The Atlantic — STEM grads “mostly finding lucrative work after they graduate,” English majors, not so much

The popular image of the college-educated barista … is not an accurate portrayal of the typical underemployed recent college graduate,” they write. Instead, they find that more young college graduates are now finding good jobs in their twenties. Finally, youth underemployment, like youth unemployment, is in decline.

This happy news comes with an important asterisk. A large chasm has opened between the fates of young liberal-arts majors and their peers in STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math) fields. The former are struggling to find work that pays, at least before their late twenties. The latter (STEM grads – Ed) are mostly finding lucrative work after they graduate.

In the 1990’s, one could be good at IT and that was enough to get a high paying job.  But being a “network engineer” is nothing like being a civil or mechanical engineer.

A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) does not need calculus.  Real engineers solve calculus based word problems to do with the physical world, such as the stresses and strains of bridge construction, or aerodynamics of an airplane, or the mechanics of a gasoline engine.

You got to become a real engineer, and then specialize in things.  Preferably electric/electronic and mechanical engineer.  From there, any STEM field will be doable.  Real engineers have gone so far deep into the rabbit hole of how things work, they can master most specialized tech fields very quickly.

A lot of engineers are people without social skills.  We need the guys who have some social intelligence, and would make good businessmen, to be engineers first so they know how the product of the company works.  They are involved in it’s design, they help with fixes for it.  They are hands on — the CEO of a tech company should also be a senior engineer who also possesses emotional intelligence and social intelligence.  And he has the judgment to hire the real geniuses and manage their social awkwardness and get the best work out of them.

An engineer/businessman may start his own tech company.  The White nationalist movement has engineers, physicists, scientists, quants.  We could have a tech company already.  All that’s lacking is the first goy to start the tech company and hire the geniuses who got fired from high level jobs for thoughtcrime, as well as some STEM geniuses who are out there bumming around but perhaps would join a white nationalist tech company.  I know a rocket scientist who lives in a survivalist compound in Appalachia and likes to paint his goats purple (true story).

Art Robinson of the Robinson Curriculum figured out the secret to success – hours a day of self teaching math/physics/engineering.  Then go to college when you already know a lot so you will ace the classes and easily get into grad school.

Self teaching can make a college degree actually worth it.  Robinson’s kids started as juniors and got degrees in physics and chemistry,. and went straight to grad school.  You can be rest assured that they got “lucrative jobs after graduation.”

We need to do this so we can afford families, home school them, and raise mind weapon children.

If you are good at STEM you can probably work from home most of the time, saving money on cars and clothes and the stress of traveling back and forth to work.  And you can home school your kids, because that only takes a few hours in the morning, and then do your income generating work for a while, then go back to raising your kids instead of sweating commutes and restaurant food and cubicles.

Your kids will grow up doing STEM from home, and every generation that doesn’t degenerate will improve on your training up of them.

So this is my call to action — teach yourself math if you want to live.


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2 Responses to The Atlantic — STEM grads “mostly finding lucrative work after they graduate,” English majors, not so much

  1. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    My geometry book arrived in the mail today so no more excuses for me. Wish me luck! If I get good at math I could do some tutoring or something. Either way, I know it will keep my mind active as i get older.

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