineering classes have been 50%+ female in the university system, and I was in one of the best engineering schools in the Nation.

Now that I have been demoted back to the community college system, I would like to share a story that has recently come to pass in my reality in the higher education system. As a part of the first day of class assignment, we were told to discuss with our fellow classmates our future goals as engineers. I struck up a conversation with a very pretty Aryan girl, with clearly Bavarian features.

The story is interesting because it shows how we all see issues through a completely different lens, due to the red pill process.

There are many women of this stereotype in the engineering department and I perceive them as toxic, but I am willing to say that maybe I am wrong. As I am sure we are all well aware, these girls exist in a false narrative they and outsiders have cooked up in their heads, and they have nothing but disdain for their Aryan counterparts. They are obsessed with “engineering”, they stick out like a sore thumb, and their misery and unpleasantness can be felt from across the room. Of course, this is what happens to women when they are not allowed to express their natural disposition and forced to compete with men.

Now, this girl was far less toxic than the other Aryan girl in the class, but I thought I might share this story because it exemplifies that regardless of how many “booksmart” people in the White Race, these people are hopeless when it comes to Social Science, or understanding how the world really works and how the different groups of people in this world interact. Something we are all experts at. We are all not equal groups of people, obviously, and yet some of the smartest people in the world still have not figured this out.

After speaking with the girl I come to find out that she is trying to decide whether she wants to go the Third World, or take a career here in the States. Neither option which includes fulfilling her biological duty to her Race and humanity. In my field, going to the Third World most likely entails that you are going in order to provide clean water, and that was in fact her motive.

Of course, after taking the red pill, you can never have a normal conversation with anybody. Can’t watch TV. Can’t enjoy Thanksgiving with the family. Can’t have a meaningful conversation with your blue pilled friend. Everything is so FUBARed we can’t help but see the folly in the everyday thinking of the everyday Man. In my mind, of course I am analyzing why this is such a terrible decision for this girl to take. Sacrifice your own reproductive fertility to enhance the fertility of another group. Sacrifice babies for your own group, the most successful group to ever exist, in order to perpetuate the existence of a group whose mean IQ is literally 67. They hate us now, and the American experiment has only proved that it does not matter how much you give these people, they will always hate you. And well, we know what happened in Haiti, the blacks revolted and genocided all the whites on the island. Where are you going to provide clean water again?

She is going to sacrifice what should be the most precious years in women’s life for this.

Man, these people are so dumb, regardless of the fact that they can digest Calculus and Physics.

And this is why I have come to the conclusion that we truly need a social issues program, only we need one based in objective fact and based in the interests of our people, instead of the exact opposite, which is what we have today. I am convinced that if we had such a social issues program, stupid men & women such as this girl would not undertake these tasks.

And we are the new social issues program. Whether academia likes it or not, we’re not official, but we are the new bearers of culture, and the only chance the civilization of our Forefather’s has to exist. We own the internet.

We all know better than to go to Haiti and provide them with utility they have not earned. When a third world mother has 8 eight children that she cannot feed, we all know better than to feed those 8 children, because then those 8 children will all each have 8 children that will all need to be fed. There are people in this world that are obsessed with fixing these people’s problems, why do they have such a surface level non-nuanced understanding of their social reality? These people in the third world, they belong in their environment, which is nature, and anything else is just torturing them. We need to let nature take its path on these people, or we are all screwed. Don’t forget, the whole reason there is a massive third world population boom to begin with is because of food and medicine advances in Western Civilization. We have done nothing but secure our own Idiocracy by irresponsibly wielding the powers of modernity.

Obviously, there needs to be an objectively based Social Issues program on campus in order to control our own modernity. Because so many people, so many white people like the girl above just cannot understand these issues. As I see it, so many people are fully willing to commit Idiocracy against their own people, their needs to be a serious force against these actions. We have let the worst people take over social issues, and we are all being steered into their own abasement because of their own inferiority issues.

The social issues program that exists today only exists to falsely uplift those in the outgroup of Western Civilization based on the belief that all groups are inherently equal, and all people are entitled to “whitey”. These are all false notions that are destroying the beautiful Gift of our Forefathers, and on top of this, sending our entire world into a total wreck, likely violent.

The new social issues program of the future must be based in fact with the goal of preserving humanity’s achievements and securing the well being and advancement of the future.

Let’s not end up with a future like this.

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1 Response to We Are The New Social Issues Program

  1. Debbie Johnson says:

    You can’t talk to these women MW. They’re beyond reason for now. Unless they have a great awakening or they’re a victim of crime, then and MAYBE they might get it, but I don’t get my hopes up.

    You talk about social issues. I only have TV service with an antenna. I mostly use that for watching the weather when we’re having bad weather or tracking a tornado warning. I use my TV to watch white TV at night, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, etc….If you watch some of these older shows the women were soft spoken, well dressed, free of tats…..etc. I tell young women, if you want a glimpse of what women used to be like, watch these shows in the 50’s and 60’s.

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