Change your name to a Spanish surname

This is an old post of MW’s from 2014.  Have any of you done this and if so, how’s it going? MM

Long time commenter Clytemnestra tells a true story of her friend who did this and got all kinds of doors opened for her.

Read it and weep — the other side of the coin show how much is generic White Americans are getting discriminated against. If having a Spanish surname opens that many doors, think about how those doors are closed to us in order to do this.

Sort of like “What’s your DJ name? What’s your porn star name? What’s your affirmative action name?”

One thing I can tell you is that if you learn to speak a foreign language, you can do a very good accent in English of that language. I can do a very convincing Russian accent, with mistakes that Russians typically make in speaking English.

Suppose you learn Spanish and change your name? Suddenly, you are from the upper classes of Venezuela or something. Especially if you visit the country. You can take a new identity. That’s why I say that actual espionage doesn’t require a budget or anybody else to train you.

Just as Cly says she stumbled on the idea of Hispanicizing one’s surname quite by accident, I too discovered by accident that being able to be fluid with one’s identity can be useful.

People with power and levers available to them don’t necessarily want to open doors for a generic American White guy any more. There’s no good reason for this much hate or despise against us, but there is a bad reason — the TV and movies and universities are one big anti-white-men defamation machine.

That said, I want to mention one thing about having doors shut to us — it’s not a totally negative thing. If it forces us to be more entrepreneurial and more deceptive and Machiavellian to get what we want, that will turn out to be a good thing. Look what affirmative action for Christians did for Jews in Medieval Europe! Competent people who are shut out of power develop a systematic hate for the power that excludes them, and seek perpetually to overthrow it. What Jews did, we can do too. And in the age of the Internet, our power cycle will be much quicker.

It’s much better to be self employed than working for corporate. The only reason to work for corporate is to get skills to go work for yourself, and this isn’t even necessary in many cases. A self employed man is a hero in his own story; an employee is a mere human resource.

But taking on an affirmative action name, and picking up a second language, can open doors to business loans too. There is a huge federal machine dedicated to helping non-white immigrants start businesses (sometimes again and again after failures). Change your name to Gonzalez or Escobar, and apply for an SBA loan to own a convenience store or something. That would be an excellent example of Open Source Espionage. Nobody is expecting that we will do such a thing. We should be doing this by the millions.


I stumbled across this idea by accident.

An acquaintance of mine was fleeing an abusive relationship, so she changed her name from the very Anglo name she had been given at birth to an old Italian surname which many Hispanics share.

She had to go to court and change her SSN, etc and seal the records.

All the sudden it was like Manna opening up from the heavens. She had wanted to go back to school and had tried to under her old Anglo name, but aid was minimal at best. When she reapplied under her Latina name and even though she did not falsify her race, she still claimed to be White, she was showered with grants she did not have to pay back.

The jobs she did not qualify for under her Anglo name were suddenly available to her under her new name. Again she did not claim minority racial status. She still checked White off on her application.

But then so do many “White” Hispanics who look a lot like George Zimmerman. SOP where FEDGOV giveaways is to count even those Hispanics who categorize themselves as White as a minority that deserves benefits.

The more I got to thinking things over, the more I thought how stupid it is for Anglo Whites to doggedly cling to an “Anglo-ness” that has done absolutely zippo – zilch – nada for them.

In our own way, we are as bad as Blacks who insist on naming their children horrible names that just screech Ghetto Bunny, like “Shitavious” and “LaBonquisha” and screech about racism because they don’t even get in the front door of Human Resources for an interview.

In the meantime, we have the Asians who call themselves John Lee at work (and Xiang Lee in Chinatown) and get hired as a Model Minority because they seem so willing to assimilate and also count toward those EEO stats that employers get for hiring Non-Whites.

Since Hispanic is the new trend, why should Whites not take a page from the Asian playbook to get the perks or the job. What difference does it make to Peter Martin if he has to identify as Pedro Martinez to get the job or the scholarship grant as long as he gets it?

Really, all you have to do is figure out the meaning of your surname and see how it translates to a Spanish surname. Rodgers = Rodriguez. Brown = Moreno. Etc. Then you can go to court and claim that was always your family name before your grandparents Anglicized it, just like Martin Sheen’s real surname was Estevez.

If you don’t have children yet,, I’d go even one step further. Pick something that sounds vaguely Arabic or is spelled vaguely Arabic. For better or worse, this government wants to hammer White Christians, but seems content to leave Non-White Muslims alone. A judicious name change opens lots of opportunities to you and yours while subjecting you to less harassment.

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7 Responses to Change your name to a Spanish surname

  1. Excellent post. It brings up a lot of good points that I’ve been mulling over for some time. It seems that white people so obsessed with their identity as a white, forget what makes being white so great in the first place. It’s not the color of our skin, or even our names.

    This is why I left the alt-right. I’ve been trying to get people to work on themselves. Read books to gain knowledge, study game to find mate and have children, create sustainable self sufficient communities. Hunt, fish, farm… Things that will make you an amazing person. Instead, they want to hold grievance marches and get drunk at “pool parties” Protesting is something my wife does when she doesn’t get her way, and it never gets her what she thinks she wants.

    The anti-white narrative is a shit test for whites much like feminism is a shit test for men. It separates the wheat from the chaffe.

    If I’m completely honest, it gave me the swift kick in the ass I needed to wake up and get my shit together. I’m excited for my childrens’ futures because I am setting them up for a future my Boomer parents and the Talmudvision I was raised on never could have. Though, I’m proud of my name and will do just fine without changing it

  2. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    My understanding is you don’t necessarily have to go to court to change your last name as long as the purpose for changing your names isn’t in order to commit fraud. Here’s an article with some info.

    I mean, when I got married, I changed my last name without going to court. So it’s not as big a deal as some make it out to be. Your mileage may vary but check out the article and see what you think.

  3. My last post did not get through.

    Wanted to clarify previous remarks about something Arabic. I wasn’t talking last names. If you are going to give yourself an Affirmative Action name, An Hispanic last name is probably the way to go. However, I highly recommend that the first name is vaguely Arabic. So instead of naming your little boy Joseph or Jose, go with Yussuf. Instead of naming your little girl Mary or Marie, go with Mariam.

    Don’t worry about jeoparding your baby’s Christian immortal soul with an Arabic name, because a lot of Arab Christians have similar names to the Muslims.

    The reason I recommend going this route is that these are the two protected groups the Loony Left, who control the finances and other levers of power and influence in the West, want to pander to the most.

    They are actively trying to discriminate against the Asians (particularly what used to be called the Orientals) by trying to limit the numbers of access to the Ivies and other shit. I don’t think it will be long before they give the same treatment to the Hindus (dot Indians) who have also already assimilated very well even though both these groups vote Democrat.

    I do think that in twenty or so years, if the two-party system keeps prevailing in our country, we will see the Democrats be the party of Blacks, Muslims, and Mestizos and the Republican be the party of the Asians (Hindus) and Orientals. Whites will probably be the swing voters.

  4. Mark says:

    Hmm, I wonder if claiming to be gay would have the same effect, or if gay white men are treated the same as the hated “straight white male” these days.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      For the time being, claiming to be gay or transwhatever could be used to get jobs etc. Part of the reason for this is corporations don’t want to get sued for discrimination. It’s blackmail basically.

      That would be awesome if you could use taqiya to get into a key position in the government as a “gay man” then help us later.

      This sort of thing requires a lot of patience.

  5. Mark says:

    Obviously, this wouldn’t work for married men.

    • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

      It’s not as hard as you think to change your last name, at least for certain purposes. Check your state laws but I believe if you simply start using another name, you can (at least for the time being). You don’t have to go to court. You just have to start using the name consistently. Google is your friend. I think if you do some research you will be encouraged.

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