The Two Commandments of the Mind Weapon Movement

Hi, it’s Maureen again.  Just posting another older (but evergreen) post for MW.  This one is from 5 1/2 years ago.  Hopefully we long-time readers have accomplished some things in the last few years.

I was wondering if the Mind Weapon Movement has attained or will attain a critical mass as a meme-structure, and if it will be roughly the same or much different from my vision of it.

What would the people be like who are part of the Mind Weapon movement in 2020?

It will be a sort of religious movement, although not necessarily supplanting existing religions that people practice. I think it’s time I handed down the Two Commandments of the Mind Weapon Movement:

1. Be Smart.

2. Win.

That’s it. If you live by these Two Commandments, the Three Words, you are a Mind Weapon. I don’t need to tell you what “win” means, because the first commandment requires that you figure out what it means to win.

That which is simple and in front of our nose our whole life is often the hardest thing to see. Social conditioning tries to immunize us against the Two Commandments. You’re too smart for your own britches! What do you think you are better than us? Pride goeth before a fall.

There’s a lot of literature and movies and TV shows depicting “beautiful losers.” Caddyshack is all about glorifying losers and glamorizing sluts:

Danny regularly caddies for Ty Webb (Chevy Chase), an exceptional golfer and the free-spirited playboy son of one of Bushwood’s co-founders.

In the movie you find out that Ty Webb “got caught with the 15 year old daughter of the college president on the green of the golf course” and he got thrown out of college, though not arrested for statutory rape. The gist is that he could have been the next great golfer, but the squares were so uptight about a college boy banging a high school freshman girl, so now he’s in “Palookaville” of the country club, having to suck up to WASP Elmer Fudd type oppressor-buffoons like Judge Smails.

Then there is the Bill Murray character, a supposed Vietnam Vet and other “beautiful loser,” who is using his war skills to try to kill woodchucks that are destroying the golf course.

Rodney Dangerfield is the cool Jew who plays Bugs Bunny to Judge Smails Elmer Fudd, defeating him at every turn with Semitic wiles and humor.

The plot centers around a young man with blond hair who has to decide between the beautiful losers and cool Jews, versus the uptight buffoon-oppressor Judge Smails. Of course the script makes it an easy choice. Judge Smails never gets anything right; his power and privilege are completely unearned and inherited.

The message got across. A generation of White kids came to believe in the myth of the beautiful loser. Pride goeth before a fall. Don’t go around thinking you’re better than everybody.

Caddyshack came out in the 1980’s, at the tail end of the high wage and manufacturing boom. There was still a lot of residual wealth and income. People felt wealthy. This siren song of surrender and suicide Mind Weaponed millions of white people into pre-emptive defeat.

The Mind Viruses of Caddyshack and Back to School and Karate Kid — that is what must be undone in peoples’ minds. We must facilitate rapid mental immunity to these memes, and spread this immunity. The code for immunity is simple.

Be Smart.


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